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Topic:2x Rachadamnern Champion In Action Once Again
Mike Duffy
Posted: 2002-11-13 06:33:38
Dean White Next show is on the 1St December . You can now buy your tickets on line at

This is one not to be missed with Thai boxing at its best with 2x Rachadamnern champion in action once again.

Posted: 2002-11-13 14:24:49
Simon Chu (Nongkee Pahuyuth) v Samuel Beautreau (France)
Dale White (Nongkee Pahuyuth) v Sebastian Daragon (France)
Gavin Sterritt (Nongkee Pahuyuth) v Frederic Turgis (France)
Danny Brown (Nongkee Pahuyuth) v Raphael Blanchard (France)
Tye Williams (Nongkee Pahuyuth) v Phil Ireland (Keddles gym)
Danniel Welsh (Kings gym) v Liam Harrison (Bad Company)
All 5 Round fights
Chanrit v t.b.a.
Any fighters wanting to challenge from 59-65kg please contact Dean on 01924 377107 Email as Chris McDonald & Morris Riley are no longer taking the fight.

All 5 Round fights

There is also a full undercard of fights on the day
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-14 01:43:43
I know the Fighter Fredric Turgis i see him in bkk very good teqnique also Sebastian Daragon was there with Wang chan noi.

They both win by k.o.Sebastian very tall and strong for 52kg, Turgis have good knee and pushkick.

Can somebody help for i get tickets for this gala please, Dale White win against Van Hoydonk his uncle is good friend of mine they say John V Hoydonk could not be beat.

Please inform from where i get the ticket please and in England what district is Wakfield nr
Posted: 2002-11-14 05:32:12
Hellllloooooooo Mr. Duffy long time no see.
Posted: 2002-11-14 05:38:15
Isn't that the same date as Sandy's show?
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-14 05:42:08
Trust me Loupy Lou go see the 2 French i write about about the other 2 i do noy know maybe somebody can post there record.

I think Sandy as not got A-Classe fighter on, I read this Thai is superstar also my friend in bkk say he is very good kicker.
91439 : Tickets

Mike Duffy
Posted: 2002-11-14 06:04:04
Hi tingtong tiger

You can buy tickets on-line at
. Also Wakefield is just outside Leeds. And yes it is the same day as Sandys show

91440 : Tickets

Mike Duffy
Posted: 2002-11-14 06:05:09
Hi tingtong tiger

You can buy tickets on-line at
. Also Wakefield is just outside Leeds. And yes it is the same day as Sandys show

Mike Duffy
Posted: 2002-11-14 06:14:32
Hi All yes the Show is on the same day a Sandys show, but which show do you want to see? One with 15 Noices fights and no titles or one with International fights including a thai fighter and one of the best at that...

Am sure Sandy will put on a good show, butit can't compare to Deans show.

Mr Smith
Posted: 2002-11-14 10:16:28
Deans show looks like its going to be really good. Simon Chu and Gavin Sterrit are fighting full Thai rules - not sure about the other French fighters, but they will be top fights.

Liam Harrison (Bad Company) v Daniel Welch (Kings gym) is full Thai too, although I have asked for elbow pads because they are young guys. We are hoping to get Andy Howson on fighting a French guy too and that will be full Thai.

I hope Chanrit gets matched - I'd love to see him in action again and not be in the opposing corner this time!
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-14 10:30:16
Mr Smith

Was he really that good, It was fighting against your student i think, My friend from bkk says he is special with his kicking
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-15 03:39:36

I here the name of the fighter Simon Chu before, who as he fight before i see he is good with K.O. as good as the Dutch LOL ????????????????
Posted: 2002-11-15 06:35:12
Simon Chu is an awesome fighter. He is so composed and strong like an Ox. Gonna get me tickets this saturday.

Hope Chanrit gets matched aswell.

Now binned out of the K1 this weekend as cant afford both shows so making the trip north instead
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-15 10:29:45
Thank You Whacka

I will be at this gala also i think, I hope i get chance to meet you good luck in future.
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-17 04:50:41

Is Simon Chu still fighting the same guy from France.

My friend from Paris say he only loose 1 in 16 fights in 5rnd fights !!!
Posted: 2002-11-17 05:12:57
Simon is still fighting the same guy from what i understand. Go to Mick Duffy's site and read the last two reports on Chu. I saw him fight in March against Belgium guy and he was so unreal. I was at the back and from where we were sitting you could see he bruising on the other guys leg in round two then bamm third he put him down. He also did the same to a guy from one of the other gyms in Leeds. Mick/colin had some pictures of the guy sparko on the canvas.

Check it out...This guy is deffo gonna have some World Titles in the very near doubt there.
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-18 08:17:47

Thank you very much i look forward to see your faces when the English get there asses kicked LOL. These French are good.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-11-19 03:46:15

Posted: 2002-11-19 03:57:56
stop showing off Dave :-)
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-19 11:34:33
Nice Dave

Lets hope you fight as good as you chant LOL !!! Not you English fighters on Dec 1st LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 2002-11-19 20:38:46
Good luck with the show young Dean
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-20 04:31:02
I see the English got beaten in Birmingham by the French on Sunday !!!!!!

Will it happen on Dec 1st The French have no Muay Thai in there country now so every team they ending is good one !!!!!!!!!!!

Everybody go looking at this French Team from Siam Boxing very good and strong.
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-20 09:33:46

In another thread you spoke about smaller galas.

Some of the small venue galas are the best for atmosphere the main thing is the size of the boxing ring.

As long as the ring is 20ft its o.k.but the smaller ring is no good to show or learn ring craft, Sometimes the fighter can learn in the small ring and then entered into the 20ft to 24ft ring they can look totaly lost.

I will wait for your reply Dave do you agree with my comments.
Posted: 2002-11-20 10:10:30
If Ting Tong Tiger is French I will show my arse in woolies windows, makes me cringe when I read the above therads!
I know they say any publicity is good publicity but that takes the biscuit!
I should now get a personal attack by some anonomous goes...
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-20 10:31:42

I am Dutch !!! What are woolies mean sheep !!!
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-11-20 10:41:03
I dont recall mentioning small galas. The only comment that i can find on another thread was one that said "Deans shows have outgrown the venue but the atmosphere is good" I would say that suggests it is a big gala with a good atmosphere.
I am not sure that I follow your point about the size of the ring though. I think it depends on the fighters style as to whether he feels lost in a larger ring. I have never heard of a fighter complaining that the ring is too big, only that the ring is too small.
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-20 10:56:31
Dave. Jackson

I think you misunderstand me "sorry" thats what i mean about small ring are not good for the boxer to learn.

I Did not mean this gala also i only asked which was the best one to see and you spoke good about all 3 !!!

My meaning was you give different reasons to see each one and i wanted to say that i want to go to the one with a full size ring but if its in the disco you cannot get the full ring there.

I dont want to see no movement as i say before i dont care about the elbows i like boxing and kicking.

I would like to speak in Holland sometimes this can happen with too many gym fights there fighter look very unsteady in a full size ring "SORRY" I will get my friend to spell it better for me next time.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-11-20 15:45:07
Ok I think I understand you now.

As far as the ring size goes you would have to ask the individual promoters, they or their students are all on here so it shouldn`t be difficult to find out.

Funny thing is, I cant ever remember being at a show in tne UK that had a 24 ft ring. I remember one of my guys fighting in a 24ft ring but that was in Rotterdam! :)

Anyway, all joking aside, you seem to have already decided that you will go and watch the show in Wakefield. So I dont think it really matters. Deans show will be wicked so I wouldnt worry about the size of the ring.

Have a good time in England!

p.s.Good luck Gavin!
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-21 00:40:33

I just check on computor now, You have fighters in Roterdamn before who was it and who was promotor please here we have 24ft ring at many gala we work this out from meters so you understand LOL !!!!!!!

Is your student Shaun Johnson he fight Andre in Prague sensational k.o.was you there David i think 1996.

Yes i think i go to the gala of Dean White i make 3 contact from here who will go i will stay in Manchester area.

Is Ann Quinlin still fighting or have school also Lisa Howarth.

Thank you
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-11-21 02:50:14
Ting Tong,

My fighter Pele Hall (retired) fought Ewan Menes in Rotterdam, I cant remember the name of the promoter. All I remember is that he was good friends with of the famous .."The Dutch Windmill" and the show was mixed, boxing and Thai Boxing

Yes Shaun is my student as well. Shaun has had a bad time recently but he is back in the gym and training hard. He has had a lot of tough fights over the years but at 27 he is not too old for a heavy weight to make a good comeback.

Lisa Howarth is teaching in Sale, Manchester. She runs a club with Leroy Atkinson. They are holding a junior interclub this weekend and I hope to take some kids along.

I havent heard from Ann Quinlan in ages (wicked fighter)
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-21 04:28:26

Your fighter win Menes very good, he is like little Pit Bull.

Is your fighter Pele who fight Fred Royers before in about 1980s.

yes Ann Quinlin is strong fighter like a small man or mini Lucia its a shame they were not same weights , Same is Rob Kaman was same as Samart explosive fights.

Thank you for reply, Good luck to you and your student v Oz fighter
Posted: 2002-11-21 07:23:23
I heard Ann Quinlin was teaching for Master Toddy in the states these days. Duffy should know for sure.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-11-21 09:23:03
Ting tong,
Not the same Pele, that may have been Pele Nathan but I am not sure.

I was at Master Toddys last year and Ann was not there. Master Toddy was asking about her. She is not listed as an instructor on his new website either.
92473 : NOT trying to COMPETE !!!!

Posted: 2002-11-21 15:59:59
Deans show sounds great ! And if i was a fight fan and a pureist in muay-thai ! then thets the show youd go to !
mines to get and help the up and coming fighters onto the next level where like many fighters on here etc: and like some of deans and MINE too whom have had a lot of experience !
I have 7 fighters out of the 15 on ! To give them a chance !
3 have fought the other 4 havent !
Any fighters on here and trainers will know what im getting at here ! THIS IS NOT a ME v Dean to who can get a better class of show / fighters !
Its not about size ? of the ring ? IS IT?? or venue ?? the NEW VENUE im trying for the very FIRST time is and holds about 1,500+ i know painthorpe country club holds about 300 ish?/ BUT Deans fights / matches are all quality ! So this isnt about whose show is better
MIKE you wrote........

Mike Duffy

Mike Duffy writes:

Hi All yes the Show is on the same day a Sandys show, but which show do you want to see? One with 15 Noices fights and no titles or one with International fights including a thai fighter and one of the best at that...

Am sure Sandy will put on a good show, butit can't compare to Deans show.

Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-11-21 16:09:31
You fall for it every time Sandy! You waited 34 posts this time but eventually took the bait :)
Posted: 2002-11-21 19:48:49
Thanks Dave I must have been miss informed on that one.
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-22 03:14:05
Hi Sandy

I send Email to a friend of yours in Manchester he say Wang Chan Noi fight there before surely not only hold 300 ppl ???

Can anybody say how many approx it hold if only 300 its too small i will go to different gala
Mike Duffy
Posted: 2002-11-22 06:26:16
At Deans last show there must have been 600 - 700 people at least, and what a great atmosphere!
tingtong tiger
Posted: 2002-11-22 06:55:26
Mike Duffy

Thank you i here last gala about 700 people & Wang Chan Noi many more than that, Did you go to that one Mike.
92579 : Ann Q

Mike Duffy
Posted: 2002-11-22 11:08:53
Ann was teaching in Toddys gym in the US for a while, but has been back in Oldham for about a year or more now. She has been to my gym once a twice to say hello and I am plese to say I count her amoung my long time good friends.

she is not training any more, as has her hand full with studying at Uni and keeping hold of a job (working the young people). The last time I saw her, she did talk a bit about teaching at Toddys, but said was not a good experance. And left it at that.

Ernesto Guevara
Posted: 2002-11-22 17:23:17
Sounds to me like the tiger titty has some kind of special interest in this event...I wonder why?? Is it because one of your corny fighters is on this gala?? Or you just trying to promote this gala? What's the deal here tiger?? Are you one of those guys that has quality fighters and you put them against lesser quality fighters so that your camp looks good?? Since you seem to be promoting this event indirectly, I think the organizers should ban you from the show completely. The likes of you soil quality events. I got your number tiger and I know who you are and in a few hours I'm gonna find out where you live....scared yet bitch!!!

El Capitan!
92651 : Ann Quinlan !!!! wow a blast from the past AND boy what a good fighter she was

Posted: 2002-11-22 22:03:57
say hello from me ! ta
Posted: 2002-11-23 05:13:33
Confirm with Mike. I was at the last show and its awesome. Ive been to loads of shows and all I can say is that yes paignthorpe isnt the biggest or easiest to find (some signs would be good !!) but the atmosphere is amongst the best ive experienced.

I dont think the capacity should be an issue anyway. OK it may not hold 1500, but whats the atmosphere gonna be like eah. Thats what makes the show for me.

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