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Topic:kieron bimpson
AX name:
kieron bimpson  
Number of posts: 131
Real name: Kieron Bimpson
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: Liverpool merseyside uk
What do you train/compete in?: Liverpool muaythai academy (LMMA muay thai)
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: Liverpool Muaythai Academy IKF est 1997
Height: 6.2``
Weight: 14.5
Age: 36
Gender: MALE
Tell us about yourself:

The Bimpson family was first involved in martial arts in the late seventies.

Brothers Phil and Alby Bimpson were very successful amateur boxers and both fought in the A.B.A finals at Crystal Palace in London. At this time Alby was living in Skelmersdale, and joined the local ju jitsu club in the town centre.He found a natural ability within this art and became an instructor in the early eighties.

The club was called Skelmerdale Bushido and was run by Brothers Jeff and John Bullock who were both Muay Thai fighters now known as Thai boxing. In this club he found out about the sport of full contact kickboxing.

Alby displayed a natural ability for the sport and soon gained a reputation in the ring, he fought all over the world and became British C.K.O /P.K.A champion on two occasions, he competed all over Europe and represented the country twice at the Olympic stadium (W.K.A) world kickboxing championships in Stuttgart in Germany in 1986/87. He was also part of the British Kickboxing Team that fought all over Europe in the eighties along with Sensei Alfie Lewis.

He became very proficient in this martial art and was awarded his instructor Sensei grade after training hard for around 5 years. He then formed The Liverpool Bushido Club with classes throughout Liverpool in the early eighties and he trained and nurtured many champions in the art of full contact kickboxing and Muay Thai .

Brother Phil soon followed suit and became an instructor in the art of ju jitsu and founded the Ronin ju jitsu club in Merseyside in 1986.

Phil was a respected exponent of the martial arts and established himself as an expert in ju jitsu .

Alby went on to form Merseyside kickboxing and trained British and European champions through his knowledge,mentoring and guidance. He then started promoting shows and became one of the leading promoters and matchmakers in the world of kickboxing.

Around this time he met a young ambitious martial artist called Chris Wright,this meeting was the start of the most successful period of the Team Bimpson story .Chris soon set the world of kickboxing and Thai boxing alight with explosive fights and knockouts of some the top ranked opponents.

He was quickly ranked in the British top ten and won the British title; he soon followed this up with a commonwealth title fight against Ricky Nickleson which he won. Chris then had a shot at a world title; he has since fought all over the world against the top heavyweights in the world and has unified the cruiserweight division in kick and thai boxing winning all the world titles at cruiserweight in the following associations. (I.S.K.A, I.K.F, W.K.A, W.K.O).

Twin brothers Kieron and Gerard then took the reigns, and,after 10 years of hard training in ju jitsu and muay thai competition. They Became instructors and established Liverpool Kickboxing and Muay Thai academy in 1997.This academy was the first of its kind in Liverpool and proved very popular with large student numbers.

The brothers then trained W.K.A. world semi contact champion Ian Hollett and ladies English title contender Samantha Murray.

In 2002 the Goldenbelt championship were founded,This competition seeks to establish and reward the best martial artists in the world with a belt worth ₤2500,These competitions are promoted all over the world and the golden belt has representatives in all countries .

This competition was created and developed by Alby Bimpson as a way of truly recognizing the hard work, effort and determination of all martial artists.Alby works closely with the top exponents and instructors in the world to find the true champion in all martial arts. With television exposure and publicity for this competition, who knows where the next chapter will begin.
Alby was recently honoured as the ambassador for sports and leisure for the Borough of St Helens and awarded his 7th Dan Blackbelt grade in a star studded ceremony in the Borough for services to sport and martial arts.

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