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colin m s.t.b.a
Posted: 2005-06-23 06:17:55

s.t.b.a fights july 16 not got the line up yet :)
colin m s.t.b.a
Posted: 2005-06-23 06:19:11
and the is 1 good lookin boxer in the red shorts :p
colin m s.t.b.a
Posted: 2005-06-23 10:52:03
fighters needing match'd if you could help pleas contackt john ob thanks

paula wilkie 63kg 3 fights
roy galagher 75kg novice
chris galagher 17 yr 59kg 1 fight
rob wier 52kg 14 fights
jamie henderson 66kg 8 fights (black devils)
johny scott 70kg 3 fights
ricky lapsley 61.5kg 1 fight
joanne calderwood age 19 53kg 1 fight
no name caladonian fighter 65kg 2 fights
chris shaw age 14 16 fughts 62kg
robert mccallister age 15 5 fights 55kg
paul kelly 3 fights 56kg
dale muir 12 2 fights 37kg
jordan calder 39kg 6 fights
sorry if i miss spelld any names thanks the line up will be up soon as thanks :)
Posted: 2005-06-23 12:58:53
Yeh but come on Colin anyone would look good against that John M character. LOL
Posted: 2005-06-23 13:00:18
Just kidding he is one handsom devil.
Posted: 2005-06-23 15:58:46
Colin...........Jordan won't be fighting at this show as he will be on holiday. I'm not sure why you have his name on there anyway.
colin m s.t.b.a
Posted: 2005-06-23 19:23:49
john ob had his name on the list he gave me to post for a match sorry ill let him kno
Posted: 2005-06-24 04:31:03
ok Colin no probs.
Posted: 2005-06-24 05:57:48
colin m s.t.b.a
Posted: 2005-06-29 11:59:33
ttt ;p
Posted: 2005-07-01 13:07:46
2 weeks out...much luck to the fighters and the STBA.

Posted: 2005-07-03 13:56:58
Any chance of the line up plz!!!!??!??!?!?!??! CheerZ!!!
guy caledonian
Posted: 2005-07-05 15:50:22
trish carson, mike strachan, pete the viking, gordon smith, karen thorburn from caledonian all matched and ready to go. see y'all on the 16th.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-05 16:27:45
The lineup will come soon, few last minute changes as normal!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-06 03:12:39
Here is the linup as standing just now!

Kevin Craig (Johnstone) V T.B.C. (Maryport) [30kgs]

Gareth Mc Clure (Renfrew) V Dale Muir (Irvine) [38kgs]

Louise Mc Kinney (Renfrew) V Carolyn Sanchez [62kgs]

Martin Carrera (Linwood) V Craig Foan (GTBA) [69kgs]

Trish Carson (Caledonian) V Joanne Calderwood (Wossobama) [53kgs]

Paula Wilkie (Paisley) V Adelle Mc Hugh (England) [62kgs]

Isabel Mc Call (Dumfries) V Karen Thorburn (Caledonian) [70kgs]

Adam Horrocks (England) V Peter Blackwood (Caledonian) [66kgs]

Brian Wands V Michael Strachan (Caledonians) [84kgs]

Roy Gallacher (Barrhead) V Justin Armstrong (Wossobama) [75kgs]

Wullie Kirkwood (Johnstone) V Allan Hunter (Highlanders) [68kgs]

Stuart Parker (Johnstone) V Dan Hope (Dumfries) [71kgs]

Johnny Scott (Renfrew) V Gordon Smith (Caledonian) [69kgs]
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-06 16:29:19
Here is the lineup with the proper name camps as far as I'm aware, apoligies for the correct mistakes, i took them straight from john's email! I might aswell blame him as he always blames me for everything! LOL

Kevin Craig (Johnstone NKT) V T.B.C. (Maryport Dragons) [30kgs]

Gareth Mc Clure (Renfrew NKT) V Dale Muir (Irvine NKT) [38kgs]

Martin Carrera (Linwood NKT) V Craig Foan (GTBA) [69kgs]

Joanne Calderwood (Wossobama NKT) [53kgs] V Trish Carson (Caledonian)

Paula Wilkie (Paisley NKT) V Adelle Mc Hugh (Nongkee Pahuyuth) [62kgs]

Isabel Mc Call (Dumfries Dragons) V Karen Thorburn (Caledonian) [70kgs]

Adam Horrocks (Nongkee Pahuyuth) V Peter Blackwood (Caledonian) [66kgs]

Brian Wands (Nai Jai) V Michael Strachan (Caledonian) [84kgs]

Roy Gallacher (Barrhead NKT) V Justin Armstrong (Wossobama NKT) [75kgs]

Wullie Kirkwood (Johnstone NKT) V Allan Hunter (Highlanders) [68kgs]

Stuart Parker (Johnstone NKT) V Dan Hope (Dumfries Drogons) [71kgs]

Johnny Scott (Renfrew NKT) V Gordon Smith (Caledonian) [69kgs]
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-06 16:42:32
Thanks very much Gaz! I would have posted myself but can`t get my gwuves orf!
Big Martino
Posted: 2005-07-06 21:20:59
Good to see you back figthting Wullie (Kirkwood).
Its about time mate. lol.

good luck. I'll get Richard to pass on my mobile no.

I'll try and get in touch before your fight.
Posted: 2005-07-07 16:46:08
sounds like a great show but unfortunantly me and craig tabor cant be there we have my cousins wedding at the normandy hotel to be at but good luck to all the fighters involved!!

lilp xx
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-07 17:10:47

Good luck to the newest confirmed fight on the lineup, young Kevin Craig from NKT Johnstone will be fighting Jackson Barkhouse of Maryport Dragons for a Junior ISKA Brittish Thai Boxing Title (30kgs).

Kev is only 10-year-old and is training hard to add this belt to his current STBA Junior title at the same weight.
Posted: 2005-07-10 15:18:07
Am there......get the beer in vinsters is doon furra a wee dram jimmy lol.
michelle balfour
Posted: 2005-07-10 17:54:07
F.A.O John 0'Brien .......john did u get my email if so get back to me a.s.a.p. plz if u didn't let me kno so i can send u it again
Posted: 2005-07-11 06:46:20
I will be there too. C u there Vinny
Posted: 2005-07-11 11:09:38
Zorro no waving ya sabre about am quite picky mate.
Posted: 2005-07-11 11:26:58
Chok Dee to Gordon, Trish, Peter, Karen, and Michael! I am sure Guy has trained you all very well.
Posted: 2005-07-11 12:03:25
Just steer clear of the delicious pastries over at the Virgin Cafe in between training sessions.

Good luck Caley fighters. We'll be with you in spirit.
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-11 16:26:38
Hello Michelle, No I did`nt recieve your email. I heard a rumour than Vinnie Shoremans coming to the fights so I`ve sent my sisters on holiday to Ibiza for their own protection!!
Posted: 2005-07-11 18:39:08
the show is lookin like a good one good luck to all involved but especially craig floan from the gtba we'll all be screamin bud. gary, craig wanted me to say that his name is craig floan if ur gony post the line up again cheers. john.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-12 03:46:20
No worries john. John O'B thought it was wrong when he gave me it. I'll be posting an updated lineup soon as their has been a few last minute changes!

What you doing on Ax anyway, thought you were locked in a room with your girlfriend!? LOL
Posted: 2005-07-12 04:50:15
shh, im on a toilet break, dont tell anyone lol. cheers gary.
Posted: 2005-07-13 03:22:52
Bonne chance to Dudette, the Viking and Gordy, Trish and Mike from Caley; and Paula NKT too this weekend. I can't wait!
Posted: 2005-07-13 03:47:15
Good luck and all the best this week-end to Karen, Carolyn, Pete, Mike, Gordon and Trish. Do us proud as always, sorry I won't be there but the sunshine beckons lol.
Posted: 2005-07-13 05:21:39
hey brian, im not actually on anymore, just being the photographer/friendly support/wardrobe assistant instead! enjoy your holiday!
Posted: 2005-07-13 05:27:01
wardrobe assistant ???? Sanchez, its not a fashion shoot lmao. Anyway no worries.
Posted: 2005-07-13 06:10:51
lol, well of course the whole point of thai boxing is to make sure you are wearing the coolest shorts and that they don't clash with your gloves or your hairstyle!? ;)
Posted: 2005-07-13 06:14:35
lol, of course.
Posted: 2005-07-13 08:35:01
well of course the whole point of thai boxing is to make sure you are wearing the coolest shorts and that they don't clash with your gloves or your hairstyle!? ;)

You are dead on!!
Posted: 2005-07-13 08:51:48
it gets even more complicated for us girls too- we have to worry about whether our nail varnish matches too!
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-13 09:06:41
Ive still got a few unmatched for this show, does any body have a junior 39kgs 2 fights, a junior girl 62kgs novice, a 69kg male novice?
Posted: 2005-07-13 09:55:38

Yeah, the nail varnish is tough. Personally I find everything goes with black. The Goth in me?

But how about coordinating anklets to shorts...the bar has been raised!

Posted: 2005-07-13 10:08:39
very valid point Stephan, I see you know where I'm coming from! the true skill is once you have sorted out your outfit coordination you then have to make sure they dont go sticking you in a corner that ruins the whole ensemble! ;)
Posted: 2005-07-13 10:19:45
Good luck to all the fighters, especially Craig "The Bhoy" Floan
Posted: 2005-07-13 15:40:38
Its gonna be a great night, Good luck Craig!.
Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-07-13 15:43:16
Stephen, liked your entrance music etc - infact at one stage the ol' air guitar came out - but your pink shorts weren't as cool as :-P
Posted: 2005-07-13 15:56:00
Ha Ha Ha!!! Gotta respect any farlung who isn't afraid to don the pink!!

What's up next for you, Graeme?
Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-07-13 16:55:34
Gym closed for a 2 week holiday. So I'll just try and keep fit(ish)

Once back to normality I hope to get one/two fights by October, 90% sure that I have a fight in October. Hopefully get atleast one more fight in after that before I go to Thailand in December.

How about you?
Posted: 2005-07-13 21:25:33
Up in the air...shooting for one this fall, then head to Thailand March and try one there.
Posted: 2005-07-14 07:47:17

As Graeme & Carolyn are fashion aficionados - thought you'd like to see the new kit so to speak.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-14 08:01:10
Skulls and pink hearts, nice combo!
Posted: 2005-07-14 08:10:19
I think next fight entrance music should be "Pretty in Pink", Psychedelic Furs.
Posted: 2005-07-14 08:21:10
fantastic! they are really cool! have you ordered some customised anklets to match? lol
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-14 09:41:38
"PSYCHADELIC FURS"!! I thought you were in to Neil Diamond??
Posted: 2005-07-14 10:02:01
Only when you sing it, John!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-14 10:06:46
DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM!!! You will regret it!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-14 17:09:43
John has just gave me the final version of the fight card, which should also be the final running order for Saturday!

1.Trish Carson (Caledonian) Vs. Joanne Calderwood (Wossobama) (53kgs)
2.Dale Muir (NKT Irvine) Vs. Steven Kelly (Wossobama) (40kgs)
3.Manzoor Aslam (Caledonian) Vs. Martin Carrera (NKT Linwood) (71kgs)
4.Jackson Barkhouse (Maryport Dragons) Vs. Kevin Craig (NKT Johnstone) (30 kgs)

30min Beer Break & Raffle

5.Peter Blackwood (Caledonian) Vs. Adam Horrocks (Nongkee Pahuyuth) (66kgs)
6.Allan Hunter (Highlanders) Vs. Wullie Kirkwood (Johnstone) (68kgs)
7.Adelle McHugh (Nongkee Pahuyuth) Vs. Paula Wilkie (NKT Paisley) (62kgs)

15min Beer Break

8.Dan Hope (Carlisle Dragons) Vs. Stuart Parker (NKT Bellahouston) (71kgs)
10.Karen Thorburn (Caledonian) Vs. Isabel Mc Call (Annan Dragons) (70kgs)
11.Craig Floan (GTBA) Vs. Roy Gallacher (NKT Barrhead) (75kg)

Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I'm dyslexic so I have a good excuse!

Many thanks from myself and John to Alan Currie (Wossobama), Guy Ramsey (Caledonian), His Royal Yodaness (GTBA), Vinnie Shoreman and Mick Tobin (Nongkee Pahuyuth) Christian Percibal (Dragons) and Stevie Houston who pulled out all the stops to get this show together. Much appreciated!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-14 17:10:25
Sorry, Can't count!

John has just gave me the final version of the fight card, which should also be the final running order for Saturday!

1.Trish Carson (Caledonian) Vs. Joanne Calderwood (Wossobama) (53kgs)
2.Dale Muir (NKT Irvine) Vs. Steven Kelly (Wossobama) (40kgs)
3.Manzoor Aslam (Caledonian) Vs. Martin Carrera (NKT Linwood) (71kgs)
4.Jackson Barkhouse (Maryport Dragons) Vs. Kevin Craig (NKT Johnstone) (30 kgs)

30min Beer Break & Raffle

5.Peter Blackwood (Caledonian) Vs. Adam Horrocks (Nongkee Pahuyuth) (66kgs)
6.Allan Hunter (Highlanders) Vs. Wullie Kirkwood (Johnstone) (68kgs)
7.Adelle McHugh (Nongkee Pahuyuth) Vs. Paula Wilkie (NKT Paisley) (62kgs)

15min Beer Break

8.Dan Hope (Carlisle Dragons) Vs. Stuart Parker (NKT Bellahouston) (71kgs)
9.Karen Thorburn (Caledonian) Vs. Isabel Mc Call (Annan Dragons) (70kgs)
10.Craig Floan (GTBA) Vs. Roy Gallacher (NKT Barrhead) (75kg)

Apologies for any spelling mistakes, I'm dyslexic so I have a good excuse!

Many thanks from myself and John to Alan Currie (Wossobama), Guy Ramsey (Caledonian), His Royal Yodaness (GTBA), Vinnie Shoreman and Mick Tobin (Nongkee Pahuyuth) Christian Percibal (Dragons) and Stevie Houston who pulled out all the stops to get this show together. Much appreciated!
Posted: 2005-07-15 08:09:25
Thanks for the line up Gary (you were great mate) but can we please see the menu for the coaches, eh I mean the fighters buffet? Cheers mate.
Posted: 2005-07-15 08:16:16
If you need assistance with fashion, er... fight apparel let me know.

Chok dee to the fighters, coaches and officials. Wish you a successful event!!
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-15 08:31:27
No thanks Steve, as they say in America, those shorts are the pits!! Real men wear black or tartan(obviously)And nobody but nobody wears nail varnish cos that would be girly.You`ll be wanting Lisa Simpson on your jock strap next.Take care, Johnny Versace!!
Posted: 2005-07-15 08:37:42

Now see, that's the sense of humor we need around here all the time. Good luck with the show -

Please post results for your followers across the pond (as you say).
Posted: 2005-07-15 10:09:20
Is Gordon Smith from Caley still on the card??
Posted: 2005-07-15 10:12:22
we are trying to find out just now, Big Mike's name seems to have vanished too. I should see Gordy this evening so if there is any news...
Posted: 2005-07-15 10:30:25
I love Scotland....Bobby quinn is jerry st
Posted: 2005-07-15 11:02:33
spot on
Posted: 2005-07-15 11:19:57
I love it too -- to the point where relocation is a daily consideration!! Just don't know if they'll let me back in!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-15 11:28:28
Not in those shorts! LOL
Posted: 2005-07-15 11:35:23
Thanks, Gary!

Oh - I noted a mistake on the final fight card...

It should read

30 minute Bucky break, Raffle & a song from John:

And it's only a tonic
It's far nicer than beer
And it's cheaper than whisky
Oh! Bucky for me.
Posted: 2005-07-15 12:04:39
a BIG Goodluck to the caledonian fighters!! Esp.. Manzoor Aslam and Karen thorburn for their first fight!!!!!!! Goodluck to Pete the Viking!!, TRISH!!! and anyone else thats fighting or not!!!! :D !!!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-15 12:33:00
LOL Stephen, LOL!
Posted: 2005-07-15 13:40:39
looks like Gordy isn't getting a go after all Stephen, which sucks mightily! but we still have karenski, pedro, trish and manzoor on as far as i know.

eddie you are mad online!? punctuation addicted?
Posted: 2005-07-15 13:40:48
any news on mike and gordon's (both caledonian) fights?
Posted: 2005-07-15 16:51:25
Neither Gordon nor Mike will be fighting tomorrow. They got confirmation of this at around 7pm this evening. I shouldn't think that either of them will be that bothered as 24hours is more than appropriate notice given that they've only been training hard for weeks/months. Not to mention working hard to make sure they make their weights.
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-15 17:53:41
My humble apologies to both Mike and Gordon I had them both matched twice only for their opponents to pull out at short notice.

Its a sad fact but it is the nature of our sport that people pull out of fights with little or no notice.
I know how hard fighters train and its horrible to be let down at the last minute. Michaels original opponent pulled out of the fight last week and I bust a gut to try and match him I had an English opponent lined up for him but he in the end could`nt away from work and there was just nobody available North or South of the border at his weight trust me I tried.

Gordons opponent is one of my own fighters and he had 100% genuine reason for pulling out. I am gutted too for both fighters as Guy Ramsay moved mountains to help me get this show on, and he is one trainer who I would never knowingly let down.

If Gordon or Michael wish to attend the show tell them to phone me and they are welcome along as our guests. Massive respect to eveybody at Caledonian and myself and our clubs will always be there to support you..
Posted: 2005-07-15 18:13:07
good luck for the show john o brien sorry i cant make it but i will
be there in spirit .

Craig T
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-15 18:16:07
SPIRIT`S you mean!!!
Posted: 2005-07-15 18:18:06
am aff the drink lol wee baws
have a good one
Posted: 2005-07-15 21:26:29
Sorry to read that Gordon & Mike are off...and like John wrote, it happens often. Still a great lineup and night planned.
Posted: 2005-07-16 17:51:16
Just back from the show had a great night. Well done to all involved. A very well done to Craig Floan for his first fight experience. Good Shift Craig.

Well done also to darth, Dick and Yoda for all the hard work in the corner.
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-16 19:48:30
Here are the results!

Joanne Calderwood V Trish Carson Calderwood wins on points

Dale Muir V Steven Kelly R.S.C 2nd round win to Kelly

Manzoor Aslam V Martin Carrera R.S.C 2nd round win to Aslam

Jackson Barkhouse V Kevin Craig Barkhouse wins on points NEW ISKA JUNIOR NATIONAL CHAMPION

Peter Blackwood v Adam Horrocks Horrocks wins on points

Allun Hunter V Wullie Kirkwood Hunter wins points

Adelle Mc Hugh V Paula Wilkie R.S.C 2nd round win to Wilkie

Dan Hope V Stuart Parker Hope wins on points

Karen Thorburn V Isabel Mc Call R.S.C 1st round win to Mc Call

Craig Floan V Roy Gallacher R.S.C 3rd round win to Gallacher
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-16 19:58:37

john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-16 20:02:38
This is a picture of Ed the Jinja Ninja,it has no relevance to this thread but my son Mikey is teaching me how easy it is to attach a picture. Be very afraid!!
Posted: 2005-07-17 02:10:59
John, what are u reading? The idiots guide to attaching
Well done Homer.
Posted: 2005-07-17 07:04:58
Congratulations to John and the Barrhead crew on a great show. This was the first in East Renfrewshire and I suspect there will be many more to follow. Maximum respect to all fighters, you really were superb!
Even had a PR visit from two of the local 'plods'. John, is there any way we could get some of that Police kevlar body armour for sparring?

I do however, have a rebuke for the 'drinking masses'. Not because they stink and shamble about talking rubbish. What amazes me is why people pay hard earned cash for their poison of choice, and then fail to demonstrate the ability to convey the glorious liquid, via the provided recepticle, into the open gub!

C'mon people, I needed flippers and a snorkel to get through the foyer!
Posted: 2005-07-17 09:51:36
Brilliant show,brilliant people loved it thanks everyone who was there treated like royalty thank you very very much.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2005-07-17 10:13:14
vinny, have to say in this day and age patting a fighters arse just before the first bell is not on , even if it is a girl.
Posted: 2005-07-17 10:32:59
Lol every job has its perks Steven.
Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-07-17 11:33:34
Anyone have the full results?
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-17 12:20:48
The results are already posted above Graeme!
Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-07-17 13:14:50
I really need to start paying more

john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-17 13:47:45
Its because your married now champ!! A lifetime of commitment kills more brain cells than a life time of head shots and guinness! Any day now you`ll find yourself upstairs wondering what on earth you went up for. Trust me it`s down hill from there.
Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-07-17 17:02:32
Craig Floan G.T.B.A
Posted: 2005-07-18 06:12:45
Would just like to say thanks alot to john for giving me the opportunity to fight on his show. Was a good show hope all the best in the future. I would like to wish my opponent Roy the best of luck in the future a very strong and tough fighter gd luck m8 ;) cheers
Posted: 2005-07-18 07:35:34
are there going to be any pics of the show posted please?
Posted: 2005-07-18 13:35:31
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-18 14:08:43
Don't say that, colin will want to be on all the posters now! LOL
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-18 14:33:00
Respect to Craig Floan thats what we like to see! When the fights over? the fights over!! Congratulate your opponent and look forward to the next one. Well done Craig you are a true sportsman and a credit to the Glasgow Thai Boxing Acadamey.
Craig Floan G.T.B.A
Posted: 2005-07-18 18:23:13
Posted: 2005-07-19 04:41:21
Well done Craig a great dispaly of not only Thai Boxing but of sportsmanship as well, John was bang on (for a wee change) when he said you're a credit to the GTBA. John O'Brien, the buffet was great and so were you. Rrrrrrrrrrr!
Craig Floan G.T.B.A
Posted: 2005-07-19 05:42:48
Are there any pictures of the show going to be posted?
Posted: 2005-07-19 05:55:32

Here'a a pic of the junior novice bout.
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:48:48

Here are the ones i took. All crap really, due to bad lighting and a dodgy battery (any excuse will do)
Joanne Calderwood(Wossobama)
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:49:43

Trish Carson (Caledonian)
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:50:28

Joanne and Trish
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:52:01

Dale Muir
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:52:53

Steven Kelly
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:53:48

Dale and Steven
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:55:49

Kevin Craig and Jackson Barkhouse
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:56:58

Kevin and Jackson
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:57:50

Adam and Peter
Posted: 2005-07-19 06:59:25

Adam (Nongkee)
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:00:23

Peter and Adam
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:01:12

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:04:46

Mike, Adam and Vinny. (nice bunch of lads)
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:06:33

Alan Hunter and Wullie Kirkwood
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:16:16

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:17:01

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:18:34

Adele Paula
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:19:54
above should be Adele and Paula (not Adele Paula)
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:23:55

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:29:15

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:31:07

Dan and Stuart
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:32:45

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:33:27

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:34:28

Dan and Stuart
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:35:25

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:36:07

Posted: 2005-07-19 07:41:22

Karen and Isabel
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:45:24

Craig and Roy
Posted: 2005-07-19 07:46:10

Posted: 2005-07-19 08:52:13
Thanks for the pics Eileen! Like a ringside simulation :)

I have to give Steven Kelly the "best shorts" award!! Love 'em.
Posted: 2005-07-19 09:09:19
Congrats to Paula!! Great to see the training in Thailand and with Guy has got you looking sharp and tough!
Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-07-19 09:55:33

Is Peter standing on a few Yellow Pages in this photo, or is the height difference between Adam and himself really that much!!....Wow!!
Posted: 2005-07-19 10:11:15
Seriously. How does Pete get the Viking gene for height - I'm jealous!
Posted: 2005-07-19 10:30:40
actually Adam is freakily strong and is lifting him up by his shorts ;)

the tall viking gene is very simple Stephen, stand next to people who are shorter than you...!
Posted: 2005-07-19 10:54:41
LOL!!! Easier said than done. Hobbits are hard to find. Although I felt like a Viking parading around the streets of Bangkok alright :)
Posted: 2005-07-19 11:12:30
you and Pete do look like you were happy being a Viking all those centuries ago and then accidently walked into a time machine! unbelievable Viking-ness in the two of you!

Posted: 2005-07-19 11:17:37
Adam was great i am very proud because he and Adele have lost 3 stone each very happy for them even though it wasn,t Adele day it will come am sure.
Peter was a great sportsman and decent fighter who is a credit to Guy.
Posted: 2005-07-19 11:37:56
wish i'd seen Pete and Adam's fight; congrats to both of them, sounds like it was a good one!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2005-07-19 12:05:26
pisand you felt like a viking walkin round bangkok , is that cos you had the horn lol
Posted: 2005-07-19 12:10:59
LOL!!! Exactly. And THAT'S why all the Thais were staring at me!

Stevie - i responded to your cholesterol post too if you check the sport science forum.

stevie nisbet
Posted: 2005-07-19 15:54:56
i did cheers mate, i also got a second opinion from the doc at ringside when i was judging sat night, his invoice is in the post lol
Craig Floan G.T.B.A
Posted: 2005-07-19 17:14:11
Some real class pics there;) I love the one of me gettin caught clean in the face. LOL
Posted: 2005-07-19 17:25:05
will there be a dvd of te fights if so
can you send my a coppy MR O'Brien

cheers Craig T
Posted: 2005-07-20 04:26:20
Fab pictures Eileen! no excuses needed! I'm impressed as all my pictures come out squint as I get distracted by shouting and forget I have the camera in my hand....lots of pictures of someone's foot or a blur!
Posted: 2005-07-20 08:23:29

Martin and Manzoor
Posted: 2005-07-20 08:24:54

Posted: 2005-07-20 08:31:44

Doesn't Vinny look
Posted: 2005-07-20 08:38:46
thanks v much for the pics Eileen
Posted: 2005-07-20 09:32:50

You're welcome Karen, not very good but better than
Posted: 2005-07-20 11:31:55
Adam has been through alot recently and came through it with flying colours i was as you can see happy and we base this on caring for each and everyone at Nongkee thats why i joined Dean,Mike because its a family of choice,thanks to everyone in Scotland for your welcome again,love to Eileen,Bobby etc.
Posted: 2005-07-20 16:06:14
Vinny, that was butiful. And the carin family thing realy shows in hte way you look aftur your fightrs.

Nongkee top class

see youz back soon
sean mccormick
Posted: 2005-07-20 16:58:42
great pictures and a really good show .

roll on september :-)
Posted: 2005-07-21 07:37:13
Just got my password.

heh heh heh, that's a good pic, I'm proud for adam with that expression on his face, and he beat me up...

Pisand, that's not my real height, it's adam posing with a Ventriloquist's dummy fasioned by the talented Mr Dali.
Posted: 2005-07-21 09:04:23
hello late comer!

you see these people, they ignore AX for years and then as soon as people start posting pictures of them they are suddenly interested....;)

just winding you up Viking, I dont have much else to do!
Posted: 2005-07-21 09:25:56
Right on, Sanchez...welcome to the message board, voyeurs. LOL.
Posted: 2005-07-21 10:54:37
Welcome aboard the longboat Pete :-)
sean mccormick
Posted: 2005-07-21 10:59:41
Posted: 2005-07-21 11:15:39
Eileen - what about crazy ship of fools? :)
Posted: 2005-07-21 11:16:42
Get to the gym Sean and best of luck for tonight :-)
Posted: 2005-07-21 11:19:14
Get to the gym Sean and best of luck for tonight :-)
Posted: 2005-07-21 11:22:12
That's more appropriate Stephen :-)

ps...sorry about the double post above.
Posted: 2005-07-21 11:52:10
Viking fell over and banged his head in Wales....!!
adam h
Posted: 2005-07-21 12:33:48
hi all, im another voyer because my pic's on ax !!! thanks to all who looked after us (us being Vinny,Mike,adel n adam) like kings in sunny Scotland, great show even better people!! one small request tho less of the small jokes, small people have feelings too!!! theres nothing wrong with being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with R2D2 lol !!!
Posted: 2005-07-21 13:06:31
Yoda too...!
Posted: 2005-07-21 14:44:33
Adam, glad you enjoyed your visit, hopefully we'll see you again.

Don't worry about the small jokes, we're really taking the mickey out of the tall folk- after hearing tales of 'certain' Vikings 'allegedly' walking into a series of pull up bars and escalators this week its quite comforting not to be so close to the sky!

and the girl commentating on the fight vid sounds rather passionate as she has something of a vested interest ;) i usually sound a tad more refined than that!
sean mccormick
Posted: 2005-07-21 15:09:09
thanks Eileen , passed , BLUE I
Posted: 2005-07-21 15:55:46
welcome to the revolution pete!
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-21 18:51:48
Good news!! Gary O`Brien is off to Thailand, so the rest of Renfrewshire Thai boxing clubs can start going back to Greggs the bakers, cos he`ll never know. 6 weeks of steak bakes and custard doughnuts. " You Know it makes sense "
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-21 20:48:05
Don't even think about it Johnny Boy, I have my spy's everywhere! So put that doughnut and get your lazy butt out running!

PS. You have mail!
Posted: 2005-07-21 20:52:48
Have a great trip, mate!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-22 08:16:20
Cheers buddy, I already want to stay! I know why I nearly stayed last time! Had a great welcome, all the Thai's shouting on me and greeting me!

Although it still freaks me out when I walk through the Big C and people come up and touch my skin, white skin is lucky, ao I must be the most lucky person they have ever seen! LOL
Posted: 2005-07-22 08:35:00

I think they are just verifying you actually exist and are not simply an apparition. Just kidding.

Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-22 09:34:57
I feel like I'm in a zoo! LOL
john o brien
Posted: 2005-07-22 13:14:32
Who told you??? A man cant even snaffle a doughnut these days! Good luck big baws and don`t do anything mental!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2005-07-22 13:48:54
good advice comin fea you john , pots and kettles my good man
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-07-23 07:44:37
Managed a trip to the Big C supermarket without the natives coming over and touching my skin, thats a first they must be getting used to the pasty folk strolling, I mean flying about!
Posted: 2005-07-23 10:22:19
I thought the fight were excellent.Shout out to all the fighters who stepped in the ring.The last fight was full on action and the atmosphere was amazing.

The down side as in most fights is some of the paying public a daft wee guy with a boy band hairdo who seemed intent to wind eveyone up.Anyone at the fights will no who i am talking about.

A great night and hope there are more in Barrhead.
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