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AX name:
Number of posts: 61
Real name: Tony Balaggan
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: London & Birmingham (UK)
What do you train/compete in?: Photography / Muay Thai
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: KO Gym West (+ KO Bloodline)
Height: 5' 11''
Weight: 107kg and still growing
Age: in my 30's on the outside (18 on the inside)
Gender: Male
Tell us about yourself: ABOUT "TONY BALAGGAN"

Well, I have been involved in Martial Arts one way or another since I was 8 years young and am now hooked on Muay Thai after discovering a nice little place known as KO BLOODLINE GYM in East London a few years back. Am hooked on the training... the blood... the sweat!! Over the years I have dabbled in Shotokan Karate (my first love), Wado Ryu Karate, Kyokushin Karate, Traditional Jitsu, BJJ, MMA, Tae Kwon Do and Boxing.

Nicknamed "The Pap" by my KO BLOODLINE... urrrm... lets called them "friends" for now (very loosely as they have a tendency to constantly punch and kick me for some reason!!), I am known to have my camera (sometimes two or three) surgically attached to my arm at every event (and night out too!!)

I love to capture the passion, the depth and the moment in my photographs and coming from a blood and sweat background I hope that my fighting comrades like the photos I like too. Example of my latest Bloodline 3 Show Pics are here...



We are a company that cover most indoor and outdoor events specialising in FIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY. Predominantly we provide 2 or 3 photographers dependant upon event and cover all of the UK. We can also provide additional photographers for larger events.

We take photographs from your club, the weigh-ins, the warmups, the announcements & trophy presentations, behind the scenes and after parties. We do not charge for attending Martial Arts Events and in some instances we can provide revenue back to the club from Photo / DVD sales.

We also have a studio for staged photographs or professional lighting equipment / pop up studios we can bring to your event if required. We also visit individual clubs to help promote the fighters or club advertising. (please visit the site)


Using our photographs (or editing others subject to copyright) we design posters, banners, leaflets, pamphlets, brochures, fight cards and other promotional literature for print or web. We are also a little "Arty" and so can transform your photos into art (perfect for a canvas print for your home or gym).

We also provide a multitude of 2D / 3D CAD services in addition to Web design, Logo design, business cards, etc.


-BEFORE events: We provide many print services from our design services from large posters to banners
-AT EVENTS: We can print up 12" x 8" (A4 - 297 x 210mm) in matt or glossy High Resolution on the day (in frames optional)
-AFTER EVENTS: Photographs can be viewed and ordered from our website on many formats incl. posters and canvas


Well, putting together the three things we do well PHOTOGRAPHY, DESIGN AND PRINT makes us perfect to help promote your gym / event in conjunction with multiple media routes. We can also supply large screen / projectors for live photo or video viewing.

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