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AX name:
Real name: Temur
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: kuala lumpur, Malaysia
What do you train/compete in?: boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, submission grappling, mma
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: Titans Fight Team
Height: 176cm
Weight: 75kg
Age: 26
Gender: male
Tell us about yourself: Just to give you an overview of my experience; let me tell you about my background.
I started martial arts at the age of 9, training taekwondo (ITF) in my native home of Uzbekistan. I reached red belt and competed in many youth competitions.
When I was 12 years old I started to train in Olympic style boxing. The following year I became Piskent City Champion. With youth on my side, dedication and a lot of passion for the sports, my skills grow rapidly. I continued to compete in many boxing and kickboxing competitions such as Tashkent Open(1st place), Uzbekistan National day Championship(2nd place), Chirchick open(1st place) and many more. Up until the age of 18 I also started to compete in wrestling and remained undefeated. My Father was a wrestler and my brother is a boxer so I had plenty of support from my family.
When I was 18 years old I joined the army and as part of the military requirement, I learnt combat Sambo and I also took part in army competitions as well.

I moved to Malaysia to complete my University degree (in accountancy). I have lived in Kuala Lumpur for the past 6 years. I coached in a boxing gym and for the past two years in a complete MMA gym called Hit Martial Arts. I focused on my job teaching as a coach and managing the boxing gym. I trained groups of people for fitness and also amateur and professional fighters.
I represented the Titans fight team and trained members of the team for amateur competitions such as the Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts Tournament. This is an amateur event which takes place over a period of 8 months, competitions take place in a busy shopping mall with the finale staged at an indoor stadium. The event is also published through media and there is also a TV show documenting the entire event on prime time television.

I also worked closely with professional fighters from One Championship (the largest professional MMA event in Asia – similar to UFC). Fighters include Igor Svirid, Marad Gafurov, Saiful Merican. For international fighters, I helped to run their training camp prior to competitions in KL.
I also coach and manage a number of female fighters for amateur and professional MMA. I also run a weekend boxing class in the park for past students.

Currently I am training boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, grappling and MMA. I have competed in a few boxing competitions in Malaysia however coaching has taken precedence. I am now looking for a stable position in a gym in the UK where I can coach and represent a good team to compete.

My record is as follows:

48-11-0 - armature boxing
12-6-1 kickboxing
15-0-0 wrestling

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