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Topic:Chip Muffin Or Chip Barm/bap Etc?
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-04 15:32:00

Answers please!! Manchester is CHIP MUFFIN!
Posted: 2011-04-04 16:31:24
Chip butty!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-04 16:42:25
JP- sorry if I didn't explain properly!

Obviously a "butty" consists of sliced bread! I was however referring to - muffins/baps/barm/stotties/oven bottoms/ floured buns etc etc

Hence the original question.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-04 22:47:26
no its not its Chip Barm everyone knows that.... except southerners who have baps and buns hahahahahah wtf lmao
Posted: 2011-04-05 02:41:36
its a cob!
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-05 05:54:59
Sandy, I refuse to enter this debate with you, its clearly a chip roll, I will allow cob if the ROLL is a crusty one, bap is obviously ok but BARM/MUFFIN NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! lol
Posted: 2011-04-05 08:39:37
good post !
Posted: 2011-04-05 09:55:10
Nah ..... tis a chip teacake .... my mate from Horwich/Bolton used to think they came with currants/raisins in them.

A language is forever growing, changing, diversifying. Couple that with local dialects as well and it must be a minefield for a foreigner to grasp.
Posted: 2011-04-05 11:23:29
chip butty. whether on bread or breadcake. sheffield
Posted: 2011-04-05 11:24:55
anyone ever had a battered mars bar??? or is it just yorkshire thing
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-05 15:29:18
Teacakes have fruit in! ewwwwwwwww! Proof- Kara Foods FRUIT teacakes, warburtons fruit teacakes!

The response is unanimous- "chip muffin" it is! Thanks all.
Posted: 2011-04-05 16:48:29
Jp and Soldi3r are spot on, it is a chip butty.

A chip muffin is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Do you like blueberry or chocolate chip pieces in the cake that surrounds your chips?

You are going completely against nature and I am actually a little offended and angry to be honest.
Posted: 2011-04-05 17:43:09
Fatta, which part of Manchester are you from?

They're called chip barms where I live in Levenshulme.

The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-05 19:47:31
PMSL @ Phil, havent we had this discussion a few times before!!!

I agree about the chip MUFFIN??? However, a chip butty is a chip sandwich made from slices of bread.

Oh and for the record, tea cakes have fruit in them!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-05 19:56:58
hahahahaha nutters ok lol lets get the Warburtons on board im BOlton Born n BREAD and Warburtons BIGGEST Independant Bakers in the UK and was in the North west of England for years before they spread down puffy south lol (soz, cough Shandys)
fact ask a Warburtons Baker and it was est: in 1876

so i think they know their Bread rolls from a Milk roll and they are called Blackpool milk roll FACT

FACT 1. barm cakes are the higher raised rounded type

Fact 2. the flat ones called( OVEN BOTTOM )flour cakes

Fact 3. tea cakes ( A BARM-cake ) have currants in them !

fact 4. Buns are the small barms/ cobs you gert with soup etc: More known to posh and southerners (Paul ya Luton not right lol )

so f%%% off you all mostly wrong !

these are officially the names, the rest are pansy puffy or yocal local derived names made up at freds chippy or maisis more store and buckingham palce!

How do i know these facts ?

i was Employed at Warburtons Bakery from ther age of 15 to 26

I rest my barm and flour cake

so shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya selves !
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-05 19:59:47
p.s. whats the hells a Muffin anyway? narr its a MULE isnt it?
sort ya head out lol

and to muffin is rude so why would you Go Down On ya Chhips lmao muffin the mule you fool :-p
Posted: 2011-04-06 02:27:18
why are you calling bread rolls cakes!!!!

silly northerners

now i am off to eat my faggots and grey peas !
Posted: 2011-04-06 06:28:13
a corn beef roll. no one says a corn beef muffin or barm. wtf?

eating is my 2nd hobby after sleeping so i know

The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-06 09:23:19
LOL @ Sandy. If my boy comes home and asks for a Barm Cake, he will recieve a fat lip ;-)
Posted: 2011-04-06 13:32:33
Nah fatta It's butty up here whether bread or bun enter any chippy and that's what you get I've tested enough haha
Posted: 2011-04-06 13:36:15
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-06 15:07:26
I'm mildly angry that there is such a stupid FB group!!! lol
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-06 19:59:11
yep BUTTY will do ! i will settle for that and Oi crippler trust me he will hes Boltob Born n BREAD too lol and soon he will be giving you a FAT lip seeing him at last interclub and u actually had me try hold / LIFT him lol !!!!

so Chip Barm or Butty it is then "Mint"
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-07 00:37:47
BOLTON Born n Bread !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-07 06:41:14
For the 1st year or so of being up here ordering food was like being in a foreign restaraunt..... Barms, chips AND gravy, no jelled ells, surprised they dont sell chocolate fingerezz too (Peter Kay)!!!lol
Posted: 2011-04-07 07:04:33
I felt stupid at the George Carnell when I had to ask for a chip barm, almost like when you try and speak the lingo abroad and you know your mates are going to laugh at you.

Chips and gravy is fine and dandy.

That liquor stuff down south is another kettle of fish though. Tried pie, mash and liquor in Margate last year, would have been better with the local sea water on top of my bland pie.
Posted: 2011-04-07 07:11:40
you norverners are a strange bunch! :P
Posted: 2011-04-07 09:42:17
every one needs a hobby hawkman, i like drinking, particularly in the day time just before i have something important to do with the mrs!

ps chip butty standard right, you guys dont really call it anything else surely.
Posted: 2011-04-07 10:28:19
Any bap/muffin/cob/barm is called a stottie cake where I'm from
Posted: 2011-04-07 12:08:57
chip balm is not acceptable pandy.. its butty. and you southerners are deluded theres not enough oxygen in the air
Posted: 2011-04-08 07:41:49
got to agree with sandy on this i call it a chip barm aswell
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-08 09:33:15
thankyou sir !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we know our (onions ) Bread barms :-))))))))))))
Posted: 2011-04-10 15:00:20
Im in Sheffield (home) (gods country) this weekend an if i goo in tut manor top chip ooil an sey tu bird be ind counter gis a chip barm will ya love , she'd prob stab me, an reet anaal.

written in proper yorkshire .

even better than chip butties are cake butties wi scraps on hahahahahah

Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-10 16:33:06
WOW! Not looked at this for a while! Proper can of worms eh?

And Sandy Holt- what a source of bread knowledge? Am impressed!

BUT what then are "oven bottom muffins"?? and why to they taste sooo bloody good with chips on??

Looking at all the views however it is a landslide in favour of "muffin".

Thanks for all the comments agreeing!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-10 21:29:25
fatta the thai lol nope muffins is NOT a winner those who havent a jar voted them those in the BREAD basket / bin know their ",BARMS" from their "BOTTOMS"

"read your loaf topic again"


Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-11 07:28:19
As you can all see from the above "muffin" reigns suprme!
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-11 08:20:02
Brian, cant you just set a vote up so we can put to bed this crazy nonsense that "Barm" & "Muffin" are acceptable words to be used as a substitute for the item known as a roll!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-11 08:44:00
I get the final say!
Posted: 2011-04-11 15:43:45
I was at Manc Airport yesterday and the boards in the cafe said 'bacon barm' etc.

I just got some chips, or do you all them something weird as well?

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-11 23:38:46
fact 1 a Muffin is a Cake (and mule you fool) as in Blueberry muffin etc:
so take muffin out

fact 2 a roll is a small bread roll / small bread bun used as a side with pre-course posh meals or with soup etc:

fact 3 as phil said its also INTERNATIONALLY known as a Barm its at a Massive International Airport thanks Phil top man

debate over and Paul only things called Rolls are...

a Blackpool Roll ( Bread sliced milk roll )
a sausage roll, or a Roll on a floor in MMA get it right ya mad southerner and Lutoner lol :-)
Posted: 2011-04-12 05:54:58
I've never heard of a Barm in my life!!!!
I will admit to being slightly lost, BUT Chip Butty or sandwich is superb. xx
Posted: 2011-04-12 08:44:41
What about a McDonalds "Egg McMuffin"? That's not a cake.

There's no such thing as a chip sandwich, only chip butty.
accrington muay thai
Posted: 2011-04-12 09:14:32
i once ordered a burgur and egg tcake,after about 10 mins the woman told me the burger was to big for the tcake.i asked how big it was and she showed me the tcake which of course was a currant tcake.this was in bury greater manchester.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-12 14:17:47
fact 4 a Teacake has currants in and you toast them they look like a barm btw

and Doylie yes CHIP Barm or BUTTY yes 100% not sure about sandwich? but Better than Bap(a birds T*Ts ) or a Roll ( lmao on the Floor sausage roll hahhaahah )

Its Totally Chip Barm or Chip Butty

end of Non Understanding Bread people ( read up )
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-04-12 15:00:24
Ok, I was in a supermarket up here (Bolton) so asked where the rolls were, they directed me to the the correct section, I was in a supermarket "down south" and asked where the Barms were...... I of course got the "What the f**k are you talking about" look.....
Case dismissed!!!!

P.s. There were no Barms in the Bolton store either....
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-12 15:46:18

Barm/teacakes exist but defo not filled with chips!
Good to see everyone wanting a "CHIP MUFFIN"!


JAM BUTTY? come on Sandy-- Blackpool milk roll? or Warbies Danish?
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-12 23:20:05
chip muffin my ass lol you lose ! a muffin is a cake go in Starbucks or any bakery and ask for a Muffin? they will sell you a blueberry, chocolate etc: its a freekin cake ya mad man!!

and seeing as you got it right re: a BUTTY and yes Blackpool milk roll or Danish Now ya talking "BREAD" good man not cakes ya wally lol :-p
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-13 04:09:59
Jam preference?

Strawberry Duerrs or robertsons?

Seeing as we established "chip muffin" as the rightful terminology, we should put it to bed.
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-13 04:13:15
Just to clarify for the US market. A chip here is a chunky "french frie" and a muffin is a bread product that we eat it in.

Jam is I think you guys call it Jelly?
Posted: 2011-04-13 04:58:27
"even better than chip butties are cake butties wi scraps on "

what the hell is that?

is that even English?

a cake butty?

is that a cake sanwich?

you northern lot are officially wrong ens!

now pass me the red sauce....................or is it brown we would go for?????????????
Posted: 2011-04-13 06:00:12
Surely a butty is 2 bits of buttered bread??! So a chip sandwich or chip butty are one and the same??!
I still haven't got a clue what a Barm is, you can keep that up north! lol x
Posted: 2011-04-13 06:34:29
Sandy, that`s cos it was in Manc Land, and barm is only regional to the area. If I asked for one at Leeds Bradford airport they would call security.

A cake butty is a fishcake sandwich.

Our Fish and Chip shops over in this proper county advertise chip butties for sale, and as Yorkshire is the biggest county in the land then we win.

Posted: 2011-04-13 07:02:06
so bread is cake

and fish is cake

what do you call cake?

just plain wrong...plain plain wrong

accrington muay thai
Posted: 2011-04-13 07:04:01
if your over the age of 14 you should not eat red sauce.
Posted: 2011-04-13 07:26:07
my dear fellow

we may have to cross swords on that

tomato ketchup is king !
accrington muay thai
Posted: 2011-04-13 07:29:27
we shall duel with squirty bottles.
Posted: 2011-04-13 07:50:17
Accrington............northern monkeys,

again you lot call bread cake so i am not even gonna go there

you are really pushing my pineapples........
steve p
Posted: 2011-04-13 11:59:46
chip barm with gravy the best )
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-13 16:10:37

See we all love a "CHIP MUFFIN"!

Red sauce? Agreed over 14 needs to be referred to as ketchup!
Posted: 2011-04-13 17:25:37
Chip butty !
Posted: 2011-04-13 17:49:31
Brown sauce is good for pork pies only.

Tomato sauce goes on everything else bar nowt, especially on a fish and chips (not a chip butty though, thats just loads of salt and vinegar).
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-13 23:52:48
chip barm ya r e t a r rr d ! read the posts we all agree except the Insular non chippy eating posh nobs roll and Muffin the southern ass mules lmao

Seams the "middle ground2 is Quite simply a "Chip Butty" i will settle ish for that .....

after a Chip Barm tho

and warburtons bigger than yorkshire so Chip barm it si give your heads a wobble if you dont know what a Bread barm is ?????? its over 100 years old
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-13 23:55:09
chip barm ya r e t a r rr d !
read the ,we all agree except you and the Insular non chippy eating posh nobs,
roll and Muffin ???? hahahahahaah what????? lol
the southern ass muffin the mules lmao

Seems the "middle ground" is Quite simply a "Chip Butty"
i will settle ish for that .....

after a "Chip Barm" tho

and warburtons bigger than yorkshire so Chip barm it is then, and give your heads a wobble if you dont know what a Bread barm is ?????? its over 100 years old
Posted: 2011-04-14 04:27:52
its chip butty
and the fish / cake thing is just mental
what about hairy pie?
anyone ever gone up to a girl and asked for a munch on her hairy cake? nope.
Barm sounds like something you might find in your shoes
Posted: 2011-04-14 05:24:42
dosent barm keep your lips moist?

no frikkin idea!


thats right so backwards the road signs read as above

they still wear shell suits up there!

so are we sating it is acceptable to have a "cake butty wi scraps"

the world has gone mad !

i feel like i am the only sane one


Pork pie and brown sauce...i am a muslim and i am more offended by the sauce than the pig product!
Posted: 2011-04-14 11:47:12
Pretty sure most of the skanky offerings are only pork by name and not by content!
Posted: 2011-04-14 12:17:02
chip barm it is.
On sliced bread it's a chip butty
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-14 15:15:14
Agree with Sandy on the "chip muffin"! Feel he came on a bit strong calling all the non-believers "retards".

Enough anyway! This post has being exhausted!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-16 01:17:04
hahaha not retards ........ r e t a r d s !
say it like in the film :-p

and Glad we did it live at the Lion of Vienna suite last night fights Ultimate lads night ! ( daz morris, and great show btw)
we did a public survey and Chip Barm won

i rest my Barms and n Butties !
Posted: 2011-04-16 17:07:19
What city/town is this venue located in?
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-17 03:38:48
Only wrong descision on the night! Not sure what the crowd were thinking!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-17 13:33:32
Bolton Epicentre to the World of BREAD and MT :-)
Posted: 2011-04-17 15:02:19
pure and simply the word is BUTTIE and yes was ooop north (home) this week end and did stock up on cake butties wi scraps and had half a chip one too but no scraps ..

Manor top chippy , its a beautiful thing
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-17 15:06:00
What was the buttie served in? As buttie denotes usage of sliced bread.
Posted: 2011-04-17 17:29:53
manor lane chippy better tat2. chip butty.. mushy peas plenty s and v.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-17 21:13:53
LOL good man TAT2 and yes plenty s & v and Chip Butty / Barm
Posted: 2011-04-18 02:39:06
what are scraps?

i feel like i am in a foreign land with no food passport !
Posted: 2011-04-18 02:41:45
Just to be sure

we are all saying Harvister is better than Frankie and Bennies ?

please tell me there are some sain people out there!
Posted: 2011-04-18 07:22:24
Whats the fish shop called on the way down the hill to Hillsborough, its set back on the left hand side amongst a small parade of shops?

Last time I went there I got a fish butty and it was like they had battered a shark, it was fecking huge, cheap and well nice.
accrington muay thai
Posted: 2011-04-18 08:23:18
Posted: 2011-04-18 09:44:18
hahahahah Manor lane chippy used to be a reeet dive , but so our kid says has changed and is now ok ...

But the manor top one is the holy grail of chip shops best a bloody mile , apart from the dickheads you get in there after about 11 at nite sodding pig fans lol.

God i realised just how much i miss being in Sheffield at times ... just talking to people and stuff , even the girlfriend said my accent went up about 30 notches and couldnt understand me and the lads once we'd started lol .

Mr Weston how could you have spent so much time with Pele in Sale and not know wot Scraps are ???..... its deep fried batter , you know the bits that fall off the fish and cakes when they get dropped in the fryer .

Phil, i wont even hear that Hi********gh word with my sensitive little lugs .


Posted: 2011-04-18 09:53:05

Chips and Cake wi scraps an mushy peas lol
Posted: 2011-04-18 09:55:07

and for the uncultured among us lol fishcake disected lol
Posted: 2011-04-18 17:14:52
barracuda on duke street was by far the best around when i was a little ginger ferret russ. chip "BUTTIES" were like the old dustbin lids... been took over by greeks now. reight shit oyl.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-18 21:56:45
cake / fish?
you mean fishcakes?

chips n fish ( battered cod )
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-19 08:02:21
Harvester? Frankie and Benny's? Keep to the thread folks!
Posted: 2011-04-19 08:57:28
Ta2 i pissed myself at the detaild explaination of Fish and cake and stuff

oh we call em "bits"...what you call scraps

i was too battered and underweight at peles to have any interest in food he he !
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-20 00:15:27
we know our Barms n Butties
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-20 00:17:04

Posted: 2011-04-20 02:59:11

looks like a typical Bolton lad he he x
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-20 22:23:31
yep !!!!!!!!!!!! we are cool :-)
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-20 22:24:23
.......... and Know our Barms from the wrongly named muffins baps and rolls lol
Posted: 2011-04-21 05:32:02
I was taling to a lad from Bolton today at work who is down here for a few weeks doinf some stuff for me he was "missing his barms"
Posted: 2011-04-21 16:24:05
Did he push your pineapples?
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-21 16:57:06
nioce 1 k4c say hello .... better stikll say " t'oreet
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-22 16:44:56
What about fish n chips!!

Ketchup? Brown sauce? Mushy peas? gravy? curry sauce?

Pickled onions??
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-22 22:15:53
mushy peas, salt n vinager
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-23 16:01:54
Chips in a muffin?
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-23 23:40:44
chips in a Barm....99
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-23 23:41:25
chips in a Barm....99
and Chip Butty = 100 posts

and final "word/s" its settled then

Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-04-27 16:53:54
"EH?" to above!

Get ya passport stamped and spend a day in Bury/Radcliffe Sandy and I will treat u to a chip Muffin!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-27 18:20:32
bury wheres bury?#thats pronounced berry and its CHIP BARM or BUTTY simple as !
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-04-28 16:59:26

Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-05 13:13:45

£1.30 for a chip muffin???? (sorry baaaaaaaarm!)


Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-06 12:32:58
why is a chip barm scandalous? a muffins a cake
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-06 17:36:52
The price is scandalous!!!!

I will never get the last word will i?

Anyway all agreed chips in a (whatever you call it) are fookin sorted!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-06 23:05:54
lol yes and chiop buttys and barms are nice, my last one was in 2009 i think im due one.... been watching my figure :-) :-p
Posted: 2011-05-07 09:13:35
I live in Newcastle and it's always chip butty.
When i visit family in Liverpool it's chip barm.

Butty over Barm anyday. Though baps come in nicely every now and again!! ;)
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-08 12:33:21
Food op at IKON on Sunday?????
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-08 12:53:07
Chip Barms and Butties ive heard? and trying to get Thai there
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-08 12:57:13
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-11 16:13:22
Due to the demands of Boltonians, McDonalds is renaming any McMuffin to the new name of McBarm. This is to aid confusion following the chip muffin debate!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-12 01:57:26
lol is that a cake ? and i was last seen in a McDonalds in 2000 true ! blow them all up and their McBarms
plus doesnt count as they are Yanks and havent got a jar of glue
they call chips fries ??????????? hello
and tomato sauce ketchup ??????????

and miss the u out of coloUr helloooooooooooo !
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-15 17:40:42
Also whats with "CENTER"? Peasants!

Asked for a chip muffin in settle(yorkshire) and was reprimanded by a geezer with 3 eyes that mates with his sister. He told me the correct term was a "chip teacake"??

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-15 21:33:19
lol hahahahahahah chip Teacake is a cake and mr 3 eyes hope you looked at him straight in the errrr eye and said
" a TeaCAKE has currants in you R E T A A A A R D "
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-16 17:13:20
they batter sausages as well!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-16 17:15:01
this is turning into a two man show?

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-16 21:26:24

no 1 is battering My sausage except maybe the ring gals at my show yesterday.... lol soz ladies :-p
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-18 16:42:05
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-19 01:42:51
terribly good and ya know it
Barms :-0
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-19 16:11:45
Noticed emma had muffins on her shorts sunday!

no chips tho????
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-20 14:49:23
lol yes but they are CAKES or daft American term Cup Cakes so
its Back to the One / two
Chip Barm Chip Butty
end of !!!!!!!!!!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-25 15:20:51
used to be called "fairy" cakes? Have they gone all P.C now?

Posted: 2011-05-25 17:08:14
Butty. Again.
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-26 07:48:08
what about "scallops"?? (not the rather tasty seafood delicacy) but a slice of potato deep fried!

What other names you lot have?

Also for our friends north of the border-- what names do you give to your staple foods of battered pizza followed by battered mars bars?

Posted: 2011-05-26 12:33:35
Mars Fritters! Urgh.
Posted: 2011-05-27 04:18:40
battered mars....yum
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-27 05:44:46
Scotland-- land of the battered mars bar!

other than haggis what other food happens up there? (traditionally scottish)?
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-27 12:23:14
oh yeahhhhhhhhh "scalllops" are defo not fishy they are fried slices of potato yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-05-31 15:46:47
Fried in Batter!!!!!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-31 23:55:28
noooooooooooooo they are fried in oil derrrrrrr
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-06-01 16:56:41
sorry! coated in batter and fried in oil or dripping!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-06-01 20:55:29
what ya going on about now ?? lol Scallops Dont have batter or dripping any where near them ya mad head lol
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-06-02 05:40:14
??? eh????

if you are talking sliced and fried then that my friend would be "pommes saute" or if you want to push the boat out and add sliced onions to the mix you would then have a classic "pommes lyonnaisse"

another good sliced potato dish is "dauphinoise" where they are layered and baked in a garlic infused cream.

Any other favourite sliced potato dishes out there?

(just noticed only us commenting sandy)
Posted: 2011-06-03 02:44:18
"if you are talking sliced and fried then that my friend would be "pommes saute" or if you want to push the boat out and add sliced onions to the mix you would then have a classic "pommes lyonnaisse"

another good sliced potato dish is "dauphinoise" where they are layered and baked in a garlic infused cream."

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-06-03 16:06:55
lol and the Gay :-p
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-06-05 06:53:16
Ha ha someone not culinary educated !

Think you should tell Marco pierre white how gay he is as well!!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-06-05 22:36:05
lol :-)
Andy Bell
Posted: 2011-06-09 17:09:41
Good chippies sandy?

Armstrongs near besses is pretty damn good!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-01-17 16:30:30
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-01-18 18:05:32
Butty / Barm Buttered Barm :-P
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-01-23 16:13:31
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-02-24 13:49:58
Its still a chip muffin you guys!
Daz Morris
Posted: 2012-02-28 01:42:56
Chip muffin all day every day

Wtf is a barm or a bap

Defo a manc thing I think but saying that it's barm in Bolton ....... Where they put a "f" before everything and it's a bap in Nottingham where they call fooking duck

Posted: 2012-03-07 04:18:02
Everything's Duck in Nottingham. Isn't that right, Duck?

Buttie for me... Duck
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-03-10 13:27:13
LOL at Daz and his Bolton bashing! Good on ya!!!

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-06-25 16:18:33
Radcliffe yesterday at Johnny T's show.

AT the food counter "CHIP MUFFINS" £1.50! (bit steep) but nonetheless CHIP MUFFIN IT WAS!

KAT :-)
Posted: 2012-06-25 16:28:18
..and you didn't even buy me mean are u Mr Bell ! x
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-06-26 00:25:18

chip butty / Barm end of
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-06-26 00:43:53
o reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett and Now for your info
Daz has a Bolton Stamped Passport
he Lives here 1

truly Converted !

Bolton Best for Barms bar none :-))))
Mo Islam
Posted: 2012-06-26 04:36:23
Know one mentioned Chip batch?!?!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-06-26 20:26:00
a Batch of chip barms ya mean???
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-06-27 22:13:48

the only Muffin is a Cake
ask in the Bakers or even starbucks
and Glad i wasnt and im not a Master ----- :-p
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-06-28 11:12:48
I thought Sandy had retired from AX?

Kat, I was gonna get u one but I ate it!
KAT :-)
Posted: 2012-06-28 11:28:24
That sounds about right Mr Bell ;-) x
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-06-29 00:37:44
i never retired or rettire
i Banned Myself for 4 months

im now unbanned myself
have a nice day :))))))

and treay yaself to another
Chip Barm/Butty
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-05 03:43:22
I see that "sandy's bakehouse" make oven bottom muffins!

Whats an "oven bottom"?
Answers on a postcard please!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-05 21:17:11
hahahaha ya mad head

the answer is in your question ya barm cake lol :-p

its a "OVEN BOTTOM" barm cake

bottom of the oven

they are more flat
as at the Bottom of a oven there usually isnt as much room for them to rise as they can on the higher / wider shelves !

problem solved

by wwww.sandyholtknowshisbarms&

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-06 03:07:57

Now this is interesting!
The site below manufactures, "barm Cakes" and "oven bottom muffins"

Both a flat type bread roll that can accomodate chips, sausage, bacon, and various other fillings.

I shall now review my score card and declare the battle a "draw".

I think rds 1 muffin edged it, 2 Barm came in with a nice knee, 3 Muffin floored barm, 4 the barm came back well. And rd 5 was fairly even, despite the floured bap having to call time and warn the barm for an illegal throw.

Crowd were a bit rowdy and didnt understand the whole bread scoring.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-08 20:35:18
wow but.............. As well you Know
due to Muay Barm and Muay Butty scoring
rounds 4 and 5 went BIG to the oven bottom barms
so its Narrow But Descisive win to the
Butty and the Barm
Champions Born and BREAD :-p (in Bolton too )
Warburtons Cup
Kelly Leach
Posted: 2012-07-09 13:12:47
Chip butty all the way, even saying barm feels wrong. Bread or breadcake, doesnt matter to us lovely Yorkshire folk :)
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-09 16:38:14
"oven bottom barm" now Sandy?

Sure Sheldons website states "MUFFIN"!

Anyway I dont want to engage in a "scoring debate" as it is clear that there is a click and that the bakers all stick together!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-09 21:45:09
Warburtons Biggest in UK matey and over 125 years of baking
i think they Know there Barms from their BOTTOMS lol

if ya know ya onions ya know them and if you Know your BREAD you know its a Butty or a Barm

a Muffins a cake End of Debate :)
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-12 14:13:38

Warburtons website?????


Is this double satndards and lying from the UKBF? (United kingdom bread Federation).

Clearly Warburtons have stated "MUFFIN" on their scorecard, and this contains NO FRUIT!!!

This concludes that A "CHIP MUFFIN" is available in Bolton and that the Bread Clique backing a "BARM" are guilty of sticking together and taking bread back 20 years.

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-12 14:20:07
In ADDITION there is clearly no mention of "BARM CAKES" on their website!!!

They do also have "OVEN BOTTOM MUFFINS"!

This is a victory for the "MUFFIN" clearly stated by WARBURTONS.(largest bakery UK and former employers of Keith Flint look-a-likes).

I doubt you can top that Sandy! But no doubt I will hear from you again!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-13 14:50:55
they are for the NOW national distribution as they dont Understand Simple bread names
Its Barms
and buttys
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-14 12:20:50
Are you changing your original statements here?

Corruption from the "muffin man" of Bolton?

How can we all look you in the eye now?

Ha ha I knew you would find a "barmy" excuse for losing!!!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-16 22:33:20
lol not lost the Doough was made, as the Yeast Rose the Oven bottoms came late and stole the show
Barms and buttys 2 to 1 win
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-17 16:12:41
Some back pedalling there? if the olympic bread committee was to read this thread!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-17 19:35:52
warburtons born n bread bred the Barms and the Bottoms and a muffin is a puffs / southern posh name for a BUN or barm and a muffin? which really is a cake and see interclub at your place which is 5 months late and see what rockdad is eating at gfc BURY ???? a Chok Muffin ( see .......a cake)

im Back in the Gold and Winner by a long mile :-)

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-18 16:29:10
Warburtons clearly stated their stance on this matter Sandy!

Have you added the scores correctly?

Come on Sandy check their website!

You know what it says!

Andy Bell 1 Sandy Holt 0

BTBC-Banishing them BARMCAKES Club!!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-18 16:47:45
MUFFINS GFC(great for chips)
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-19 01:23:31
cake and chips/ I think not i will have camera at ready for Living proof that a Chip Butty / Barm never seen a Muffin
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-19 03:13:04
BTBC- Banish Teacakes,Barms, n, Cobs.

Check out ASDA and TESCO, they sell the Warburtons range!!!!!

And guess what??????

Warbies dont make BARM CAKES.

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-07-20 00:01:13
Warburtons made them for over 100 years only changed their names (some of their ranges) to suit the rest of the UK as Warburtons is BOLTON based / raised and Made !

just like their Oven bottom barm cakes !

and Tea cakes are Currant BARMS

see you sat: @ the Bury Barms n Butties Interclub !
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-07-20 05:10:29
He won't let this go!

Despite the evidence, Sandy is determined to pursue this!

Asking Brian to ban him!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-09-20 15:42:50
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-09-21 00:17:35
Chip Barm / Butty
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-09-21 10:57:46
What no poem?

Them Warbies Muffins are nice aren't they? Did they make them when you worked there Sandy?

Suprised that you forgot what they were called!!!

Craziest man on Ax Mr Sandy Holt!!!!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-09-21 11:12:57
mufin the mules and starbucks cakes
a barms a Barm and butty no mistake

Breads a bread and cake its NOT
Muffin or other? dont lose the Plot !

A Butty is a Butty or Chip Barm
If you call its Cake/ muffin sound the Alarm !

As the French Know their Onions
sandy knows his barms n funnyions

Keep it real keep it Buttys n barms
Andy bells a ringer not ring of charms

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-09-21 12:57:03
you know warbies don't make barms!!!

And have you now found CAPS lock?
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-09-23 02:35:24
yes they do and have always done and why would anyone Put chips on a Muffin ??? (Cake)Never in a gazzillion unless you have 6 fingers and 7 toes on each hand and foot
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-09-24 07:45:41
Warbies do not make a barm cake!! I informed you of this months ago!!!!

YOU WORKED THERE!!! Check the website!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also 6 fingers and 7 toes? I hear thats compulsory to live in Bolton!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-01 00:02:54
lol i was there 11 years ya wally so i think i know what they make and sold and whats Bury got? apart from Blackpudding and

PUDDING ????there you go lol Muffins (cake) pudding (cakes and bakes / sweets ) lol
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-02 10:14:52
The only thing Bolton has that is any good is that Chinese buffet place near Argos. Bury is the worldwide hub of Market trading and the International Trade Centre for Black Puddings. Home of the "shakers" (highest scoring FA cup winners EVER).
Also home of lots of famous people. Bolton only has that obnoxious fool with dodgy dress sense and a bad haircut!

Peter Kay!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-03 16:55:36
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-04 02:46:31
Step away from your Cakes /Muffins
and your back PUDDINGS and get fit lol
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-04 02:47:11
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-04 06:04:17
Sir Robert Peel.
Danny Boyle.
Chadwick black pudding man.
JD sports founder (think his initials are JD).
Scott Quigg.
And countless others.

Oh and Peter Kay lives in Bury or he did.

Sandy--- PUT A DONK ON IT!

Blackout Crew- they are from Bolton!!! (the dodgy part I heard).

That chinese buffet near argos is decent btw!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-04 06:09:22
Just looked at it! LOL I nearly called!!!!

Oldest person 61!!!!! You don't look that Old Sandy!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-05 14:09:53
lol student not teacher and at 26 ive a longgggggggggggway to go BarmBell lol
Posted: 2012-10-05 15:08:26
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-06 16:30:44
26? getting ya numbers the wrong way round there Sandy!

Never mind, your bus pass is on the way!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-07 20:47:21
lol told you your only as young as the Woman your fealing and you?????


21 :-)
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-08 15:24:58
come on sandy, on ax declare your true age. not your mental age but the true 1!!!

New Thread time I think!

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-08 19:47:23
ok im 2012
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-09 22:51:45

and once again.....

hows this a muffin? (barmcake)

Since whens a Muffin a Barm ? Its defo a Cake
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-09 22:51:46

and once again.....

hows this a muffin? (barmcake)

Since whens a Muffin a Barm ? Its defo a Cake
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-13 16:37:56
"you never let it lie"
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-14 16:35:56
there is NO Lie
a Barm is Bread a Muffin is a Cake

oh and "200th: post"

get in !!! :-)))))))))))))))))))))))
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-15 08:09:50
The problem Sandy with this post is that there are only 2 persons comenting on it!

(I thought you were staying away from AX as well?)
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-15 22:19:25
lol and Barms are flourcakes not a Sweet and T-cakes are as they have Currants in them
a Muffins a cake
Not a Barm
and lol

i banned myself for a a few months and then unbanned myself

nowt / out wrong with that???
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-16 08:54:58
Whats a cupcake then?

And why do the americans refer to "english muffins"??

And why do warbies(your former employer) only make "muffins" and not "balms"? (sorry barm)

1000000 press ups for CONTINUAL DOUBLE POSTING!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-10-16 22:01:53
cupcake a silly American word for a Cake / Fairy cake

and They do Batch's too so whats one of them?
20 gazillion million Pressups Andy Barmbell
for Multi post cant get it man :-p
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-10-17 08:39:16
Sandy"milk roll" Holt
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-11-02 06:52:12

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-11-02 06:54:09

Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-11-02 06:57:40

Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-11-02 14:38:11
soft and tasty

they arnt Barmcakes or flour cakes theyre MUFFINS for the poncy people from bury onwards :-p
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-11-20 16:25:19
Bored now
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2012-11-20 17:53:26
.....................but you and your Chip Barms and buttys still here.................. good man
Andy Bell
Posted: 2012-12-22 15:16:29
Turkey and stuffin muffin.
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-02-04 10:05:53
Posted: 2013-02-22 14:39:48
It's a Barm Cake, though folk from the North East like to call them Butties.
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-02-25 13:49:19
ehm no they are not. Check the photographic proof above. Even Sandy agrees now!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-03-07 14:25:18
Yes, spoke to sandy on saturday and he now agrees that it's a muffin.
Top bloke!
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-04-05 13:39:42
Fishfinger butties anyone??????????
Mike Hill
Posted: 2013-04-09 12:56:28
The shops put them with different names in different areas.. in Wigan we have Warburtons Barm Cakes, noticed when I lived in Prestwich Tesco's have Warburtons Muffins ;-) lol
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-04-09 15:16:48
I have only ever seen warbies muffins round Bury. Would explain why Sandy is confused then. ;-)
Mike Hill
Posted: 2013-04-09 17:31:27
Sandy was born confused mate lol ;-)
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-07-08 13:39:54
Back to the top of the page!
Posted: 2013-12-16 03:13:44
I am now convinced that we know nothing of these things n the midlands....

i now think it is different than a "cob" but still not sure!
Posted: 2013-12-17 03:55:48
Chip butty.
Andy Bell
Posted: 2013-12-17 16:02:15
I plan on opening a chip muffin franchise for the affected parts of the UK that are struggling to get these gastronomic delights.
Posted: 2014-01-03 18:00:14
Andy Bell
Posted: 2014-01-21 14:41:35
No no no no no no no no no. THAT IS ONLY WHEN IN WARBURTONS BREAD (orange or blue is ok).
Posted: 2015-04-27 06:16:34
Down in London now,it seems they have some kind of aversion to a chip sandwich and instead sell salads that cost about £59 each........northerner lost !
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