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Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-03-10 03:38:20
We'll be holding another novice show on saturday 1 April - April fools day!

Doors open at 12.00. show startes at 1.00 and we should be all finished by 4.30.

I've got a lot of names in and most of the matching is done, but if anyone has any fighters they would like to put forward please let me know.

Tickets (£16 adult/£10 Child) and posters will be available next week.
Posted: 2006-03-10 03:39:42
April fools day Richard, are you sure ??? LOL.
Posted: 2006-03-10 06:08:49
i am top of the bill
Posted: 2006-03-10 06:45:16
Posted: 2006-03-10 07:03:33
Said on another thread that I would not be supised to turn up to this show and see a big banner spread across the front of the venue

"Can't beleive you all fell for it"
Posted: 2006-03-10 16:52:55
Looking forward to the show, all the guys done some reet old sparring tonight and all looking very good, it should be very interesting.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-03-11 01:20:49
good luck everyone
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-03-11 04:50:48
Just confirmed Alessio Pitirra (Bad Company) v Dean James (Tony Myers) 5x2 - should be interesting.

I'll publish the rest of the card soon.
Posted: 2006-03-11 19:17:42
Oooo big test for Alessio as Dean is one of the fighters to look out for the future, be good to see him fighting in leeds on our show, but soz Deano mate i gotta be rooting for our lad, i know you'll understand,lol.
dean jay
Posted: 2006-03-12 05:24:49
ok Andy mate, no offence taken lol!!
Posted: 2006-03-13 07:54:15
Nice bout!
Should be interesting...wish I was there.
I have heard good things about Dean from Tony and Liam Robo, but also know how tough allesio is....

should be good!
Posted: 2006-03-13 11:08:20
Yeah he is tough, i take the props for making him tough, all from the gym have seen us sparring and know what i Cant wait should be a good little show again.
Posted: 2006-03-14 08:37:52
should be an interesting fight, go dean.
Posted: 2006-03-14 10:30:09
Is this a novice show? Is there a full line up yet?
Posted: 2006-03-14 16:13:18
dont know if its all novice fights but i know john craig is trying to get fighters matched who are 1st time fighters.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-03-15 06:28:08
Its mainly novice fights but one or 2 5 rounders. John Craig is bringing a few fighters down.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-03-15 08:38:00

Tickets are now available.
Heres the poster:
Basil the Fox
Posted: 2006-03-15 10:08:47
Like the poster.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-03-24 10:41:29
Here is the preliminary line-up although I'm still waiting for confirmation on one or two matches and still expecting half of them to pull out!

Danny Purdy (Bad Company) v Kamen Pickin (Warrington)
George Berry (Bad Company) v Kyle Kenny (Gary McAllister)
Tom Bird (Bad Company) v John Holmes (Mungsurin)
Greg McIntyre (Bad Company) v Dave Frame (Selby)
Andy Mellor v Craig Briar (SMTC)
Tom Bouda (Jai Freestyle) v Adam Weicec (Selby)
Robin (Bad Company) v Gareth Higgs (Jai Freestyle)
Sarah McArthy (Bad Company) v Paula Wilkie (Caledonian)
Charlotte Webster (Bad Company) v Kirsty Mack (Caledonian)
Thalita Vergilio (Bad Company) v Michelle Fitzpatrick (Caledonian)
Mick Kelly (SMTC) v Somar Kumar (K-Star)
Matt Inman (Sor Thanikul) v Marc Sargent (Studio 2000)
Alessio Pirirra (Bad Company) v Dean James (Tony Myers)
Posted: 2006-03-26 08:57:03
Standard, looking forward to next Sat now, the guys are looking good and can't wait to get in there. If anybody wants tickets for this show get in touch with Richard or myself and we shall sort them out for you. Gunna be a good showing of the new talent coming through at Badcompany.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-03-26 09:53:27
Good luck with the show guys and especially to the Caledonian girls!
Posted: 2006-03-27 00:04:45
GO BAD CO!!!!!!
Posted: 2006-03-27 07:12:23
GO DEAN !!!!!! lol should be an interesting show i shall be there.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-03-28 00:13:47
What weight is the Alessio Pirra V Dean Jay fight
liam badco
Posted: 2006-03-28 01:09:15
allesio vs dean should be a good match up they both have had around 3or 4 fights and both are of the same tall and slim build........good luck everyone.
Posted: 2006-03-28 06:51:28
All the best to the Cally kids, I'll be awaiting the results :)
Posted: 2006-03-28 09:34:26
Go on the Caley fighters!!!!

Looks like being a good show is there a final line up?
Jo Mcgourty
Posted: 2006-03-28 11:11:23
Best of luck Bad Co bunch , not like ya need it you are all looking good :)
Any Axers coming to the show ? I aim to take a lot more pics this time !
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-03-28 15:45:50
Looking forward to this little show. I only have one junior fighter on now but thats ok cos I will be the referee for the event.

It looks like I have to ref in front of Tony M but hopefully he will be able to offer me some constructive criticism after the event and I will be a better ref for it.....

..However, I do have a little surprise for the Bad Co. boys that I am sure Mr Myers will be forced to copy when he referees at the main shows in Leeds :)
Posted: 2006-03-28 20:05:36
By any chance are you forcing yourself into a little PINK number mate???lol.
Posted: 2006-03-29 07:40:56
there goes andy upsetting the ref/judges again. Why would you suggest that Dave would have to "force" himself into anything?
Jo Mcgourty
Posted: 2006-03-29 08:07:13
HaHA Daz I am going to buy you a wooden spoon !! As for Dave in a little pink number ..... I hope your there with ya camera Beanie !
Posted: 2006-03-29 14:27:37
Now now Darren stop youre mixing, Dave has sent me a picture txt message of his lovely outfit for Saturdays event and believe me he is gunna look I like it Dave i like it a lot.
Posted: 2006-03-29 16:35:53
I already have several wooden spoons of different sizes (depending upon what maxine tells me i'm making for tea)

Dace J In pink!!!!!!!!!!!! Def not Pretty
Posted: 2006-03-30 02:15:25
Good luck to all the Caley fighters! :)
beanie baby
Posted: 2006-03-30 06:18:06
I'm hoping to be there Jo! I haven't been well again!!! Just got to see how I feel for sat!!!
If I'm unable to make it, good luck to all the Bad Co crew!!!
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-03-30 12:54:24
This (hopefully) is the full line-up.

Good luck to all the fighters!

Danny Purdy (Bad Company) 44kg v Kamen Picken (Warrington) 44kg 3x11/2
George Berry (Bad Company) 37kg v Kyle Kenny (Gary McAllister) 37kg 3x11/2
Andy Mellor (GFC) 67kg v Craig Briar (SMTC) 67kg 3x2
Robin (Bad Company) 80kg v Gareth Higgs (Jai Freestyle) 82kg 3x2
Craig Stephenson (Beastmasters) 64kg v Gordon Glendinning (SMTC) 64kg 3x2
Sarah McArthy (Bad Company) 64kg vPaula Wilkie (Caledonian) 62kg 3x2
Brian Stephenson (SMTC) 70kg v Micky Richards (Gary McAllister) 70kg 3x2
Tom Bird (Bad Company) 70kg v John Holmes (Mungsurin) 71kg 3x2
Tom Bouda (Jai Freestyle) 84kg v Adam Weicec (Selby) 86kg 3x2
Charlotte Webster (Bad Company) 52kg v Kirsty Mack (Caledonian) 53kg 3x2
Matt Inman (Sor Thanikul) 74kg v Marc Sargent (Studio 2000) 75kg 3x2
Thalita Vergilio (Bad Company) 53kg v Michelle Fitzpatrick (Caledonian) 55kg 3x2
Greg McIntyre (Bad Company) 72kg v Dave Frame (Selby) 71kg 5x11/2
Grant Gallagher (Caledonian) 64kg v Somar Kumar (K-Star) 64kg 3x2
Alessio Pirirra (Bad Company) 57kg v Dean James (Tony Myers) 55kg 5x2
Posted: 2006-03-31 23:37:58
chokdee to all fighting on the show today!

can someone post results ASAP....

Posted: 2006-04-01 05:59:02
anyone know any results ?
Posted: 2006-04-01 06:24:36
You having a laugh it hasn't started yet.
Posted: 2006-04-01 06:41:08
easy! easy! easy!
Posted: 2006-04-01 08:21:18
Charlotte Webster (Bad Company) 52kg v Kirsty Mack (Caledonian) 53kg 3x2

Charlotte won on points.

Sarah McArthy (Bad Company) 64kg vPaula Wilkie (Caledonian) 62kg 3x2

Paula won on points.
Posted: 2006-04-01 08:44:26
Thalita Vergilio (Bad Company) 53kg v Michelle Fitzpatrick (Caledonian) 55kg 3x2

Result : Draw

Danny Purdy (Bad Company) 44kg v Kamen Picken (Warrington) 44kg 3x11/2

Result : Draw

Posted: 2006-04-01 09:05:22
George Berry (Bad Company) 37kg v Kyle Kenny (Gary McAllister) 37kg 3x11/2

Kyle won on points.
Posted: 2006-04-01 09:17:54
Grant Gallagher (Caledonian) 64kg v Somar Kumar (K-Star) 64kg 3x2

Somar won on points.

Alessio Pirirra (Bad Company) 57kg v Dean James (Tony Myers) 55kg 5x2

Dean James won 2nd round stoppage.
Golden child
Posted: 2006-04-01 12:31:29
Any pics and reports
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-01 12:47:45
Spoke to Beanie on the way out and she promises to get the pics up by November
Jordan Calder
Posted: 2006-04-01 14:28:16
nice show richard and welldone to the caledonian fighters nice one
Jo Mcgourty
Posted: 2006-04-01 14:39:38
Well done Bad Co bunch you were all fantastic :) Well done to all the other fighters on the show .Make sure you get that pic up Beanie of Dave in his little pink number !!
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-04-01 15:46:59
Danny Purdy (Bad Company) 44kg v Kamen Picken (Warrington) 44kg 3x11/2 DRAW
George Berry (Bad Company) 37kg v Kyle Kenny (Gary McAllister) 37kg 3x11/2 Kyle won points
Andy Mellor (GFC) 67kg v Craig Briar (SMTC) 67kg 3x2 Andy Mellor Won Points
Robin (Bad Company) 80kg v Gareth Higgs (Jai Freestyle) 82kg 3x2 Robin won points (What a fight!)
Craig Stephenson (Beastmasters) 64kg v Gordon Glendinning (SMTC) 64kg 3x2 Not sure!
Sarah McCarthy (Bad Company) 64kg v Paula Wilkie (Caledonian) 62kg 3x2 Paula Won Points
Brian Stephenson (SMTC) 70kg v Micky Richards (Gary McAllister) 70kg 3x2 Brian Stephenson won TKO
Tom Bird (Bad Company) 70kg v John Holmes (Mungsurin) 71kg 3x2 - Tom won KO round 2
Tom Bouda (Jai Freestyle) 84kg v Adam Weicec (Selby) 86kg 3x2 - not sure
Charlotte Webster (Bad Company) 52kg v Kirsty Mack (Caledonian) 53kg 3x2 - Charlotte won on points
Matt Inman (Sor Thanikul) 74kg v Marc Sargent (Studio 2000) 75kg 3x2 - DRAW
Thalita Vergilio (Bad Company) 53kg v Michelle Fitzpatrick (Caledonian) 55kg 3x2 - DRAW
Greg McIntyre (Bad Company) 72kg v Dave Frame (Selby) 71kg 5x11/2 - Greg won KO round 2
Grant Gallagher (Caledonian) 64kg v Somar Kumar (K-Star) 64kg 3x2 - Somar won on points
Alessio Pirirra (Bad Company) 57kg v Dean James (Tony Myers) 55kg 5x2. Dean won TKO (referee stopped contest) round 2

Above is most of the results. Some are missing as I was busy in the back and didnt see all the fights.

Well done to all the Bad Company fighters who did themselves and the gym proud. Everyone has trained hard and really excelled with soem very tough matches all round. Fight of the night for me was Robin v Gareth Higgs (Jai Freestyle) - Robin gave away 4.5kg (yes 4.5kg!!!) and took a lot of punishment in round 1 but pulled it back with a knockdown in round 2 and a toe to toe war all the way through.

Dean James was really impressive and took poor Alessio apart. Alessio is a good figher and was very game but Dean is very strong and talented and looked really good.

Thanks to all the fighters, gyms and trainers. Its great to work withsuch friendly professional gyms - everyone turned up on time, all teh fighters were fit and on weight, there was no messing about or complaining and no last minute pull outs.

We got off bang on time with the fight order exactly as published and this is as much down to the professionalism and reliability of the gyms as anything.

Special thanks to Tony Myers and Steve Logan for coming from Birmingham and Guy Ramsay and Crew (some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet) and John Craigs SMTC who all travelled so far to support us.
Posted: 2006-04-01 15:53:58
Cheers Richard for putting on your show, boys really enjoyed the day. Well I'm lying they didn't much like the trip back up the road. Have to say I was impressed with Charlotte Webster, very composed of what I saw and landed a few crackin low kicks. It was also nice to meet some of the faces in Thai boxing as well.

Cheers from Daniel and the guys from SMTC
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-01 15:55:34
Dont forget the poor sheep that accidently got onto the bus with the Scottish crew. That sheep had the hardest day of all taking all that abuse from the Scottish lads!!
Posted: 2006-04-01 15:58:29
True very True, I'm really amazed they even got on the bus.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-04-01 16:02:18
Special thanks also to Andy Howson for all his hard work with our fighters over the last few weeks. His dedication and commitment have been unbelievable.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-01 16:05:52
Andy is washing my new shirt for me...thats dedication!
Posted: 2006-04-01 16:41:42
Great show. Well done to everyone who took part. I too was impressed by Charlotte but also Kirsty Mack who I thought did exceptionally well on her first fight against a far more experienced opponent. Both girls showed a lot of potential. It was great there were so many female matches, it makes a nice change.
I thought that the Alessio/Dean fight was a stormer too. Dean definetly looks like another one to watch out for.
Well done to Bad Co for another great show.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-04-02 03:52:40
well done everyone greg with another KO go on lad.
Posted: 2006-04-02 13:11:14
just like to say what a great performance by dean james. another excellent performance mate, cool and composed looked as good as what you have done in training and then some more, excellent mate. well done to mr smith and bad co for a good show.
Posted: 2006-04-02 17:30:06
Cheers Richard. Dave your shirt looks as good as new. lol. Everyone was ace well proud of you all, but Danny Purdy was a star for me, his 1st fight against a lad who had a couple and just returned from a month in Thailand, Danny took a bit of a beating first half of first round but pulled it back and kept pushing on and really gave it his all, very very proud if my 2 kids Danny and George. Charlotte looked class and Gregg is the man. Well done everyone your all belting.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-03 07:11:04
Can I start this off?.....

"Any pics yet Beanie?!"
beanie baby
Posted: 2006-04-03 08:24:46
hold your horses!!! give me till....................................... next dec!!!!
Posted: 2006-04-03 11:38:57
Dont worry " they will be up tomorro"lol
Alix James
Posted: 2006-04-03 13:18:58
I agree, was a great show, very efficiently ran, well done Rich and the bad co crew. Some excellent fights, I really enjoyed the George (Badco) vs Kyle (Gary McCallister) fight, some great technique and great show of heart from Kyle. Danny Purdy from badco did really well too, it looked like he was going to struggle to get through the fight but he kept going and you could see he had been taught well, excellent kicking off his left - Andy nearly got him to kick with his right :) But he looks to be a good prospect for Badco in the future.

Robin's fight was ace too, giving away weight shows really nerve - I didnt realise it was as much as 4.5kg so he did excellent to keep that hidden - good fight.

Dean James was really good, great fight for the main event. He looked so calm throughout, his fitness was superb and his technique was very 'thai style' - he stalked Alessio around the ring. Very impressed, never seen him fight before, how many fights has he had Tony?

As I've said, excellent show, well done to all fighters.

dean jay
Posted: 2006-04-03 13:39:33
thanx for the kind words alix mate, that was my 5th fight. got a few coming up soon so tony will have me busy in the gym lol. just wonna say a big thanx to richard and badco lot for putting me on.
Posted: 2006-04-03 13:56:42
Sounds like it was a great show, well done to all the fighters especially Kirsty, Michelle, Grant and Paula.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-03 17:36:27
I refereed all the fights and I would like to say a big thanx to all the fighters on the day for making my job easier.

When you have 15 or 16 bouts and no real problems it means that all the fighters fought with good spirit and dicipline which is a credit to themselves and all their trainers.

Outstanding fighters of the night for me were Dean James and Somar Kumar. Dean was very strong with beautiful balance and accuracy and Sumar was fast and relentless and reminded me of a younger version of Yogenda Paresh (sp?)

That said it is not meant to take anything away from everyone else as they all put in 110% and fought novice fights at a really high standard.
Alix James
Posted: 2006-04-04 03:18:23
I thought you did really well Dave, you looked really relaxed and composed in there, will we be seeing you more frequently refereeing shows then?

5 fights Dean? Same as me, next to you I look a pile of trash! Didnt realise you came on this site, keep me informed when you're fighting next, would really like to watch again, I can learn alot no doubt.

Somar I agree was impressive, very quick and showed alot of variety, I fought him about a year ago and he has come on alot, I dont think my clumsy style allowed him to show what he had, but on Saturday he showed alot of talent.
dean jay
Posted: 2006-04-04 08:24:23
alix : were you fighting on the show mate? how did you get on? im fighting in Bedford this month against Ranjit Dheer, no rest for the wicked!lol. what gym are you from mate?
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-05 03:24:12
I see Beanie is her usual speedy self!
dean jay
Posted: 2006-04-05 03:31:21
don't worry mdave mate sure she has got some great action pics of you in your pink shirt! lol
beanie baby
Posted: 2006-04-05 07:22:57
Damn right I have!!! He's obstructed all my action shots I've got!! Hence why they ain't up yet!!! His shiny head has been reflecting all the light!!!
beanie baby
Posted: 2006-04-05 07:24:15
I have to say, Dave's head was very dazzling (and in his pink shirt!!)!!
Posted: 2006-04-05 11:17:09
he even got in the way of my shot! the pink had gone to his head!
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-05 15:42:15

At least I didn`t get in the way of any knockout shots this time!

At the last show at this venue one of the fighters was falling to the ropes after a big hit and his opponent started to throw a massive kick at him. I (stupidly) threw myself between them and took the kick across my back!

It cost me a fortune in physio treatment :)

I wont name names ;)

Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-04-05 15:51:32

But I dont mind posting his pic!
Posted: 2006-04-10 14:50:59
I've got a few pictures, I'll post them here...
Posted: 2006-04-10 14:52:53

Too big, trying again...
Posted: 2006-04-10 14:53:58

Too big, trying again...
Posted: 2006-04-10 14:54:40

Too big, trying again...
Posted: 2006-04-10 14:55:15

Too big, trying again...
Posted: 2006-04-10 14:56:08

Posted: 2006-04-10 14:56:52

Posted: 2006-04-10 14:57:44

Posted: 2006-04-10 14:58:32

Posted: 2006-04-10 14:59:31

This is a good one.
Posted: 2006-04-10 15:00:29

Posted: 2006-04-10 15:03:42

Posted: 2006-04-10 15:05:03

Posted: 2006-04-10 15:06:48

(I'm not very good with these picture sizes, am I? :))
Posted: 2006-04-10 15:07:36

(I'm not very good with these picture sizes, am I? :))
Posted: 2006-04-10 15:09:04

Posted: 2006-04-10 15:10:16

Last one.

Sorry, not very good quality, but at least I am quicker than Sabena ;)
beanie baby
Posted: 2006-04-11 11:21:25
You cheeky mare!!!
Basil the Fox
Posted: 2006-04-11 11:23:51
Did you get any of Andy Mellor from GFC?
Posted: 2006-04-12 14:43:38
Those are all I had, but Sabena has got loads. She is going to upload them soon (says she... hehehe) ;)
Posted: 2006-04-13 08:54:37
well done paula
George Badcompany
Posted: 2006-04-25 14:07:16
sabena will you post that photo of me looking mean?
beanie baby
Posted: 2006-04-26 07:58:54

Posted: 2006-04-26 08:06:19
are you taking the mickey out of your opponent there george?

looks like you have knocked him down and then started break-dancing infront of him!!!! LOL
George Badcompany
Posted: 2006-05-01 14:39:38
i was: i just got the sudden urge to dance
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