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Topic:Jaime F
AX name:
Jaime F  
Number of posts: 213
Real name: Jaime F
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?:
What do you train/compete in?: MT on and off for a couple years. Now BJJ and MMA.
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?:
Height: Tallish
Weight: Heavy
Age: getting older
Gender: Dude. (HARR!)
Tell us about yourself: Hello,
As of 30/08/2007

Well I have been an active member of AX now for almost three years. Started doing MT about two years ago, now I have moved on to BJJ and MMA. Still work on pure stand up at least once or twice a week.

Very much enjoy AX and get withdrawl symptoms if I don't jump on at least once every couple o' days.

Had lots of injurys, one of which was very serious (Head). Put me back a bit with fight aspects. All healed now and working on having my first MMA fight ASAP.
Been in one BJJ Tournament. Lost my first fight. Next ones coming up on 29/09/2007 (4 Weeks). Looking to redeem myself!!

09/01/2008. Well I redeemed myself alittle, Won first two fights, lost the third via amaericana. Great experience.

Next stop.... the cage!


' ' ' HARR!

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