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Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-12 01:49:14
Thai in 2003 World Max?

Does anyone now if Thailand will have a fighter in this years K-1 World Max? Kaolan did really well last year, but I think he wouldn't have the same success due to the new rules on clinching.

*countdown till somebody says it doesn't matter, because Zambidis will win it anyway :)
Posted: 2003-03-12 01:53:12
Posted: 2003-03-12 01:54:09
Zambidis will kill everyone hahahahaah! Just kidding Bryan. I have no idea about Kao-lan
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-12 02:00:56
Personally, I'd like to see if Sakmongkol could have a go of it. Not much of a puncher, thats true. But he had enough wack to get Hassan Kassirioui out with one shot. Good Footwork, and Hammer like middle kick. His style when fighting non-Thais was pretty much to move, hammer away with the kick, front kick them away, and then tie up if they got close.

I guess the big question is, is he ringworn? Or is there enough to pull it off?
Posted: 2003-03-12 02:44:54
Wasn't that KO to Hassan Kassiriouri in a 4 man tournament that Sakmonkol was in?
And didn't Hassan KO Jongsanan prior to that?
Posted: 2003-03-12 02:47:03
He's be awesome to see there Bryan but as erichaycraft stated, it may not happen because they might be too tough for most of the other middle weights.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-12 02:55:02
Yes, but I think it was an 8 man tourney.

and yes, Hassan ko'd Jongsanan in Morrocco.
Posted: 2003-03-12 06:02:58
I was thinking that since Ole and Jomhod are fighting Saturday on a K-1 card...the winner there is bound to be in. So Jomhod is a possibility.

Then there is the French show with both Neungtrakarn and Sakmongkol. Perhaps a strong showing there would offer them up a chance. Of course the Max tourney is less than a month after tha show.........

France still have a no knee policy?

Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-12 06:22:21
I think that the knee thing in France is all politics .....depending on who the promoter is and if they work with the French Thaiboxing federation .
But i am not 100% sure ..... i belive that Colin H could tell us more about this ....
Posted: 2003-03-12 09:29:48
Sami Khebchi's Organisation cannot sanction mt in France.
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-12 09:53:16
So then the tournament will be Kickboxing with lowkicks .......
Posted: 2003-03-13 17:25:10

Love to see Jomhod there!

I bet him and Ole will have a very interesting battle. I think Jomhod is too experienced.
Posted: 2003-03-13 17:28:20
The K-1 MAX G.P. is in May this year and Ole is fighting in Super League so I guess that rules him out of Max G.P.
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-13 17:29:22
Jomhods got a nice collection of belts .......
Posted: 2003-03-13 17:34:44
Yes and I think all of them! Notice his IMF and WMC belts.....I saw a WPKL Belt in there too.
Posted: 2003-03-13 19:06:11
Wheres jomhod from?

Any info?
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-13 19:11:16
Jomhod is from Thailand, former Lumpinee and Rajadamnern champ...
Posted: 2003-03-13 20:35:57
What about Yoddecha Sidyotong, i think he may be a little light. We know his kicking and kneeing ability but i don't think his hand will be a weakness. Your thoughts
Posted: 2003-03-13 20:51:50
He fights at 63kg I'm sure, but probably still kicks harder then the 70kg guys in the comp already!
Posted: 2003-03-13 21:33:54
I hope top promoters of Thailand make a wise decision if having
a representive of Thailand for the K-1 max. I tend to notice that
Thailand would just send their top fighter or their best at the moment
but it doesn't neccesarly mean that the best would always do well.
The Thai must have a perfect style for K-1

-To have a succesful fighter in the K-1 Thailand has plenty to choose
from. The Thai fighter that they choose has to be very rounded, good
hands, good kicks, good straight knee without clinch, and good footwork

My top 4 picks:
(good for the K-1 style

1-Suriyah Sor Pleonchit 5,10 155-160 pounds
( Smart fighter- Southpaw very good hands like's to fight on the outside
hard left kicks dosen't rely on clinching.

2-Kreinkal Worrapin, 5,10 155-160 pounds
( Very powerful and fast kicks with both legs awesome foot work
known to stop fights just with his kicks. Beat Sackmomkol
by breaking his arm and ribs!!!

3-Kaolan Kaovichit 5,10 147-155
(Thailands top fighter has beat the best of Thailand, good combinations
good knees goes foward.

4-Yoddecha Sit Yodtong 5,7 150-160
(Known as the headhunter in Thailand, very good with Knocking out
his opponents with Head kicks. Super Fast Strong kicks has a good chin and a strong right cross.

-Zambidis Fans these Thai guys that I have picked. Has what it takes to
beat Zambidis pritty bad. Some of them would probabaly break Zambidis
arm. Because that's the thing now a days Thai fighters like to bang up the arms. To stop the opponent from punching....

Guys that Thailand might choose just because
there good right now. But I think that wont do good because there style
won't fit K-1.

-Deun Essan Kiat Sarrikah 5,8 155-160
(Is very strong in the clinch likes to just walk foward and grab
his opponents no footwork.
He will get knocked out if fighting somebody like Krause,or Zambidis.

-Neungtrakan Por meung Ubon 5,9 158-165
(Is very strong clincher but relys on his elbows and his left kicks.
Neungtrakan is a slow fighter slow kicker no footwork walks into punches
and kicks.
Posted: 2003-03-13 22:12:23
I like Johmod....such a smart fighter, very slick.
Posted: 2003-03-13 22:15:54
thongsai is Suriyah Sor Pleonchit did this guy fight in the Thai vs China kings birthday the one that ended with a left body shot.

By the way the "The Thai fighter that they choose has to be very rounded, good
hands, good kicks, good straight knee without clinch, and good footwork" are my favourite style of fighter to watch.
David Lucas
Posted: 2003-03-13 22:18:21
thongsai, what about pajunsuk (sp?)i know he beat kaolan last year, how has
he done since?
Posted: 2003-03-13 22:31:45
Yep, that's the same guy, he's very powerful and rounded. He has also beaten a shoot-boxing champion.
Those are my favorite style too- for international level, because it shows their true talent.

David Lucas,
This is what I was trying to say about Thailand's best not neccesarily being the best choices. Pajunsuk is top Thailand right now, but internationally I don't think he would do very good. His style leaves him open to get rushed by good boxers-which typically europeans are. Just my opinion though, good selection though, I probably would of choose him too:).
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-14 00:55:56
I think Yoddecha wouldn't be a bad choice.


When was the Kreinkai v. Sakmongkol fight that you described?

Posted: 2003-03-14 02:04:32
Pajunsuk fought Kaolan again again last saturday the 8th with Panjunsuks welterweight title at stake.The first time they fought Kaolan looked out of sorts but this time he played with Pajunsuk and took the title fairly easily.
Posted: 2003-03-14 02:34:54

Kiatadisak Jomhod (King of the Ring) (Sweden/Vallentuna Boxing Camp)

Titles: WPKL Professional World champion, Thai boxing -02
ISKA Professional World champion, Thai boxing -02
WPKA Professional World champion, Thai boxing -01
WKN Professional World champion, Thai boxing -00
WPKL Professional World champion, Thai boxing -00
WMC Professional World champion, Thai boxing -00
ISKA Professional World champion, Thai boxing -98
WKA Professional World champion, Thai boxing -98
WKA Professional World champion, Kick boxing -98
Rajdamnern stadium champion - 94, 95
WMTC Professional World champion, Thai boxing -91
Lumpini stadium champion -89


Records: 240 Fights
218 Wins
22 Losses
76 KOs
Date of birth: 1970 | Weight: 70 kg | Height: 173 cm | Nationality: Finland

Jomhod knows how to fight foreigners and tournaments. Perhaps a victory over Ole on this K-1 sanctioned show will line him up.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-14 02:47:10
hey Rob,
was the recent kaolan vs. Pajunsuk fight televised?
Posted: 2003-03-14 16:44:40
Brian Popejoy,

Krienkal vs Sackmonkol faught on feb of 98 on tv 5 Songchai Promotions.

-I'm a very big Sackmonkol fan when I saw him go against Kriengkal.
I knew it it was going to be a war with kicks. I thought Sackmonkol would have the upperhand but Kreingkal prooved to be a stronger kicker resulting to a
stoppage in the fourth.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-14 17:19:12

did you get my last e-mail?
Posted: 2003-03-14 18:05:21
Bryan. I got the first one. It was a pretty decent fight. It's funny when you see something like that and then someone (Rob) says the next fight was turned around fairly easily.
Makes you desperate to see it yourself.
Posted: 2003-03-14 18:26:35
Oh my God "Krienkal vs Sackmonkol faught on feb of 98 on tv 5 Songchai Promotions, I knew it it was going to be a war with kicks. I thought Sackmonkol would have the upperhand but Kreingkal prooved to be a stronger kicker resulting to a stoppage in the fourth." Krienkal broke Sackmonkols arm & rib !!! WTF can this Krienkal kick or what.

Thongsai how old is Krienkal, can you give more info on him as title, guys hes fought is he still fighting.

Thongsai or anyone can you tell me of camps that have the fighting style that produces "very rounded, good hands, good kicks, good straight knee without clinch, and good footwork" such as Sityodtong
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-14 19:01:00
I think this is the fourth time Kaolan and Pajunsuk fought.

I've seen one from the shopping mall, one from Rajadamnern(WMC title), one from Lumpinee(for Lumpinee title), and then this new one.

As far as Pajunsuk adopting to international fights...he did handle Dimitri Shakuta relatively easily
Posted: 2003-03-15 00:44:59
I hope Thailand do get entry into K-1 Max, I also hope he will be well rounded.

If the Thai is just a powerful kicker and is up against Zambidis, it would more than likely be that Zam would get the nod into the next round or win K-1 Max. Chopper smashed Kraus with kicks last year and should've gone into the next round and ultimately win the K-1 Max. Punches vs Kicks are scored the same in K-1 aren't they? That really sucks the Kumara!!! It's not B-1 Max!

Go Thailand!!! Fingers crossed for the return of Kaolan. Double Fingers crossed for the induction of Jomhad.

See you on the moon...


Posted: 2003-03-15 00:48:06
The Jomhod vs. Ole fight toinght is only 3x3. Which is too bad I was hoping to see a good five rounds between these two!

Posted: 2003-03-15 02:12:35
Both the last 2 Kaolan vs Pajonsuk fights were televised on channel 5 on the saturday afternoon Lumpini show.
Kriengkal is still fighting occasionally,he fights soon in France ive been told and last august time lost in China in a Muaythai vs kungfu fight.He is not the same as in his prime though and I don't think he trains much for these fights.In his prime he was both Lumpini and Ratchadamneon champion.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-15 02:27:05
Thanks, Rob.

You guys train 10 minute rounds at Sit-Nungubon?

Posted: 2003-03-15 06:14:27
Can anyone answer Traad last post? About what Gym trains specifically to what he has written,"Very rounded good hands, good kicks, good straight knee without clinch, good footwork". I am also very interested in an answer too?

See you on the moon...

ercan gürgöze
Posted: 2003-03-15 08:14:59
i think that the sections of k-1 has to do more with kb-lowkicks rather than mt and also one of the main factors is the short duration of the fights where you need speed & the way of using the most shortest speedy way (i.e. punching combos mostly)...hence, the thai side would not have a big success in this k-1 story...

(but again, if they would give the emphasize to this type of fighting (instead of mt fights ) ,then they may have a big success in this game ... however, they need to ignore mt under this circumstance...)
Posted: 2003-03-15 08:54:53

The gyms that train and make these well rounded fighters
that I mentioned with.- Good hands,Good kicks,and good straight
knee without clinch and footwork ect...

Are mostly the gyms that produce good international western boxers
where most of there focus is western boxing and footwork like:
-Sor Pleonchit camp
-Sit Yodthong camp
-Proymook camp of Burirum
All these camps that I mentioned have something similar .
All of the fighters that come out these camps are very rounded.
Good boxing awesome footwork very exciting to watch.
-Sor Pleochit Camp produced alot of good international boxers
and Suriyah comes from there.

-Sit Yodthong produced ,Dejpitak,Yoddecha,Rodthung,Yodsiriyan
and best of all superstyle Samart Paiyakaroon,and WBA Boxing champion
Yodsanan 3k Battery plus more!!!!

-Proymook camp has superstars like Kaoponglek, Namkhabuen,Nomphon,Namkhabuen Lek,where these guys display everything from flying knees spinning back elbows list goes on.

About Krienkal there was time in Thailand where there was no one for him to compete with. Because he was just to strong for his opponents so having
no work. He joined the Thai Teakwondo National team and competed in the
Asian games- won gold, Sea Games -won silver, and the Olympics in Sydney.
I think the reason why he competed in Taekwondo is his kicks were just

Kreinkal has beat top fighters like, Steaphan Nakiema, Dany Bille,
Ryan Simpson, Kaoponglek, Sackmonkol, Den Muang Surin, Kogpatahpee,Vihoknoi,
Somchai Sornatana, Rainbow. All these fight that I mentioned just shows Krienkal just annialating these top Thai guys with brutal kicks and punches.

In 1997 Krienkal won the GS tournament where thailand had Thais and
Europeans fighters competeing in bracket matches in the 155-160 catergory.

I think Krienkal is around 28 I reccomend everyone try finding his fight tapes.

Bryan Popejoy,
try this e-mail please
Posted: 2003-03-15 10:41:29
Hey You guys know johmod fought Ole about a yr ago right? He won a dec. But Ole was landing some heavy stuff at the end.It was such a good fight that Its the reason its being billed as a superfight.
Posted: 2003-03-15 10:43:43

Don't count Ole out.
Posted: 2003-03-15 10:45:17
He destroyed his 2 opponents on the kings birthday.Both by K.O.
Posted: 2003-03-15 10:48:15
Don't get me wrong. I think Johmod is one of the tops.I've seen him fight.But my boy Ole does have a shot. Go OLE !!!!!!!
Posted: 2003-03-15 11:36:01
Actually I did not know that about Ole and Jomhod. Thanks for the info! Where was that fight?
Posted: 2003-03-15 13:18:12

Excellent comments, I totally agree with what you are saying.


Was the recent fight between Skarbowski and Kaoponglek televised? Did he train at the Kor Bankuay camp with Robert in Khon Khaen again? Did Skarbowski use the same Thai style that he used in his fights with Orono or did he use the same ugly, aggresive, and reckless style that he has used in most of his fights? I never heard that Kriengkai fought against a Sansahou fighter in China in August, are you sure this is true?

As far as I know Kaolan and Pajonsuk have fought four times:

Kaolan twice defeated Pajonsuk on points in 2001.
Pajonsuk beat Kaolan on points in 2002 for the Welterweight Lumpinee title.
And then the reent fight.

Didn't Pajonsuk get KO'ed by Jason Suttie?
Rex Rumble
Posted: 2003-03-15 16:35:21
yeah that was while ago hh.I saw the poster in jasons gym! Jas said he ko'ed him quite early in the fight,not to sure what it was with though.
Posted: 2003-03-15 23:54:27
The Starborski Kaoponglek fight wasn't televised though not sure if it was recorded.Starborski as far as I know trains at jockygym/gannorasing camp which is where Robert is from.His style wasn't at all reckless,much like when he fought Orono and more recently Rambojiew.He kept his opponent off with push kicks and used very good sharp punch combinations.
Kriengkai definately went and fought in China as I was in Bangkok just before and did some grappling work with him in Sor Vorapin.
Posted: 2003-03-16 19:48:20

Yeah, I remember you mentioning that a while back. Thanks for the info.


I think Khaennorasingh and Kor Bankuay are the same camp in Khon Khaen. That's why the fighters from there like Robert use those names interchangeably, but I could be wrong. Robert also trained at Jockey Gym in Bangkok for a while so those camps might be affiliated.

How was Kriengkai when you trained with him? How did he do when he went to China? I wonder why no one talked about that event?

Thanks for the info.
Posted: 2003-03-16 20:02:45
Yoddecha Sit Yodtong for sure.

Well said Thongsai
Posted: 2003-03-16 22:29:38
Thongsai, you make me laugh!!!
Saying that the Thai fighters will break zambo's arms is the funniest thing ive ever heard. Zambos arms are bigger than the Thai's whole body.
Didnt you see the fight he had with Krongsak Lek, Lek didnt know what hit him, and the fight was stopped because he got beat up so bad that he turned his back and ran away from Zambo. Now how often do you see a Thai fighter do that? Just to let you know Zambo was only 20 at the time, thats what i call impressive
Posted: 2003-03-17 00:22:03
How much weight did Krongsak give up??
Posted: 2003-03-17 01:39:36
kannorasing/Jocky gym is same gym in Bangkok I believe ,also somlack kamsing involved and the sor kamsing sor kingstar boxers train there.Most of the boxers are from Khon kaen province.Kor bangkruay comes from the name klom bangkruay who is an influential figure heavily involved in promoting and sponsoring several boxers.
Kriangkai looked o.k though didn't train too hard.He lost the fight on points.Can't remember the exact dates but it was reported in all the boxing papers here.
Posted: 2003-03-17 01:40:50
kannorasing/Jocky gym is same gym in Bangkok I believe ,also somlack kamsing involved and the sor kamsing sor kingstar boxers train there.Most of the boxers are from Khon kaen province.Kor bangkruay comes from the name klom bangkruay who is an influential figure heavily involved in promoting and sponsoring several boxers.
Kriangkai looked o.k though didn't train too hard.He lost the fight on points.Can't remember the exact dates but it was reported in all the boxing papers here.
Posted: 2003-03-17 02:25:26
Ironmike, awesome I made you laugh I never knew I had such a humor...

I don't know what the big fuss about "Zambidis is -yeah he's good".
But I have seen Thailands best fighters and I really think
they will tear Zambidis apart.

Okay you said Zambidis arms are bigger then a Thai fighter's whole
body cool. But I'm pritty sure Zambidis arms aint bigger then a six feet 200 pound bags. Which alone is bigger then Zambidis himself and that the Thai fighters kick day after day.

Look at the Sackmonkol fight vs Ubeda he busted Ubeda's arm to shits
and Ubeda is way way bigger then Zambidis.

The point I'm trying to make is the Thai fighters that I think that would
do good. Are Sackmonkol size and some kick way hareder then him and fight similar. Zambidis is small how tall is he 5,4 that makes it even better for tall strong thais. That would make Zambidis amrs like training the Thai pads!!!

There's fighters like Robert Kaenorasing I'm pritty sure Axers on here have seen him fight. There has been so many figths of his where the fights had to be
stopped. Because he kicked his opponents arms so much where they couldn't
even lift there arms to defend themselves. All were good European boxing opponents to.

Who is Krongsak Lek???

Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-17 02:45:41

Krongsak-lek is a Thai living and fighting out of Australia. I've never seen him fight, but from what I've heard, he's no Krongsak!

did you get my follow up e-mail?
Posted: 2003-03-17 05:40:47
hi guys
i fought jomhod saturday was a 5 rounder and went really well i lost the desecion but im pleased coz it was a close one and he usualy stopes everyone he meets and his super experience makes him a muay thai god.he didnt get to play with me plus i gave him a cut on left eye that made him switch position and glue his hands to his face,he is still my favorite fighter.

thanx atomic for for faith in my skills,,you tought me all i know;)

saw that you also did real well in last fight,,good job.
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-17 05:57:33
Well done Ole .....Paris next ?

Posted: 2003-03-17 06:20:07
yes paris is next on the menu,,im still in some doubt as i have not seen contract yet and i hear bad things about this promotion from all over the world so i will wait and see what happends.

congratz to your fighters in roskilde
Posted: 2003-03-17 06:20:54,2789,276807,00.html
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-17 06:58:50
Thanks .... my boys did well in Roskilde .

Nice picture ...:-)

I know the problems your talking about ....don´t know if Peter Nylund has solved his with the same promoter .

Posted: 2003-03-17 11:55:20


I really hope to see this fight. Someone else mentioned that you fought Jomhod last year...did you have a different appraoch going into the rematch?

Where didi the last fight take place?

And last but not least since this was a K-1 Max SuperFight do you know if there is any talk of Jomhod possibly fighting in the Max Grand Prix in Japan?


Posted: 2003-03-17 16:06:20
From an old oz website - "Krongsak is a Muay Thai legend from Thailand who have beaten some of the best in the world, including Rob Kaman, Ivan Hippolyte, Sakad Petchyindee, Samart Prayakaroon, and Stephan Nikema. The only fighter that he was not able to beat was Diesel Noi, another Thai legend. "

he is a trainer in OZ now...has fought recently every now and then, but lost most, as he is old (in Thai terms).

hey Eric, I thought Jomhod was retiring soon? (having retirement fights in different countries?)
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-17 17:08:42
Krongsak and Krongsak-lek are 2 different people. Krongsak lives in Europe(france, I think)

Krongsak-lek lives in Australia
Posted: 2003-03-17 17:58:38
Yeah i think Bryan is right about Krongsak and Krongsak-lek, i told my trainer Krongsak is here in OZ, when my trainer saw him he told me it was not the fighter he thinking of.

Thongsai thanx for all the great info. Did Krienkal fight Simpson at the OZ ISS promotion.
Posted: 2003-03-17 18:14:02
yes seemed strange, I thought it was prob another one, ta.
Posted: 2003-03-17 20:41:29
Yes, but it doesn't stop ring announcers/Australian media from introducing Krongsak-Lek as former Lumpinee champion etc!
Posted: 2003-03-18 04:40:23
Thongsai, to tell you the truth i havent heard of any of the fighters you mentioned.
Not trying to take anything away from them, im sure they do hit a 200 lbs bag day after day, but remember this the bag doesnt hit back. Zambo does and i can guarantee he hits harder and more precise punches than they have ever felt before.
His KO percentage speaks for itself, he has knocked out fighters who havent been knocked down before. You obviously must think your 4 fighters have the evasive skills of a boxer not to cop a zam-bomb, because anyone who has followed Zambo as recently as the beginning of the year will tell you once his opponents get hit, they stay hit.
But being fair im not gonna say (what i really believe) that none of your 4 wont beat him as i havent seen them fight before. But because you were so confidently predicting an easy win for your 4 men, just thought id let you know Zambo has never been easily dominated in a fight, never been knocked down and never been knocked out. Some axers may disagree but take it from a die hard fan.
113740 : mmmm im confused

Posted: 2003-03-18 14:25:00
in the photo above jomhod has the the wmc belt around his waist.however england steven walking just won it in febuary, before him was ying yai before him lee chesters and before him another thai(not jomhod)who won it a long time ago. oh and im talking about the same wieght catogry as jomhod. was this photo taken some time ago
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-18 14:36:30
Hey Raks

If you look under the picture you can see what year he took the title was against Luke Kempson in Thailand year 2000 .
Think he took it by way of k.o .... kick to the body .
The belts are titles he have won during his years as a fighter and he just keeps getting new ones :-)

I am sure that if he got the chance to fight Steven he would take it again ..;-)

Posted: 2003-03-18 14:49:57
thanks for that

do know how come he dosnt have it anymore, did he loss it or give it up
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-18 14:56:32
I think he just gave it up .....he keep on getting new titles all the time it seems .
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-18 15:15:01
I think he just gave it up .....he keep on getting new titles all the time it seems .
Posted: 2003-03-18 15:52:20
Krongsak Lek (232 fights) is a younger brother of Krongsak and is living in Sydney, Australia. Since living in Australia Krongsak Lek has concentrated on training his students at the Bondi Muay Thai Centre (BMTC). The majority of his fights are taken with less than one weeks notice including the fight with Michael Zambidis which under kickboxing rules ended in controversy with alot of people beleiving the fight should not have been stopped (6th round).
Nong O Krongsak Lek is a former Lumpinee Champion.
Posted: 2003-03-18 16:03:57
So Krongsak-Lek (he's the one in Sydney) is the Younger brother of Krongsak. Is Krongsak the famous thai fighter that Vince was referrring to above. Sheesh talk about confusing.
Posted: 2003-03-18 18:57:42
I would love to see "the shock" shakuta in the K-max
Posted: 2003-03-18 20:39:33
How old is he? I was told otherwise but must be wrong.
Posted: 2003-03-18 23:33:42
Ha Ha! Ole thats a good one. Taught you all you know.Yeah we shared some ideas while training together but the only thing I might of taught you was to ask a girl her name before you take her home ;)
Posted: 2003-03-19 00:11:23
I think Jomhod will fight as long as he can. His style has changed a lot since his full on power style of his Thailand days. Now he is a slick counter fighter. Which, of course, allows him to fight longer at an older age.
Bryan popejoy
Posted: 2003-03-19 02:04:34
I agree with Eric. Jomhod is such the changed fighter. dare I say he's better now than he was during his younger days in Thailand.
Posted: 2003-03-19 03:10:58
Just to add to DTL's comments. Zambo dominated the fight against Lek from start to finish. It did finish a little premature, but in the eyes of the the ref Malcolm Bulner, Lek had copped enough. What should have been a standing 8 count was called a TKO. I was a little upset myself at the time because Zambo was just about to go in and finish the job, but now i realise the ref's point, his job is to look out for fighter's safety and when you see a fighter in so much pain to turn their back and run, one would not want to see the punishment continue much further.
Posted: 2003-03-19 05:40:06
ironmike- i think shakuta normally fights -76kg. and he's quite big (188cm)so it's questionable if he can go down 4-6kg?!
Posted: 2003-03-19 06:22:21
man i seen krongsek lek and he is no good i've seem him in muaythai and boxing and everytime since he has been in australia he has got beaten bad so IRONMIKE just cause he beat krongsek lek don't mean shit.
Posted: 2003-03-19 14:52:43
Nong O Krongsak Lek is 32 years old. Woodchip Krongsak Lek has only now realised he cannot fight with the best in Australia and New Zealand on short notice without any preparation. I guarantee the next time Krongsak Lek steps into the ring he would have had time to prepare and you will see a Krongsak Lek of old.
Posted: 2003-03-19 15:01:20
Shakuta has IKF titles at 147 and 154lbs so he could do it for sure
Posted: 2003-03-19 15:06:28
Hey DTL who has he fought in OZ and at what weight. What about a match with Alexie P., both are in NSW. Does he have a fight coming up??
Rex Rumble
Posted: 2003-03-19 15:23:19
Krongsak has fought Dawson,parr,zambithis,me,preacher,foresterx2,and many more!
Posted: 2003-03-19 15:28:39
Holy shit, i knew he fought you and you won for the WKBF title but do you know the other results & how he did Rex.
Posted: 2003-03-19 16:59:18
Traad some names Krongsak Lek has fought in Australia and New Zealand Peter Brindhouse, Tony Hii (2), Dustin Engal (2), Tony Vella, Brian Murphy, John Wayne Parr, Shannon Forester (2), Bruce Macphie, Kurt Finlayson, Michael Zambidis, Daniel Dawson (2), Steve Douett, Jom Bing, Rex Redden.
Posted: 2003-03-19 17:01:39
Tony Hill not Tony Hii
Posted: 2003-03-19 19:07:04
DTL can u please give the results of those fights and how well Krongsak-Lek did??
Posted: 2003-03-19 22:30:32
Ok DTL I hope he gets a full preparation in and show me how good he is.He has fought impressive names so I may have been a bit harsh I just hope he gives the boxing a miss he is to tough for his own good.
Posted: 2003-03-20 11:41:49
ironmike...hmmm maybe, i only said that cause i know that he had the last fights around 76kg- u can also check out! fighters supermiddleweight.

Posted: 2003-03-23 01:10:20
Dont know who or what your talking about Kasha, you may be talking to ironman and not me.
115099 : paris turnament

Posted: 2003-03-24 04:47:04
i decided not to fight in the final in paris,the promotion seems unstabil and im havin problems trusting the guys behind and the matchmakers so i told them im out so dont expect me there guys
Fredric Rosenberg
Posted: 2003-03-24 05:00:27
I think you made a right descission Ole got the fight in the Superleague instead and they are people you can trust .

Posted: 2003-03-25 02:06:40
Sorry bro,
Maybe someone will take notice and make them straighten up.So whats up next OLE? Superleague? is that a tournament?
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