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Topic:Liam Harrisons Fight In Japan
Mr Smith
Posted: 2004-07-27 07:28:08
He fights Satoru Vasikova on 22 August at Koraken Hall in Tokyo on an AJKF show. Dont know much about Vasikova except that he went the distance with Samkor in his last fight.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-07-27 07:33:01
Fantastic News ! Go 4 It Again Liam ! Keep the Pressure !
Posted: 2004-07-27 07:41:18
knock him out
Posted: 2004-07-27 08:22:13
Go on Liam do us all proud again lad.
We are all behind you 110%.
Posted: 2004-07-27 08:29:14
Keep it mate and give em hell !!
Kieran The Boy
Posted: 2004-07-27 08:56:54
Just come back from Japan and saw an advertisement with Liam (or Riam as they put it!) and his opponent pictured on the back of a AJKF flyer. If you want info of your fighter, Liam contact my friend Gareth (aka Satankid) he knows all the ins and outs of Thaiboxing in Japan.

oh and Good luck not that you need it!
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2004-07-27 09:14:25
Kick his arse man pink shorts rule
liam badco
Posted: 2004-07-27 09:36:36
cheers people i fly out to thailand next week to train at jitti gym in bangkok then flying from bangkok to tokyo to fight. this guy is meant to be pretty tough so i will look forward to the challenge.
Mr Smith
Posted: 2004-07-27 09:47:54
I'm off to Thailand today! Liam comes out to join us next week and then we fly to Tokyo from Bangkok on 20 August.
Posted: 2004-07-27 09:53:14
Good luck liam, do the UK proud.

Have a great time Mr Smith.

liam badco
Posted: 2004-07-27 10:02:23
baz faulty i will have a fresh pair of pink shorts made wen i arrive in thailand just for the occasion. he he
Posted: 2004-07-27 10:17:17
any spare corner tickets?????
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-07-27 15:26:26
and "Your personal Photographer" `RIAM`
dont Forget me ya Bolton Buddy !
And I will be in your Corner ! But `Richard` will have to Hold out your `Pink` Shorts in the Rest Rounds LOL
Posted: 2004-07-27 18:18:28
Good luck liam he who dares wins my son he who dares wins!!!I had a lot of these opportunities when younger and didnt take them for various reasons enjoy every moment!!!!!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-07-27 18:22:47
"Regrets.... Regrets ! Ive Had A "few" But Not That Many!! ?
Name that Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeee ! ?
Posted: 2004-07-27 18:24:45
My Way, Frankie boy Sinatra
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2004-07-28 03:19:57
Liam, good on you mate, I'm getting my first custom pair off sandy soon I was going to get a pink pair but bottled it and went for the camp colours (red) instead you have to be extremely hard to wear pink shorts and I'm not lol.

All the best anyway mate I hope you hammer him wheres Satankid anyway he knows a lot about muay thai in japan? Any details on what liams opponment like Gareth?
Posted: 2004-07-28 17:18:27
Best of luck Liam ... please give my regards to Jitti and sara
Jony Andrade
Posted: 2004-07-28 17:33:30
I hope you you get knockd out.
Posted: 2004-07-28 17:59:25
Hey Jony, are you having a LAUGH, hope so.
Posted: 2004-07-28 18:00:18
Bit of a stutter there Jony ? ( you you )

Good luck Liam , do us proud mate , do what ya best at .... kick his ass !!
Posted: 2004-07-29 03:31:13
Godd luck Liam !
SMAC Kickboxing
Posted: 2004-07-29 03:33:13
Hi Liam, I am a trainer from a gym in Auckland, NZ and we are taking Andy Donaldson over to Japan in August to fight Kobayashi at 62kg on the same show. Andy is fit and hard and has beaten everyone in NZ and fought a few times over the ditch. He also trained in the Jitti Gym in Bangkok with Chopper in 2002.
I was told that you have fought Kobayashi. What can you tell us about him that might help?
We have talked to Dave Gahan who drew with him a few years ago and I have a tape. Dave says he has good hands and a hard kick. Looks like he can take a shot as well.Any other pointers?
My e-mail is if you can assist us in any way.


Brett. SMAC Muaythai& Kickboxing. NZ.

PS Look forward to meeting you guys in Tokyo.
Posted: 2004-07-29 03:52:01
i think you have been misinformed brett.liam hasnt fought kobayashi yet but i could be wrong no doubt he will tell you.have fun in tokyo you will enjoy it.
Sid Remmer
Posted: 2004-07-29 05:38:47
Good luck Liam and Mr Smith. Doing the UK proud.
Posted: 2004-07-29 08:45:03

Satoru is OK. He is an aggresive 29 year-old featherweight with a very successful Shin-Karate background as a amatuer and comes forward the whole time. He knocks his opponents down a lot and likes to stand and trade. He also has quite a good jab, which he leads with.

This year he has won 3, and lost 1 (to Samkor).
He should pose a stiffer test for Liam than Masuda did IMO.

His record is 10-4 (3KOs)
Posted: 2004-07-29 08:45:36

Vs Kobayashi (Win)
Posted: 2004-07-29 08:46:01

Vs Samkor (loss)
Posted: 2004-07-29 08:46:23

Posted: 2004-07-29 08:46:39

Baz Faulty
Posted: 2004-07-29 09:04:27
Cheers Satankid once again impressive information. This is the great thing about ax its a mine of info
Posted: 2004-07-29 10:15:56
The AJKF are brave promoters. The Japanese fighters named so far are all being given big match-ups on paper, in terms of experience.

Satoruvasikoba 10-4(3KOs) V Liam Harrison(UK) 18-1-2(11KOs)
Koji Yoshimoto 8-4-2 V Murad Tyarti(Holland) 25-10-3(9KOs)
Genki Yamamoto 10-2-2(5KOs) V Kristo Demitrakakis(Belgium) 20-4-2(8KOs)
Posted: 2004-07-29 10:33:09
well done satankid classy information.this is a bigger step up in class again but its the only way forward.i cant make it but i will get the dvd from samurai tv .just got his last fight on dvd and the quality is superb and highly reccomend it
liam badco
Posted: 2004-07-29 14:51:32
nice to know iv got people behind me especially jonny hemroid.
cheers for info satankid and nice pictures.
bret smac i havent fought kobayashi but from what iv seen of him hes a good boxer with strong leg kicks hes been stopped a few times aswell by shinobu hanato i think and samkor, theres also a few others but i aint sure. satan kid is the man if you want info.
Jony Andrade
Posted: 2004-07-29 14:57:53
I already said in the other thread that i spell it bad
i hope you knock HIM out :)
Jony Andrade
Posted: 2004-07-29 14:58:40
And how do you know i got hemroids?
liam badco
Posted: 2004-07-29 15:24:44
fair enough i apolagise for my rudeness cheers
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-07-29 15:57:51
Interesting that The Opponents ( Eorope ) have Far More Experience than the Japanese !
Fair Play to them !
Liams Got a Much better K.O. % Too
so Hopefully Liam you will Do the Do ! and keep it Up !
Posted: 2004-07-29 16:08:47
Liam's record 18-1-2 Does that mean 18 wins 1 draw 2 loss or 18 wins 1 loss 2 draw. I didn't think he had been beaten

Come on Liam what is the record
liam badco
Posted: 2004-07-30 05:17:14
i lost in a amateur junior fight when i was 13 my first time in a ring it always seems to crop up on my pro record which is 21 fights 19 wins 2 draws
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-07-30 13:26:33
Amatuer Junior Fight?
if head contact? its a Fight ! as its not Semi ( kids )
if no Head contact ? its a kids Semi and Shouldnt be Counted ! IMO
liam badco
Posted: 2004-07-31 12:10:31
no it shouldnt be counted on my pro record if it was an amatuer fight it was with full body armour when i was 13 years old so why should that go on my full contact adult record.
Mr T
Posted: 2004-07-31 12:42:57
Exactly Liam!!! Personally I think that the only fights that should go on a fighters professional record are the fights they have had without wearing protection (eg shin guards,head guard etc).
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-07-31 14:03:26
was it Semi? or FUll Contact Liam?
ie: was it head Contact or Not?
if it was?
then its a Fight ! But if you want to Count it as a Pure AM Fight?
and All others was Without Protection !!!
Then Your Totally Spot on !!!
Shouldnt be Counted !
Posted: 2004-07-31 23:00:52
Kobayashi was stopped on cuts by Namsaknoi and Anuwats pad man stopped him with knee's. hes an aggresive hard punching lowkicking fighter
Posted: 2004-08-01 00:11:28
Kobayashi has wicked hooks too but he loses more than he wins these days and his chin is not like it was a few years ago, which is unfortunate for a stand and trade type fighter like him.
Posted: 2004-08-01 03:32:02
"his chin is notlike it was a few years ago, which is unfortunate" good job Liam's got no power then and never knocks anyone out lol
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-01 07:48:56
he aint fighting me darren
Richard Wain
Posted: 2004-08-01 08:17:01
goood luck with the fight liam!!! keep that impressive record up!
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-08-01 08:54:03
and this is the Line up ! ( Unless its Changed? )
Satankid writes:

The AJKF are brave promoters. The Japanese fighters named so far are all being given big match-ups on paper, in terms of experience.

Satoruvasikoba 10-4(3KOs) V Liam Harrison(UK) 18-1-2(11KOs)
Koji Yoshimoto 8-4-2 V Murad Tyarti(Holland) 25-10-3(9KOs)
Genki Yamamoto 10-2-2(5KOs) V Kristo Demitrakakis(Belgium) 20-4-2(8KOs)

So who is this Guy Fightinig then ????????????

Rob writes:

Kobayashi was stopped on cuts by Namsaknoi and Anuwats pad man stopped him with knee's. hes an aggresive hard punching lowkicking fighter

2004-08-01 06:11:28 (Europe/London time)

Satankid writes:

Kobayashi has wicked hooks too but he loses more than he wins these days and his chin is not like it was a few years ago, which is unfortunate for a stand and trade type fighter like him.
Posted: 2004-08-02 03:33:09
Sandy- It's the announced line-up so far. Kobayashi is also scheduled to fight but the opponent has not been officially announced yet. If you read the posts on this thread you will see that a fighter called Andy Donaldson is supposed to be fighting him.
Arashi Fujihara is also scheduled to fight against a foreigner too.
Posted: 2004-08-02 03:38:23
Must stop going on aX when I've had a drink
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-02 05:18:35
fujihara is wkd aswell very strong kicker
Posted: 2004-08-03 03:12:05
"The Hitman" travels out to Thailand today for some extra training with Jitti/ Mr Smith and SuperNoi (wot a team!)...... lucky bugga!

good luck liam!!!

Posted: 2004-08-03 03:35:00
who is supernoi?
i am only a learner so forgive my ignorance.
Posted: 2004-08-03 06:40:07
is he related to noi666?
Posted: 2004-08-03 08:35:10
I wish he was.... then it would be in my gene's.

he was fighting at the same time as Diesel Noi and was tipped as the next big thing. Unfortunately he had his leg broken with low kicks!!!!! .... and then obviously couldnt compete.... missed his window. Tragic story. Still trains fighters and has awesome technique.
He trained Samkheng Pinsinchai from 4/5 years old....
I think that speaks for its self!!!!
Posted: 2004-08-03 09:18:46
tragic story, and shame about your genes!!!!
Roger Deaton
Posted: 2004-08-03 13:54:44
The fight fights on the show in the Japan vs. The World theme.

x)Satoshi Kobayashi vs. Andy Donaldson
x)Genki Yamamoto vs. Cristo Dimitrakakis
x)Keji Yoshimoto vs. Mourad Tijarti
x)Satoruvasikoba vs. Liam Harrison
x)Arashi Fujihara vs. Dawsawin Kiatrattapol
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-08-03 17:01:20
Cheers Roger where are the Others From ?!
Camps / countrys etc: ? ( we Know some cheers )
Posted: 2004-08-04 01:02:36
arashi fujihara fought damian trainor on the pain and glory show {i think}. he looked very good.
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-05 22:19:10
supernoi had two fightersn on at rachadamneon last nigh one win one loss he has an awesome cauliflower ear aswell from his past fights.
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-08-05 22:28:16
haha LOL Hi Liam
hows you !?
When ya arrive?
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-08 01:00:38
been here 3 days now training is goin well. cant wait for the fight
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-08 01:01:49
what am i talking about i think ive lost a day or two some where iv been here 5 days
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-08-08 10:18:13
Easily Happens in Thailand ! Works the Other way when your Not training !
Mr T
Posted: 2004-08-09 15:23:36
Best of luck Liam, hope you smash him up. Saw your last fight against the Russian in Liverpool and the Thai in Manchester, both top performances keep it up, your doing England proud mate!!
Posted: 2004-08-19 03:31:56
good luck for sunday liam. stay focused and you know you can do it. no pain no gain
. see you soon pal the tetleys will be flowing like a good one.
Posted: 2004-08-19 06:04:55
go on "the hitman"

chamone lets do-the-do
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-08-19 15:56:36
Yep My Saying too
with Liam the Hitman Harrisson and On and on and Aniston ! lol
jennifer Ansiton fer Me if you win ?
Go 4 It Liam ! Best Wishes to you ! your One Of My Fav: Fighters !
Posted: 2004-08-19 18:38:18
Good luck Liam, you know you can do it buddy!
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-21 02:09:56
cheers im sure someone will put the results up tomoro night see everyone later
Posted: 2004-08-21 05:28:16
as ttarski said doit do it
Posted: 2004-08-21 05:39:54
Good Luck Liam do the U.K proud mate
Posted: 2004-08-21 12:22:30
Go on Liam!
Posted: 2004-08-21 15:30:51
Good luck Liam mate, do us proud.
Posted: 2004-08-22 02:22:35
Posted: 2004-08-22 07:02:41
just heard liam has won on points in a very tough fight.congratulations liam your unbeaten run continues and once again you do the u.k proud.
cant wait for october.
see you soon champ.
Posted: 2004-08-22 07:22:05
Apparantly the Judges scored it 49-50,50-50,48-50. Nice one Liam.
Shaun Keddle
Posted: 2004-08-22 07:22:57
Superb mate.
Posted: 2004-08-22 09:26:00
any pictures satankid?
did you go?
kobayashi beat andy donaldson
arashi fujihara bt dawsawin kiatrattapol
liam harrison bt satoruvasikoba
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2004-08-22 11:33:12
Top Man Liam Ding Dang Flippin DOOOOOOO !!!
Yipee Aiii Yo Ho !
U.K. Liam Does the Do !
Go the Brits:
Posted: 2004-08-22 14:00:41
Well done Liam, we knew you would do it.
Congratulations to you and Bad Company.
Doing the U.K. proud.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2004-08-22 15:13:31
Well done Liam and well done Mr Smith!
Muaythai King
Posted: 2004-08-22 17:07:39
Nice One, Liam!

Thailand one week, Japan the next - have you ever thought about sitting down for 5 minutes??
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-22 23:11:35
cheers everyone and its back to thailand tonight for me aswell.
was a tough fight and i had a big problem with making the weight this time aswell i had to lose 3.5 kg on the morning of the fight i was devastated and totally drained so in the fight its self i was pretty tired but ive watched the video now and im pretty pleased with my performance. nearly knocked him out in the 5th with an elbow and was pretty apauled by the referee when he stepped between us to give him time to recover. i think i won the fight in rounds 3-5 when i got vasikoba on the back foot and started landing some sharp combinations. however he was very tough and was always in the fight right to the end. see you all soon
liam badco
Posted: 2004-08-22 23:23:21
splinter fujihara was a draw i think i got it wrong when i said he had won.
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