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Little Thai
Posted: 2006-11-24 02:20:21
Dale White from Dean Whites gym will be fighting in Denmark on the 2nd Dec for the WBC title at 53.5kg we would all like to wish him the best of luck from all his friend in Liverpool
Posted: 2006-11-24 02:41:24
Best of luck Dale. Go do the biz.
Posted: 2006-11-24 03:04:08
Best of luck Dale from all the guys here in Holland!
paulo da silva
Posted: 2006-11-24 04:05:29
best of luck dale just give him some of them knees!! lol
Posted: 2006-11-24 04:46:31
Who is Dale boxing?
liam badco
Posted: 2006-11-24 04:50:11
a french guy i think i cant remember his name though! good luck but dont think he will need it, not many who could beat dale at that weight around europe
Posted: 2006-11-24 07:44:51
All the best Deano team!
Posted: 2006-11-24 07:58:51
Good luck Dale.
Sid Remmer
Posted: 2006-11-24 08:09:57
Best of British Dale.

The quality of UK MT has improved tremendously over the last five or so years and Dean has played a strong role in this.
paul pearson
Posted: 2006-11-24 10:10:47
Good luck to dale and dean from all at fire cobra camp.
Posted: 2006-11-24 10:36:02
God luck Dale and Dean
Posted: 2006-11-24 10:40:08

All the best Dale
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2006-11-24 15:08:26
Do the biz Dale
Posted: 2006-11-24 15:15:27
Good Luck Dale ,and Dean.

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-11-25 02:34:20

Posted: 2006-11-25 04:27:20
that the same lad andybc fought last year?
good luck dale im sure youll do the biz and get the title.
Posted: 2006-11-25 05:20:57
Good luck
Posted: 2006-11-25 05:51:46
Good Luck Dean & Dale i agree with Sid ive seen Deans fighters a few times now all well schooled in MT & Dean is not a bighead & knows so much about MT i met him in London at the Croyden show anybody who is asked to do the corner for Thai teams must have high knowledge
Mr Smith
Posted: 2006-11-25 07:28:16
Good luck to Dale. I've seen Ocania 3 times - he lost to Andy and to Paolo DaSilva and beat Rab Wier. Tough fighter but Dale will be too much for him.
muay thaison
Posted: 2006-11-26 12:44:16
All the best to Dale and to Danny Brown too.
Posted: 2006-11-27 02:11:13
Good luck Dale and Danny, all the best.

Baz Faulty
Posted: 2006-11-27 05:50:40
good luck lads
amir subasic
Posted: 2006-11-27 06:27:29

: )
Posted: 2006-11-27 09:17:10
Dale will be way too big for him, i was much taller than him and Dale has a bit of height on me, i knee'd him to bits last2-3 rounds so id expect Dale to just dominate him in the clinch depot if im honest. He is one tough and gutsy guy, and a nice lad too, good luck to both.
Posted: 2006-11-27 15:55:00
Good luck
paulo da silva
Posted: 2006-11-29 08:57:29
Good luck Dale from John and Paulo and the rest of the Lads and Lassies at Lumpini, Crawley.
He is a good strong opponent but he will walk onto shots all day Dale - TKO 3rd round!!! (IMHO) Bring the World Title home mate!!
liam badco
Posted: 2006-11-29 08:58:33
its not for world title is it???
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-11-29 09:47:48
No Liam Dale or Danny's isn't a world title fight
paulo da silva
Posted: 2006-11-29 09:53:01
sorry johns mistake
Muaythai King
Posted: 2006-11-29 13:58:18
Good luck, Dale!
gary kilbride
Posted: 2006-11-30 06:01:32
good luck dale n danny see ya saturday from gary n jordan
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-01 18:15:49

Posted: 2006-12-01 22:07:39
Best of luck Dale from Jamie from Birkenhead Kickboxing. And a hello to Dean from me, Billy and Beatie.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-02 04:15:13
Dale White 53,4kg Sebastian Ocana 53,4kg

Danny Brown 63,2kg Ashley Beck 63,5kg

Posted: 2006-12-02 04:31:54
good luck lads!
Posted: 2006-12-02 15:56:49
gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie results.................
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-03 03:59:35
Danny Brown doctor stopped fight rnd 2 he was cut on a vein on his temple blood was squirting possibly 6 - 10 ft i have never seen anything like it it cut the head vein on his head in 2 !!!

Dale won cut Ocana ,Dale cut him 3x once with reverse elbow really good fight for Muay Thai everybody stood up applauding judges score 50-46 50-46 50-47

Posted: 2006-12-03 04:07:26
You are my sunshine my only sunshine,

You make me happy when skys are grey,

You'll never know Dale how much we love you,

So please don't send our sunshine away,

Well done Dale and Danny you'll be back, well done boys

Zorro and the boys
muay thaison
Posted: 2006-12-03 04:16:03
well done dale sounds another great performance.
bad luck danny,hope everything ok.all the best
Posted: 2006-12-04 04:12:54
Pound for pound in the uk gotta be one of the best now
gary kilbride
Posted: 2006-12-04 07:29:07
well done dale mate.controled fight from first round to last. first person to win wbc titles at 2 differant weights were all proud of you.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-05 08:10:14

Dale Whites team and Thai team both after winning WBC titles
amir subasic
Posted: 2006-12-05 08:12:45
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-05 08:13:55

Dale, Dean with Thomas Laursen from Denmark and a WBC offical Tim
paulo da silva
Posted: 2006-12-05 12:33:09
Well done Dale and Dean,
Posted: 2006-12-05 13:12:37
Nice one Dale. Saw him at the WBC shows in London and Reading. Very impressive
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-06 06:43:17

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-06 06:46:13

Posted: 2006-12-06 08:49:07
ocana looks like he wants to be anywhere but there in that last pic lol
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-07 05:56:19

Danny's cut
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-07 05:56:43

Danny's cut
Posted: 2006-12-07 07:06:02
Bad cut.........but chicks dig scars.......on the other hand the worst thing is from that angle you look like Kieran Keddle.............sorry mate.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-07 08:41:08

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-07 08:41:43

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-08 02:43:37

Posted: 2006-12-08 03:30:17
Poor bugga is only 52kgs somebody help him carry all those belts,must be one proud dad on the other end of the camera!
Posted: 2006-12-08 04:45:13
Hi all
In french forums also they are speaking about dale last fights. They said that its a shame that he is not more mediatised like few fighters. he is very talented and experienced and he need more exposure and big fights against top fighters.they said also that is father dean is a real thai fanatiq.
Posted: 2006-12-08 05:16:57
The 2 Green belts must've been expensive for you!?
Posted: 2006-12-08 12:27:39

Must agree Dale deserves much more exposure, i also believe the best is yet to come.

I also beleive the reason he gets less exposure is the fact he just gets on with it, fights wins and just gets ready for the next one.

Muaythai King
Posted: 2006-12-08 15:06:45
How old is Dale?
Totally agree that Dale should get more exposure. Very good fighter, good to watch. No nonsense kinda guy just gets on with it. Congrats
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-09 02:15:47
Dean White says , Dale is 23 yrs old now & had 40F 37W 2L 1D he as beat 7 World Champions & beat 7 Thais with 1 loss pts & 1 draw v Thais when he was only 11 yrs old !!! Is other loss was in Maryport v a French fighter & when we gave away 14 yrs in age 4kg & approx 80F Dale lost on pts

He as fought & won in Thailand , Finland , Holland, Belguim , France & Denmark, We are very honourd what the French have said i had a translator at my house lastnight they even said i was a gentleman i will pay the guy later

We was also very humbled about what the Belarus coaches said about Dale after his win with Alexi Bliznev.

Many thanks for everybodys kind words and have a great Christmas & a happy New Year to you your family & friends

Deano & Dale & All @ The Dewsbury Camp...

Posted: 2006-12-10 11:41:21
congrats on your win dale
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-13 12:11:34
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-13 15:03:57

paul pearson
Posted: 2006-12-13 16:58:59
Tremendous pictures of dale n the team,what a great year for dale,i hope next year brings bigger and better things,well done dale,dean and all at nonghee.
Posted: 2006-12-14 02:22:21
As Vinny often says..........six packs dont win fights

but they look good in the post fight photo's he he
paul pearson
Posted: 2006-12-14 04:22:30
Sorry i will keep calling dales gym nonkhee(old habits die hard) congratulations to dale and everybody at dean white gym.
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-14 06:51:04
Dean Whites says but the six pack won that fight !!!

Posted: 2006-12-14 07:16:36
Dales mint whatever he looks like the kids top draw x
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:08:21

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:08:58

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:09:22

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:09:55

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:10:22

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:10:39

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:11:05

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:11:22

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:11:42

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:12:05

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:12:26

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:12:49

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:13:14

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:13:37

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:13:56

Little Thai
Posted: 2006-12-29 04:14:39

Posted: 2006-12-29 07:29:27
awsome pics
paulo da silva
Posted: 2006-12-29 08:40:03
wicked pics
Posted: 2006-12-29 08:51:48
Wicked lumps on the other guys shins aswell!
Posted: 2006-12-30 15:42:30
Cool as always Dale the pics are ace well done
Posted: 2006-12-30 16:10:06
Dale class through and through top class.
Posted: 2006-12-30 19:55:11
Great shots. Congrats on the victory. Gonna need another arm to sport those belts, or start using a leg!
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