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Topic:So Whatever Happened To Pro Uk Fc??
Posted: 2015-12-17 21:26:54
So whatever happened to pro Uk FC?? I remember a good few years ago, there was a big split in FC in the UK. It was supposed to be have been for the good, to make pro's better, to put more money in the pro game. It was argued head-guards for amateurs were a must, that there must be a clear divide between pro's and Am's. I heard recently that there was an amateur world title fight fought in the UK over 7 rounds with no head-guards. Is that not pro??? Where are all our top pro's now??? I havn't commented on this site much recently as i see Pro FC as pretty much dead now, just a few regional titles fought over. There are no FC only shows now, all have to be propped up by K1 and white collar boxing. I havn't heard of a decent English or British FC title for ages. What ever happened to pro FC? Where are all the promising young pro FC fighters now?
Posted: 2015-12-18 17:44:57

There are still a few amateur-heavy FC events up here in the North East, but the pro scene has all but vanished. I have been running K-1 style events for the past two years as that's what i find people enjoy the most (boxers, kickboxers, and fans alike). I do have an 84kg pro FC world title on my next event up here, April next year, but the event in dominated by international k-1 style bouts.

I appreciate all the styles of Kick/Thai, and i used to do FC years ago, however, my preference these days is the k-1 style. I guess it's just fizzled out. Still a lot of clubs up here practice amateur FC.
Posted: 2016-03-02 03:11:29
Probably my only post this year.
The answer is, everyone talked about support but no one wanted to sacrifice. That's it. We can bullshit for life about greedy promoters, failed systems, orgs are to blame etc. But the bottom line is the community were not prepared to build for the future. So they didn't.

Therefore the only development has been within the amateurs, because that's about as goo as FC is going to get. Any money, exposure etc is now directed towards K1, Enfusion, Glory type styles.

The recent development of headguards coming off in higher level contests follows the lead of the ABA. and has been successful. And the 7 round duration is an attempt to build on the amateur success and make a title at that level more credible and worthy of having.

That IMHO is all positive, and about as good as it's going to get in FC, ever.

I appreciate it's not everyones' cup of tea but may be if they had contributed a little more than an empty 'know it all' opinion at the time of re-development they could have had things the way they wanted it.

This is not new information really, just a reiteration of what has been and what will be. FC is pretty much where it belongs.Those who wanted to be more progressive, and sooner have moved on and done well under other disciplines, and well done to them!
Posted: 2016-03-03 08:59:59
Agreed. The pro FC scene is all but dead.
Amateur level, particularly the juniors, is still thriving, but i cannot see the pro scene being revived.
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