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Posted: 2011-07-01 17:58:19
im a young fighter and im a bit confused on what foods to eat on a daily basis. Could someone help me and tell me what foods/meals to eat (breakfast lunch dinner tea lol) and snacks if any lol thanks
Posted: 2011-07-01 19:28:35
Mostly starchy carbs such as rice or pasta, plenty of fruit and veg, smaller amounts of protein, and a minimum of fats and sugars. It's worth checking the NHS healthy eating pages at, and the NHS weight loss myths page at You will get people suggesting that you shouldn't eat too many carbs, but that advice is out of date these days and my dietician told me that you can ignore people who tell you not to eat them.
Posted: 2011-07-02 09:28:27
thanks alot for the advice really appreciate it
Mark L.
Posted: 2011-07-02 11:09:59
I'd stay away from starchy carbs but thats just me - food is like religion...

what is your body made of and how many of your cells last a year?

what are your hormones made of?


etc etc

not carbs thats for sure - carbs have nutrients and energy but basically no main building blocks

you need building blocks

fat and protein

but thats just my opinion and experience and studies

one size does not fit all...

Mark L.
Posted: 2011-07-04 10:05:52
pasta - do a small amount of research on wheat and gluten...

essentially more bad than good is my take on whats out there and my experiences when not eating gluten is very positive results

Posted: 2011-07-04 16:13:34
Hi Mark. What is it about carbs you don't like? Why do you think people should eat proteins or fats instead? I don't want a copy & paste from Joseph Mercola or the Weston Price Foundation, I'm interested to know what you think.
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-07-05 08:41:08
NH, I tend to agree with Mark. Not saying you shouldn't eat starchy carbs but defo not as linchpin of the daily diet. I's have more fiberous foods such as broc, cauli ect.
We also need fats (good fats) for so many bodily processes.
Mark L.
Posted: 2011-07-05 10:38:59
I think carbs are critical...

just the ratios

starchy carbs - most people over eat carbs to start as a generalization in my opinion - so thats why I lean the other way - if someone said they were on the atkins diet I would push more carbs

carbs are energy food - thats it - of course carbs have nutrients too

protein and fat are building blocks for your whole fucking body lol

your eyes are not made from carbs and neither are your biceps nor is testosterone

carbs (grains) are the cheapest and easiest in many ways - huge profits - the economy is down a bit here in Thailand and guess what portions go up? Rice and guess what goes down? veg and meat.

N. America fill up on bread and pasta and fries

cheap for a restaurant and big big buisness with big lobbies from the grain industries

I am all for carbs - just a balance and a balance to me means what works for the individual

Personal experience

When my health first fell a part and got so bad I couldn't shadow box 3 rounds with out taking a day off to recover... and no docs that I went to helped and no specialists they sent me to helped and no tests they ran got me anywhere except finally finding out I had denervative atrophy (muscles withering away like when you have a cast on)

I started studying health and nutrition and applying it.
Now I wasn't just studying it I was testing it. And it wasn't to just get functioning or just for training it was to go from not being able to work to competing at a pro level in MuayThai.

My first step was some books of Dr Colgan and then going to Salt Spring Island and studying at his 'Institute'

That was the first time I heard about not eating grains..
It was very hard to wrap my head around - I mean I seriously didn't know what i would eat as my social and cultural and family programming was grains every meal. I mean this runs deep in the subconscious (foods really do but thats a topic on psychology) as well as any "logic" or current beliefs and what the government (always out for our best interest) says - which is past on and taught in schools etc

(take a look at the changing recommendations and compare it with the strength of the related food lobbies at that time) ;)

anyway my bud and I really had a hard time thinking what we would eat especially from the point of getting enough energy, enough food and enough carbs...

Thats were it started... and I did it and I have on and off done it for years and seen many do it on and off and without fail getting off the grains, at least gluten containing grains (especially wheat) has shown very positive affects.

The best I ever felt, the happiest I ever was, the strongest I ever was and the best sleep I ever had etc etc etc was when not eating gluten and grains hardly at all - maybe a small serving of rice once a week or a small serving of oats..

I have read lots on gluten and grains since
keep in mind that sprouted grains many people can do better on but the processed shit we eat is really shit
never mind most wheat you eat is genetically modified

do the research and see what that means to your body

my studies continued and over the last oh 10 plus years I have watched many people go off grains...

honestly I think it affects brain function, digestion, immune function etc etc etc

taking mostly processed grains and especially gluten containing grains, wheat being the worst..

A friend of mine was brought up vegan (I was brought up veg) and as he got older he did some research - friends with his Mum really - and he concluded that in midevil times the lords of the castle gave the serfs grains to eat to keep the subservient.

anyway there are some thoughts and experiences without much science or research if thats what you want :)

do it man, don't eat grains for a month and then go back on them and off and on till you decide what you feel better on if either

that is the true test!

and much 'sudoscience' is really unpopular science, meaning ot goes against the huge food lobbies etc

there is loads of bs out there too :)

thats some of my opinions and experiences
Mark L.
Posted: 2011-07-05 10:46:23
By the way the black or white is a strong western perspective that comes from our language and the ways we are taught...

it limits are views and ability to see 'good' and 'bad' in something

we tend to say red shirts or yellow shirts (Thailand) or democrats or republicans, of evolution or creation
(pls do not discuss these things)

its not no carbs

its carbs AND fats AND protein and the right balance for yoU!

carbs in the west, and other places, are just so over used and over promoted...and they are almost always fucking processed shit to start with never mind the quality of the grain and the soil it came from.

filler food

How long does your heart take to replace all its cells?
Your brain?
Your blood?
Your lungs?
Your bones?
etc etc etc

and what pray tell are they made of???

your body doesn't grow on air alone but by flesh and blood (meat) LOL

my dad has also had many health issues and after going back on meat - well had a big jump...

of course none in any direction is a problem
Mark L.
Posted: 2011-07-05 10:59:23
mh - before man started farming grains did not grow in huge fields
your hunter gatherer ancestors followed the meat - not the grains
since man first walked we did not survive on grains and the grains that were eaten were prepared in a specific way (ways that made them more digestible and brought out nutrients etc)

it may or may not be true but it seems to me that since we began eating grains its been a very very short time relative to our bodies adjusting

Seriously reading Price's work is quite amazing...

Native Indian twins - healthy and strong, look the same - one goes and works for the white man, comes back weak and looking different

New Zealand natives - offspring look all the same, till they adopt white mans food, next offspring totally different in apearance

(white mans food referring to processed grains and processed sugars mostly)

talk to anyone that breads animals seriously or race horses etc or anything that has value
God damn they will fucking KNOW how important food is for health and health of offspring but God forbid telling unhealthy people their kids won't have the best shot. Not politically correct

anyway - read Pottengers Cats too - interesting because the 900 cats spanned 4 or 5 generations (hard to do that kind of study with people) but the degenerative changes Pottenger found with processed foods (this case processed dairy) are almost exactly the same things Price documented with humans...

The cats... well 4 generation on processed shit couldn't reproduce

Last I heard in Canada 1 in 4 couples can't!!! I don't know about you but to me that is fucking high!!!! (anyone looks this up pls feel free to correct me if I'm wrong)

But it doesn't take long to seem normal when its a generation or two gone by and the TV and schools are telling you what to think and what is normal (like cancer, and all the degenerative dis-eases that weren't around too long ago.

Posted: 2011-11-30 10:41:29
Alot depends on what you want to gain, I agree with Mark L tho and believe high protein levels are needed to build dense strong muscle.

I tend to get my carbs from good wholegrain carb options and fats from almond butter, I tend to stick to low GI fruits and veg as well
Dick Dastardly
Posted: 2011-12-07 05:39:57
LOVE Mark L's posts nails it everytime. MH all of your posts on diet suggest your some kind of diet expert cos you lost so much weight but tbh when your carrying as much as you were its a simple calorie deficit thats needed quality of calories is far less relevent than it is for an athelete looking for improved performance and a body composition change when they already have an "average" BMI. Just spouting NHS guidelines is useless, the guys who write these things just regurgitate information developed years ago and the economy does have an influence on this. Most of this stuff was written after the war and has only been tweaked slightly since. Find the research that backs it vs the research that supports high protein, high anti-oxidant and healthy fat diets with a smaller level of carb intake and more emphasis on fibrous carbs as opposed to starchy carbs.
Posted: 2011-12-09 14:34:44
Agree totally with Mark and Dastardley, if your obese then yeah go the NHS way, if you're a fighter then listen to the fighters and see what they eat....
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