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Topic:Liam Harrison Seminar In Glasgow 27th May
Posted: 2006-05-16 14:38:51

"The Hitman Comes to Glasgow"
Posted: 2006-05-16 14:45:32
This was on our show thread but it should really have it's own thread, and now it has. This is an opportunity not to be missed as you might not get the chance to train with Liam up here again for a long time. And you have the added bonus that Andy Howson is coming with him. We at Caledonian are very lucky indeed that both Liam and Andy have the time to spare considering they have massive fights coming up at the Bad Company show in Leeds on the 17th June. So get down to Caledonian University to train with these guys.
known as "calves" by the bad co lot
Posted: 2006-05-17 04:02:26
Good luck to Liam and Andy with this.I'm pretty sure this is gonna be something for people at Caledonian Muay Thai to remember.
known as "calves" by the bad co lot
Posted: 2006-05-17 04:02:41
Good luck to Liam and Andy with this.I'm pretty sure this is gonna be something for people at Caledonian Muay Thai to remember.
Posted: 2006-05-17 04:16:33
hope it all goes well.
Posted: 2006-05-17 05:00:54
must out for the killer moves of:

- the rackoon climb
- the aardvark kick...and the deadly
- mongoose punch

(deadly techniques only liam will be able to teach you!!!) :)


On a serious note, good luck, hope it goes well!
Posted: 2006-05-18 03:37:19
Posted: 2006-05-18 17:52:57
not long now, its better than ttt.
Posted: 2006-05-19 03:50:53
is doghand going aswel?
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-19 03:57:14
possibly mate he will defo be up the day after though for the fights
Mo Islam
Posted: 2006-05-19 04:34:17

Mongoose punch cant beat the cobra punch!!
Posted: 2006-05-19 15:10:48
OBVIOUSLY...... :)
Posted: 2006-05-19 16:52:51
It's the Chang Swipe you've got to watch with Liam.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-20 04:27:11
lol when ya back to thailand dom. im back on 19th june
Posted: 2006-05-20 04:57:16
Be a while yet, the aim is november, but I have a habit of getting itchy feet after 3 months so it might be sooner.

Posted: 2006-05-20 14:44:41
be there or be square its worth the money to watch liam sparring jordan lol
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-21 03:52:50
i think you have fracyured my sternum with that big dog knee you did to me yesterday. lol
Posted: 2006-05-21 11:12:33
lol my knees and calves are killing thanks to jordan and my left foot is sore as feck off u lots elbows. ps why was howson body punching my pelvis? its bruised im not that tall!
Posted: 2006-05-21 11:24:52
yeah, but he is that short! :)
Mo Islam
Posted: 2006-05-21 14:17:34
Some deadly kicks to be shown. man that guy can kick like Tong Po!
Ben Yai
Posted: 2006-05-22 04:03:05

Hey Dom dont know if your belly is gonna fit in one of these suits mate lol!
Posted: 2006-05-22 06:14:36
It's got bigger since I got home

cu soon
Posted: 2006-05-23 16:11:02
I am sure those attending the seminar will learn a lot. Both Liam and Andy have not been at the top of UK MuayThai for a while now, have fought against top international opposition, including some top stadium fighters, and have also spent a fair bit of time training in Thailand. Sound lads, down to earth and approachable.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-23 16:58:34
tony pls tell me you didnt mean to write that
"both liam and andy have NOT been at the top of uk muaythai for a while now"
Posted: 2006-05-23 17:09:53
LOL..must have been a freudian slip...perhaps I really think you are crap but don't realise it!
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-23 17:20:39
Posted: 2006-05-23 17:40:38
Sounds about right from you
Posted: 2006-05-24 03:45:45
lol classic
Posted: 2006-05-24 03:47:05
WALLOP!...take that boys! LOL
Posted: 2006-05-24 03:49:27
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-05-24 09:19:00
Everyone attending the seminar will recieve an official "Arse Clown Certificate" at the end.
known as "calves" by the bad co lot
Posted: 2006-05-24 15:12:08
LMAO!!!! @ at that comment Dave. I'd love to receive one to remind me of both Liam and Andy in years to come!
Posted: 2006-05-24 15:19:15
you have to attend the course for one of them, calves!

....and no, it is not a joke! :)

pay yer money, and get the best the world! :)
known as "calves" by the bad co lot
Posted: 2006-05-24 18:07:46
You took the words right outta my mouth Richard! Bu far the best! ;)No one else in the world is gonna be able to say they've got an Arse Clown certificate! lmao!
Posted: 2006-05-25 06:29:39

Dave just like the one you have.
Posted: 2006-05-25 07:45:05
looks like we both had the same idea briancal (curtosy of DJ of course)...

I gave liam a load of certificates last night! :) LOL
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-05-25 08:35:31
But I can now safely say I was the first! :)
Posted: 2006-05-25 08:46:55
Posted: 2006-05-25 09:10:05
I am sure your not the first "arse clown" Dave!
Dont put yerself down like that! LOL
Posted: 2006-05-25 17:48:41
ave it.
Posted: 2006-05-25 17:53:28
Dave you'd be proud of the certificates young beagle has made up for us, they are amazing, and everyone who attends will recieve one, its a once in a life time opportunity people take part to recieve yours now....
Posted: 2006-05-25 17:56:57
Andy go into chat
Posted: 2006-05-26 02:22:31
thank you for the regards andyBC on the certificate....

see ya saturday night for x-men 3! :)
Posted: 2006-05-26 04:52:13

were they made on microsoft work like these beautys "proficiency in being an official thai-kickboxing instructor"
Posted: 2006-05-27 14:16:09
Just want to say thanks to Liam and Andy for a cracking seminar, especially the afternoon session, hard work but very helpful and a lot of fun! definately picked up a lot of good tips and advice from the both of them. Anyone that never went definately missed out on a great opportunity to train with 2 top fighters and real down to earth guys. Good luck on your fights in a few weeks, looking forward to the show
Posted: 2006-05-28 15:18:37
Well said Davy, a BIG thank you to Liam and Andy for taking the time to come up. The seminar was class and everyone who attended agreed, to the ones who didn't come, you missed a great opportunity to train with these guys and see them in action. They ARE different class and it was a pleasure to have them in Glasgow. They are a credit to Richard Smith, Bad Company and themselves, see you in 3 weeks guys.
Posted: 2006-05-28 15:28:43
Brilliant seminar, learnt loads from liam and andy. really nice guys as well, thanks again.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-29 08:22:07
really enjoyed doing this and if welcomed back would defo come and do it again. maybe another one in november time.
would just like to thank brian calder and his family for letting me and andy stay at his home and also to guy ramsey who helped put this all together. thanks again.
Mo Islam
Posted: 2006-05-29 08:45:12
Would be really good to train with the boys from the Bad Compay gym.
Posted: 2006-05-29 12:25:40
Beat me to it Liam, Just want to say thanks to Brian and the family for putting us up and looking after us all weekend, cheers mate your a star. Also thanks to guy for helping put it all together and for been down to earth enough to let us do it in the first place. Everyone who came to the seminar thanks alot and we both hope you learnt something from us, it made it easier for us beacause everyone who turnes up wanted to learn and all listened and new what they was doing in the first place and made the most of ther time with us so thanks alot guys, met some class people and like Liam says hopefully we will see you in November for another one.
Mark L.
Posted: 2006-05-29 21:41:55
Good to hear good reports. Sounds like you guys did a nice job. Excellent.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2006-05-31 16:33:41
a big thank you from all the caley crew for coming up and sharing some great training with us. liam and andy, you are an absolute credit to your sport, and your coach, mr smith. i am more than happy to try and get you guys back up later in the year. there is a spirit of co-operation going on here that i find inspiring. thank you again.
p.s. thanks for the diet tips, does anyone know how to wean a 12 year old off k.f.c and ice cream??
liam badco
Posted: 2006-05-31 16:38:00
Posted: 2006-05-31 17:34:05
It was all Liams fault guy i promise. He made Jordan do it, and me, he is such a
Posted: 2006-05-31 17:49:33
Yeah Liam sort it out, Jordan has been KFC all week LOL.
Posted: 2006-05-31 17:50:26
I meant to say "eating" KFC all week.
Posted: 2006-05-31 19:45:49
does anyone know how to wean a 12 year old off k.f.c and ice cream??

show him "SuperSize Me"
liam badco
Posted: 2006-06-01 03:53:28
that aint gonna work mate ive me and andy have seen it t least 3 x and it dont bother us.
Posted: 2006-06-01 03:56:36
...and no matter how much I preach, they dont listen either, so you cant talk him out of it....

Maybe if you send him to live in outer mongolia...dont think they have a franchise there! LOL
Posted: 2006-06-01 08:37:31
Noi666, did you get my email?
Posted: 2006-06-01 09:28:17
will chk my hotmail account work at the mo.....
Posted: 2006-06-01 09:38:07
ok, no problem
Posted: 2006-06-01 09:38:10
Not yet, but I'm sure Inner and Outer Mongolia 'ave got McDonald's.

We had a younger fighter and instructed him on the nutritional aspect of making weight, etc. Only to find him eating at Arby's as a reward for jogging there. Deep fried chicken everyday since he thought that was an excellent source for protein!! He also confused tuna over a green salad with tuna salad and proceeded to eat a couple of jars of mayonnaise in the weeks before a fight. I think keeping 'em under lock and key might work.
Posted: 2006-06-01 09:59:23
if it tastes nice, its bad for you....
see food as a source of energy so you can train...
dont eat for enjoyment, eat as a necessity to train...

check calories in what you eat, and then see how long it takes to burn it off again on a treadmill....this will shock alot of ppl!

As a side note random fact, I think Macdonalds have now overtaken the church as the biggest property owner in the world...scary thought!
Posted: 2006-06-01 10:07:26
haha, Stephen, dont forget when you recommended espresso to him in the morn, he was taking starbucks doubleshot espresso with the heavy cream and sugar! lol

oh the wonderful word of counting calories, never thought about it befor starting muay thai,but i do now, more specifically when fight training,it can almost become obsessive. and yes it is very shocking how much it takes to burn of something that seemed meaningless!
Posted: 2006-06-01 10:08:08


1786 calories/ 126g fat / 77g net Carbs / 4g Fiber

105 minutes at 7 mph for a 160 lb person to burn that off.
Posted: 2006-06-01 10:09:07
wonderful *world*
Posted: 2006-06-01 10:10:15
Posted: 2006-06-01 10:11:07

ummmm. heavy cream.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2006-06-01 11:54:48
pisand, could you super size that
Posted: 2006-06-01 13:17:36

Posted: 2006-06-01 14:43:14
Whats for the main course?
Posted: 2006-06-04 10:18:33
good god i gotta get me one of those babys, it looks fooking awesome. i love it already.
Posted: 2006-06-04 12:39:12
bk shakes are the sh*t
Posted: 2006-06-04 14:31:37
MaccyD`s vanilla shakes are the daddy of all milk based drinks.
Posted: 2006-06-04 14:40:24
milk based?....I bet a maccy D's vanilla shake has NEVER been anywhere near a cow!
Posted: 2006-06-04 14:52:56
water, sugar, caramelised sugar: E150d caramel, vanilla "flavour", acidifier: E330 citric acid + Preservative E202 potassium sorbate......

sorry mate, milk in there!

Macdonalds are probably sibgle-handedly responsible for the increasing obessity problem...GLOBALLY!

Macdonalds are the fuel of the bus that takes you straight to Loser-ville!!!!

...........forget it...never gonna convert you guys! LOL
liam badco
Posted: 2006-06-04 15:14:10
im sure 100 pipers whisky doesnt really give rajasak power but he seems to think so dont he so let us just stick to what works for us beag and u stick to the big C diet.......Celery Cucumber Cauiliflower.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-06-04 15:29:42
And Carrots for his colour!
Posted: 2006-06-04 15:54:17
lol... good one!

Not forgetting courgettes with chicken,corriander and chilli's.
.....and cantaloupe for desert!!!!!

Been thinking for a tag-line for my fad diet.
Watch out for the book in a few years!!!!!
Posted: 2006-06-04 16:22:10
mcD's shakes have too much grinded up animal bons for me, the bk shakes are well nice real ice cream in there
Posted: 2006-06-04 16:50:09
Milk based, shmilk based, they are still the dogs bollocks of all loserville drinks. KFC do the best chips whereas BK do the best burgers, although Wendys used to be top notch in burgerworld as well.
Posted: 2006-06-12 03:46:07

Posted: 2006-06-12 04:33:42
mmm calorific!
Posted: 2006-06-13 03:37:25
Noi666 - I think the big C diet sounds better than the Big Mc'die't . I remember when I used to live in Boston and play hockey in the NCAA , some of the Universities ,mostly Ivy-league like Harvard etc. had fast food places like mcdonalds banned within a 6 mile radius of the campus... I supposed they had to keep at least some people alive that were healthy and smart in the country!LOL haha
on that note- celery cooked with that thai red curry and coconut milk YUM!:)I had that tonight so I had to stick up for the whole celery thing :)
Posted: 2006-06-13 03:50:12
love is in the air...
Posted: 2006-06-15 03:24:34
Secretly everyone is craving Celery!
Posted: 2006-06-15 04:45:02
dont listen to everything noi666 tells u!
Posted: 2006-06-18 05:59:15
Ha Ha LOL Thaisoon!!!! you're right , I will give my head a shake before I decide to dip my paws into any cauliflower! :P LOL
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