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AX name:
Number of posts: 76
Real name: James Gali
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: SYDNEY
What do you train/compete in?: MUAY THAI & KYOKUSHIN KAI KAN
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: WEST RYDE
Height: 185
Weight: 93
Age: 30
Gender: MALE
Tell us about yourself: OSU

I've been doing Martial Arts since I was 9 years old. Have made it a point to train with the best (in my opinion) instructors in Australia. People like Sensei Sifu Chan Cheuk Fai, Tokujun Ishi and Master Hoi Wing Lee have influenced my own style greatly. Started competing in freestyle full contact tournies, when I was 12 then moved onto Kyokushin Kai kan competing in local and regional tournies.

I've always been a fighter and I'd like to fight professionaly but I'm torn between my second love which is art and design. I work in the Advertising industry full time and have my own business I run afterhours. I'd be kidding myself to think I could match the commitment needed to fulfill the dream of being paid to fight.

One of my close friend Nader Hamdan (Australian Champion Boxer) and I spent a large part of our late teens training together, combining boxing, Muay Thai, weights and and ground fighting into our own form of street fighting/defense. Aswell as playing Rugby Union together competitively.

I also trained in Muay Thai and Khmer fighting principles with a group of Thai, Lao and Khmer friends and relatives I grew up with. My aim is to blend these influetial circumstances and knowledge into my own interpetation of Muay Thai.

I intend to begin training students for ammatuer level Muay Thai competition. I believe Martial Arts can be a benefit to the community and I'd like to help kids who live in less fortunate circumstances have an oppotunity to make a positive difference in their lives.

Good luck, god bless train hard.

chok dee


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