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98297 : Angela Rivera

Posted: 2002-12-28 10:02:34
What`s happened to the finest female fighter at her weight in the world? I know she has a baby due soon,but where is she at the moment? I just read an interview with the girl that I got started in the sport, Jaqueline Nava and she mentioned her ¨win¨ against Angela. First of all, I was still Nava`s manager at the time and agreed to full Thai rules. I did so to test Nava´s abilities to her utmost and against somebody that knew Muay Thai very well. Evidently, Nava`s trainer refused to fight with those rules once there. Also, Angela had problems making weight and also turned out to be pregnant. Since the fight was so close with those conditions, it will be interesting to see how the rematch will go using full Thai rules. I full Thai rules fight with Marlow McCray would also be a very stern test for Nava, but I think McCray`s knowledge of Muay Thai for surpasses that of Nava at this point.
Big Diesel
Posted: 2002-12-28 11:51:35
i Met Angela in Vegas - she was suppossed to fight but did not due to her opponent being sick or something. She was very wiling to fight and seemed very sure of her self - I like that. Had me in tears (laughing) at the way she was talking about her opponent for not fighting - damn that was funny. I have read a few articles on her and can't wait to see her fight - if someon has tape let me know or keep us posted of when you fight shorty.
Posted: 2002-12-28 16:30:02
Hello Doug,
Thanks Doug for letting the whole world know that I fought a little preggie. I had no clue at the time but was really sick and tired makes sence now. They didn't offer pregnancy test so it wasn't a big issue at the time.
I am in Australia now with my husband John Wayne. He had a little problems getting back into America after he over stayed two days on his last visit. But it all worked out for the better Australia is awesome! Muay Thai is much bigger here and I will be able to fight girls I haven't fought before and it will be more fun for me. John Wayne owns a gym here and it is just like Thailand, I am so excited to get back to training. The atmosphere is unreal. There is also a girl fighter at Boonchu named Melissa Godfrey and she will motivate me to get back in shape and will be a good training partner. I am due with my baby girl at the end of January so I plan to fight again in August.
Hopefully next year Dennis will fly me out to rematch Jackie. I wish I could see the Jackie VS Trisha fight. I believe that Trisha will beat Jackie. Trisha has major power as a boxer and Jackie has a fast amateur style boxing skills. When I fought Trisha she was able to show me birds and stars when she hit me, but it was good cause at the end I showed her the ground.
When I do fight again it will be under Angela Parr so I hope people will know who I am?
Posted: 2002-12-29 09:36:22
Nice to hear from you. Best of luck with the baby. Make sure that JWP gets his lazy arse up in the middle of the night to help out with baby. Now we`ll see how tough that bloke is when he starts to live on 3 hours sleep per night:)
Rex Rumble
Posted: 2002-12-30 02:26:11
Hey good to see aussie is treating you well Angela!
Australians arent to bad its just there accents that hold them back!lol
I am sure that once baby is born that you will take the aussie muay thai circuit by storm! specially with a mean ass husband screaming "sip,sip,sip" while you are on the pads!
He had me in tears everyday when i was there!
Rexy ;)
Posted: 2002-12-30 13:14:08
Hey Rex, when is Ngapera back training and fighting. Her vs Angela would be a good fight to watch.
Posted: 2003-01-02 00:42:33
Hi catherine! Ngaps had her first night on the pads last night! Very hard kicks!
Shouldnt be too long before she is back in the ring! Not sure if a fight with Angela would happen! She is now fighting under Boonchu NZ!
Would be cool to see you in with her again!!!!
98774 : hey angela good luck with baby

Posted: 2003-01-02 06:40:52
hope to see u round with wayne at his next fights an if its a guy " ken" is a gr8 name lol similar to " kahstallion">>>>> kens ah stallion lol
Sue Glassey
Posted: 2003-01-02 13:16:48
HI Angela

Never met you but would love too. What weight do you fight at??? I faught my last fight pregnent too, been reading alot of literature on it and the new train of thought is that it dosn't harm anyone mother or baby, up to about 10 - 12 weeks, for contact stuff and you can carry on training right up to t birth if you are careful hydrate yourself and rest properly.
I am going to try to train all the way through, they say that you can get physiological gains from pregnancy a bit like blood doping if you don't lax of the training too much and get back into it 3 - 6 weeks after the birth (ofcourse not as hard as pre comp but at 50% of previous training)
Any how I'm just excited about being able to keep training, I had to stop for 7 weeks due to the loss of a twin but the other one is all keen to stay put.
Any how let me know if you have any tips about training postpartum etc.

Good luck w the training

Hi rex, say hi to Ngapera from me (oh yeah and urself)

Hi catherine only a few weeks now til I'm in your neck o the woods, so I'll see you round soon.

98986 : hi sue look the rescent info indicates

Posted: 2003-01-03 08:46:05
if you have been training before you got preggy than is ok to train afterwards but the 2 factore are overheating your body which can damage the foetus an also impact as in jarring so those must be monitored, im an aerobics instructor an personal trainer so thats something i always keep an eye on with clients an i have twin boys :) 14 months old they are killing me lol . I told you i have strong swimmers rexy just like my porno name call me " multiple man " lol.
Posted: 2003-01-05 00:38:24
Hi! I hope to meet you too!
I did train and teach when I was first pregnant till I was about 4 months. Then I got really lazy and I haven't done anything ever since. I heard it's very safe to train while you are pregnant if you are used to it. People who are runners can run all the way till the end. I tried to run about the 6th month but, felt kinda funny so I quit. I am almost finished though, so I hope I will be up to training a couple of weeks after. I fight from 57-61 kilos. I will not fight again if I am not at that weight because there is no reason for me to be heavier, and when I am heavier I am lazy and I don't fight as well. I tend to lose a bunch of weight right before a fight, now I rather just walk around what I will be fighting at. Maybe I am saying that cause I have a big ass belly and want to be skinny again:) Good luck on the baby! Hopefully we will meet soon!
99136 : good luck with the babies ladies ! HOPE alls well

Posted: 2003-01-05 01:48:24
Posted: 2003-01-05 12:12:24

thanks for sharing the info, i often wondered about taking teeps to the guts, in the earlie stages of prgnancy:
not something i have to worry about at the moment, but as it is alaways possible to be in the early stages of prgnancy and not know about it, i think all women should be aware of the dangers/ facts.

I hope everythig goes well for you both, and the baba's.

please keep me informed of how things go.

all the best


Posted: 2003-01-05 13:34:40
I don't think that it is a good idea to spar, that's one thing to stop right away. When it is early it's not so bad, but still not a good idea. If someone does spar in early pregnancy no body shots. Also, another thing I was told by doctors no sit-ups. You can cut of the air to the baby, so that is one other exercise to stop in part of training. But everything else is a go.
Mark L.
Posted: 2003-01-05 16:17:39
Congrats Angela ;)
Sue Glassey
Posted: 2003-01-06 20:48:22

I've spent alot of time researching the facts, latest studies etc, my degree is in Sports Physiology so I believe I have some good background knowledge.

Theres lots of issues and hyerthermia is one of them due to failure of the neural tube closing in early pregnancy but it has been proven, Dr Clapp (1996) that in trained athletes and recreational athletes there is not dangerof this happening as they have efficient heat dispersion, and training up to pregnancy is also not dangerous for trained athletes etc, except in some circumstances, eg history of miscarridge, high blood pressure, multiple births and a few other things.

Nice to hear from you and thanks for the info and kid words.

Talk to you again soon

Posted: 2003-01-07 23:17:47
G'day Angela,

Glad you are enjoying OZ and you are right- Muay Thai is huge here, paticularly Queensland and Western Australia. I must say I can't wait to see you fight in OZ. Unfortunately I haven't seen you fight before, but now it looks like I will get the chance. Their should be plenty of opponents for you at your fighting weight, so when you get back into it you could be one busy girl!

Also Good luck with the little one arriving soon and I wish Wayne and yourself all the best this year!!
Posted: 2003-01-07 23:50:20
Thanks! I am so excited to be here in Australia. Every day I feel more lucky, today I was at Boonchu and I was watching the guys do some boxing sparring and I was so excited to be apart of a great gym. I know that being here can make me a better fighter than when I stopped. JW is doing more teaching than ever so it's nice to see him in action and the boys are getting some great training. Also, I know there are a lot of girls for me to fight and that is more inspiring, Australia has some real talented female fighters and I want to fight them all in my weight class.
Posted: 2015-10-29 17:24:40
Still at Boonchu? Thought I would dig up this very old post. Cheers.
Gee Tee
Posted: 2015-10-30 18:47:53
Hey Doug-glad to see that you are alive and well! Haven't heard from you in ages. I still come to this forum once a week or so, but not much going on in kickboxing these days and most of the stuff talked about here isn't US based kickboxing. K-1 and Glory are rarely talked about on this one.

About Angie - I think she retired to raise her kids a couple of years ago. She had been active in Australia up til then and had even fought MMA a few times. She's still married to JWP and at Boonchu.

Hope all is well with you
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