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Topic:K-star At The Tower, B'ham 24th Sept
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-07-06 16:13:17
The next K-Star thai boxing event at the excellent Tower Ballroom in
Birmingham takes place on Sat 24th September.
I am looking for mainly C and B class fighters. This an excellent show for
up and coming fighters. This is the biggest, small show in the country!!
With a walkway into the ring giving the fighters a real sense of being on a
big show.
This show is on a SATURDAY, so no worrying about getting up for work the
next day.
We Pay all travel expenses and a fantastic ticket deal for the fighters (email me for details)
All gyms also get a FREE DVD of the show!
Tickets are just £25 and that includes a seat! No extra charge to sit down!!
Please send your lists of available fighters to
Many thanks, Steve Logan, K-Star Thai Boxing
P S, my other show this year will be on Saturday 26th Nov.
Posted: 2011-07-06 16:38:54
I've been to a few of these, they are awesome!

It's a friendly atmosphere and I like watching the regulars fight.
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-07-11 14:33:48
I have had quite a few responses for this, I am now looking to match the following
58Kgs 2w
65kgs 2w 4L
61kg 8F 16yrs
52kg 7f 14yrs
67-69K 2w 2l 15yrs
61kg 1w 1l 17 yrs
66kgs 2w 1l 1d
67kg 0F
68.5kg 5w 2l 1d
78kg 1w
and a female fighter 58Kgs9w 8l (1st fight 4yrs
Posted: 2011-07-12 03:48:35
I've added these dates to the Muay Thai Diary - it would be great if you could let me know about your 2012 dates when you work them out.


Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-07-13 05:10:28
Thanks Duncan, I will send the dates asap
Posted: 2011-07-13 06:29:38
hey steve is this 3 2's? also what fight experience is it?
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-07-18 10:55:48
I am also looking to match the following fighters
58kg 1w 1d
67kg 4w 1L 14yr
54kg 4w 4L1d
56kg 7f 16yr
78kg 3L
72kg 1w 1L
69-72kg 5w 6L
85kg 2w
75kg 4w 2L 1d
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-07-20 06:35:13
I forgot to mention that Peter Spensley's junior show is on in the daytime too, making this a really great day out!
Posted: 2011-08-28 07:32:26
Really want to fight on this one,looking to fight at my new lower weight 65-67kg,B class, Anyone up for this,always a cracking show and awesome atmosphere!
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-09-08 19:30:33
I am still looking to match a few fighters for this one. any available fighters, please contact me asap
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-09-16 06:52:29
I am looking for an opponent for Reece Crooke, Firewalker 55kg and Mark Timms, K-Star 84kg 3f for my show in Birmingham on Sat 24th Sept.
During the Daytime Pete Spensley is running his Celtic challenge show too.
Please contact me or 07866 36 59 63
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-09-20 02:34:17
Just a few days left, I am now looking for fighters for 26th November, please contact me asap if you have any fighters.
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-09-20 18:20:40
As usual I have had a few last minute pullouts for this Saturday 24th Sept at the Tower in Birmingham, all thai, I need to match
Bart Zilla 108kg 5fights (get his exact record asap)
Posted: 2011-09-24 06:56:48
Always a good show at the Tower - hope it all goes well Steve.

Best of luck to Niall and Darragh Durkin fighting for Thaitans tonight.
P.S Rai
Posted: 2011-09-25 04:20:53
Wow! Some really Wicked&Great Peformances from the K - Star fite Crew,

Well Done All,

Sure well has me fired up for my Tourney!
Kru Shaun
Posted: 2011-09-25 04:51:31
Sawatdee Khrup!
For a mostly 'C' class show the production & atmosphere plus the quality of the fights was excellent.
It is always a pleasure to referee on Steve's shows and I must say that it's equally a pleasure to referee such professional, humble & dedicated fighters. A big well done to everybody. A mention has to go to all the K Star team behind the scenes for such a professional job on what was a marathon day with the junior bouts followed by the professional fights at least 60 fights all told and all over 12 hours plus! Also to Paul Crossley who refereed all the junior bouts (38-40?) highly recommend him as a referee.

Posted: 2011-09-25 12:30:33
It was a long day but a pleasure to watch everyone from the gym perform the way they did.

I was proud of everyone but the performance of the night for me was young Dillon Elsemore. Dillon fought Macauley Coyle from TMA. it was a close fought bout going one way then the other. Dillon came strong in third with some powerful hands followd by body kicks. Macauley edged the fourth with well timed kicks as Dillon punched. The fifth saw the fit strong Dillon press forwards with solid punches then out work Macauley in the clinch. It was an awesome fight.
Both I believe will have a great future. Dillon took the decision.

Adrian Maguire was awesome against Ali from Shin kick. Ali was stopped by the referee in the fifth round as he'd just taken too much from the first round.

Ali tried to apply pressure on ade from the word go, but this is all I've done to ade in sparring for months now so he's more than capable of coping with it as last night proved.

A liitle too much show boating Ade mate but that's you I guess.
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-09-25 15:13:52
Another great show last night, thanks to all the clubs, instructors and fighters who helped make it such a great success.
As Shaun has said above a big shout has to go out to paul Crossley, who refereed the CCC during the day, a solid 6 hours!and then was one of the judges on my show on the evening.
I always try to have 2 referees and 4 judges, so the officials can have a break and keep alert without having to have a break in the show, so hopefully, he had a bit of a break! But he was still there at the end as was the very hardworking 'pitbulls' who did all the running on both shows!!
Jesse helped out by organising Kyle to MC and Rich to judge, as well as bringing along his fighters.
I am very lucky to have a very good, hardworking team behind me, who do a great job of running the shows, so thsnks VJ, Wayne, Ravi, Simon and Tom for running the evening show. Damien and Nathan also had a very long day doing the corners and looking after the fighters all day and night. As always helping with the fighters was Alan and Gaz. Everyone did a brilliant job.

Some really good fights last night, I didnt get to see them all, but I was very pleased with all the K-Star fighters, they all had good clinch and were scoring well with good muay thai.

I will get the Free DVD's done and sent out to all the gyms ASAP.

Time to start working on the next one on sat 26th Nov.
The Crippler
Posted: 2011-09-25 20:06:07
Thank you very much Kru Shaun Bowland, I am humbled by your kind words & recommendation. Its very nice to have encouragement from someone I hold in such high regard & it was good to see you again.

Thank you to Steve for inviting me to judge on the show.
It was a long day and yes I think I sat out 2 fights ;-) but its always made a little easier when shows run so smoothly (even if the fights are so closely matched!).

I've always heard good things about this show but it was my first time at the Ballroom & its a great venue, which last night held a great show with some real battles in the ring.

The Crippler
Posted: 2011-09-25 20:10:32
K-Star Show Tower Ballroom 24 Sept 2011

Ryan Nandha (Eagles Team Thai) v Shayan Mohammed (K-Star) - C Class, 5x1.5min (with HeadGear) @ 57Kg
Winner: Shayan Mohammed by Unammious Decision

Naill Durkin (Thaitans) v Terry Ferrigan (Next Gen MMA) - C Class, 5x1.5min @62Kg
Winner: Naill Durkin by TKO/RFS of R4

Arron Masih (Eagles Team Thai) v Brandon Weller (Ely Warlords) - C Class, 5x1.5min (with HeadGear) @59Kg
Winner: Brandon Weller by Unammious Decision

Cathal McDermontt (Shinkick) v Jeet Steele (Stoke MT) - C Class, 5x1.5min @61Kg
Winner: Cathal McDermontt by TKO/RFS @ 1:23 of R4

Ryan Cafane (KO South) v Phil Hanna (MFA) - C Class, 5x1.5mins @83kg
Winner: Ryan Cafane by Unammious Decision

Mark Perrins (TMA) v Sam White (Ely Warlords) - C Class, 5x1.5min @67Kg
Winner: Mark Perrins by TKO/RFS in R3 by Knees

Luca Giodano (KO SOuth) v Ricky Ram (Firewalker) - C Class, 5x1.5min @71Kg
Winner: Ricky Ram by TKO/RFS in R5

Macauley (TMA) v Dillon Elsmore (K-Star) - C Class, 5x1.5min (with HeadGear) @57Kg
Winner: Dillon Elsmore by Unammious Decision

Jack Battershell (Shinkick) v Chris Churcher (Ely Warlords) - C Class, 5x1.5min @61Kg
Winner: Chris Churcher by TKO/RFS in R3

Darragh Durkin (Thaitans) v Barry White (K-Star) - C Class, 5x1.5min @67Kg
Winner: Darragh Durkin by Unammious Decision

Steve Jones (Stoke MT) v Adam Earnshaw (Firewalker) - C Class, 5x1.5min @70Kg
Winner: Steve Jones by TKO/RFS in R3

Chris Durham (MFA) v Steve Allen (K-Star) - C Class, 5x1.5min @78Kg
Winner: Steve Allen by TKO/RFS in R3

Brian Perry (TMA) v Pavan Aujla (Firewalker) - C Class, 5x1.5min @64Kg
Winner: Brian Perry by Unammious Decision

James Young (Ultimate Boxing) v Mark Timms (K-Star) - C Class, 5x1.5min @83Kg
Winner: DRAW

Ali Maconie (Shinkick) v Adrian Maguire (K-Star) - B Class, 5x2min @52Kg
Winner: Adrian Maguire by TKO/RFS in R5
This was a great fight, I got to give MASSIVE respect to Ali who took some big clean knees but
refused to stop giving some back. Great stoppage by Refreee Kru Shaun Bowland as I pretty sure Ali would of never stopped.

Sorry I dont have the times of the stoppages as I dont have my result sheet.
I have checked but please feel free to correct any mistakes in the above post.
Posted: 2011-09-26 00:24:48
Great show , just want to congradulate Mr Boland on great refereeing , Jack from Shinkick had a tough break , really techincal style. THe lad from K star that fought our chris was good too , strong lowkick and good hands , want to give Chris his due too , i love that guy lol a house couldnt stop him from fighting ,and he loved it , great show steve
Posted: 2011-09-26 05:33:44
Thanks for having us on steve,

Was a great show and was very pleased with my guys.

Cathal dominated his guy with good strong knees, but thanks so much to Jeet as he took the fight on 2 days notice, and is only 16yrs.

Jack just didnt perform as he can, but credit to Chris, just over powered him. Thanks Jono for your kind words to him, it meant a lot :)

I am so proud of Ali. He has only had 3 fights and we knew that this was a massive step up for him. We know Adrian well, having had two of my other fighters fight him, so we had a few game plans. Have to say that Adrian fought fantasticaly, and his knees were sick. Ali is a tough kid and just would not give up. I nearly pulled him out after the 4th round, but he wanted to go the distance.
Well done to adrian, such a great bloke, and his entrance was brilliant ;)

The show was well run and had a good atmosphere.

Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-09-26 08:07:43
Paul,Thanks for putting up the results, I am sure Sandy will also be happy. You worked hard all day.
Thanks Jonno and Jesse.
Ali has the heart of a Lion. Funny you say that you almost never let him out for the 5th, I looked over and said to Adrian that I dont think they are going to let him out for the next round. I was suprised when he came out, soooooo strong.
Ali really set the pace from round 1 and is a really talented and tough fighter, I am sure they will meet again when he has had some mor e experience.
Adrian Maguire has had a bit of a hit or miss record and never really consistant in his performances, but his last 2 fights have been reaaly good and I am hoping that he has got his head together and fight like that all the time.
Thanks to everyone who supported the show.
Kru Shaun
Posted: 2011-09-26 11:01:26
Sawatdee Khrup!
I heard Ali pleading with Jesse for just one more round so he still had some heart & fight left. My job was to keep a close eye on him to ensure he didn't get too hurt. The last kick to the head was enough and I echo the sentiment that Ali would have gone out on his shield if I hadnt intervened.

CG Promotions
Posted: 2011-09-26 11:44:39
you did a great job shaun, your concern for ali's safety was shown in your professional approach to the stoppage.

great show steve.

WHO was that MC?? he was good.... ;)lol
Posted: 2011-09-26 13:17:01
Great show as always Steve, feel lucky to train at K-Star and get to see this excellent show at such an enjoyable venue.

It can only me made though with all of the other gyms bringing their fighters on the night, and we were lucky enough to have some great performances, with lads showing fantastic heart and spirit.

As always of late, the youngsters are showing some awsome technique and are often the best fights to watch.

The futures bright.......

P.S Great reffing also
Khun Kao
Posted: 2011-09-26 18:17:56
Dear Steve...

While I have no ability to prevent you from doing so, I would ask that you please stop using the Muay Thai ebook as an incentive for people to purchase seats at your event. I was one of the contributing authors of that ebook, and none of us were paid for our work. The ebook is available in numerous location for free download, and it doesn't seem fair that you use it in a way to gain potential profit.

Thank you.

-Kru Brooks "Khun Kao Charuad" Miller
Khun Kao
Posted: 2011-09-26 18:31:50

Your introduction video on the webpage you setup for the ebook download is very flattering! I really appreciate that since a number of the contributions in the training section of the book were mine.

Kru Shaun
Posted: 2011-09-27 06:07:01
Sawatdee Khrup
Kru Brooks, with great respect sir, it is not my intention to become involved in any business you and Steve have. However, as this is a public forum I do wish to put my opinion forward for your edification.
I was wondering why you have chosen such a public forum to message Steve? He is easily reached by several more private forms such as; E-Mail, Facebook messenger, telephone or even good old pen and paper.
I am sure I must be wrong in reading into this but it almost seems that you are trying to discredit Steve and promote yourself on a topic that is regarding his show.
You don't need to reply to this on here just drop me a line i
My concern is genuine as I regard Steve as a good friend and am writing this in defence for him

Posted: 2011-09-28 05:16:46
Good show on saturday, an interesting mix of fighters and some very entertaining bouts. I thought James Young got a raw deal getting a draw, but it was a fun tear up! My only gripe was the lack of respect shown by a couple of the K-Star fighters to their opponents, particularly Adrian Maguire, there's no need for it and it reflects badly on the whole camp. Otherwise it was a well conducted night, I'll be at the next one for certain!
Posted: 2011-09-28 06:22:57
Nice call Shaun Boland:)
Kru Shaun
Posted: 2011-09-28 06:39:20
Sawatdee Khrup!
Thanks Carl.
Spiky, I don't think it is intentional lack of respect, most times fighters get caught up with the adrenaline and the heat of the moment. While I don't condone bad attitude or lack of respect, those that I have 'had a word with' when refereeing are more than often apologetic after the fight.
At the end of a Muay Thai fight it is very rare that I don't see mutual respect from both fighters no matter the result.

I get more indiscipline from the spectators and sometimes the cornermen! :-)


Khun Kao
Posted: 2011-09-28 12:43:01
Kru Shaun...

No worries. I have to admit that I posted here in "heat of the moment" just as you and 'spikey' were discussing in regards to the event. I did attempt to contact Steve privately as well.

One of my reasons for posting on this subject publically is that I wish to discourage others from following this same route. I honestly do not believe that Steve meant to take advantage of anyone. It seems obvious to me that he was impressed with the ebook and simply wanted to share.

However, I wanted to make sure that he understands that none of the contributing authors received any form of payment for our contributions, and it really struck a raw nerve with me to receive an email with a link to the ebook offered as an incentive to make a purchase.

-Kru Brooks
Posted: 2011-09-28 13:47:42
Its all game man ship in the ring, and I know that Adrian is not a malicious guy, and in fact was very repsectful indeed to Ali. He was very concerened for him after the fight as Ali went to hospital (just to get checked out, a bit of concussion, but otherwise OK)
Adrian then contacted me to ask how Ali was, and I believe they have spoken to each other.

As Shaun said, fighters get caught up in the heat of the moment, but that is fighting. Thats why I love this sport. Can be great friends before, batter each other, and then be friends again straight afterwards. :)
Kru Shaun
Posted: 2011-09-28 17:08:23
Kru Brooks
Firstly, thank you for your Email (my reply has been forwarded) and the fact that you are humble enough to explain that this was in 'the heat of the moment' (coincidently another discussion going on regarding heat of the moment in this topic).
I respect you for this. As my email reply explained, no personal slight was intended towards you and I was just making an observation and constructive criticism. I totally understand your frustration regarding your Ebook. As you said Steve is not profiting from this (unlike some on EBay) and has done this with the very best of intentions.

I wish you every success sir

Yours in Muay Thai

Kru Shaun
Posted: 2011-09-28 17:12:24
Jesse, don't let our Scottish friends read your comments about our fighters battering each other, you know what they are like, they batter Mars Bars and smarties etc, you will give them ideas!! ;-)

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