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Posted: 2003-01-19 06:29:41
Hoost gets his revenge...sort of.

In a sad display, Ernesto Hoost defeated Bob Sapp in a pro wrestling match today. Hoost used to be such a sportsman, but regrettably he resorted to hitting Sapp over the head with a steel chair before executing a school boy roll up for the 1...2...3.

I was appaled to see the K-1 champion using foreign objects in a match. That type of behavior has no place in a pro wrestling ring. I don't know how his conscience will let him sleep after this "tarnished" victory.

I hope you will all join with me in extending our best wishes to Bob "fair play" Sapp for a speedy recovery to this trecherous attack.
Posted: 2003-01-19 08:08:18
Posted: 2003-01-19 10:59:46
To bad Hoost can't beat him in a real fight.
dirk stal
Posted: 2003-01-19 11:32:57

dirk stal
Posted: 2003-01-19 11:36:13

Posted: 2003-01-19 11:41:54
WWF! Where is Hulk hogan? LOL
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2003-01-19 11:56:52

They did an angle in which Bob Sapp came out to Madonna's "Holiday" and danced to the ring. Sapp then grabbed the microphone and said to Ernesto Hoost at ringside, "Hi, Mr. Perfect Loser!" to which Hoost responded, "Bob, boy, I am Mr. Perfect... the Perfect Beast!" and this set up Sapp vs. Hoost in the main event.
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2003-01-19 11:59:41
Also from

9. Ernesto "Beast" defeated Bob Sapp in 5 minutes, 15 seconds with a school-boy roll-up in a fight that featured trash-talking and chair shots. The match featured low-grade offense, including Sapp trying to use an STF (Hoost gave him one, instead) and Hoost trying some flying moves. They did an angle in which Voz, who's gym that Hoost trains at (and is a 50-year old man), did a run-in and Sapp tried to attack him and Hoost ended up blasting Sapp with a chair and school-boying Sapp for the finish. Just said to be an absolute mess that tried to promote the strength of K-1 but came off as goofy. The funniest thing from the fight is that Hoost attempted a cobra twist and said that his "sensei" Voz taught him how to do it.
Posted: 2003-01-19 22:19:26
the stadium was at something like 20% capacity so hoost can be an ass, grab his paycheque and no one witnessed it.

it is nice to see vos earning his 30% cut. LOL.
100968 : WTF !! and WWF u guess what it means?

Posted: 2003-01-19 22:33:13
first word WHAT
second word THE
third word ? u fill in the ****?
as i DONT swear / curse !

Was this for real? Thanks for the info: etc: and sorry Brian please explain to the people outside of the USA what these mean cheers ! ?
1. with a school-boy roll-up
2. a cobra twist
3.low-grade offense, including Sapp trying to use an STF (Hoost gave him one, instead) and Hoost trying some flying moves.
sandy Mconfused Holt ! MORE about the MATCH than the moves though..........

Posted: 2003-01-20 00:37:22
Please explain!

What the $#@@ does this have to do with KB MT or even sport?
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2003-01-20 02:13:30
This is sad!
100997 : very sad

Posted: 2003-01-20 02:15:36
Posted: 2003-01-20 02:21:39
it may seem sad but hoost is an old guy. what's wrong with him earning a buck by acting like an ass? i wouldn't pay to see that junk but obviously there are people willing to pay decent dough to promote it so what the heck.

the only down side is that after 105 fights this farce will be the one he has to answer the most questions about. LOL.
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2003-01-20 20:10:24
Jones writes "What the $#@@ does this have to do with KB MT or even sport?"

Um, you do know who Ernesto Hoost and Bob Sapp are, right?
You do realize they both compete in K-1?

I think it's just entertaining to see Hoost hit Sapp with a chair. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see the photo.
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2003-01-20 20:11:10

I have no idea what those terms mean. I just copied and pasted from a pro-wrasslin website.

101137 : cheers... anyone else????

Posted: 2003-01-20 20:12:32
Posted: 2003-01-20 21:54:42

I just can't believe the coverage this event must have gotten.
That is honestly a huge amount of photographers. I don't think I've seen that many ever at a ringsport

Brazilian rookie
Posted: 2003-01-21 00:14:55
Oh, God, the power of money...

To be a pro fighter is a thing, a marmalade fighter is another thing...

Here in Brazil we call "marmalade" when a fight is fake...

Yes, he's old, but poor?

Posted: 2003-01-21 05:08:24
Posted: 2003-01-21 05:31:56
What a load of shite.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:43:14

Hoost, what the hell what wrong?

Well… Bob did Hoost a favor at the K-1 2002 Grand Prix, so I guess you two are even now when it comes to business? I wonder if Bob paid Hoost the same amount at the W-1 show, as Hoost did in December?
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:44:32

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:45:12

That is what I call a flying Dutchman!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:45:54

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:46:49

This is a real as the K-1 Grand Prix!!!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:47:55

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:48:56

I am not joking, this is real!!!!!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:52:21

Looking at a picture like this one, it hurts my heart thinking that Jerome did not win the K-1 Grand Prix.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:52:57

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:54:11

Surprise surprise…… I won!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-21 12:55:40

And this time Ishii didn’t even help me!

Come on everybody, lets dance and “play” happy….
101300 : entertainment

Posted: 2003-01-21 14:15:46
I think we should all keep in mind that these men both became famous in Japan by competing in real sports events. They are superstars in Japan and Japanese culture has always enjoyed wrestling and freak shows. These types of events only lead to bigger and better paydays for real fighters. As funny as it is to us to see these two doing this it is equally funny for the Japanese fans. The bigger their names the better. And you know they probably had fun doing this too.
101301 : finished too soon

Posted: 2003-01-21 14:22:57
I think maybe we would look at this a bit different if either man landed a role on a Japanese TV drama or sitcom playing a silly role. But really what is the difference?

Posted: 2003-01-21 19:12:19
those pics are great. some are definite keepers.

let's face it. this is fake-wrestling. fake-wrestlers are not fighters. they are entertainers. entertainers are supposed to be charismatic. hoost is the least charismatic k-1 fighter. seeing him role around with bob sapp is funny.

can you see the contrast? this is like watching the smallest guy win the hot dog eating contest. this is like a playboy playmate farting in bed. this is funny stuff.

no one believes this is a real fight. it is a comedy act. if this were supposed to be a real fight but turned out to be a work, then i would be the first to voice my disappointment. pride disappoints me more than this silly stuff.

i agree. this is theatre pure and simple. if hoost wants to act, let him.

101336 : what the &^$^%*(^&**()*&^%$$%^(*)_

Posted: 2003-01-21 19:21:05
I wish i could swear !
Is it a Hollywood film spoof?
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-22 04:25:51
Yes Felix, it is fake, just like Bob Sapps injury at the Grand Prix. Fake, but not fun.

I have no respect for the gentlemen above, what so ever!
Posted: 2003-01-22 05:04:14
Hey calm down peeps
this is just light entertainment and fun, i can see the humourous side in all this
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-22 06:18:02

Yes wrestling is "entertainment", if you think that it is funny to look at two adults playing a combination between Spiderman and John Wayne in a bar fight in a boxing ring?

What I dont like is the history behind this "fight”. The reason for this fight is Hoost ending some money business with Sapp, because he was one down after the Grand Prix. Now the two fighters are even.

Posted: 2003-01-22 06:36:06
They are just having a laugh and making a bit of money! They`ve done enough in their careers to deserve it after all. Its only like celebrity Pro-Am golf matches, Formula 1 drivers racing go-karts In Paris once a year and best of all, Tyson refereeing a WWF bout and pretending to get angry.
Posted: 2003-01-22 06:55:50
Earning a bit of money for fuck all is fine, i'm just gutted it's Hoost acting like a pantomime dame, thats all.
Posted: 2003-01-22 07:01:33
Ernesto Hoost is Frank Bruno!
Posted: 2003-01-22 08:00:59
if you think this proves the k-1 grand prix match was fake or fixed or tampered with, i understand you distaste. i can dream up some possibilities like sapp didn't really break a knuckle but rather had a doctor inject something in his hand to make it swell. the truth is that i have nothing that can substantiate it.

for me, the above show is just for shits and giggles. i can't help but to laugh. what did bob say to persuade ernesto?

BOB: say, ernie. i'll let you whack me over the head with a chair.
ERNESTO: what kind of chair?
VOS: i can't believe you two are talking about something so stupid!
BOB: wait till you hear what you do.
VOS: me? oh do tell.
Posted: 2003-01-22 08:12:57
Why do people bash Hoost and Sapp for a fake pro wrestling show? Is it any different than Sandy doing a fake fight in a movie?
David Lucas
Posted: 2003-01-22 08:16:56
i dont know what to make of this mess, i wish it would go away!
but look ta hoost's arms in the last two pictures, his skin looks funny
around the inside of the elbows.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-22 08:58:16

"...oliver, if you think this proves the k-1 grand prix match was fake or fixed or tampered with, i understand you distaste. i can dream up some possibilities like sapp didn't really break a knuckle but rather had a doctor inject something in his hand to make it swell. the truth is that I have nothing that can substantiate it...."

Who told you?

Believe me or not, but I have been told personal from a former member of Team Andy, who got the story from one of the 8 fighters who took part at the K-1 Grand Prix 2002, That Bob got paid to quit against Ray Sefo. There is at least one member here on Ax that can confirm this story, because one of the members here on Ax was at ringside at the Grand Prix as a team member, and should know the complete truth?

Yes… Bob had a swelling hand on TV. Few days after the Grand Prix Bob was making advertising and publicity for Pride and some “Bob Sapp merchandise” on TV and his hand was back to normal, tree weeks after he was back in the ring. Bob might not have a good coach, but sure as hell has the best doctor in the game.

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-22 09:00:17

Yes, I looks like Hoost has some skin problems again.
Posted: 2003-01-22 09:06:17
I suspect that Bob knew he had nothing left after his match with Hoost, I am sure during the break his legs began to hurt a lot andhis giant body was very tired and sore. Bob went into the Grand Prix not expecting to get past Hoost. When he did I think he was scared to try to fight again and get hurt or KOed in front of his fans. By pulling out when he did he loses but in many eyes he still wins by beating Hoost.

Pull outs like this for these very reasons have happened in the past and are ALWAYS a possibility in such tournaments.

As far as Bob being paid directly to pull out.............I dont know but I would not be quick to put thta out there without absolute prooof which no one will ever have.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-22 09:10:20
Some people believe that Listoon took a dive against Ali, many people dont believe that Semmy got a shoulder injury by playing bowling – and I 100% believe that Bob Sapp never did hurt his hand... but that he was paid to quit so Hoost could make it to the 2nd round.

I have my good reasons to stand strong in my faith. I got the story first hand from the same people who told me about Hoost skin problems last year, and from the same people who weeks before the deal was made, knew that Semmy was to sale his spot in the dome to Hoost. Until this very day, they have not been wrong yet!
Posted: 2003-01-22 10:17:56
Outstanding images Oliver.

Congratulations to your buddy photographer. He truly is a gun.

Good stuff.

Hey does he ever visit Ax?
Posted: 2003-01-22 19:58:57
do you remember when bernardo couldn't continue and van dams advanced? they said it was because he was injured by a low blow. we all know he got the hell beat out of him and there was no way he was ever going to survive against ignashov. now they didn't have to show his testicles to the fans to prove it but that is where the sapp-hoost thing is different.

if i were there i would just have the doctors inject something in his hand to put on the screen. i don't know what happened but i believe sapp was in no condition to fight on.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 01:03:17
I remember Mike Bernado Vs Van Dams very well, and I also remember Mike setting in a wheelchair watching the finale between Van Dams Vs Ignashov – looking real embarrassed.

I dont know what happened to Bob Sapp either, or how his hands turn out to look like they way it did???? But I got many good reasons to believe that Bob did not break his knuckle hitting Hoost.

But just like you Felix, I do agree about one thing! Bob was in no condition to fight on. Bob legs was so hurt, he was out of air and gas, and he knew that if he was to fight Ray Sefo, he will be knock out in less than one single minute, and that would not be good for his enormous popularity in Japan. Than rather quit by telling a lie, and then after the Grand Prix being able to say that he beat the champion. Bob Sapp is cult and business in Japan, big business. I mean, the man can even walk 10 yards on the street without he got a TV team and 25 photographers after him.

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 05:15:35

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 05:17:09

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 05:24:31

Posted: 2003-01-23 05:36:40
"now they didn't have to show his testicles to the fans to prove it"

David Lucas
Posted: 2003-01-23 08:20:37
that van-dam/ bernardo fight was horrible. the replays clearly showed
that van dam kneed him at teh bottom of the beltline, or just below.
the ref was in no position to see what happened, but he called a low blow
because of mike's acting. bernardo even grabbed the bottom of his crotch which was a good foot away from where the knee landed!
i noticed that in sapp's fight a couple of weeks after the k-1 final
oliver showed a couple of photos, one of which had sapp throwing a punch
with that same "broken" hand.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 09:54:43
That is right David Lucas, Bob Sapp hands where 200 % fit for fight tree weeks after he "broke" his hands against Hoost. So you remember the photos, well I show them again - just to prove that Bob could with his left hand, his right hand... Well both hands at the same time!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 09:55:39

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 09:55:40

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 09:56:56

Double punch !!!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 09:58:33

Posted: 2003-01-23 09:58:57
Bet the big blonde haired lad to the left gets all the ladies, he`s a real looker.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 09:59:46

Left and right at the same time...WOW!
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 10:01:29

Photo taken right after the fight at the press media.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 10:03:06

Photo taken right after the fight at the press media.
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 10:05:08

Uhhhe aauuw, dont squeeze so hard fool, my hand:)
Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 13:10:00

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-23 13:11:59

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-24 03:04:13

Oliver Sperling
Posted: 2003-01-24 03:07:20

Ha ha haa they bought it, keep laughing Hoost...
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