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Topic:Any1 No The Line Up For Beastmasters Show 19 Nov
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 04:00:02
Any1 No The Line Up For Beastmasters Show 19 Nov
Posted: 2005-10-20 05:15:46
Welcome to the madhouse!!

Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 05:20:39
lol!! y thanx FB'Slim x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 05:43:39
I no that helene n christian are fighting, helene for the bristish title if the other fighter agrees. jus wondered if there was any1 else who knew any other information?? x
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-20 06:44:14
I was fighting Mark beale but he pulled out so i am fighting an italian..............which is good because i can wear a tshirt with "the italian job" on it and be a "charachter" in the gym...HE HE
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 07:05:19
haha!! at least sum1 replied lol x what weight r u fightin at???
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-20 07:44:02
69kg i think
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-20 07:45:41
He he everybody is obsessed with my weight !!
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 08:21:52
lol i jus wondered that was all well i shall be there 2 cheer ya on n through spagetti if ur fightin the italian lol not that i have anythin against them lol
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 08:42:33
*throw lol
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-20 09:18:15
who said the younger generation cant spell,or write or use english.Any way back to the subject before i get my "computer seized" I realy dony know the line up yet any news Trish???
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-20 09:37:11
lol wot u mean by that Mr Weston ;) lol
dean jay
Posted: 2005-10-20 12:30:38
rich you make me laugh, is it all official then now, you fighting the italian guy? should be a great weekend of thaiboxing, manchester show followed by the wolverhampton show the next day, great!!
Posted: 2005-10-20 20:48:55
From memory after seeing poster in gym. Ashley, Rich Jones, Di Paulo, Lisa Beely, Rich Weston plus loads more/
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-21 03:30:12
Thanks jaime, looks like a good line up so far!
Basil the Fox
Posted: 2005-10-25 07:05:39

Here's the poster!
Basil the Fox
Posted: 2005-10-25 07:08:51

Crikey, it'd help if I resized it a bit, eh?

Here we go.... let's see if overwriting the original file and reversing the polarity of the flux converter on the back buffer of the file server works....

liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-25 07:38:38
nice line up. whos Dipaulo fighting. wish i could go just to see him.
Posted: 2005-10-25 07:52:55
jason Richards v Richard Jones should be a cracker !!!
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-25 07:58:56

Richards vs jones will end in a KO just not sure who.
Thrasher vs Guy Mcall - thrasher KO
Guishard will beat the thai he will be too big.
also victories for mary hart and fash.
Liam vs paul bates will be interesting bates has had about 30 fights i think so it will be a tough fight but robinson has been doing well of late.
Helen and Dipaulo will both win by devastation. they are machines.
Posted: 2005-10-25 08:10:31
I reckon Paul bats must have had more than 30 fights unless he was out for realy, realy long time. I mean realy long time!! He beat my brother twice over 15 years ago!

Wonder if Richard Jones will still be fighting after being knocked out by Tim Thomas the other week?

All of Pele's shows I've been to have been well worth it
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-25 08:24:59
sorry meant to write 30 A class fights......thats what i heard.
Posted: 2005-10-25 08:42:52
more like it!!
Posted: 2005-10-25 09:24:43
No problem, liam won his 6th B Class bout last month!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2005-10-25 10:05:09
Basil - There is a mistake on the poster, as Guy Ramsay is down as Guy McCall. I hope I'm helping instead of pointing it out when its too late. Looks like a good show!
unknown quantity
Posted: 2005-10-25 10:09:32
The Thai Ashley Guishard's fighting has same name as Reece Crooke's opponent at Wolverhampton and there is only one day between events, is this correct???
Posted: 2005-10-25 10:20:07
Ashley is fighting the guy reece was meant to fight and reece is fighing a different thai now.
unknown quantity
Posted: 2005-10-25 10:27:39
Thank you for information pinsinchai.

What weight is Ashley fighting at?
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-25 10:41:17
i put thrasher down as KO cos ive never heard of guy mcall......ill still go with thrasher though.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-25 15:35:27
it does look like a very good line up! christian is trainin very hard and taking all his frustration out on us when he teaches lol helene is in good shape as well! liam who are you fighting on the show the day after?? x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-25 15:37:06
it does look like a very good line up! christian is trainin very hard and taking all his frustration out on us when he teaches lol helene is in good shape as well! liam who are you fighting on the show the day after?? x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-25 15:38:03
sorry about that
Posted: 2005-10-25 16:42:42
Thrasher is actually fighting Guy Ramsey, who I believe won a silver in the world am's once. He's been offering to fight Andy for about 18months now, I understand that Guy is a very good full thai rules fights who doesn't get as many fights as he should, so should be a good one
guy caledonian
Posted: 2005-10-25 16:54:45
thanks darren! - i thought i'd turned into a cross between me and iain mcculley for a minute there. looking forward to the show, and we'll see you guys at your gig this friday.
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-26 04:56:24
hi sarah im fighting a very good thai on the 20th and im weighing on the 19th in wolves so wont be able to make the show which is a shame cos it looks good.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-26 07:15:55
Awwwh thats a shame, i saw you at master skens in september and i liked your trainers lol! well im sure u will do the business because your an excellent fighter, i saw you KO your opponent at Master Skens in february! ouch wish you was fightin on that show :( lol x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-26 07:16:24
Awwwh thats a shame, i saw you at master skens in september and i liked your trainers lol! well im sure u will do the business because your an excellent fighter, i saw you KO your opponent at Master Skens in february! ouch wish you was fightin on that show :( lol x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-26 07:16:57
again sorry about that lol x
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-26 07:24:37
ha ha the ones with goofy on. some people were takin the piss out of me for them but i think they are ace.

good god thrasher fighting someone else whos good at FT..................ELBOWFEST.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-26 07:33:36
i thought they was really nice lol elbows are the best when your watchin its always a good crowd pleaser lol x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-26 09:02:11
Does anybody have any info on the lady who helene is fighting?? she's called Issabel McCall?? x
Posted: 2005-10-28 11:28:49
Is that Guy's sister by any chance lmao.
Laura Craig
Posted: 2005-10-28 17:07:43
Laura Craig
Posted: 2005-10-28 17:22:21

Sorry was just testing Laura's password. Guy Ramsey trained with me for about five years he is a nice bloke. As Darren said, very good hands and elbows and is always very well conditioned and would never right him off, but i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place as Andy is one of my fav fighters. Wish them both good luck should be a 'cracker'.

John Craig
Laura Craig
Posted: 2005-10-28 17:26:17
John, get your own account and stop using mine.
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-29 01:34:18
Liam this has a slight air of "i love liam harrison 2"......i like your trainers.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-29 02:47:05
rich can i not compliment somebody now!lol i did like his trainers they were cool n i dont know him so i could i possibley "love" him lol x
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-29 05:16:50
only joking wee girl,take a look at the off topic section under"i love liam harrison"its an ongoing joke.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-29 05:45:20
lol its ok rich i didnt mind i shall take a look, you looking forward to the fight?? x
dean jay
Posted: 2005-10-29 06:14:23
this is looking like a good show, can't wait to see the Robinson Vs Bates!! This one should be a real technical fight!!
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-29 06:58:40
yes,i agree with you dean, this does look like a good show. i am excited about the andy thrasher fight and of course helene's and christians. x
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-10-29 08:57:48
Dean ....leave it.Sarah i have had to pull out of the fight i have retired due to an old injury that has come back i will be there though i am coaching for the tony myers camp now and will be with Liam Robinson.Come and say hello when you are there.
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-29 12:00:25
for christ sake westwood keep the leah thing on the down low. lol
Posted: 2005-10-30 06:25:38
im loving the fact that everyone is calling him westwood now
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-31 03:05:23
Awwhh thats a shame! was looking forward to your fight :( but i shall come and say hi to you of course!! lol n i am defo not like leah no comparison i thought that was very funny some of the posts, lol. its the only time i have ever seen liam put 2 comments any other time he's nearly flooding lol only jokin liam!! x
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-31 03:11:13
true true. i was trying to stay on the down low incase someone from the gym gave her my address or sommat?
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-10-31 03:40:53
hahahaha liam!! awwhh bless her lol that comment you made was well funny she said something bout u looked really nice on the t.v n you replied with it must have been the lighting because i usually look like an amadillo on crack..... hahahahahhahaha i was lmao, you looking forward to your fight then?? x
liam badco
Posted: 2005-10-31 15:35:53
yeah cant wait?
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-01 06:49:56
Is it FT??? x
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-01 07:03:33
sorry, im a bit backward sometimes lol i jus read another thread and it is x
Posted: 2005-11-08 04:04:45
This is on the wrong page.

Okay so who is everyone coming to watch?
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-08 04:31:21
Hiya dazza, im coming to watch helene and christian, the thrasher fight looks good to. Are you going?? x
Posted: 2005-11-08 04:48:56
Isabel Mccall fights out of Annan Dragons, she is tall and very strong, has a good fight record from what i know. hope it's a good show, best of luck to Guy and Dip.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-08 04:55:38
Thanks karenski it does look like a very good show, are you going to be there?? x
Posted: 2005-11-08 05:15:09
No problem Sarah, unfortunately i won't be there but will certainly be keeping an eye out for the results, good luck to everyone. Kaz
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-08 05:21:33
Awwh thats a shame, but if you dont hear the results i will fill you in! x
liam badco
Posted: 2005-11-08 10:02:55
is the line up still the same or has there been any changes.
good luck to liam robinson by the way the big poodle rapist
Posted: 2005-11-08 10:05:49
poodle rapist? is this liams new hobby? haha good luck liam r mate hopefully ill be allowed out to watch this one.
Posted: 2005-11-08 14:20:54
I will have the full line up of the show by Friday
Havent been able to keep everyone updated. Computer been crashing a lot.
Hope to see everyone there!
Nikki Thomas
Posted: 2005-11-08 17:05:08
Hey Sarah! Fellow Wicker girl calling! Nice to see the gym getting a bit more support on AX - no-one from Wicker really comes on AX much.

So, guys, let me tell you - I was driving home from work at 6:30pm tonight in the sheet rain and I mean SHEET rain, like when your wipers are going back and forth like the clappers and you still can't see nowt at all. The through the spray I saw two lone figures (the oly fol stoopid enough to be out in this vile weather) and there they were - Helen & Chris battling along the pavement like two warriors. That my friends, is devotion to your training. The rain hurt it was that hard and they were out there looking mean and ripped. They both deserve to win and I'm sure they will.

Hopefully will make it to the show but am on nights in Barnsley so it will depend if I can prop my eyes open and face 36 hours without sleep! See you there!
Posted: 2005-11-08 23:00:29
whos *Westlife* opponent fighting now?
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-11-09 00:08:54
Westwood i can handle westlife is a step too far!
Posted: 2005-11-09 00:12:40
a Dance step :p
liam badco
Posted: 2005-11-09 03:38:11
whos dipaulo fighting
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-09 08:07:35
Hey Nikki, yes i know hardly any come on, i didn't know you came on either lol sorry i havent seen you around at the gym what days do you go on?? Yeah helene is training really hard for this one as its the english title, and chris well he never really needs that much work because he is already a monster lol don't say i said lol! Liam chris is fighting the 2x italian champion, sorry i dont know his name, i will ask tonight x
Posted: 2005-11-10 04:30:11
italian schmalian dipaulo will smash him
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-10 07:22:07
Hey globalbretheren, do you know anywhere where i could find a picture or any information on him?? x
Posted: 2005-11-12 04:45:35
Will have full line up of the Beastmaster show later. So stay tuned!!!
Posted: 2005-11-12 13:43:01
piccy of Who?
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-13 07:56:40
it doesn't matter. x
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-11-13 09:03:33
I think Sarah was after info on the Italian fighter he is fighting am i right Sarah i will see if i can get any information.
Posted: 2005-11-13 09:17:30
I hear that Michelle Grizzle of Master A's gym is now fighting the Italian that Mary Hart was gonna fight.
Michelle was looking really strong yesterday and should be a great fight.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-14 03:40:02
Yes, Rich i was lol, but it seemed like too much hard work lol thank you that would be great x
Posted: 2005-11-14 04:53:21
Posted: 2005-11-14 06:08:05
Cannot wait to see Ashley back to his old form ko win rnd 3

Good Luck Mary Hart
Posted: 2005-11-14 07:21:48 I was saying, I think mary has pulled out and Michelle Grizzle is now fighting her italian opponent.
Sarah Walker
Posted: 2005-11-14 08:33:48
Noi666 lmao jus leave him hehe x
marlon kinehan
Posted: 2005-11-16 12:07:11
good line up
Posted: 2005-11-16 14:15:54
Full line up is on the page i have posted!!
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