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Topic:Oran Mor Iii Glasgow Muay Thai Fights
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-08-12 16:07:55
Sep 13th Oran Mor III Glasgow Muay Thai Fights - after her outstanding win over world champ Michelle Preston at Ladykillers, Jojo Calderwood takes on world no.4, from Spain, Maria Curriki.
The rest of the card will be posted later and includes fighters from Sweden, Ireland, England, and Scotland.
Scotland will be represented by Caledonian Muay Thai, Phoenix, Smtc, Wossobama, Aberdeen MT, Barrhead NKT...shaping up to be a belter, all accompanied by the best fight music in the world...the warpipes and drums of tribal scotland, brought to you by Clanadonia.

Tickets are 25, available from the venue, the Griphouse, and all fighters.
Doors at 12, first fight at 1pm.

(Please keep all posts relevant to Muay Thai)
Posted: 2009-08-12 16:19:07
Good luck with the show guy, good to see jojo back in action.Hope the music's as good as last time see you there.
Posted: 2009-08-20 16:52:05
Posted: 2009-08-26 06:04:48
Good luck with the show Guy.
Only two weeks on Sunday.
How's the lineup looking?
Mel Woosey
Posted: 2009-08-29 04:29:46

Guy, thanks for putting your show on P4tv, another top quality show, making September our best month so far for top class action on P4. Thanks again Mel
p.s. weve'e so many shows in September I am having to copy and paste my thank yous. It's great Long Live P4tv
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-08-30 11:56:24
The line up is looking awesome...2 weeks to go and here's how it's looking so far...
Jojo Calderwood (Scot) v Maria Curriki (Spain)...this pitches the uk no.2 v the world no.4
John Cullen (Scot) v Pavlov (Sweden)
Gordon Smith (Champ, Caledonian) v Niall Smith (Challenger,Barrhead) Scottish A class title defence, with the winner facing off v Aaron Hain to settle the Interim Champ v Champ as soon as date can be mutually arranged.
Tommy Young (Scot) v Paul Young (England)
Adrian Wedolowski (Caledonian) v Tommy Kiltie (Wossobama)
Dean Reilly (Scot) v Peter Wilson (Ireland)
Dave Nicol (Caledonian) v Rab Murphy (Wossobama)
Paddy O'Brien (Caledonian) v Keith middleton (Ab'deen)
Amy Pirnie (Phoenix) v Louise Hamilton (Smtc)
Alex Smith (Lanark) v Craig Walton (O'B's)
Alan Macaulay (Griphouse) v Colin Baxter (Hostile Territory)
Scott Ward (Scot) v Ronan McKay(Ireland)
Gaz Ward(D-Unit) v Robert Whiteford (Hostile Territory)
there's two more fights to firm up, will post asap.
Tickets are flying, if you need them, please get in touch, as we have to cap numbers this time.
Please keep posts relevant to the thai bouts so we can maintain thread on main forum...thank you!

Gary D
Posted: 2009-08-30 12:25:52
good line-up cant wait for Nail and gordons fight should be gd, Craig Walton fights out of Barrhead NKT, cheers.
Posted: 2009-08-30 12:37:11
thanx for getting me matched ,really looking forward to it....sorry ididnt make the interclub today guy as my dad had to work...see you soon.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-09-03 02:47:15
Big thank you to James Graham of Fighting Fit for helping out on short notice...looking forward to seeing Savas Cecen in action at the show v. Caledonian's Adrian Wedolowski. This is a step up in weight for Adrian, and will be his toughest test to date.
colin anderson
Posted: 2009-09-03 04:05:51
good luck to nial smith and wee craig walton
Posted: 2009-09-03 04:09:14
Adrian is tough as hell, should be a great fight!
Best of luck to everyone!
Guy can you check your emails please!
Posted: 2009-09-03 06:14:17
Good luck Louise!
barry denholm
Posted: 2009-09-03 12:56:23
good luck louise colin baxter and rab whiteford . you s will all do great i hope
Posted: 2009-09-03 13:28:44
good luck wirh the show and to all caly/dinky ninja fighters, especially gordon smith.....wish i could make it up for this one mate!!!
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2009-09-03 17:12:37
good luck louies,do the bizz
mr mysterio
Posted: 2009-09-04 15:47:23
Go on Louise, it will be a tough fight but we are all behind you, do the biz wee stuff!!! from all at SMTC.
Posted: 2009-09-05 13:17:12
Amy chok dee
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-09-06 11:58:15
hey troops, any fighters still looking for tix, let me know, as we're nearly maxed out. cheers.
Gary D
Posted: 2009-09-09 04:35:35
Guy- where and when is the weigh-in, you probably told me but its went right out my head.

Posted: 2009-09-09 07:58:26
Good Luck To Rab Murhpy, you can do it big man
barry denholm
Posted: 2009-09-09 16:55:47
good luck louise i ll be there to cheer you on
mr mysterio
Posted: 2009-09-09 18:50:51
kick sum ass Louise, u can do it!
John Grainger
Posted: 2009-09-09 20:42:01
Best wishes to Amy Pirnie your first class an ace fighter
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-09-10 02:39:35
On day weigh-ins are at 11am at Oran Mor, day before weigh-ins at the Griphouse from 4pm,i'll call round to remind anyway!

One of our fighters who has been on the previous two Oran Mor events won't make it this time as he's fighting down south at 'for the glory of' the business Jordan, we're thinking about you.

Thanks to Bill Frearson (Wossobama) for stepping in to replace Rab Murphy..Rab, we wish you well.

Venue have some tix left if you can't get hold of me in the pre-show chaos.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-09-11 16:31:14
Michael Wiseman is now fighting Barry John Colquhoun from Bad Boy gym...thanks to Vinnie and Barry for helping out at such short notice.

Posted: 2009-09-13 00:12:51
Good luck to wee Craig Walton and Nial Smith.
Posted: 2009-09-13 06:06:34
Good luck to all the Caley/Dinky Ninjas fighting today, and good luck to Craig Walton.
Posted: 2009-09-13 14:21:05
great hall great show.Thanks to alex for the fight,well done to guy and helpers.Thanks to gary d and carl
Gary D
Posted: 2009-09-13 15:31:17
Great show, Thanks to guy for giving Nial the chance to fight for the title, Nial put in a great performance in only his second A class fight and is improving everytime he goes in, thought he started the fight to quick which was unusual for him.

Gordons a worthy champion and wish him all the best in the future.

Well done to craig walton you were absolutely amazin shorty you have a big future ahead of you.

guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-09-13 15:40:18
Thank you to everyone who made today another awesome sell out show in a beautiful venue...there's a massive list and apologies to anybody I miss out. To all the fighters who showed professionalism throughout, to the backstage teams (tommy and lyn u were awesome), to the fighters who baled us out at short notice - Barry John Colquhoun and Billy Frearson. To the Spanish team from Barcelona who put up with my awful attempt at butchering their language,and Trish Carson who fluently saved the day. Big Mike who drove up from devon and drove all the way back down to support our lads and lassie. Clanadonia for blowing the roof off with proper scottish music, T, Marco, Barry and the crew from Oran amazing wife who did all the things I should have had sorted, and then there's the Griphouse were all fantastic. Will start greetin' soon, so going to stop...I'll let others post about the action. Safe journey home to all our friends in muay thai.
Posted: 2009-09-14 04:40:37
good show ystrdy,some very well matched fights, great venue (is fighting in a chapel right? lol)
Amy was great in only her second adult fight, her first teep explosive and almost sent louise out the ring (sorry lou)

John cullen was class, his first knee was a peach

not sure who it was but the guy tht took the jumping knee flush in the face, bursting open 1" cut, and then going on to win his fight, truly outstanding.
Sticking with the sport ,whos name we must not speak, semi pro rules wtf?
you can knee, elbow to the head standing up but not punch on the ground
Posted: 2009-09-14 05:03:48
Well done to craig sorry couldnt make it but heard u done minted and unlucky smitty Theres always a next time.
Posted: 2009-09-14 07:25:37
Wee G smtc
Posted: 2009-09-14 09:06:50
Top venue, Top show....
Posted: 2009-09-14 10:35:47
Big thanks to Guy for having me on the show and also Gordon for a great fight.
Well done Craig walton you were amazin m8!
James McIntyre
Posted: 2009-09-14 14:01:41
Bouts not in the order they happened:

B Class Thai Euro Title Jojo Calderwood (Scot) v Maria Curriki (Spain) JoJo wins Euro Flyweight title via decision
Pro MMA John Cullen (Scot) v Taz McCombe (Northern Ireland) Cullen wins by submission in round 1
A Class Thai Scottish Title Gordon Smith (Champ, Caledonian) v Niall Smith (Challenger,Barrhead)
Gordon Wins by decision
B Class Thai Adrian Wedolowski (Caledonian) v Paul Young (England) Adrian wins by stoppage in rd 3 (I think, it was either 3 or 4)
Pro MMA Dean Reilly (Scot) v Peter Wilson (Ireland)Dean wins by submission in rd 2
C Class Thai Dave Nicol (Caledonian) v Billy Frearson (Wossobama)
Dave wins by stoppage (round 3 I think)
B Class Thai Paddy O'Brien (Caledonian) v Keith middleton (Ab'deen)
Paddy wins by decision
C Class Thai Amy Pirnie (Phoenix) v Louise Hamilton (Smtc)
Amy wins by stoppage round 1
Junior Muay Thai Alex Smith (Lanark) v Craig Walton (O'B's)
Craig wins by decision
Pro MMA Alan Macaulay (Griphouse) v Colin Baxter (Hostile Territory)
Alan wins by submission in round 2
Pro MMA Scott Ward (Scot) v Ronan McKay(Ireland)
Ronan wins by submission in round 2
Semi Pro MMA Gaz Ward(D-Unit) v Robert Whiteford (Hostile Territory)
Robert Whiteford wins by decision
Semi Pro MMA Andy Hillhouse (Griphouse) vs Robert McGirk (Cumnock MMA)
Robert McGirk wins by decision
C-Class Thai Michael Wiseman v Barry Colquhoun (Bad Boy)
Barry wins by decision
Posted: 2009-09-14 22:30:08
Well done to everyone, looks like some great fights.
Big congrats to Jojo, Amy Pirnie and Adrian - they just seem to be getting better and better!
Semms like a great show Guy, see you all soon :)
guy caledonian
Posted: 2009-09-22 16:34:49
Event was awesome, check it all out on p4tv!!
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