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Topic:john webb
AX name:
john webb  
Real name: john webb
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: York, England
What do you train/compete in?: Muay Thai / MMA
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?: Chokdee Gym, York
Height: 5 foot 10 (and a half)
Weight: 75-79kgs
Age: 31
Gender: geezer
Tell us about yourself: goes..i started (japanese) jujitsu at aged seven, studied various gung fu, karate styles but allways ended up sticking with the jujitsu....joined the paras when i left school learned a bit of krav / commando(dirty fighting)armed and unarmed fight sklls more for life and death than for competition though...started muay thai for a few months at peacock gym wihilst stationed in london however i was not there long as i was deployed to foriegn places...was training mma with andy foreman in gosport hampshire where in late 1990's i competed in 5 amature and semi pro matches having a record of 2 wins 3losses (in x force caged combat)and a until i was again posted elsewhere...i left the army in 2003 after twelve years having served all over the world in every conflict zone that occured during that time frame..during this time i suffered a fractured bone in my spine and decided to take some time out from combat sport and i have only just returned in 2006 to training ...and touch wood all is well despite a dislocated elbow from a quality kimura .....but all healed up now and really enjoying training again ..making good progress again thanks to all those who put in timeless effort in whupping my ass in sparring....

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