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Topic:Junior Open British Championships 2010
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-02-22 10:06:06

Junior Open British Championships 2010

This years Championships will be held at a brand new Leisure Centre With 3 boxing rings. more info will be on the website soon

Thaiboxing-Saturday 1st May
Kickboxing-Sunday 2nd May

Posted: 2010-02-22 10:44:33
We are proud to announce that we have been asked to attend this prestigious event as the WKA British Championships event photographers & printers..also we will be attending other WKA events this year.. &
will photographing all fights from ringside..

We will have a dedicated event team for each of the 3 rings & there will be a podium photo for each contest...



with reports & photographs HERE ON AX..

all photos from this event will be showcased @ &

going to be a great show see you all soon..


pete & lauren
Posted: 2010-02-22 11:19:12
Great News for the Midlands Based gyms not least our own, that this event will again be staged locally. In reality it makes sense anyway, being geographically the center of the country, makes the event accessable to many more gyms. Will be keeping April Free to prepare for these championships.
Roll on May 2nd
Steve Logan
Posted: 2010-02-22 16:49:33
K-star will be there again.
Posted: 2010-02-22 17:49:51
wot is the age limit an wot r the weight catagories
paulo da silva
Posted: 2010-02-22 17:50:44
What are the weight catagories????
not for me obviously... lol
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2010-02-22 17:57:28
Cant wait for this !!
Posted: 2010-02-23 00:34:41
oh no, I suppose thats gonna have to be another invasion south of the border,LOL, still ,will be good for you guys comin up here for worlds later on.
Posted: 2010-02-23 03:49:22
nice to see a change of venue and an extra ring, fought in the british open chamionships last year, weighed in at 10.30am and fought at 1.00am the following morning lol
Posted: 2010-02-23 04:50:25
think its going to be 4 age cats 6yrs upwards full details on WKA website...
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-02-23 05:07:27
Age and Weight Categories for boys and girls
-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45+
-25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45-50, 50+
-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60+
-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70,70-75,75-80,80+

Rules and information-

Posted: 2010-02-23 08:05:12
semtex junior demolition squad wil be there...they cant wait!!!!
Deano White
Posted: 2010-02-23 08:17:59
My rat pack will be there also ;)
Rivals Gym
Posted: 2010-02-23 08:50:43
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-02-24 08:55:31
these are last years thaiboxing british championships 2009 results

Thaiboxing GIRLS

6-8yrs mixed category.

1. Courtney Johnstone -Sukhothai
2. Hattie Page -SSJ

9-11yrs –30kg

1. Amy Done –G.F.C
2. Allaya Kithchen –Touchgloves
3. Amber Kitchen –Touchgloves

9-11yrs –35kg

1. Lauryn Stantion –Fortitudo
2. Tia Ruegg –Sukhothai

12-14yrs –45kg

1. Jade Munro –3lions

9-11yrs –45kg

1. Niamh Kinehan –Beastmasters

9-11yrs –50kg

1. Rebecca White –Gym?
2. Bethan Oates –Dean Whites

12-14yrs –40kg

1. Cassie Morborn –North Airshire M.T (Scotland Team)
2. Rebecca Caslin –Childwall Thai (England Team)

12-14yrs –45kg

1. Sasha Ryan –Childwall

12-14yrs –50kg

1. Sammy Preston –Childwall
2. Sasha Ryan –Childwall
3. –Georgia Kewley –Semtex (England)
- Elish McGohan –Phoenix (Scotland)

12-14yrs –55kg

1. Beth Neild –Knuckles
2. Storm Steele –Chesterfeild

12-14yrs –60kg

1. Amei Bayley –Pythons
2. Paige Macloed –Semtex

12-14yrs –65kg

1. Fay Hand –Beastmasters
2. Laura Cannan –Punthainarasingh

15-17yrs –50kg

1. Amy Pinnie –Phoenix (Scotland)
2. Amy Lloyd –Knuckles (England)

15-17yrs –55kg

1. Kyah Chamberlain –Assassins
2. Caitlin Faulds –Phoenix (Scotland)
3. – Lauren Humphrey –Phoenix (Scotland)
- Caroline McKelvie –Barrhead (Scotland)

15-17yrs –60kg

1. Lucy Payne –Touchgloves
2. Sophie Dallas –Phraya Pichai

15-17yrs 63-68kg

1. Robyn Molloy –Phoenix (County Durham)
2. Lucy Colville –Nemesis

Thaiboxing BOYS :

6-8yrs –24kg

1. Max McVicker –Beastmasters
2. Liam Heams –Fortitudo
3. Bradley Coley –K-Star
4. Nafess Khan –K-Star

6-8yrs –28kg

1. Dyan Booth –Olivers Gym
2. Jaydan Hawson –Gym?
3. Jack Oliphant –Semtex
4. Kez Berlin –Lumpini

6-8yrs 28-32kg

1. Shaq Ahmed –Dean Whites
2. George Jarvis –Lumpini
3. George Griffiths –Assassins
4. Ellis Adcock –K-Star

9-11yrs –25kg

1. Mace Regg –Sukhothai
2. Jack Oliphant –Semtex

9-11yrs –30kg

1. TJ Averrett –Phoenix (Scotland)
2. Conlan Teale –G.F.C
3. Reece Bryan –Studio 2000
4. Ben Campbell –Pythons

9-11yrs –35kg

1. Harley Macloed –Semtex
2. Jordan Macey –Studio 2000
3. Leon Maxey –Wutan
4. Lewis Coley –K-Star

9-11yrs –40kg

1. Bradley Turner –G.F.C
2. Reece Neild –Knuckles
3. Fraser Baker –Wutan
4. Charlie Kewley –Semtex

9-11yrs –45kg

1. Corey Schoffeild –Gym?
2. Ben Graham –Fighting Fit
3. Liam Lambourn –Lumpini
4. Luke Christopher –K-Star

9-11yrs –50kg

1. Harry Colville -Nemesis
2. Adil Nasim Ali –Pythons

9-11yrs mixed 58-64kg

1. Tom Lancaster –NMT
2. Brandon Parmar –Pythons

12-14yrs –35kg

1. Joe Tomlin –Knuckles
2. Luke Kelly –Assassins
3. Bryan Collins –Childwall
4. Reece Lochridge –Barrhead (Scotland)

12-14yrs –40kg

1. Louis Slater –East Area
2. Keenan Brown –Wutan
3. –Isaac Ashley –Touchgloves
- Daniel McGowan –East Area

12-14yrs –45kg

1. Micheal Russell –Kaizen (Scotland)
2. Luke Debourgh –Wutan
3. Kobi Hunn –Beastmasters
4. Craig Watton –Barrhead (Scotland)

12-14yrs –50kg

1. Elias Dexter –Assassins
2. Dean Lowney –Pythons
3. Sam Rose- Phoenix
4.John Grainger- Phoenix

12-14yrs –55kg

1. Chris Whittle –Beastmaster
2. Jake Lockey –Studio 2000
3. Syk-Lumpini

12-14yrs –60kg

1. Troy Attewell –Assassins
2. Kane Chamberlain –Assassins
3. Carlos Douglas –Dean Whites

12-14yrs –65kg

1. Amari Diedrick –Studio 2000
2. Oshea Kappia –Studio 2000

15-17yrs –55kg

1. Jordan Kilbride –Dean Whites
2. Elliott Lloyds –Touchgloves (49.5)
3. Jamie Sutton –Dean Whites

15-17yrs –60kg

1. Zach Cauch –Beastmaster
2. Daniel Dawson –3Lions
3. Jamie Sutton –Dean Whites

15-17yrs –65kg

1. Ryan Lowney –Pythons
2. Charlie Caine –Semtex
3. Aaron Buckley Smith –G Camp

15-17yrs –70kg

1. Ryan Subhan –K-Star
2. Lee Polanonski –Panthainarasingh
3. Hayden Bradley Smith –G Camp
3. Matthew Butcher –Phraya Pichai

15-17yrs –75kg

1. Nathan Bendon –K-Sar
2. James Stanley – Panthainarasingh
3. Ryan Coley –Pythons

15-17yrs –80kg

1. Evan Irvine –Fighting Fit
2. George Lyons –Beastmasters

15-17yrs –90kg

1. Reiss Swaby –Pythons
2. Samuel Reynolds -Semtex

2 outstanding kids to look out 4 from last years championships TJ Averrett from Scotland and Harley Macloed England. these 2 kids has 6 fights each to take the british championship title
sam allan
Posted: 2010-02-24 10:52:38
is the kickboxing rankings fae last year on
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-02-24 16:57:58
yes sam . here are last years Kickboxing british championships 2009 results

kickboxing Boys

Age 6-8 -24kg

1st Place- Jay Turner- T.K.A

2nd Place- Dylan Lopes- 3 lions

3rd Place- Tommy Bracken- 3 lions

Age 6-8 24kg to -28kg

1st Place- Damien Scott- Scorpio

2nd Place- Brodie Miles- Sil Lum Kune

3rd Place- Nicky McHugh- 3lions

Age 6-8 28kg to -32kg

1st Place- Patrick Doherty- T.K.A

2nd Place- Connor Moore- Force One

3rd Place- Denholm Fairley- Rivals

Age 6-8 36kg to -40kg

1st Place- Robbie Pooley- NMA

2nd Place- Morgan Sellamuthu- Hythe Dragons

Kickboxing Girls

Age 6-8 28kg to -32kg

1st Place- Dion Scott- Scorpio

2nd Place- Keyanne Tresigne- Force One

Kickboxing Boys

Age 9-11 -25kg

1st Place- Hamza Aluas- A1 Lions

2nd Place- Thomas Rawlinson- NMA

Age 9-11 25kg to -30kg

1st Place- Callum Reynolds- Rivals

2nd Place- Gary Worthington- NMA

3rd Place- Charlie Pearson- NMA

Age 9-11 30kg to -35kg

1st Place- Dillon Moss- Force One

2nd Place- Jonnie Squirrell- A1 Lions

3rd Place- Callum Burkinshaw- Sil Lum Kune *

Age 9-11 35kg to -40kg

1st Place- Cameron Burkinshaw- Sil Lum Kune

2nd Place- Elijah Everill- L.M.B.B.A

3rd Place- Gethrin Turner- Leicester PKA

Age 9-11 40kg to -45kg

1st Place- Keenan Dixon- Dragon Foot

2nd Place- Dalton Varley- Wutan

Age 9-11 +45kg

1st Place- Bailey Sugden- NMA

2nd Place- James Green- Dragonfoot

3rd Place- Liam Parker- NMA


Age 9-11 -35kg

1st Place- Chantelle Scott- Scorpio

2nd Place- Leeza Freeman- CFKA

Age 9-11 35kg to -40kg

1st Place- Kirsty Fraser- EFKKI

2nd Place- Lauren Connor- EFKKI

Kickboxing Boys

Age 12-14 -35kg

1st Place- Scott Rankin- LKA

2nd Place- Reece Hutchinson- MASAC

3rd Place- Armand Cubrenii- Dragonfoot

Age 12-14 35kg to -40kg

1st Place- Ben Taylor- Panthers

2nd Place- Shavaan Mushtaq- A1 Lions

3rd Place- Thomas Wilson- LKA *

Age 12-14 40kg to -45kg

1st Place- Jordan Frost- NMA

2nd Place- Christian Jopling- MASAC

3rd Place- Conor Judge- 3 Lions

Age 12-14 45kg to -50kg

1st Place- Aaron Towns- Clan Kickboxing

2nd Place- Adil Ali- Pythons Gym

3rd Place- Danny Swanwick- NMA

Age 12-14 50kg to -55kg

1st Place- Regis Sugden- NMA

2nd Place- Jake Slater- T.K.A

3rd Place- Callum McFadden- EFKKI

Age 12-14 -65kg

1st Place- Cameron McGorigue- 3 Lions

Age 12-14 -75kg

1st Place- Connor Wells- Hythe Dragons

Kickboxing Girls

Age 12-14 33kg to -38kg

1st Place- Chelsea Moss- Force One

2nd Place- Charity Varley- Wutan

Age 12-14 40kg to -45kg

1st Place- Joanne Moss- Force One

2nd Place- Jade Munro- 3 Lions

3rd Place- Katie Alexander- NMA

Age 12-14 45kg to -45kg

1st Place- Tori Willetts- T.K.A

2nd Place- Chloe Boyle- Rivals

Age 12-14 50kg to -55kg

1st Place- Sarah Rostron- L.K.A

2nd Place- Shannon- T.K.A

Age 12-14 55kg to -60kg

1st Place- Sheryl Tresigne- Force One

2nd Place- Ameii Lee Bayley- Pythons Gym

kickboxing Boys

Age 15-17 40-45kg

1st Place- Levi Lawrence-Cardiff Kickboxing

2nd Place- Tariq Qasim-Cardiff Kickboxing

Age 15-17 45-50kg

1st Place- Dean Ford-Rivals

2nd Place- Ben Evans-Saxons

Age 15-17 50-55kg

1st Place- Scott Allan-Rivals

2nd Place- Lewis Fallon-NMA

Age 15-17 55-60kg

1st Place- Patrick Lee-Cardiff Kickboxing

2nd Place- Chad Sugden-NMA

3rd Place- Ronald Brady-CLAN , Andrew Harris-MASAC

Age 15-17 60-65kg

1st Place- Matthew Lees- Winspers

2nd Place- Dalton Blackburn-NMA

3rd Place- Richard Lunt-LKA

Age 15-17 65-70kg

1st Place- Tyler Shakespeare-Saxons

2nd Place- Shawn Law-Dragonfoot

3rd Place- Tom Smart-UFBDA

Age 15-17 70+

1st Place- Harry Charalomsous-Hythe Dragons

2nd Place- Micheal Knibbs-WUTAN

kickboxing Girls

Age 15-17 -55

1st Place- Sophie Webb-NMA

2nd Place- Julie Harris-MASAC

Age 15-17 55-60kg

1st Place- Lauren Wilson-L.K.A

2nd Place- Sophie Barnett-BKA

Age 15-17 60-65kg

1st Place- Stacey Hawkins-TKA

2nd Place- Chelsea Wood-NMA

Age 15-17 65-70kg

1st Place- Charlotte Burkinshaw- Sil-lum-Kune

2nd Place- Kimberly Peat-EFKKI

Dean Ford
Posted: 2010-02-25 14:43:05
Can't wait till this one :)
should be good :D
Scott Allan
Posted: 2010-03-02 16:58:58
Watch out England , I'am trying the thai :)
Yogendra Parekh
Posted: 2010-03-02 18:02:20
I have around 40 kids who will be up for this, contact me for more details
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2010-03-03 02:16:01
Scott once you try it you wont go back to full contact haha
steve p
Posted: 2010-03-03 03:20:51
Hi paul we be coming up from cornwall have 12 fighters up for it :)

higher level
Posted: 2010-03-07 08:17:44
just a thought, would be better just to accept pre booked and save a repeat of all last years hassle. yes/no ?
Posted: 2010-03-09 10:02:43
make it compulsory to entrys on the day.
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-03-10 18:51:08
i send you the pre booking form steve
steve p
Posted: 2010-03-11 01:28:47
cheers paul nice one
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2010-03-11 01:48:34
can you send me one as well please paul.
Uncle K
Posted: 2010-03-11 02:43:49
Hi all,

Could someone kindly confirm as to whether this will now be a pre-booked only event, as it seems that it's only been suggested in the posts above. For the record, I think after last year, pre-booking is definately the way forward, but whatever is decided, good luck with the event.

Kind regards

Mark (U.K)
Steve Logan
Posted: 2010-03-11 09:58:28
I think pre booking is a great idea.
These are great events, but last year went on way too long, my fighter was last on after midnight.
prob limit it to 16 per division, that is still 4 fights to win the division.
when you have the entries in, if a division has more than 16, just choose the fighters with the best records to fight. some of the divisions have very strong fighters, no point in allowing fighters with only 1 or 2 fights experience entering imo in the strong divisions.
This year should work better with the 3 rings, so good luck with the event
mark barlow
Posted: 2010-03-11 10:47:08
It makes no difference if people book in on the day, as everybody has to weigh in, and proof of age has to be shown plus a license. Any association.
Ring 1 is just girls
Ring 2 is cadets
Ring 3 is junior boys
Obviously when the girls have finished the boys can move over to there ring.
Last year we did the kickboxing on the Sunday, and it went alot smoother than the Thai. As the kickboxers are used to doing competitions like this and were not. Some kids entered last year with only 2 fights of experience and got to the semi-finals, and some even got to the final, so sometimes its just the luck of the draw. I'm sure this year we will be better than last year. We are also looking for qualified judges that will come down and help judge on the day, we need another 5 judges so if anybody wants to help please get in touch.
Posted: 2010-03-11 11:00:19
but if every1 books and gives ages and weights then u can work out who goes in what catagory. if people cant prove their age or make thei stated weight then to bad
Posted: 2010-03-11 17:20:44
Agree with Mark,

it should be open to anybody as we all have a good idea of which kids are strong in which age and weight groups and which age and weights are more open (is Iman enetering by the way!! )

mark barlow
Posted: 2010-03-13 03:25:44
No Paul, Iman isnt entering. she has a fight couple of weeks later.
Posted: 2010-03-14 10:39:56
if all pre-book in their weight classes, all they have to do is show up, verify weights and age/license and away we go!!!!??? any help needed on the day, please let me know!
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-03-21 07:00:50
keepyerguardup to answer your question on the other thread. At the moment there are 3 juniors that have already pre-entered at that weight,7 and 8 year olds 23-24KG. keep the pre-entrys coming in.

thank you
paul and mark
Posted: 2010-03-21 15:03:15
as on other thread. ours will be in soon . cheers
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-03-21 17:34:45
ok thanks
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-03-24 11:57:49
WKA BRITISH OPEN JUNIOR BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS 2010- Pay your entry fees online today!! . Register to the site first then Pay your entry fee. Early Bird Special- £12.00 . you wont get the offers if you dont register.

go to the event details. see categories for category numbers

Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-03-24 11:58:50
1. 6-8 -25
2. 6-8 25-30
3. 6-8 30-35
4. 6-8 35-40
5. 6-8 40-45
6. 6-8 45+
7. 9-11 -25
8. 9-11 25-30
9. 9-11 30-35
10. 9-11 35-40,
11. 9-11 40-45
12. 9-11 45-50
13. 9-11 50+
14. 12-14 -35
15. 12-14 35-40
16 12-14 40-45
17. 12-14 45-50
18 12-14 50-55
19 12-14 55-60
20. 12-14 60+
21. 15-17 -45
22. 15-17 45-50
23 15-17 50-55
24. 15-17 55-60
25. 15-17 60-65
26. 15-17 65-70
27. 15-17 70-75
28. 15-17 75-80,
29. 15-17 80+
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-03-24 11:59:32
these are the Category Number if you do book online
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-02 04:36:44
4 weeks to go, looking forward to this, this is the biggest event for Thai boxing juniors in their yearly calendar, a chance to show their skills, have multiple fights, socialize with kids from all over GB, with a great prize at the end for the winners, no-one else will ever be the 2010 junior British champion in their category, its a title that no-one can take away from them, and even the runners up can take great pride in the fact that they participated in a championship event.

Yes it is a long day, lessons have been learnt from previous years, and this year will run smoother than last year.

70% of the kids that come would probably never get a chance to fight for a title if this event wasnt running, so big thanks to Paul Sutton and Mark Barlow for organizing and running such a mammoth event.
And if you think its a long day for you, think about the Refs, Judges, runners and others working at this event with no breaks and doing it all for free so this event can take place and the kids get a chance to showcase their skills and advance their experience, so go easy on them, they will be doing the best they can.

Good luck to all fighters, see you there.
Karl--the Ref with the bald head
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-03 12:22:36
For the Championships this year, it would be ideal if we had officials from all over England (North, South, East and West) also Scotland, Wales and Ireland, then each ring can have non related officials and there can be no complaints of favoritism or prejudice when decisions are announced.

It would also be ideal if we had enough Referees and Judges so that each Ref and Judge gets several breaks throughout the day.

If any of the clubs coming have a qualified official who is not doing corner work and can dedicate their time to officiating and wishes to help out, then please contact Mark Barlow at ""
or call on "07876543351" to confirm.

Also anyone wishing to help out in other areas such as time keeping, runners, etc, please contact Mark to confirm.

Posted: 2010-04-04 05:47:47
CKA first time
Posted: 2010-04-04 06:00:29
Thats great Pete see you there mate.
Posted: 2010-04-04 15:21:36
change of plan looking at the 25th april as my diary is to fullllll apoligies
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-09 08:39:44
Posted: 2010-04-10 03:00:20
karl forgive me if this sounds negative as this is not my intention, doesnt the wka have enough officials to cover this event and wouldnt it be more official if they did, as it would look good if all who officiate would be in wka shirts and of good qualies, my last show i had 3 rings and 97 fights but had time keepers/ judges/ and referees who are all qualified.
if you do not get the judges and you have to ask others to stand in it looks unprofessional andsomescore alot different to wot qualified officials do, this happened to a fighter of mine last month , my lad clealy won the fight , better ring craft skill evasion and blocking aswell as counter striking the stand in official scored it a lost 10-9 10-9 10-10 spoke to other qualified officials and they couldnt understand y my lad lost ?
just a thought m8
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-10 10:02:17
Hi Pete,
I understand what you are saying completely, and if this was solely a WKA sanctioned event I would expect nothing less than all WKA qualified officials, and all wearing appropriate dress.

This event is insured by the WKA, but is an open championship, fighters from all different associations and all used to slightly different rules and scoring criteria, that is why we always have pre-fight meetings with the fighters, instructors and officials to make sure everyone knows the rules of this event and the scoring criteria of this event.

There is nothing more frustrating than when you train your fighter to fight and score one way, with effect, he/she fights their heart out doing everything they need to win, knocking their opponent all over the ring for 5 rounds, and the judges score on number of shot landed or fancy spinning kicks etc that do no damage or even move your fighter.

Also the reason that we asked if anyone wants to officiate at this event is not just about associations, its so that there can be no claims of prejudice on decisions made, If your fighter wins its because they won the fights on the day, not because of where the Ref or Judges are from, what association they are from, or what club they are affiliated with, and anyone that does wish to officiate on the day must be qualified in the job they are doing.

I myself trained under Toney Myers, and am also WKA qualified, but that does not restrict me to just Refereeing at WKA events, ill work for who ever asks me, using Toney Myers rules.

I’m sure you know yourself Pete, how hard it is to please everyone, the offer was made to make everyone feel more comfortable, having unbiased qualified officials from their home town working at this event, not that you are guaranteed to have them at your ring.

Basic scoring criteria on the day will be good Muay Thai technique that lands cleanly on target with effect and visibly moves the opponent, also dominance of the ring, moving forward, being strong in the clinch, solid stance and a good defence. Those doing head shots will be full to the body, light continues to the head, any fighter throwing big bombs purposely trying to knock out their opponent will be warned or disqualified, if you stop your opponent with a punch, kick or Knee to the body or legs, so be it, its Muay Thai.
Pete, I hope this helps explain why the offer was made for officials wishing to help.
Posted: 2010-04-11 04:11:06
spot on m8 thanks for the info
kirkby thaiboxing
Posted: 2010-04-12 02:34:55
Hi paul we have our gang to add we,ll be there
connor butler age 11 32kg.
jack byrne age 11 33kg.
nicolas ball age 12 36kg
sasha age 13 42kg
oliver goulding age 10 29kg
ste clark age 9 29kg
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-18 04:15:55
Hi all,

This is a long shot, but we are trying to find a match for a girl in the junior champs (Thai Boxing), just so she can be proud of the fact that she attended and competed in such a competition.

It will be the 9 to 11 category, 50+ kg.

She is 9 years old, 4 foot 7 inches tall and 58kg, her name is Kaliyah and she’s from the Assassins.

The girls are on first, so it won’t be a long day for anyone that has a match for her, and there’s a 50/50 chance that your girl will be going home with a Junior British Championship belt.

If anyone has a match, then please contact Mark Barlow a.s.a.p so we know to bring her on the day.

Thanks, Karl Mark---07876543351
Posted: 2010-04-18 09:34:17
Hi, can u enter on the day ? Thanks
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-19 04:55:52
Yes mate,
You can enter on the day, but you save money if you pre-book, especially if there is a few of you,
Information on how to pre-book is above,
contact Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-19 05:45:04
hi Paul,

Keenan Dixon 12yrs around 52k british WKA champion very good

Armand Cubrevics 12yrs around 40-45k 6f all wins very good

davidas Gurskiss 11yrs around 25-30k 6f 3w 3l

Jade Clayton 12yrs around 50-55k 2f 2w

Kristaps Antonovics around 60k first fight very raw

from another club i am bringing down, locky's gym

Jordan brittain 14yrs 64k 2f 2w one blcc one amatuer fc

luke parkinson 16yrs 72k 1f 1d blcc

i am not 100% on weights but experience is accurate,


Posted: 2010-04-19 05:46:30
sorry all are full contact not thai, altho they can do both


Posted: 2010-04-19 10:45:25
How do u pre book?
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-19 10:59:13
Pay your entry fees- . Register to the site first then Pay your entry fee. you wont get the offers if you dont register to the site first.

if anybody wants hotels here is one that is less the half a mile from the sports centre- Travelodge Birmingham Perry Barr Hotel. Aldridge Road Perry Barr B42 2SP. Tel: 08719 846258*
Posted: 2010-04-22 05:52:02
hi paul just a quick question, if you dont mind answering!!!
was speaking to a parent last night at our gym, and i was told that last year there was fights still going on at 1:30 am in the morning.. could you confirm if thats true or not?

thanks nikki
Posted: 2010-04-22 07:08:41

I can confirm that the fights were going on at 12 when we left.
Deano White
Posted: 2010-04-22 08:00:32
I had a lad who fought after midnight & they were still fighting when we packed up & on way out !!!
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-22 10:43:00
In defence of Paul and Mark who organize this event, no promoter could of foreseen the amount of interest these championships generate, and the amount of people who actually turned up was overwhelming, yet despite this, rather than let down the kids who came, and turn people away at the door, Paul and Mark and their team managed to accommodate every child that was there to compete.

Because of the amount of people who came, the first fights didn’t start until around 11.30am, and yes, the last fight finished around 1.30am, I myself, who was one of the Refs on the day, and had an hours drive home after, didn’t get into my bed until gone 3.00am, then up again at 6.00am to drive back for day two, the Kickboxing.

Lessons have been learnt, there has been a years worth of debate to plan and make sure this years event runs smoother and finishes earlier, there are three rings instead of two, so that should cut 1/3rd off of the time, younger kids compete first, ages ascending, starting bang on 10.30am, less people will be coming this year because there are a lot of other similar events going on around the same time, others are just put off because of last years late event.

If last year was 14 hours, starting at 11.30am with 2 rings and so many people, this year with 3 rings, = 1/3rd off the time,
say 4.5 hours, = 9.5 hours, starting at 10.30am, even if the same amount of people turn up as last year, which I very much doubt, the latest it should be finished is around 8.00pm.

Yes its still a long day, but I have been to basic interclub’s that have finished around that time, and walked away with a £1.00 medal, this event is The Junior British Championships, every child that enters will get a certificate saying that they competed in a Championship event, every winner will get a Championship belt, every child that wins will be the Junior British Champion of 2010 in their weight class for ever, I believe its worth a long day for.
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-22 11:02:22
hi nikki . yes it did finish late the last fight being at 12.45 which was older kids. what Karl says is right we did not expect such a big turnout thats why we would like people to pre book this year so we can get the paper work done(there was no one from your gym attended)

last year on the sunday we was finished before 6 because the kickboxers pre booked.

this year we have to finish at 7.30pm as the leisure centre closes at 8pm. we have 3 rings.

pre book now at

thanks paul
Posted: 2010-04-22 11:32:45
hi paul,
thanks for answering my question... i wasnt judging you, just wanted to know if it was true or not... because if it were the case, which it was.. i have a 3 year old and i need to make other arrangments thats all..
and no we wasnt there last year, my son hasnt been training for a while and he as just gone to a new gym!!! it was just that i was talking to a parent at the gym last night, and i asked if they were entering there child and thats when they told me how long it went on for!!
cool questioned answered
cheers nikki :)
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-23 07:43:09
Still trying to get a match for a 9 year old girl, 4 foot 7 inches tall, 58kg, any heavy girls out there wanting to compete, contact Mark Barlow on above number.
Posted: 2010-04-23 10:43:10
Do the fighters need to bring own equpment, gloves shinnies, head guards, body sheilds etc??
Posted: 2010-04-23 10:43:12
Do the fighters need to bring own equpment, gloves shinnies, head guards, body sheilds etc??
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-26 08:48:20
yes all fighters should have there own equipment there will be spare body shields and head guards if required.

10oz gloves ,groin guards (male/female)gumshield,shin instep, body shields,
older girls chest guards, head guards, kickboxers same as above but foot boots
and shin guards etc

all fighter's should be ready 2 fights before they are on this will save a lot of time on the day.

dont forget fighters should bring proof of age and there martial arts licence
as these will be asked for on the day.

good luck to everyone on the day.

Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-28 10:30:29

3days to go. If any club has not pre-entered or sent me the fighters details please do it now. thanks
Posted: 2010-04-28 11:05:14
Paul did you get my kids details above,


Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-28 11:09:12
yes jon. bring proof of age, a birth certificate or passport will do
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-30 11:24:05
3X1 minute 3x 1 and half minute finals

3x1 and half minute 3x2 minutes finals

Also can Instructors please tell the ladies "NO HIGH HEELS ALLOWED IN THE SPORTS CENTRE"
Posted: 2010-04-30 12:28:24
2 Days to go and Team SaXon SKA are well looking forward to it hope theres lots of other FC gyms present really looking forward to testing our kids on the open circuit.
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-04-30 15:32:25
Looking forward to tomorrow, expecting to see some great fights, some of the best junior fighters will be attending.

The results of tomorrows event will be wrote up after for the new
“Junior Thai Boxing British Open Ranking”.

This will be a new list of the best junior fighters from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, from ALL associations, stating age, weight, number of fights, etc.

Once we get the main list from the results of the Championships, we will be asking all teachers who wish their students to be on the list to send the appropriate information.

Good luck to all fighters competing tomorrow, give it your best shot, and you could be going home with a belt.

And good luck to all Assassin fighters, Thai, George, Luke, Georgia, Tyree, Alias, Troy and my son Kane, who unfortunately for him has his 15th birthday tomorrow, so he will be stepping up to the cadets division, 15, 16 and 17 year olds, light continues head contact, full to the body and legs, Happy birthday son.
Posted: 2010-04-30 16:04:45
happy birthday Kane! for tommorrow thats a bit unlucky but im sure you will be fine in the age category!!

really looking forward to tommorrow and good luck to out team of TMAS fighters enetering the championships. good to see some rankings being put together

Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-04-30 17:16:38
just like to wish everyone a safe journey and good look we have got 150 pre-entered for the thaiboxing and some exciting groups with some of the stars of last year comp.

like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kane and one more Ryan Coley who is 17 tomorrow

good luck

Scott Allan
Posted: 2010-05-01 10:28:20
British Thai-boxing champion now!! That's another 1 to my colection lol, roll on the fullcontact tommorow :)
Posted: 2010-05-01 15:42:50
A long but worth while day today I'm pleased with everyone who fought from k-star a few of the decisions I really didn't agree with but everyone fought amazing!!! :-)
Posted: 2010-05-01 15:47:39
Danny Hendle was class
Posted: 2010-05-01 16:04:03
I agree
mark barlow
Posted: 2010-05-01 16:05:45
well done to all the fighters you all were awsome 240 fights and finished by 7.30 best fight of the day for me was ryan foot assassins v joe tomlin knuckles in the -40kg final ryans only had 6 inters and he push joe all the way well done guys thanks to all the runners from the assassins gym we could of done it with out you .assassins gym had 10 fighters on 9 in finals 6 winners well done guys
Yogendra Parekh
Posted: 2010-05-01 16:05:54
Bloody long day! But well worth it well done Paul and Mark!
From all at Black Widow
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-05-01 16:05:57
Knackered, so short and to the point, well done every one who attended, fighters, teachers, supporters, and all the volunteers who helped run the event, runners, judges, refs and any one else that was there, and a special thanks to Mark Barlow and Paul Sutton for going through the turmoil of organizing this event once again, well done.

A great day, weighed in on time, started on time, finished on time, 7.45pm, over 250 fighter, ran like clock work, lovely venue, a brand new sports centre, no complaints about decisions, I could go on praising the day for ages, but I am going to bed, back tomorrow for the kickboxing, last words, some spectacular fights.
Steve Logan
Posted: 2010-05-01 16:39:23
Good show, much better run than previous years. Some good fighters
Posted: 2010-05-01 17:01:13
danny was good but tj was better, i thot he wonit over the 3rnds, but it went to the 4th and tj showed why he is the best fighter at his weight in the country
Posted: 2010-05-01 17:57:28

totally agree with karl brilliant day....
Posted: 2010-05-01 17:58:08

totally agree with karl brilliant day....
Posted: 2010-05-01 17:58:39

totally agree with karl brilliant day....
Posted: 2010-05-01 18:01:16

totally agree with karl brilliant day....

great day brill to put so many faces to names .......
Posted: 2010-05-01 19:11:33
Really good day today!!!

massive improvement on last year, better venue, better organised, etc well done to Mark and Paul on putting this championships on.

some great fights today and real stars on show.... Joe tomlin! Amy Pirine! Kane Chamberlain, Cassie Murdoch!, George from assasins to name but a few....

thought fight of the day was little Callum from knuckles against a lad from semtex i think ( sorry i cant remeber his name!!) but what a fight so hard to call even after the extra round!!

from our club massive well done to .... Rebecca Caslin on winning her -45kg age group... well proud of you.



mags everett
Posted: 2010-05-01 22:35:23
totally have to agree TJ Everett was awesome 4 fights in 1 day plus the the golden belt last sunday in liverpool.what a champ he is and fully deserves the credit.massssiive thanks to the guys who ran the event. what a big improvemnt from the 2 last years..x
mags everett
Posted: 2010-05-01 22:37:47
totally have to agree TJ Everett was awesome 4 fights in 1 day plus the the golden belt last sunday in liverpool.what a champ he is and fully deserves the credit.massssiive thanks to the guys who ran the event. what a big improvemnt from the last years 2 years..x
Posted: 2010-05-02 03:04:59
HERE WE GO AGAIN ANOTHER 240+ FIGHTS kickboxing today xx
Posted: 2010-05-02 03:46:01
Great day much better! Beastmasters picked up 3 British and 2 Silver. I thought there was a lot of brilliant kids out there yesterday there style and technique was really good. What great kids the future of our Thaiboxing looks good!
Thanks Paul and wife and Mark and Maxine! The other halfs dont get a mention but they helped with a lot of things too lol!!!!!
Posted: 2010-05-02 03:52:15
danny shud have got the nod in the final,
Posted: 2010-05-02 03:53:09
danny shud have got the nod in the final,
Posted: 2010-05-02 04:02:20
Really liked the little southpaw you had tricia wicked left kick :)
Posted: 2010-05-02 04:11:05
keepurguardup i watch it on vidio and danny won,to strong for tj,i will put it up on here for all to see
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2010-05-02 04:13:58
brilliant day even with a smashed up foot haha :) i was realy impressed with tj from scotland and his ram muay was classic
Posted: 2010-05-02 04:58:31
Thanks to Mark and Paul and everyone involved in the organisation and running of this excellent event, certainly have improved upon from last year - big time! Defo the highlight in the year for juniors which was great to see, meeting old friends and making new ones.
Much Appreciated,
Posted: 2010-05-02 05:55:36
i cant say i agree nmt but thats fighting.
he was far from to strong. if he was to strong how did tj walk away with the belt?
tj is the best fighter in the country at his weight and age. i was very impressed by danny (and tom last week) and think he is a great fighter but tj was better this year as he was last.
Posted: 2010-05-02 07:07:50
Thanks Sargey6 really was good to see so many talented kids it was a joy to watch!!
Benfleet Muaythai Gym
Posted: 2010-05-02 08:00:25
No dis-respect but what i see saturday our Evan Jays would beat TJ Everret,he beat Danny the week before at a weight above his for the ukmf british, he needs to defend that so will be happy be next. what ever the result we should get it on, respect to both boys though, didnt see the end fight but what i did see was good
Posted: 2010-05-02 08:07:33
sounds like a plan benfleet, tj likes to fight th best to prove himself (to himself lol)
and at 32 kg there seems to be a few good fighters.

Posted: 2010-05-02 08:23:48
another doghy resolt tj wud beat evan
Benfleet Muaythai Gym
Posted: 2010-05-02 09:06:38
you post your vid of Danny and TJ and i will post danny and Ev and were have a big debate ;)

Spoke to many people that night all said ev fought a better fight ?? hey if Danny won why didnt anyone see it other than you, did you have anyone think he won ?
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2010-05-02 11:11:44
great show and really improved from last year,well done x
Posted: 2010-05-02 12:15:44
Great to be able to say and agree with others that this years event was a massive improvement on last year. Great venue well run, well done all concearned.
Posted: 2010-05-02 12:35:42
Yes just let me echo these comments, the team truly listened to what we the coaches, fighters and family n friends had to say last year,

great job well done

watch this space As i will be planning to host the Wka English open as a refresher for all qaulifiers plus to gives others another chance to qaulify. This will be only for full contact at this stage as I can only commit to a one day tournement

Again well done Wka, plus there will be another announcement soon but I will leave that for the Wka team ;-)
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2010-05-02 13:36:35
Day 2--Kickboxing:

Same as all the above, smooth.

A special well done to Kane Chamberlain from the
Assassins Thai Boxing Team.

Not only did he win his fights yesterday to get the 60kg
Thai boxing belt, but he came back today to have a go at the kickboxing,
just to gain the experience of trying a different style,
And now he’s the 2010 kickboxing champ as well.

Thanks to all his opponents, all tough fighters, I am sure he has learnt
a lot from the experience.
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-02 15:09:29
now that i have got time after todays show, me and Mark would like to thank everybody that attended over the two days. Some fantastic fights. Thanks to all fighters, intructors, supporters, and all the volunteers who helped run the event, runners, judges, refs. I will be posting the results from the two days soon

Paul and Mark
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-02 15:14:52

Well done to Ryan Coley(Pythons Gym) who is now the -75kg WKA Britsh Thaiboxing Champion 2010 . Great Birthday present,
Posted: 2010-05-02 15:24:43
well done to all. especially our fighters from phoenix tj everett, ross robertson an amy pirnie (brutal is an understatement) on winning ur groups. kyle was hard done to, corey was doing well but got caught with a few low kicks which stopped him (gutted) but he will learn and b bak stronger and bigger nxt year, scoosh ferguson was in a close fight with a lad from k-star (name escapes me soz) and john had his first head contact fight.

a wee mention for the wee guy from k-star who won the-25 9-11 cat. he looks to be a gifted wee guy.
Posted: 2010-05-02 15:56:17
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-02 18:06:11
Thaboxing 1st,2nd and 3rd Place Results

Boys-Age 6-8 -25kg
1st Place- Rhys Fenlon- Luuksit
2nd Place- Alex Hamilton- Luuksit
3rd Place- Aadam Mohammed- Pythons Gym
3rd Place- Taylor Price- Taylor Price

Boys-Age 6-8 -30kg
1st Place- Max Mcvicker- Beastmasters
2nd Place- James Overthrow- Black Widow
3rd Place- Brody Warburton- Knuckles
3rd Place- Logan Maxey- Knuckles

Boys-Age 6-8 -35kg
1st Place- Tayo Adcock- Black Widow
2nd Place- Mohammed Raheem- Black Widow
3rd Place- Adam Masood- Black Widow

Boys-Age 9-11 -25kg
1st Place- Bradley Coley- K-Star
2nd Place- Billy Slieght- Wutan

Boys-Age 9-11 -30kg
1st Place- George Griffiths- Assassins
2nd Place- Callum Bradley- Knuckles
3rd Place- Jack Oliphant- Semtex
3rd Place- Billy Oliphant- Semtex

Boys-Age 9-11 -35kg
1st Place- T J Everrett- Phoenix
2nd Place- Danny Hendle- NMT
3rd Place- Jarawar Shokker- K-Star
3rd Place- Lewis Coley- K-Star

Boys-Age 9-11 -40kg
1st Place- Ross Robertson- Phoenix
2nd Place- Morgan Mountford- Beastmasters
3rd Place- Mark Lawry- West Area
3rd Place- Roheel Kahn- Pythons Gym

Boys-Age 9-11 -45kg
1st Place- Callum Jenkinson- Knuckles
2nd Place- Charlie Kewley- Semtex
3rd Place- Krim Racimi- All Stars
3rd Place- Ryan Dainty- Black-Widows

Boys-Age 9-11 -50kg
1st Place- Reece Nield- Knuckles
2nd Place- Eklasur Rahman- K-Star
3rd Place- Jake Sarkar- All Stars
3rd Place- Luke Christopher- K-Star

Boys-Age 9-11 +50kg
1st Place- Jack Meakin- Peel Thaiboxing
2nd Place- Daanyaal Mahammed- Pythons Gym

Boys-Age 12-14 -30kg
1st Place- Thai Barlow- Assassins
2nd Place- Shamil Ebrahim- Pythons Gym

Boys-Age 12-14 -35kg
1st Place- Luke Kelly- Assassins
2nd Place- Kieran Parker- Semtex

Boys-Age 12-14 -40kg
1st Place- Joseph Tomlin- Knuckles
2nd Place- Ryan Foote- Assassins
3rd Place- Harley Mcleoad- Semtex
3rd Place- Reece Thomson- Benfleet

Boys-Age 12-14 -45kg
1st Place- Harry Lucoch- Beastmasters
2nd Place- Alex Brennan- K-Star
3rd Place- Brandon Burns- Luuksit
3rd Place- Kamran Khan- Black Widow

Boys-Age 12-14 -50kg
1st Place- Connor Emery- Nomads
2nd Place- Billal Masood- K-Star
3rd Place- Brandon Weller- Warlord
3rd Place- George Lucoch- Beastmasters

Boys-Age 12-14 -55kg
1st Place- Tom Drosario- Semtex
2nd Place- Dillion Elsmore- K-Star
3rd Place- Adam Pellow- West Area
3rd Place- Josh Bergin- Black Widow

Boys-Age 12-14 -60kg
1st Place- Ricky Sewell- Dragons
2nd Place- Jem Akalin- Nomads
3rd Place- Leyton Collymore- Knuckles

Boys-Age 12-14 -65kg
1st Place- Christian Warner- Nemesis
2nd Place- Jack Meakin- 4th Dimmenton

Boys-Age 12-14 +65kg
1st Place- Kari Hanson- Calder Thai
2nd Place- Tom Lancaster- NMT

Boys-Age 15-17 -50kg
1st Place- Hamza Arshad- Black Widow
2nd Place- Sam Birch- West Area Cornwall

Boys-Age 15-17 -55kg
1st Place- Scott Allan- Rivals
2nd Place- Elais Dexter- Assassins
3rd Place- Kobi Hunn- Beastmasters
3rd Place- Joe Boffey- TMAS

Boys-Age 15-17 -60kg
1st Place- Kane Chamberlain- Assassins
2nd Place- Shayan Mohammad- K-Star
3rd Place- Luke Mcpake- Super Gym
3rd Place- Jake Lokey- Studio 2000

Boys-Age 15-17 -65kg
1st Place- Troy Attewell- Assassins
2nd Place- Zach Cauchi- Beastmasters
3rd Place- George Powell- Nemesis
3rd Place- Juran Jones- K-Star

Boys-Age 15-17 -70kg
1st Place- Gary Kewley- Semtex
2nd Place- Harry Hayes- Studio 2000
3rd Place- Kyle Stewart- Phoenix
3rd Place- Dario Brown- K-Star

Boys-Age 15-17 -75kg
1st Place- Ryan Coley- Pythons Gym
2nd Place- Michael Knibbs- Wutan
3rd Place- Adam Armstrong- Super Gym

Boys-Age 15-17 -80kg
1st Place- Liam Prophett- Super Gym

Boys-Age 15-17 -85kg
1st Place- Ady Smith- Super Gym
2nd Place- George Guest- Nemesis

Boys-Age 15-17 +85kg
1st Place- Alex Habergham- Calder Thai
2nd Place- James Locke- Ben Fleet

Girls-Age 9-11 -25kg
1st Place- Courtney Johnstone- SukhoThai
2nd Place- Erin Naughton- Fight Factory
3rd Place- Abbey Leigh McInnes- Semtex

Girls-Age 9-11 -30kg
1st Place- Georgia Barwell- Assassins
2nd Place- Hana Abdul-Rahman- Black Widow
3rd Place- Laken Wilkinson- West Leeds
3rd Place- Iony Lawrence- SukhoThai

Girls-Age 9-11 -35kg
1st Place- Amber Kitchen- Touchgloves
2nd Place- Allaya Kitchen- Touchgloves
3rd Place- Morgan Cunningham- Knuckles
3rd Place- Jade Bradbury- Knuckles

Girls-Age 9-11 -40kg
1st Place- Tia Ruegg- SukhoThai
2nd Place- Liya Crozier- Black Widow
3rd Place- Keris Gnahore- Nemesis
3rd Place- Bethany Macey- Studio 2000

Girls-Age 9-11 -50kg
1st Place- Niamh Kinehan- Beastmasters
2nd Place- Kaliyah Chamberlain- Assassins

Girls-Age 12-14 -45kg
1st Place- Rebecca Caslin- TMAS
2nd Place- Gabby Naughton- Mr Ms Fight Factory
3rd Place- Amy Leigh MGinnes- Glah-Hann
3rd Place- Jade Bradbury- Mr Ms Fight Factory

Girls-Age 12-14 -50kg
1st Place- Cassie Murdoch- North Ayrshire
2nd Place- Courtney Baines – Knuckles

Girls-Age 12-14 -55kg
1st Place- Georgia Kewley- Semtex
2nd Place- Chloe McClennan – TMAS

Girls-Age 15-17 -50kg
1st Place- Amy Pirnie- Phoenix
2nd Place- Aleksandra Plewewicz – Sid Rimmer

Girls-Age 15-17 -55kg
1st Place- Natasha Sweeney- Mr Ms Fight Factory
2nd Place- Paige Macleoad- Semtex
3rd Place- Rebbeca Little- Glah-Hann
3rd Place- Samatha Preston- Mr Ms Fight Factory

Girls-Age 15-17 -65kg
1st Place- Jade Taylor- Mr Ms Fight Factory
2nd Place- Beith Neid- Knuckles

Girls-Age 15-17 -75kg
1st Place- Lucy Colville- Nemesis
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-02 18:16:36
Sorry For the Mistakes*

Boys-Age 6-8 -25kg
1st Place- Rhys Fenlon- Luuksit
2nd Place- Alex Hamilton- Luuksit
3rd Place- Aadam Mohammed- Pythons Gym
3rd Place- Taylor Price- Black Widow*

Girls-Age 15-17 -55kg
1st Place- Natasha Sweeney- Mr Ms Fight Factory
2nd Place- Paige Macleoad- Semtex
3rd Place- Rebbeca Little- Glah-Hann
3rd Place- Samatha Preston- TMAS*
WKA Scotland
Posted: 2010-05-02 19:08:16

Benfleet Muaythai Gym
Posted: 2010-05-02 20:15:30

lol....if Evan was to lose so be it we have nothing to prove, my club only started competing two yrs ago, we are just gratefull to be fighting the top lads on good shows,, we have nothing to lose, and as for Ev he totals 8-9 fights, he has only fought kids of rank G.Jarvis, Lewis Chambers,Kieren Parker, Danny Hendle, Liam Pender ZERO interclubs and 1 or 2 more and has now beat them all. he lost three times once Danny and once to George jarvis and at K-star the week before , and come back to beat both of the lads i mentioned,the fight at k-star was 3x1min so more of a interclub. so give the boys some credit all of the lads he has fought were up to 3kilos bigger heavier he has never fought a lad the same weight.

Im not getting into a slagging match over kids, im the last person that would usually entertain an argument but i aint standing by reading the crap your talking about my 11 yrs old student,. I will post the vid soon as i get it, and put it on a seperate thread so everyone can see what you claim.
Posted: 2010-05-02 20:31:36
guys...this is a thread about kids. Wrong place to be discussing it. After all that was shown on TV.

Come on everybody has to win or lose.

This thread should now be used to discuss the sucesses of the day, the thrilling fights the kids, how the kids got to socialise with other kids from other gyms and how things move forward...future fights etc
Posted: 2010-05-03 01:19:50
nmt, proper thaiboxing? its jnrs we're talking about here, yes?
as far as i'm concerned tj won under proper jnr thai rules. i wouldnt have him fighting ftr at his age thats just crazy.
Danny lost, unfortunately for him, get over it. post your video, photos or whatever, it still doesnt change the facts.
As i said before danny is a very talented CHILD who, i'm sure, will be an excellent ftr fighter when he grows up (hes already an excellent fighter).
Posted: 2010-05-03 03:04:33
paul sutton writes.....

Boys-Age 15-17 -55kg
1st Place- Scott Allan- Rivals

no surprise there then..

But this was for the MUAYTHAI TITLE ,,

Rivals camp 6 x kickboxers --- 4 X BELTS awesome
Posted: 2010-05-03 03:06:56
paul sutton writes.....

Boys-Age 15-17 -55kg
1st Place- Scott Allan- Rivals

no surprise there then..

But this was for the MUAYTHAI TITLE ,,

BIG STAR of the future in muaythai scott???

Rivals camp 6 x kickboxers --- 4 X BELTS awesome
Adrian Maguire
Posted: 2010-05-03 03:29:19
The catorgory 9-11 35kilos was a hard caterogory this year, both tj and danny are very skillfull and there fight was brillant to watch, Both lads from Kstar, lewis and georga put up a good fight aginst tj and danny! Thete are deffentley stars of the future for Thai boxing!
Posted: 2010-05-03 03:58:53
I agree that age and weight this year was tough I really rate Danny Hendle and it's the first time I've TJ again another talanted young lad I was really impressed with both our lads from k-star who fought both of these in the semi finals I am especially pleased with Lewis as he'd done an interclub with danny a few months back but was a little out of his depth but this time managed to make a good with him this time again danny was a step above but lewis fought great :-) Its a shame evan jay wasn't in it this year as again I only saw him fight a few weeks ago and he really impressed me too, the future of UK muay certainly looks great with all this young talent coming through

The lad who fought in the 25kg 9-11 category was Bradley Coley fought great with giving height and weight away to his opponent
Posted: 2010-05-03 04:56:11

thanks to Paul and all the team @ WKA for asking to cover this event..

great weekends action with 3 dedicated teams covering the 3 rings so every fight was covered hoped this helped with the smooth running & and the continued improvement on previous years..

great that the kids now go on to the world champs in scotland..

photos going on line now starting with the muaythai ladies from saturday..

Posted: 2010-05-03 05:17:11

Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-03 06:17:16
A big Thankyou to Stewart Allen and his wife Caroline, who came down to help run the show over the two days. Could not run so smoothly without them
Posted: 2010-05-03 06:26:40

good day on saturday for the Luuksit Gym..
Posted: 2010-05-03 06:52:36

ONE for the family album...
Posted: 2010-05-03 07:11:51
Well done all Phoenix Scotland fighters, watched the videos last night. Unlucky Corey you were doing really well too, Kyle you were defo robbed, Ross fantastic well chuffed you got the title, Amy great as ever, TJ class as usual,awesome final. Danny did not look stronger to me,but looked well bigger. John first head contact fight hope you enjoyed it,head contact from now on. Scot unlucky too, now you know what to expect in the future.Great performances from all.
TJ like your entrance music you are "SIMPLY THE BEST".
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-03 08:52:05
Kickboxing 1st,2nd and 3rd Place Results-

Boys-Age 6-8 -25kg
1st Place- Luca McComb- 3 Lions
2nd Place- Korbin Roche- Saxon
3rd Place- Callum Lucas- Sil Lum Kume
3rd Place- Thomas Harris- Sil Lum Kume

Boys-Age 6-8 -30kg
1st Place- Ismaeil Umar- A1 Lions
2nd Place- Tommy Bracken- 3 Lions

Boys-Age 9-11 -30kg
1st Place- Hamza Alyas- A1 Lions
2nd Place- Jay Turner- TKA
2nd Place- Lewis Molynueax- Saxon
3rd Place- Carlos Moran- 3 Lions
3rd Place- Callum Macgregor- Rivals

Boys-Age 9-11 -35kg
1st Place- Calum Reynolds- Rivals
2nd Place- Jonathan Squirrell- BKA
3rd Place- Jack Halstead- Black Knights

Boys-Age 9-11 -40kg
1st Place- Callum Burkinshaw- Sil Lum Kune
2nd Place- Morgan Guest- Cleveland
3rd Place- Grant Buckingham- Cardiff

Boys-Age 9-11 -45kg
1st Place- Cameron Leach- Black Knights
2nd Place- Morgan Sellamuthu- Hythe Dragons

Boys-Age 9-11 -50kg
1st Place- Keenan Dixon- Jon Green
2nd Place- Johniya Whittaker- Saxon

Boys-Age 12-14 -35kg
1st Place- Scott Rawigin- LKA
2nd Place- Ethan Harris- Martial Lifestyle

Boys-Age 12-14 -40kg
1st Place- Conar White- Saxon
2nd Place- Brandon Short- Saxon
3rd Place- Armand Cubrerics- Jon Green
3rd Place- Dale Greenwood- Black Knights

Boys-Age 12-14 -45kg
1st Place- Ben Mitchell- 3 Lions
2nd Place- Christian Joplins- Mater Goff
3rd Place- Corey Smith- Cardiff
3rd Place- Ste Raybould- Cleveland

Boys-Age 12-14 -50kg
1st Place- James Rooke- Sil Lum Kune
2nd Place- Jordan Sellumuthu- Hyth Dragons

Boys-Age 12-14 -55kg
1st Place- Adam Macgrgor- Rivals
2nd Place- Ben Holcroft- MKB
3rd Place- Michael Barland- Yin Yang

Boys-Age 12-14 -65kg
1st Place- Taylor Hunt- MASAC
2nd Place- Jordan Brittian- Jon Green
3rd Place- Kristaps Antonovics- Jon Green

Boys-Age 15-17 -45kg
1st Place- Christian Joplin- GMG
2nd Place- Joe Firth- Jmmac

Boys-Age 15-17 -50kg
1st Place- Thomas Wilson- LKA
2nd Place- Conor Judge- 3 Lions

Boys-Age 15-17 -60kg
1st Place- Kane Chamberlain- Assassins
2nd Place- Jack Docherty- 3 Lions
3rd Place- Dean Ford- Rivals
3rd Place- Andrew Geoghegan- Black Knights

Boys-Age 15-17 -65kg
1st Place- Nabeel Ali- A1 Lions
2nd Place- Luke Meneilly- Black Knights
3rd Place- Bradley Boyden- Sil Lum Kune

Boys-Age 15-17 -70kg
1st Place- Kian Shakoun- Sil Lum Kume
2nd Place- Luke Parkinson- Jon Green
3rd Place- Mohammed Hasan- Yin Yang

Boys-Age 15-17 -75kg
1st Place- Thomas Smart- UFBDA
2nd Place- Steven Delaney- Saxon

Boys-Age 15-17 -80kg
1st Place- Thomas Smart- UFBDA
2nd Place- Rapheil Whittaker- Saxon

Girls-Age 6-8 -25kg
1st Place- Aimee Boyle- Rivals
2nd Place- Tia Simmonds- Yin Yang

Girls-Age 9-11 -30kg
1st Place- Tia Fallon Roche- Saxon
2nd Place- Kajool Patel- Saxon
3rd Place- Rachel Higgins- GBMAA

Girls-Age 9-11 -35kg
1st Place- Charlotte Timerick- Sil Lum Kune
2nd Place- Lacey Johnson- Saxon

Girls-Age 9-11 -40kg
1st Place- Charlie Hall- Saxon

Girls-Age 9-11 -45kg
1st Place- Kayleigh Stroud- Yin Yang
2nd Place- Charlie Hall- Saxon

Girls-Age 12-14 -35kg
1st Place- Kelsea Carroll- 3 Lions

Girls-Age 12-14 -45kg
1st Place- Seneca Lupton- Black Knights
2nd Place- Jade Clayton- Dragonfoot

Girls-Age 12-14 -55kg
1st Place- Sarah Smith- Saxon

Girls-Age 12-14 -60kg
1st Place- Hannah White- Saxon

Girls-Age 15-17 -55kg
1st Place- Emma Erskine- JMMAC
2nd Place- Sarah Smith- Saxon

Girls-Age 15-17 -70kg
1st Place- Charlotte Burkinshaw- Sil Lum Kume
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2010-05-03 09:59:54
when will the 15-17 boys phtos be online ?
Posted: 2010-05-03 13:32:11

photos going on line now starting with the muaythai boys ring 3 from saturday..
Posted: 2010-05-03 13:35:22

photos going on line now starting with the muaythai boys ring 3 from saturday..
Posted: 2010-05-03 13:39:10

photos going on line now starting with the muaythai boys ring 3 from saturday..
Liam R
Posted: 2010-05-04 04:25:36
keepyerguardup writes:
danny was good but tj was better, i thot he wonit over the 3rnds, but it went to the 4th and tj showed why he is the best fighter at his weight in the country

Who were the officials just out of interest?

I would like to see the fight rounds 1-3, all fights at top level, be it kids, women, bantams to superheavys always have an interest.
Having viewed the extra deciding round of the bout i have to agree with a few other top muaythai officials that have seen it that under muaythai scoring it was a clear win in that round 4 (extra round) for Danny Hendle, i would however like to see the full proper fight rounds 1-3, i am sorry if my comments are unpopular but they are merely an unbiased observation from a dvd, which sometimes are not conclusive.I think that round is going onto youtube anyhow so if it does i will post on here for you all to have a look at and will also have a few qulified judges from overseas give their opinion of it with a full breakdown.

I was impressed with Evan Jay from the 1st time i ever saw him fight, and 1 of those losses on his record for me he won without a shadow.
Also Danny Hendles full thai fights in Thailand are the best ive seen from a farang junior, never seen heart and grit like it from a kid. Hope this stays positive, these kids are the next Dean James / Dale White / Liam Harrisons of muaythai for us here in the uk.
Posted: 2010-05-04 09:53:01

Girls & boys ring kickboxing photos now going online at

Posted: 2010-05-04 09:55:42

Girls & boys ring kickboxing photos now going online at

Posted: 2010-05-04 10:17:47

Girls & boys ring kickboxing photos now going online at

Paul Sutton
Posted: 2010-05-04 10:32:15
I hope who ever puts the video on youtube of Danny Hendle vs T J Everrett has got T j Everrett's parents permission has they are only kids.

Posted: 2010-05-04 10:38:18
Child Protection laws do not allow it Paul, And it should not have been permitted on the day unless the WKA were filming it..
Dean Ford
Posted: 2010-05-04 12:58:45
Why not just rematch on a neutral show and that will tell us who is the best at -35kg?
Posted: 2010-05-04 13:19:41
it was a neutral show
Posted: 2010-05-04 14:15:02
What a great day for everyone concerned.
First time we have entered and had heardsome bad rumours.
But all in all the day went well.
These are kids at the end of the day. Dont spoil it by disputing results.
Let the winners have there moment and the runners up come back stronger.
Claire Fenlon
Posted: 2010-05-05 02:53:22
First time we have been, and found it was a great day, well run and the fights were fantastic. Would like to say a BIG THANKYOU to Paul Sutton and Mark Barlow and we will definately see you again next year :) Luuksit Thai
Posted: 2010-05-05 03:00:56

lets hope more travel next year esp from the north west hotbed..

sandy holt --spartans---hks---ronnie ts ---jonny ts ---master skens-- thomas mt??

well done luuksit
Liam R
Posted: 2010-05-05 05:24:12
Dean Whites gym have the best juniors ive seen
steve p
Posted: 2010-05-05 05:32:13
Hi paul talking of videos any news on mine been long time waiting.just like to say evan jays best uk junior in my eyes
Benfleet Muaythai Gym
Posted: 2010-05-05 06:23:35
Thanks Steve, me too watching back his last fight was class, worked on a particular stratagy and he followed almost perfectly, will post vid soon as i get it.
steve p
Posted: 2010-05-05 07:44:18
nice one brad be good to see.
Posted: 2010-05-05 08:59:35

CADETS RING ONE Muaythai photos now online at..

Posted: 2010-05-05 09:00:12

CADETS RING ONE Muaythai photos now online at..

Liam R
Posted: 2010-05-05 09:26:24
what is cadets?
Posted: 2010-05-05 10:28:25

15 - 17 lads & ladies ya know cadets LIKE scott allen ( above )
might be a northern phrase..

15 - 17 YR OLD CADETS RING ONE Muaythai photos now online at..

Scott Allan
Posted: 2010-05-05 10:35:25
Nice pic mate, any more ;)
Posted: 2010-05-05 10:47:15

yes mate thanks x

dont know how you won...

your getting slapped on em all lol.
did you do the kickboxing ???

2 differant camera shoots all on line tonight..
Scott Allan
Posted: 2010-05-05 11:28:40
LOL dont know how that is didnt feel anything lol, and nobody weight inn at my weight :( mibi another time :)
Posted: 2010-05-06 10:43:52

all photos from all 3 rings now online for viewing..

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