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Posted: 2012-04-08 05:57:25
how often do gyms spar a week?
Posted: 2012-04-09 10:43:22
two proper sparring sessions on a wed night and sat afternoon! then little bits of sparring in class, but its more play and relaxed!
Posted: 2012-04-20 16:42:17
average twice a week m8ty ;.)
or sometimes it will be 3/4times just really depends whats comming up fight wise, in classes it will be mianly lighter contact and if guys are training for a fight its alot harder!
esp for weeks 3&4 before the fight then tone it down abit last
2 weeks. how you on this n no facebook anyways ;.)))
Posted: 2014-05-22 17:15:43
Well, I am looking for a sparing partner/teacher that will teach me the art slowly and help me improve on a few things. I hope I can find someone like that in Maryland.
Martin Stobbs
Posted: 2014-08-08 08:49:39
Sparring in the main ranges massively depending on students, whether there are any fights coming up etc. Generally speaking I've always used the following guidelines: -
1. General sparring for the whole class should be light with students focusing on developing their timing, footwork, distance, defence and guard - I always tell them no one should be worried about getting hurt which prevents students from experimenting with techniques
2. Students wanting to have first full fight in ring need to be tested to see how they can cope when faced with adversity!! These sessions can be quite brutal and either change the students mind about fighting or strengthen their resolve. The best thing to come from these sessions is when someone thinks they are ready too early and then realise they need quite a bit more practice!!
3. Experienced fighters need to push themselves, dependent on the level they compete at. As a general rule of thumb if a fighter has a 3 round fight they should be able to compete at a good pace (not too hard though) against 3 sparring partners for 9 rounds, 5 round fighters should have 5 sparring partners for 15 rounds etc etc. Also paramount that they travel to other gyms to spar with other fighters of their level or higher to gain experience of sparring with people they don't know to get used to the adrenaline dump.
Hope this helps!!
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