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Topic:Sparring With A Taller Parson With More Reach?
Posted: 2012-07-15 12:38:52
Sparring with a taller parson with more reach?

There is this guy in my club and he is a lot taller than me. When he kicks i block and try to kick/punch back but whenever i do that he just steppes backwards and starts kicking again. He nearly never uses punches to keep distance and when he does i can easily counterattack. But when he kicks..... any help?
Posted: 2012-08-16 04:52:49
if you have time to block you may have time to move or counter. you can see the kick choose a suitable strike to throw at the same time. easiest is prob right kick for right kick exchange if you both orthodox
Posted: 2012-08-18 06:13:52
trading right kick with right kick when your opponent is both taller than you AND already started his kick is a bit silly. Especially since he can kick when you're still out of range.

I tend to find keeping the hands up and using the time to close the distance, take some of the power out of the kick, and kick the standing leg or lay on some boxing is typically a better strategy with taller fighers.
Martin Stobbs
Posted: 2014-08-08 08:58:49
Exactly what Nephilim says! I'm tall and rangy so see it from other perspective, I dislike it when opponenets move in as I'm kicking. I also teach my shorter students to 'close the gap' BEFORE the taller person can lead off by either using your lead leg to get in then unload with your hands OR as Mike Tyson used to demonstrate, tight high guard lots of head movement and quick footwork to get within your own and inside his.
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