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AX name:
Number of posts: 1
Real name: Mitchell Hopper
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: County Durham, UK
What do you train/compete in?: Training in Muay Thai
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: Phoenix Thai Boxing - Gaz McAllister
Height: 6" 0"
Weight: 98kg
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Tell us about yourself: I have been attending Gaz McAllister's Phoenix Thai Boxing gym in Shildon since January 2007.

After spending the last ten years sitting in an office or dining out with customers, I realised that I needed to get myself in shape. After numerous failed gym memberships, (you know the ones where you go for a couple of months, think 'this is shit' and regret filling in the direct debit slip cos' they're going to sting you for £40 a month for the next 12 months!) and then getting extremely frustrated trying to arrange for 10 adults to turn up at the same time every week to play football (which is an impossible task apparently) I decided to have a look for something that I could do by myself! That's when I saw a picture of Sam Mitchell and Reece McAllister in the local newspaper when they had just won some title fights. The caption said that everyone was welcome, beginners to advanced and all levels of fitness - beginner and unfit - that's me I thought :) So I went in and spoke to Gaz McAllister. It's the best thing I ever did - in terms of improving my fitness anyway.

I took up Thai Boxing because I wanted to improve my fitness, shed the extra pounds (or stones if I'm honest) and get rid of the old ˜Corporate Belly!"

I can definitely feel that my fitness is improving and slowly but surely the weight is coming off :) My goal this year (2009) is to get down to my target weight (85kg) and keep it off. I'm sure with Gaz's words of encouragement (ha, ha yeah right!) I'll get there.

I have never fought - still nowhere near fit enough by own admission - but hopefully one day Gaz might think that I'm somewhere near fit enough to get into an inter-club. I take great pride in the fact that Gaz says I've got good technique, so hopefully once the weight is off I might be somewhere near ready!

Me & our kid - I'd be a legend in China :)

Me doing what I do best - drinking and watching football!
Notice the corporate belly :)

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