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Topic:liam spowage
AX name:
liam spowage  
Real name: liam Spowage
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: Nottingham England
What do you train/compete in?: Kickboxing self defence Kali
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: White tiger Kickboxing & Self Defence
Height: 171cm
Weight: 82kg
Age: 36
Gender: male
Tell us about yourself: Training in Martial Arts started for me back in 96/97 after serving several years in the Armed Forces. It was mainly bits and bobs back then; training with a couple of major Nottingham based Martial Arts clubs but not really following any proper structures or syllabus.

In Early 2006 I joined a large organisation which is where I really started to study the Art with more structure and passion and began to work my way up through the syllabus.

Training with this organisation is where I met Sam Wood and when she moved to open another club I moved with her. On achieving 3rd KYU this allowed me to work towards Instructor qualifications through Cobra Martial Arts Associationís Martial Arts Instructor UK programme, and have since qualified as Assistant Instructor.

Unfortunately, whilst training at the previous club I received an injury which unknown to me at the time was a broken wrist. After finally being convinced to seek a second doctors opinion; I had an operation which put me out of training for a while which ultimately put back my Black Belt, but my aim is to take it in October 2008.

Alongside the kickboxing my own personal development includes training in Self Defence, with Instructor Ian Harrison and Kali (stick combat) training with Sifu John Read.

Along with Sam, I attend as many courses and seminars as possible and have had the honour of training with Dave Turton; founder of the Self Defence Federation and Andrew Morrell; founder of Cobra Martial Arts Association.

I also hold an Enhanced CRB (police check), St Johns First Aid and am also a qualified Referee for both Semi-Contact and Light Continuous tournaments.

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