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AX name:
Real name: Brad N.
Email address:
Webpage URL:
Where do you live?: hidalgo illinois
What do you train/compete in?: kempo-jujitsu (one system)
If you attend a gym, what gym do you attend?:
Height: 6'4
Weight: 250 lbs.
Age: 25
Gender: male
Tell us about yourself: i started training in gokei-ryu kempo jujutsu which is a blended system of jujutsu (japanese not bjj) and various kempo (chuan fa) techniques and strikes, not dissimelar to wing chun..
got a free membership to a gym where i studied taekwondo for about a year, found it not to be my thing...
soon hope to start at a new dojo that is affiliated with dillman karate international but teaches much more as well...the system is called en-kempo-jujutsu...which is a mix of sever different arts, once you reach black belt level you are automatically eligable to test for black belt in the systems that comprise kempo karate jutsu(dillmans karate and various other okinawan kata) en-kempo (senseis own system based on kempo he learned from his long time sensei(mike h)..this is the en kempo part of the whole systems name) kempo jujutsu from his sensei (mike h..and this is the other part of the name)as well as kung fu(mike h), and chinese/okinawan kempo (mike h)..
the systems from mike h are his own based on other systems...i believe hes 8th dan. he also teaches (seperately) en-aikijujutsu which is based on aiki from mike h, which is based on daito ryu aikijujutsu...the others are all seperated yet part of the same overall system, the aikijujutsu is seperated and more traditional than the others.

he also teaches chi kung, aikido, and tai chi...but these are reserved for private lessons. anything else you wanna know ask

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