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Topic:Combat At The Capitale - Good Luck Hilary Mack!
Posted: 2005-06-09 04:39:00
Combat at the Capitale - Good Luck Hilary Mack!

Hilary fights tomorrow in NYC - good luck from all at Caledonian Muay Thai!
Posted: 2005-06-09 05:42:03
Good Luck Hilary, from Brian & Jordan.
Posted: 2005-06-09 06:00:27
Best of luck Hilary. Go girl,we will all be rooting for you. From all at S.T.B.A.
Posted: 2005-06-09 06:00:53
good luck
Posted: 2005-06-10 02:52:59
liam badco
Posted: 2005-06-10 03:35:03
good luck
Posted: 2005-06-10 04:45:00
Good luck Hilary, from everyone at GTBA.
Posted: 2005-06-10 06:59:30
guy caledonian
Posted: 2005-06-10 11:11:40
thanks for all the support so far - we've already got a massive list of thank yous from all the stateside support, particularly mark negron and zhang li (san da), renee and the kingsway boxing gym, and phil nurse's squad from the wat, one of the best thai facilities i've seen. phil has been really supportive of hil, with sound strategy advice, and we're looking forward to seeing his own fighters in action against the same gym as hil's opponent. also big thank you to jeremy bellrose who has offered to help corner tonight. i'll let you guys know asap the result. back on monday caley squad, no slacking!
Posted: 2005-06-10 11:24:59
all the best hills i know you will do great
Posted: 2005-06-10 12:02:17
You've got a great support team there with KRu Phil, Mark, Jeremy (Primo)!! See you soon, Guy & folks back in Scotland.
Posted: 2005-06-10 12:11:08
goodluck Hilary from all at Kaewsamrit!
Muaythai Monster
Posted: 2005-06-11 03:00:33
How did Hilary get on last night??
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2005-06-11 04:31:35
good luck to both of you.

Posted: 2005-06-11 06:40:58
whats the news?
guy caledonian
Posted: 2005-06-11 10:20:27
diaz won by stoppage in the third round. although hil was never knocked down, the ref stopped the fight after 2 standing eights, concerned at the amount of head shots hil was taking. this was hil's hardest fight to date, against an exceptionally tough and experienced fighter. diaz stuck to her strengths, and threw boxing shots for the entire fight, and pressed hil against the ropes neutralising any opportunity to work the clinch. Myself and hil have learned a lot from this experience, and would like to thank everybody again for their support. For those interested in hil's fight plans, she's going to get back to her normal fighting weight at 55kg as 59kg has proved to be too heavy, and will be defending her IKMO british title on her return from america.
Posted: 2005-06-11 11:52:26
Unlucky Hil, congratulations on going to one of the biggest shows in New York to fight the number 6 in the world especially to go up in weight to meet someone coming down in weight, you ve earned a lot of respect back home, see you soon !!
Posted: 2005-06-11 12:46:42
Well done anyway Hil, we already had loads of respect for you that has now increased ten fold.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2005-06-11 14:11:59
well done girl, were all lookin forward to seeing u next week
Posted: 2005-06-11 14:20:52
Well done Hilary you have done everyone proud as always, and as Davy has said RESPECT.
Laura stevenson
Posted: 2005-06-11 19:02:59
Hope you make a good strong come back from this , you know the Scot's were behind you all the way. Hope you do well at the 55kg weight.
Posted: 2005-06-22 12:55:08
Just seen this thread as I have been on holiday. Does this mean Hilary has now had four fights in 7 or 8 weeks, and in 3 diferent countries? I saw the Chanel, Hilary fight and thought it was great, especially on the short notice and I know she was up as winning in Thailand and Scotland. Actually 4countries I guess then! Wow, I'd really like to hear more about her plans. She is an inspiration. Does she have any interviews or anything? When is she fighting next? Nice to see a Scottish girl doing so well. It was also very brave to take on a fighter who according to the internet fights a good 7 or 8kgs above Hilarys weight. Well done!
Posted: 2005-06-23 03:22:54
Does this mean Hilary has now had four fights in 7 or 8 weeks, and in 3 diferent countries?

Close enough...

Thailand 12th April, Normandy 1st May, GFC on the 15th May and NYC on 10th June.

Think Hil will fight again towards the end of the year after she returns from the USA...
Posted: 2005-06-23 04:16:19
great fighter
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