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Topic:Wbc Muaythai Championships 17th Sept
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-02 09:06:17
Wbc Muaythai Championships 17th sept


On Sept 17th at the Rivermead Leisure Centre in Reading, United as One Promotions will stage the WBC World Super Lightweight Title between U.K champion Keiren Keddle and Thailnad's super star Danthai Singhmanutsak. On the same bill another English suprstar Dale White takes on the highly ranked Belarus fighter Aalexia Bliznev for the WBC Super Flyweight International Title. There are some superb undercard fights featuring:

Jay Woodham, Lee Colville, Andre McIntyre, Danny Brown, Amir Subasic, Kenny Gale & more.......

Official MC will be none other than Sargent Alastair Rea from the ITV series "bad lads army" along withe a host of Celebrities who will be in attendance & stunning ring girls.

For ticket info contact the box office on 0118 9606060
liam badco
Posted: 2006-09-02 09:59:42
good luck deans lads.......also why no mention of jordan watson i though he was boxing on this show????
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-02 10:15:44
as far as i no jordan is not fighting now. keep everyone posted of full line up and changes if theres any.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-03 02:59:49
Good luck to Dale White from all your friends at Panthainarasingh Camp
Posted: 2006-09-03 03:57:46
Looks like an excellent line up.
Posted: 2006-09-03 04:04:21
has anyone got the full line up yet??
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-03 07:12:07
i am sorry but my mistake. Jordan Watson from bad company is also on the show
Posted: 2006-09-03 12:32:09
Is the show to be broadcast on Sky?
Posted: 2006-09-03 17:19:44
fighting you aint he mate?? lol. (jay woodham that is)by the way congrats on the win the other week by the way mate, you looked very good and was a good win and a step up. should be a good tear up with you and jord. see you there mate.
Posted: 2006-09-03 17:39:00
jordan watson is that confirmed?
Posted: 2006-09-04 07:15:26
as far as we know the show is sponsored by sky so should be on at some stage. i hear jordan watson is confirmed to fight jay. worth the trip just for that one...
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-04 15:29:59
yes thats right mate im fighting jordan now. ive had about 5 different matches for this show since i put my name down for it, i cnt keep track of who im fighting until tonite i thought i was fightimg lee colville but he cant make the weight. ive been told tonite me n jordan is confirmed. yeh was good win for me in august, looking forward to fighting jordan i no hes a real talent.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-09-04 15:32:10
Wish they would put these shows on somewhere in the middle of the country
Posted: 2006-09-04 15:33:38
good luck will be huge fight jordan kicks like a mule and looked really good in last couple of fights but uve been very impressive lately too i predict a riot lol
Posted: 2006-09-04 16:00:18
is the jordan fight at 67? i know he last fought at 66 as now struggles to make 63.5
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-04 16:05:54
the match is 68 max
liam badco
Posted: 2006-09-04 23:53:49
struggles to make 63 lol liam he cant get past 65 you bingo arse. he aint been 63 for about a year.
Posted: 2006-09-05 08:03:21
i was being polite to the boy after what he did to my leg - rearrange and translate these words harrison: key dag maa men
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-06 01:00:46
anyone got the full line up
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-06 12:50:50
i will post line up tomo.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-08 03:23:59

My friend has some vip tickets left over, they include as follows:

She has some tickets for this event which will be shown live on SKY SPORTS.

Each ticket is £100 and includes, ringside seats, cocktails and light lunch at registration, mid refreshments and a cavary dinner with complimentary wine at the local casino after the fights. They also include an invite to the press conference on Saturday 16th September 2006 if you wish to attend.

The fights include:


Danthai v Kieran Keddle


Andre Mcintyre v Maxnum Sakai


Michael Dickks v Dave Paquett


Dale White v Aalexei Blizney


England v Sweden

Please let me know if any of you are interested by posting on here or give me a call on 01491 577307.



Posted: 2006-09-08 03:33:49

If all these matches come off.........Predictions please!
Posted: 2006-09-08 04:00:39
I thought Dicks v Pacquette was off?
Posted: 2006-09-08 04:33:07
I don't think this will be live on Sky
Joe D
Posted: 2006-09-08 04:55:59
Dicks/Paquette is definately off, replaced by Jay Woodham Vs Jordan Watson (at the moment)
Posted: 2006-09-08 05:13:11
Shame about Dicks Paquette as that would have been interesting, I think Watson will be too strong for Woodham although although I hope Jay proves me wrong!
Posted: 2006-09-08 05:28:47
JD are you going ?

also, is this live on sky ? heard it was to be the 1st live show ?
Posted: 2006-09-08 05:41:10
Not sure yet mate, I'm pretty sure it's not going to be live
liam badco
Posted: 2006-09-08 07:28:34
maybe jord wont be too strong as he hasnt fought at 68 before and jay has been fighting at 68-70 all the time i belive. i think he will be too clever people think he is all power but there isnt anything futher from the truth he is a very clever boxer too.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-08 07:31:34
Good Luck Jordan
Posted: 2006-09-08 07:37:07
Good luck everyone...hope Dale puts in another masterclass am sure he will.
Sean Toomey
Posted: 2006-09-08 08:43:13
Is the Andre Mcintyre fight still on, I heard that he was now fighting Amir Subasic from Luton. Can anyone clarify this?
Joe D
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:14:09
that would b a shame, i've seen magnum sakai fight a couple of times he's quality, was looking forward 2 that one.
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:29:20
I feel if Kieran Keddle does not gain the World title on this attempt that he should fight some u.k based fighters to prove his number one status that he has(obviously to fight for world titles over and over again.)
This isnt a knock realy before i get jumped on i just feel that Kieran has had a fair crack for now and it would bw good for younger or less experienced fighters to have a crack at fighting him.
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:38:14
who do you think he should fight rdouble?in uk i mean
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:42:54
does anyone know how many fights are on?
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:48:29
I thing it would be good to see Kieran fight Rich Cadden or maby Michael Diks(if a weight could be sorted) Id like to see the Hudders rematch again but these are all top established fighters i would also like to take a look at the top ten ranked fighters in this country and put some of them into the mix.
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:54:05
oh ok mate but if youre getting opportunitites of world title matches and being succesful why not take them hes doing really well i dont think he needs to fight dyet does he?
also do you still fight rdouble?
Posted: 2006-09-08 09:56:23
Whats a dyet?
Why if i still fight.
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:02:04
I think Kiearn should be fighting whoever is best for his career, in recent years he has fought some top internationls home and abroad and he's got these opportunitys by fighting the top uk fighters first, working hard and being a dedicated proffessional. I can pretty much garantee that if Kieran is beaten in this World title shot it won't be by a big margin and this is against a fighter who has recently beaten Noppadet Chensimiw who has twice beaten Yodsanklai. Danthai Singhmanasak is also top 10 ranked at Lumpini, Rajadamnern and no 1 at TV7 so a big test for Kieran but I don't see how a defeat by him should mean stepping back to UK level, when some of the fighters mentioned are fighting at the same level as Kieran and competing then maybe they should get that shot I think the only fight for him in the uk at the moment is with Liam Harrison, a fight I'd love to see.
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:03:34
Do you mean diet? I ment that Diks and Kieran would have to meet in the middle with weight as they fight at slightly different weights.
I totaly agree if people offer you high profile fights against world champions you would be foolish not to take them.
I would just like to see it happen thats all.
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:04:11
Who in the top 10 should be in the mix Rdouble? Who else in there has been fighting at anywhere near the same level?
liam badco
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:09:01
dicks and hudders both fight higher than kieran now that he has moved down weight to 63.
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:09:54
meant to put domestically and deleted it some how
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:20:50
Im not talking about fighters who have fought at the highest level but i like to see less experienced fighters getting the chance to step up
Posted: 2006-09-08 10:22:01
Just realised a good way to put it..................In the same way Kieran had the chance to fight more experienced fighters when he was comming up through the ranks.Get me?
Posted: 2006-09-08 11:21:03
jordans quick and good timing, think thats where the power comes from, certainly not a slugger will be best fight along with dale whites
Posted: 2006-09-08 12:39:05
At Keddle's we want what is best for Kieran and his career, as would any coach. He currently holds 2 world titles at different weights. We will continue to try and push him upwards and onwards.

Personally I think it is flattering that so many people would like to see him fight more on the UK circuit, however, we would still like him to do most of his fighting abroad and especially in Thailand. I would also love to see a rematch with Frankie Hudders, who is desrvedly respected for the world class competitor he is.

Best of luck to all the English fighters on the show on sunday. Apart from the Keddle's Gym fighters, I am really looking forward to the Dale White fight as think he is an excellent technician with a big heart.

Chis Keddle Carley
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-11 06:00:20

Here is the line up:

Keiren Keddle v Danthai Singhmanutsak

Keddles Gym (Eng) Thailand


Dale White (ENG) v Aalexei Bliznev


Andre McIntyre v Amir Subasic

3D Muay Thai Storm Gym

Jason Woodham v Jordan Watson

Mungkorn Dam Bad co.

Wojtek Nartowicz v Howard Stanford

Jackapong Gym Norwich Thai

Richard Edmunds v Mike Lezama

Keddles Gym Diablo Gym

IMKO Southern Title

Saab Singh v Kevin Korvelik

Keddles Gym Wu- Tang

IMKO English Title

Plus under card featuring Stuart Kemp, Ben Jardine, Colin McIntyre, Simon Anthony, Adam Mason, Danny Bright, Danny Kendrick, Darren Bright.

United As One Promotions

Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-11 06:02:29
Maxnum Sakai pulled out due to injury and Amir Subasic stepped as last minute repalacement.

liam badco
Posted: 2006-09-11 07:24:45
good luck england.
Posted: 2006-09-11 08:10:04
i think its Howard stamper and norwich thai is ranong east, well it was last time on their show. Also go luck to Kevin Kovalik who has improves massively over the last 6 months.
Posted: 2006-09-11 08:10:14
i think its Howard stamper and norwich thai is ranong east, well it was last time on their show. Also go luck to Kevin Kovalik who has improved massively over the last 6 months.
Posted: 2006-09-11 10:14:19
Oh the great nights in Norwich eh Liam?? :)

I hope Nash as locked the back doors, dont want any fighters doing a runner! LOL
Posted: 2006-09-11 10:43:47
good luck to Howard Stamper, i trained with him a few times when i was working down in Norwich, he s a good fighter and a tough guy.
Posted: 2006-09-11 10:52:26
And a nice bloke too, although when I fought him he head butted me!!! (was accidental though!) :)

Posted: 2006-09-11 10:57:02
he sure is, a real hard worker and very determined. its a shame the club doesnt have many fighters as he doesnt have that many people to push him.
Posted: 2006-09-11 17:03:02
good luck Jord lad, soz i cant be there (gutted) but i will be thinking of ya while im sat at the pool getting drunk as shit, lol.
Posted: 2006-09-12 06:26:19
who's going?

who's judging?
Hope there isnt a fall out of judging criteria like the last great show (almost a month ago now)

Good luck Jordan

Good luck to all fighters.
Neil Holden
Posted: 2006-09-12 06:36:40
You are right Richard, it is not good for the game at all!

WBC Muaythai Scoring criteria....

15.2 Scoring systems for the contest:

15.2.1 Full ten (10) points are given to the winner of the round and his
opponent may be given 9 – 8 - 7 points in proportion. However, the point is not given
in fraction (10:9 – 8 – 7).

15.2.2 For an even round, both boxers score full ten (10) points (10 : 10).

15.2.3 The winner scores ten (10) points and the lose scores nine (9) points (10 :9).

15.2.4 The clear winner of a round scores ten (10) points and the loser scores
eight (8) points (10 :8)

15.2.5 The winner of a round with his opponent having been counted once
in that round scores ten (10) points and the scores eight (8) points (10:8)

15.2.6 The clear winner of a round with his opponent having been counted
once in that round scores ten (10) points and the loser scores seven (7) points (10:7).

15.2.7 The winner of a round with his opponent having been counted twice
in that round scores ten (10) points an the loser scores seven (7) points (10:7).

15.2.8 The boxer who has been cautioned must not get full ten points in that round.

The referee’s caution can cost one (1) point each.

As taken from
liam badco
Posted: 2006-09-12 07:05:17
eh so if you knock the guy down its 10-8 but if you ki nock him down and stay on top its 10-7 thats utter bollox
Posted: 2006-09-12 07:23:39
pasting wads of text from websites doent help understanding the scoring much at all, those who know ... know. its as simple as that. no need for over complication its common sense really.
Neil Holden
Posted: 2006-09-12 07:42:14
Why not?

For example, some people maybe scoring using 5 points etc...

There was a sensible suggestion made recently that the official rules and scoring being used at a particular show be made public for the audience and officials, maybe in the event program.

Plus the WBC website is that of the official sanctioning body for the World Title that is top billing.

Posted: 2006-09-12 07:56:51
i mean that alone isnt enough, it would be better if someone made those statements a little clearer, i havent seen anyone using 5 points in MT, saying that it doesnt matter if you use 100 points per round as long as a 10 9 is a 100 to 99 or 100 to 90 and people understand whats what, its not the recording of the results where the confusion is but what is a scoring technique and why is the main issue at the moment as far as i can see.
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:04:54
I dont think its the case or even matters wot numbers you use , points are points i think the confusion is on wot gained the fighters the points in the first place ...... might sound a bit gobble de gook but i know wot i mean ...

Posted: 2006-09-12 08:06:15
yeah thats what i was trying to say aswell russ.
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:20:26
wot time duz this show start its an afternoon show isnt it?
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:28:43
2pm according to this ...

nice thai for main event, should be a good fight.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:37:40

Is anyone interested in the VIP tickets my friend has?

Jane x
Neil Holden
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:39:46
Some people use a system ...

10 - 10* when a round is close, but one just edges it


09 - 10 when a round has one side in dominance

The WBC system is

09 - 10 when a round is close, but one just edges it.


08 - 10 when a round has one side in dominance

Neil Holden
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:39:51
Some people use a system ...

10 - 10* when a round is close, but one just edges it


09 - 10 when a round has one side in dominance

The WBC system is

09 - 10 when a round is close, but one just edges it.


08 - 10 when a round has one side in dominance

Posted: 2006-09-12 08:49:08
star or no star or dot or whatever they are putting next to the close round as long as it is in your head and youre confident in remembering the previous round was very slightly edged by boxer A or B you should still come out with the correct final decision.
Posted: 2006-09-12 08:50:28
how much do your friends want for them Jane ? how many ?
Neil Holden
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:16:33
Well lets hope that everyone works to the same/correct WBC Muaythai criteria and that the show is a great success.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:17:36

Not sure how many she has I will call her in a min. They are going for £100 each, which includes ringside seats, cocktails and light lunch at registration, mid refreshments and a cavary dinner with complimentary wine at the local casino after the fights. They also include an invite to the press conference on Saturday 16th September 2006 if you wish to attend.

Are you interested or do you know anybody that would be?
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:20:06
sounds good!

press conference the day before, and buffet during the event....this is how things should be....very professional!

Posted: 2006-09-12 09:21:21
What are the face value of the tickets ?
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:23:24
£100 is the face value.
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:34:13
that's a huge discount your offering there Jane :)
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:37:43
Sorry they are not mine so wouldnt feel right just offering a discount. She had told me they were £100 but Im sure if someone was to buy a few she would offer a discount. Just trying to get hold of her at the moment.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:40:58
Sorry they are not mine so wouldnt feel right just offering a discount. She had told me they were £100 but Im sure if someone was to buy a few she would offer a discount. Just trying to get hold of her at the moment.
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:45:16
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:51:22
Just spoken to her and she has 6 left she is willing to sell them at £85 each, no lower.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:55:59
Just spoken to her and she has 6 left she is willing to sell them at £85 each, no lower.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-12 09:58:10
Just spoken to her and she has 6 left she is willing to sell them at £85 each, no lower.
Posted: 2006-09-12 10:16:25
Good luck for your show!, have a great successful!
Posted: 2006-09-13 02:00:28
Yeah Nash, have a great successful ! ?
Posted: 2006-09-13 05:29:43
andys got short arms and the deepest pockets in west ham
Kyle Helleur
Posted: 2006-09-13 06:32:53
Good luck Jay mate, do ya best. Hope i can be there to see it. Go on son!!!
Posted: 2006-09-13 06:37:40
Good luck Jordan Watson do the business mate and we'll see you next week.
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-13 10:41:42
Are you saying thats too much? The ringside seats are £80 on there own.

Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-09-13 16:00:52
Jordan Watson v Jay Woodham is off now as Jay has pulled out. Pity.
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-13 16:11:29
yes this is true i am very sorry to bad company and jordan watson who im sure was training very hard, but my big feet booted my pads man elbow whilst training monday, im gonna be out for at least two weeks.
it would be hard enuf to fight jordan wiv two good legs let alone just one. i was realy looking forward to fighting jordan it would of been a good fight. maybe we will meet another time
Posted: 2006-09-14 04:56:55
its a shame that jay has had to pull out cause of what happened monday, we was all looking forward to this fight and it would be nice to re-arrange the contest for another time as i know j really wants to fight jordan, maybe someone can sort something out for the future...jez, mungkorn dam
Posted: 2006-09-14 05:40:33
I'd say the best way would be to speak to Mr Smith directly....and not on an open forum. Thanks. :)
Posted: 2006-09-14 06:19:39
oooh, wont bother going now, are they looking for someone else for jordan?
Posted: 2006-09-14 08:04:28
hi rich, yes sorry i know thats the correct way to go about it, my apologies. im sure we can all work together and arrange something another time. we will go through the normal channels which is the right way to do things. again apologies dont take it the wrong way. cheers jez.
Posted: 2006-09-14 08:14:40
no worries mate! :)
Jane King
Posted: 2006-09-15 03:39:32
Noone interested in these tickets then?
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-16 08:24:16
Good Luck Dale White
Alex Porter
Posted: 2006-09-16 08:32:04
Good luck Kieran mate
Posted: 2006-09-16 09:37:50
best of luck kiern keddle and dale white
Posted: 2006-09-16 09:38:16

Posted: 2006-09-16 12:32:44

Good luck to all. Will be a nice show.
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-16 12:41:53
come on england. good luck to dale n keiren do us proud boys
wayne roy
Posted: 2006-09-16 12:54:52
Can't wait to see the lads from Keddles in action, and Dale.
All the best. Lads.
Kyle Helleur
Posted: 2006-09-16 17:42:09
Good luck to Dale White i've only seen him fight at wembley but from what i saw he's an excellent disciplined fighter. Someone i can learn from. Good luck
Posted: 2006-09-17 12:44:57
results anyone gutted to miss it had to work very annoyed
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-17 12:46:59
Dale white won 2nd round ko congratulations Dale from all your friends in Liverpool
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:11:33
well done dale, how did keddle get on?
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:16:56
Quality Dale ......... well done Dean..... Wheres me flag mate .

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:17:57
Keddle lost points Thai to strong in the clinch
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:36:15
aaaa sorry to hear about mr keddle, any other results?
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:40:50
Nice one Dewsbury...couldn,t go but great news.
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:48:56
how did howard stamper get on?
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:49:22
Was keirons fighter ranked in the stadiums ....... hard luck mate
Posted: 2006-09-17 13:56:44
whens the dvd out?
Posted: 2006-09-17 14:04:09
well done dale , and your old man.
paulo da silva
Posted: 2006-09-17 14:12:42
well done dale
Posted: 2006-09-17 15:16:53
Well done Dale White, anyone know the full results.
Posted: 2006-09-17 15:58:17
Howard Stamper lost to a guy from Epsom (he did a great Ram Muay from "beautiful boxer" though!!!!), dont know his name. sorry

Great show, I felt Kieran did very well against a quality opponent, and the scoring seemed very one sided in a fight I dont think was as distant.
Dale was awesome, finishing his guy with some very good knees to the head.

Andre McIntyre lost on points to Amir Subasic.

Also though Richard Edmunds had a great fight against Mike Lezama, winning on points.

Well done to Nash and Danny for putting on the show
Posted: 2006-09-17 16:22:21
Well done Nash and Danny for putting on another very good show.
I thought this one ran more smoothly than the last.

I thought Dale's fight was excellent(or rather his performance was excellent). For me this was an even better performance than his win against Paulo on the last WBC show. Dale put on a brilliant performance winning in the end with a knee to the head (I think he dropped his Belarussian opponent three times in all). He used some sharp punches to move imto the clinch. Well done Dale and Dean.

Kieran's opponent DanThai was very, very good (number one channel 7). I thought Kieran should be proud of his performance, he fought bravely and showed good spirit by trying to take the fight to DanThai. At no time did Kieran look to be in trouble. He did catch DanThai with some good punches and one or two elbows but was constantly scored on by DanThai's strong body kicks. DanThai was also strong in the clinch. However, while Kieran did get outscored with knees, actually he held his own reasonably well and didn't get thrown around (I think he only got thrown once). The WBC judges correctly had DanThai winning most of the rounds. I personally gave Kieran a share of round one but had him losing the other four rounds. One judge agreed with me, with one judge gave every round to DanThai and the other gave one round to Kieran and four to DanThai. I was personally very pleased to see MuayThai scoring criteria used by WBC officials on this show and not 'Superleague style' scoring.

DavyMac, Howard lost on points. He did keep attacking with punches and had some success but was scored on by body kicks and knees.

Although I didn't take too much notice of the very early fights, I thought the judging on the undercard I saw was spot on. Well done Jess and co.
muay thaison
Posted: 2006-09-17 16:32:31
Stuart Kemp from nongkee leeds won on points.
Well done stu and dale. 2 out of 2 aint bad
Posted: 2006-09-17 16:36:45
well done to amir sabusic from the storm gym , he totaly outclassed andre mcintyre
Posted: 2006-09-18 03:20:05
full results please
Posted: 2006-09-18 10:35:02
did anyone think much to the early on fights?
Posted: 2006-09-18 10:41:25
Well Done,

Dean, Dale White & Stuart Kemp

Zorro n all at Nongkee
Jay Woodham
Posted: 2006-09-18 12:36:49
how did saab get on?
Posted: 2006-09-18 13:52:21
Cheers Tony, im sure Howard would have gave it his all as usual, ill give him a text later on to see how he s getting on.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-09-18 18:24:32
Damn...sounds like i missed a good show. Was there a good turnout?
Posted: 2006-09-18 18:39:14
i went to the show. wasnt a brilliant turn out but a fare few people. atmosphere cud of been better aswell. dale whites fight was good. that lad is looking awsome. keddles fight was pretty good, show curage to get in the ring with a stadium ranked fighter. thais look so dominant in the clench.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-09-19 02:31:34

Posted: 2006-09-19 03:06:46
Nice belt!
Posted: 2006-09-19 03:07:59
looks good on a true champ!
Posted: 2006-09-19 04:25:08
Is that Dean almost smiling?

Wow! Night of firsts lol!
Posted: 2006-09-19 06:11:08
dale looks in wicked shape for his weight again
wayne roy
Posted: 2006-09-19 06:31:17
Saab won 2nd or 3rd round I forget now.
With a few body shoots that weeken Kevin.
Well done Saab.

Well done Froggy, nice long knees.
Posted: 2006-09-19 07:38:03
You never hear a word from Dale, he just gets on with doing what he does best, fighting Muaythai to a very high standard. Congratulations.
Posted: 2006-09-19 07:45:45
I heard Dale is actualy mute because he was raised to kick before he spoke..............and never did the later because he excelled in the first one lol
wayne roy
Posted: 2006-09-19 12:34:28
Great to see Dale in Action.
muay thaison
Posted: 2006-09-19 13:38:46
Anyone know when this is on sky,meant to be this week
muay thaison
Posted: 2006-09-19 13:56:59
just found on sky site sep 27 th at 2300 sky sports 2 then repeated next day at various times same channel.
Posted: 2006-09-19 14:19:24
wudnt mind watching that, there was a handful of decent fights
alan keddle
Posted: 2006-09-19 15:38:15
agreed jesse. scoring was a bit out to say the least. At least two rounds were even and one of the rounds Kierans. The WBC clearly states in its prefight meeting that they will not be using the 'stadium gamblers' scoring and that every round would be scored (no asterixs) in their own words! and if you think one fighter scored greater than another you would give that round to that fighter not wait till the next to do so. All techniques would score the same no matter what and if the technique used was more effective and more damaging or off balancing then it would score higher. There is no favouritism toward any of the weopons and power would be taken into consideration.

The thai didnt bother ki one bit and apart from the occasional teeb he received the greater punishment in the fight in terms of landed damaging punches and elbows. He was rocked a good few times but did produce the greater work rate and use his leg and knee more giving him the victory but not with the landlside suggested. He was unable to really off balance Kieran in the clinch and was pretty much negated.His scoring came from the kicks and side knees thrown. I am glad to see that the WBC are using this more sensible style of scoring although I feel it will take time for its implementation worldwide and within the WBC. It will give rise to a bigger more widespread audience that will appeal to the masses not just the stadium gamblers and get our sport the coverage it needs.

I was pretty pleased with Kierans fight really considering he fought 4 weeks before against another good thai(not in the same league though) travelling to and from thailand 4 times and is still nursing a horrific training cut. Dan thai is thailand ranked no 8, lumpinee ranked number 9, raja ranked number 8, channel 7 ranked number one and omnoi number 8. He has recently beaten the Lumpini ranked number one and is WMC ranked 7 and WBC RANKED number 1. This has got to be the most decorated thai of current to ever fight in the UK and was in tip top shape! This guy is a current star!!! to be ranked in every stadium, both the two main organisations and Thailand ranked this makes him the hottest property we have had here in terms of current stadium thai fighters. On this basis we are pleased that Kieran can get in there and give the guy all the trouble in the world. A rematch is inevitable for such a good fight and Kieran has prooved he can mix with the stadiums best.

I was very pleased with Saab and Richards title performances taking back two more titles to the gym and hopefully next time Kieran will take that title from Danthai. over and out.
Posted: 2006-09-19 18:35:05
Alan, I agree with you Kieran put up a really good performance (as I said in my earlier post). He deserves credit for taking the fight to Danthai and making a fight of it. You should be proud of your brother; which I am sure you are. Danthai is certainly a highly ranked Thai, better than many and on a level with some of the best Thais we have had fighting in the UK in recent years. I am not sure it was close enough for the WBC to offer a rematch in the near future but if they do then that would be brilliant. As I have stated before on many occasions, I really like Kieran and really want him to do well on the international stage. I hope he learns from this fight and if he gets a rematch uses the knowledge gained to win next time.

Given what I have stated above, I hope you see the following statement for what it is, purely an observation on scoring and not a reflection on Kieran or his performance.

Alan, I agree with all you said about what the WBC state their policies are on scoring (very similar to what the Thai Boxing Board of Sport also state). However, I am interested in your opinion on what criteria you think was applied by the three WBC judges in scoring this fight. I personally think they were all very good MuayThai judges and applied appropriate criteria in keeping with the spirit of MuayThai. However, surely if it had been scored as you suggest it should have beeen, the judge’s scoring would also have been as close as you suggest it was. The three judges were very consistent in their decision (one boxer won by a very large margin). Surely for judges to give the margin of victory they did they would have to have been scoring it by Muay Thai (Thailand) scoring criteria (although perhaps not weighting rounds). Had that fight happened on a temple show in one of Thailand’s provinces or in any of Thailand’s stadiums, that fight would have been scored exactly the same way; a big win to Danthai. This doesn’t mean Kieran got battered or badly hurt, it just means the fighting style Danthai used was appropriate for the scoring criteria applied; predominately teeping Kieran off balance, kicking the body, kneeing the body and trying to maintain physical and mental composure when Kieran punched and elbowed.

I said in my earlier post that I was pleased that the fight was scored using MuayThai criteria. I didn’t say this because it meant that Kieran lost the fight, but rather because I believe that type of scoring ensures the skill development of international fighters and because I know it is far superior in obtaining consistent decisions than the alternatives available. I am not just basing this consistency argument on anecdotal evidence (of which there is plenty) but I do have research evidence to support the consistency of MuayThai scoring (as used in Thailand) when compared to the type of scoring that is generally used in the UK. This research has not been published yet and when it is I will present it on ax. However, I can provide a brief overview of the results. The results suggest across 135 judgement decisions that there was a 75% level of agreement (mean difference between scores 2.38) between UK judges. Compared to a 91% level of agreement (mean difference between scores 0.31) between judges using Thai stadium style scoring. The only differences in judgement decisions by judges using MuayThai scoring (Thailand style) was in drawn bouts (then only one pint difference). I would suggest that this level of consistency in a subjectively judged sport is unique. I would also suggest this means we should be very careful before we discard a system that offers this level of agreement; particularly for a system that is far inferior in terms of the reliability of decisions and also the variety of skills required to win.

PS. I though your other lads fighting on the show fought well; particularly the shorter fighter who stopped the tall lad with punches (I didn't have a programme so am not sure of his name).
Posted: 2006-09-20 12:03:56
Out of interest is Kieran going to fight Tijarti again? That was a v close one.
Posted: 2006-09-23 06:22:26
just watched main 2 fights on a camcorder the thai danthai looked massive and very strong clinch and knee fighter

also dales gt wicked hands very fast acurate and powerful quality fighter
Posted: 2006-09-23 06:22:36
just watched main 2 fights on a camcorder the thai danthai looked massive and very strong clinch and knee fighter

also dales gt wicked hands very fast acurate and powerful quality fighter
Posted: 2006-09-23 06:22:56
just watched main 2 fights on a camcorder the thai danthai looked massive and very strong clinch and knee fighter

also dales gt wicked hands very fast acurate and powerful quality fighter
wayne roy
Posted: 2006-09-23 08:33:28
Hay Hook you watched it 3 times lucky so and so, can't wait to see it again on SKY2.
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