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Topic:Baz Faulty
AX name:
Baz Faulty  
Number of posts: 4001
Real name: Paul Fullard
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: United Kingdom
What do you train/compete in?: Boxing, Muay Thai
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: Kings Cobra, Durham
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: fat
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Tell us about yourself: Took up boxing three years ago had done quite a bit as a kid so decided to start again to get rid of the flab and maybe even have a few fights.

One of the lads in the boxing gym instructed at a muay thai club and persuaded me to start there when the boxing club folded. Currently train in boxing on Wednesday, Fridays and muay thai on Mondays, Thursdays. Have been doing boxing for three years and muay thai for a year. Really enjoy doing muay thai have made a lot of new friends though it and have met some really decent cool people.

Struggled with my kicks a lot when I started being from a boxing background I had quite good boxing skills and picked the elbows and knees up with no problems. Just started to get the hang of kicking and getting some power in my kicks this year. really getting the hang of using tepes to set people up for punches and knees.

Hope to get a few fights in eventually so am doing tons of sparring to get my timing back again. Hope to start off having a few amateur boxing fights and then possibly depending on now I do start to complete in thai.

Saving my pennies up to try and get over to Thailand to get some proper training in.

Had a really good year of doing thai when I started thanks to the newcastle brown ale I was 15 stone way way above my fighting weight have dropped down to 13 stone thanks to eating properly and holding back on the north east mans typical urges for the booze but still have a another two stone to drop.

Not all beer though being a typical northerner I like incest, pigeons and lurchers. I also like drinking large amounts and cheering on my beloved Newcastle United.

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