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Topic:Beastmaster Promotions Saturday 30th April
Posted: 2005-01-07 05:57:12
Beastmaster Promotions Saturday 30th April
England vs Holland
WPKL European Title
We have Manchester's Johnney Roye vs Ruben Van Glesan (Holland)
Frankie Hudders vs Boukhari (Holland)
Warringtons Mark Matthews vs Tekin (Holland)
Beastmasters Steven Jones fighting for WPKL British title.
Mary Hart, Richard Jones. Plus an exciting undercard!
Mo Islam
Posted: 2005-01-07 06:05:35
Wheres the venue?
Posted: 2005-01-07 06:46:41
Sounds like a good card.

Is this gonna be at Altrincham leisure Centre as usual? Good venue!

Shaun Keddle
Posted: 2005-01-07 08:06:35
Hi Tricia,

Thought you would be on this one?
Posted: 2005-01-07 08:13:24
Tricia Could be busy polishing her golden belt if she does the do on the 27th in liverpool
Posted: 2005-01-07 11:51:15
Hi Shaun, I help Pele with the promotion so it is to much to fight on it aswell.
Posted: 2005-01-07 11:52:22
Yes it is at Altrincham Leisure centre, usual venue!! Forgot to mention where it was!!
Posted: 2005-01-07 15:00:33
Great card - good luck
Shaun Keddle
Posted: 2005-01-08 04:34:25
Ok Tricia, fully understand that. See you in Liverpool in Feb.

Muaythai King
Posted: 2005-01-08 12:02:38
Is there a flyer/poster available Tricia?
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-01-10 02:27:20
Trisha you old scouse manc ya!Very best of luck to all the boys and girls fighting on the show hope johny gets the recognition he deserves and becomes european champion and im sure that steve is ready for the british champion srage now ,sounds like the best show so far best of luck!!!!
Posted: 2005-01-10 12:30:33
Sorry to sound ignorant but when and were is the show in Liverpool?
Posted: 2005-01-10 12:40:14
There will be a poster in the next couple weeks as soon as we have one it will be put on this thread.
Thanks Tricia
Posted: 2005-01-10 12:51:29
Hi Mike, it is suppose to be at the olympia in Liverpool.
Posted: 2005-01-10 14:02:24
Thanks Trisha and good luck, do you know what date?
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2005-01-11 22:59:43
Off / on topic
Tricia, Whose the Show @ Olympia ? Whose on that etc: ?
Warringtons Mark Matthews vs Tekin (Holland)
Cool ! Wow !
Thats Who i fought many Years ago from Chakuriki for My European Title !
is he Back ????????????? "TEKIN"

Mr T
Posted: 2005-01-22 13:49:55
Looking like it going to be another good show cant wait to see Hudders v Boukari!!
Posted: 2005-01-23 02:47:30
tricia, let me know about Liverpool as soon as
you have the details,

many thanks

and good luck,

Posted: 2005-01-24 06:55:04
Looks a good line up, who is Mary Hart fighting?

Also who is Tricia fighting in Liverpool?
Posted: 2005-01-24 10:08:27
I believe its a tournament involving Karla Hood, Tricia, Karen Ousey, Nicky Carter and 4 other opponents from outside england. Dont quote me on that it was only the last i heard, may be old news
Posted: 2005-01-25 14:39:44
Really... that'll be pretty good, some of the best and very talented ladies in the country.

What date is the show and where in Liverpool will it be? Anybody know?
Posted: 2005-03-18 11:58:08
Is Paul Marut fighting Richard Jones at this show?
Posted: 2005-03-19 07:43:18
I hope so, hTat will be an exciting match up, can't see it going five ronds. Both bangers
Posted: 2005-03-19 10:14:04
Agreed AndyC. Would love to see it especially after seeing Marut fight at the Equinox show last November. It was one I put down for fights I wanted to see in 2005. Who do u think will take it?
Posted: 2005-03-19 16:14:04
looks like a great card guys
chok dee
Posted: 2005-03-20 08:51:36

Paul's a good mate of mine so I'll have to go with Paul, he's certainly got the potential to do it.

Posted: 2005-03-21 06:29:31
make sure you get up to this one AndyC
Posted: 2005-03-22 15:29:45
I believe Mary Hart is fighting Linda Ooms - that will be awesome - wish I could be there.

Go Mary!
Posted: 2005-03-23 02:29:41
is there a poster yet?
can you post it up.
Posted: 2005-03-23 07:53:37
Can't wait to see Mary back fighting. Good Luck
Dan G
Posted: 2005-03-23 08:10:34

Posted: 2005-03-23 08:12:47
I went last year to Pele's show and thought is was excellent. I would reccommend anybody to work Pele and Trish as they are good and honest promoters who keep to their word. Sorry I won't be able to make it this year but good luck anyway; it looks like a fantastic line-up once again.

Chris Keddle Carley
Posted: 2005-03-23 08:30:21
Fook me, that looks like a great card !!!

I'm going to have to try and get up for this one!
Posted: 2005-03-23 09:17:42
nice poster
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-03-23 11:44:23
Looks a great card!Guishard looks huge on the poster he looks as strong as i have ever seen him !
Mr T
Posted: 2005-03-23 13:50:02
Looks a cracking show, any predictions anyone?
Mr T
Posted: 2005-03-23 14:58:08
Here's mine for what its worth...
Ashley Guishard v Richard Cadden...tough one but i think Guishard stoppage
Frankie Hudders v Boukhari...another tough one maybe Frankies home advantage will give him the edge on points
Johhny Roye v Rueben van der Giesen...Roye although ive never heard of Giesen
Mary Hart v Linda Oomes...Hart points
Mark Matthews v Tekin...Tekin points
Richard Jones v Paul Marut...dunno who will win but it will be by KO
Steven Jones v Eric Derricare...Jones
Posted: 2005-03-24 01:25:39
so your from pele's gym then Mr.T? :)
Posted: 2005-03-24 03:42:27
Just to give my opp. I cant see cadden getting stopped by anyone domestically heres a few predictions, AndyC if you want it get your wallet out.

Ashley Guishard v Richard Cadden...Cadden Points
Frankie Hudders v Boukhari...Hudders
Johhny Roye v Rueben van der Giesen...Roye unless Giesen is the guy who stopped jones
Mark Matthews v Tekin...Tekin
Richard Jones v Paul Marut...ill go with Jones or Marut!! by ko with punches.
Steven Jones v Eric Derricare...Jones stoppage
Mr T
Posted: 2005-03-24 13:10:41
Not from any gym noi, although i do think peles is up there with bad company as the two best gyms in the country, as both have similar styles and are beautiful to watch, and johnney roye, frankie hudders and ashley guishard are 3 of my favourite fighters, and maybe thats why im a little biased. Although ive put a stoppage win for guishard its not because i think it will be easy for him, far from it as i think it will be a hell of a fight, hope so anyway!!! :-)
Posted: 2005-03-25 07:35:24
Yes it will be a great show! Thanks Cris it was a pleasure to have you down.
Me and Pele work hard to put the 2 shows on a year! As anyone knows promoting a show isnt an easy task.
Will shortly have a full line up. So watch this space got some good undercard fights to watch out for too!!
Posted: 2005-03-25 16:16:57
Nick taylor is a good kid.
Posted: 2005-03-27 10:37:55
Yeah Nick is good fighter for the future.
Mr T
Posted: 2005-03-28 11:05:21
What weight does he fight at and who is he fighting?
Posted: 2005-03-28 14:37:20
Buakow, I wouldn't be too sure about Cadden at domestic level mate he's a right glass jaw mcraw really, lol. Only kidding Mr C im sure you'll be fine. It is going to be his biggest test yet though i feel, Ashley was a monster in his day and carrys some power, i don't think Rich will ever have been hit by anyone as powerful as Ashley before. He has had quite some time out though due to his injurie but i suppose you never lose you power do you? Be a good test for them both this and a exiting fight, i can't wait. Will be there cheering for ya mr burns. lol.
Posted: 2005-03-29 03:50:11
thats if he can hit Mr. C, throwing powerful shots that miss will drain him.
liam badco
Posted: 2005-03-29 14:13:11
beagle will be so feeble and skinny by from the weoigh guishard wont be able to see him properly so hope fully he will waist his shots and then the phantom hound known as beagle will be able to pounce.
Posted: 2005-03-29 21:18:44
Good luck to Mark Mathews top guy and top class fighter.
liam badco
Posted: 2005-03-30 05:34:40
meant top write from the weigh in doh
Neil Holden
Posted: 2005-04-03 03:07:55
Hi Tricia,

Please could you send me 200 tickets a.s.a.p.

Many thanks

Laura stevenson
Posted: 2005-04-08 16:45:35

Pele, i am sorry we clashed on this occasion and i wish you all the best for your show it looks a great line up. hopfully we can sort something out in the future so we don't clash and can help each oher out.

Mr T
Posted: 2005-04-13 12:31:12
Full line up????
Posted: 2005-04-13 15:38:57
Hi Laura, Yeah no problems it sometimes happens. I will let Pele know what John said. Thanks and good luck with your promotion.
Posted: 2005-04-16 15:26:41
I hope to be there to watch what looks like a good line up/show.
Watch out for my shiny bald head! hahaha :-)
Rich Weston
Posted: 2005-04-18 07:46:21
is ash guishard fighting michael diks now?
Basil the Fox
Posted: 2005-04-18 08:19:19
I really wanted to come and see this show, but I'm on holiday. I would have liked to see the Frankie Hudders v Boukhari fight and the Cadden v Guishard fight, but it's not to be.

Good luck to Pele, Tricia and all at Beastmasters and good luck to any axers fighting on the show.
Posted: 2005-04-18 13:23:15
Hi Mr Weston,
Ashley is still fighting Richard Cadden. Line up will follow soon guys.
Posted: 2005-04-18 13:24:07
Hi Mr Weston,
Ashley is still fighting Richard Cadden. Line up will follow soon guys.
Posted: 2005-04-21 10:39:46
Just thought i'd bring this back to the top to see whether anyone knows the current full line-up, and to see who's going.

I'd love to be at this, but i'm not sure whether the pennies will allow it.
Posted: 2005-04-24 12:20:48
Lookin forward to it! Taking Mrs Chalky too....

Full line up?
Posted: 2005-04-24 12:33:37
All the best to "Eric Darricare"! I know he`s been training hard!
Posted: 2005-04-25 03:05:43
Good luck and all the best to "Richard Cadden" for Saturday. Brian & Jordan.
Posted: 2005-04-26 08:04:41
Good luck Eric Darricare, from all the London Sitnarong folks!
Posted: 2005-04-28 02:18:28
Cheers Briancal

...been off-line for a while!

see all you guys on Saturday! :)
liam badco
Posted: 2005-04-29 04:00:48
good luck to everyone taking part on saturday....GO ON BEAG
liam badco
Posted: 2005-04-29 04:11:49

he he
Posted: 2005-04-29 14:59:52
Good luck to Trish and James from Caledonian
muay thaison
Posted: 2005-04-29 15:49:10
Best wishes Richard,good luck.
Posted: 2005-04-29 16:07:08
All the best Rich.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2005-04-29 16:11:11

Dave J says..."Good Luck to everyone involved in the show, Me and the lads from Warrington will all be there to see this one.

Abdul says..."Good luck to all the fighters, I promise to wear a better t-shirt for the fight cos this one looks a bit gay"

Shaun says..."Good luck everyone, Isn`t it amazing that I have had more fights than Pele Reid, yet I am still better looking"

Budgie says..."All the best to the fighters and I may have retired but I am still your worst nightmare in the gym"

John H says..."Good luck all and remember that if you look carefully at the picture I am taller than Budgie"

Asa says..."Good luck everyone and I may well be a fat lazy git but at least I come to the gym and help out, even if it is only so that I can hit on your girlfriends whilst you are in the showers"

Homer said something too but none of us understood it so we assume it was "Good Luck to all the fighters"
Posted: 2005-04-29 16:11:14
Good luck to all.
Mr T
Posted: 2005-04-29 16:15:32
Full line up anyone???
Posted: 2005-04-30 04:52:00
Good luck to James Doolan and Trish Carson from Caledonian.
Posted: 2005-04-30 09:08:45
Final line up as follows. The line up has changed due to injuries! Just would like to say thank you to Guy, from the Caledoniam Gym and Lorenzo from Bromley Thai and Paul Rarpowicz from Sitnarong for helping us out the last minute.

3x2 min rounds
1) Pete (Beastmaster Gym) vs Limon Osmani (K Star)
2) Sam Bawdon (Wicker Camp) vs James Doolan (Caledonian Gym)
3) Daz Jilali (Beastmaster Gym) vs Chris Hurst (Scorpian Gym)
4) Shane Cadigon (Ireland) vs Paul Rarpowicz (Sitnarong)
5) Phil Isherwood (Beastmaster Gym) vs Nathaniel Hardy (G Camp)
6) Lisa Beeley (Beastmaster Gym) vs Trish Carson (Caledonian gym)
5x2 min
7) Lee Green (Higher Level) vs Steven O'connelle (Ireland)
8) Phil Mcalpine (Bromley Thai) vs Eric Darricore (Sitnarong)
5x3 Full Thai Rules
9) Ashley Guishard (Beastmaster Gym) vs Richard Cadden (Badcompnay Gym)
10) Frankie Hudders (Beastmaster Gym) vs Boukhari (Sitan Gym, Holland)
11) Johnney Roye vs (Shor Chana) vs Marco Piqua (Pro Fighters Gym, Holland)

Hope to see everyone there! And good luck to all the fighters Tricia!
Posted: 2005-04-30 10:01:42
Is the Paul Marut vs Richard Jones fight still on?
Posted: 2005-04-30 10:08:52
Ricky Swift still fighting? thanks.
Posted: 2005-04-30 11:41:46
Good luck to all the fighters esp Phil McAlpine!
Posted: 2005-04-30 14:45:26
Results ???
Posted: 2005-04-30 15:16:34
A BIG well done to Trish Carson and James Doolan from Caledonian Muay Thai in Glasgow whoi fought tonight. James won by TKO in round 2 and Trish lost on points.
Posted: 2005-04-30 16:34:51
any more results ???
Posted: 2005-04-30 16:38:29
Richard Cadden won on points, well done Rich mate, RESPECT.
Posted: 2005-04-30 16:57:41
Frankie Hudders won by KO
Posted: 2005-04-30 17:18:48
Nice one Rich, extremely well done!
Posted: 2005-04-30 18:22:18
dogs b*******s richard, well done mate
tiny toni
Posted: 2005-04-30 18:29:29
Was a great night, watched some class fights, well done Mr C, i think the hair bear bunch outclassed you in yr corner though lol, also well done to Lee Green, what a cool calm fighter...
Well done to all who fought :-)
Posted: 2005-05-01 02:45:12
Results as follows. Correct if i am wrong. As being one of the promoters I didnt really see most of the fights.
I thought Sandy might of beat me to it!!

Pete won on Points against Limon Osmani
James Dooloan won TKO 2nd round against Sam Bawdon
Daz Jilali won by KO against Chris Hurst
Paul Rarpowicz won on points against Shane Cadigan
Nathaniel Hardy won on points against Phil Isherwood?
Lisa Beeley won on points against Trish Carson
Lee Green won by KO against Steven O'Connelle
Eric Darricore won on points against Phill Mcapine?
Richard Cadden won on points against Ashley Guishard
Frankie Hudders won TKO against Boukhari
Marco Piqua won by TKO 5TH round against Johnney Roye.
liam badco
Posted: 2005-05-01 02:54:50
standard performance beagle you are the man a few people on different websites have questioned why richard is number 1 in the ratings well there is why folks ashley was sharp and dangerous but caddens work rate was higher and every time guishard missed he was all over him like a tramp on a pork pie.

franky was amazing the best ive seen him against a vey good opponent the guy had fought here before KOing mike showers so he was no mug obviously but franky out classed him from the first bell which is not to say the dutch guy wasnt in the fight he was but he was just second best to everything when franky is in that form there arent too many people in europe who would live with him IMO.

jonny roye vs the dutch was very entertaining (he was ranked 1 in holland i think) they were similar builds and styles aswell the dutch was very strong tho and didnt take a backward step the whole fight it was tit for tat but the dutch fighter started to take over in the 3rd and got the ko in the 4th from a knee to the head.
Mr T
Posted: 2005-05-01 04:42:59
Have to agree with you there Liam, although Ashley stalked alot it was Cadden's higher work rate that got him the well deserved win, and as you say every time Guishard missed he was on him like a tramp on a pork pie! lol!!!!

Frankie was on top form against a top fighter who left on a stretcher, and when on that form he is £4£ the best in the country IMO. surely he should be number 1 in the rankings now.

Johnney got caught by 3 maybe 4 knees to the head but respect to him for taking on a very highly rated dutch fighter.

Lee Green fought very well KO'ing his Irish fighter with a kick to the head in the second round.

Every fight was entertaining.

All in all a very good show with a good atmosphere.

Any pics?
Mr Smith
Posted: 2005-05-01 05:13:47
Well done Mr C!! This was a tough test and Ashley was a sharp dangerous opponent. This is another step forward in his career. He has always done it the hard way taking on all comers to work his way to the top and this is another example of him rising to the challenge!

Credit to Pele Nathan and to Beastmasters gym for putting on an excellent show and for having the courage to put their fighters against such top class opposition in their own back yard.

Posted: 2005-05-01 11:34:53
Some crackin fights,Hard to pick between any of them! But Richard Cadden V Ashley Guishard was a top fight.
Enjoyed all the fights,Well done to all who took part.And a good show put together again.
My bum's just recovered from being "numb" on the hard seats.... haha
Good to see it packed out too!
Posted: 2005-05-01 15:35:32
I am Glad everyone enjoyed the show. The fights i seen was all exciting to watch. With being one of the promoters i didnt get to see them all. But can't wait to sit down and watch it.
Posted: 2005-05-01 17:14:13
tramp on a pork pie!!!! LMAO liam!!!!!

cheers guys for all the support and congratulations.
It was a hard fight and ashley was very tough.
Thanks to everyone thats helped me in my preparation...all paid off in the end!

next on the list is the fight at leeds town hall june 26th...getcha tickets early!
Posted: 2005-05-01 17:15:33
Yeah Liam the "tramp on a pork pie" line was class pissing myself
Jo Mcgourty
Posted: 2005-05-02 09:30:17
Well done Mr C :)
Posted: 2005-05-03 03:35:41
Well done Mr. C and super Frank! Domestic bout of the year if Keddle returns from Thailand to fight Hudders, what do you think?
Shaun Keddle
Posted: 2005-05-03 04:40:42
Yes, a very interesting fight.

Frankie deservedly took the first encounter and both fighters have improved since. Would be an excellent match up.

International fights against quality opposition are great, but occasionally a domestic match up to prove your status is fantastic for the home based fights fans. Especially as they are ranked 1 and 2.

liam badco
Posted: 2005-05-03 05:23:48
yeah i would love to see that fight happen again theres some really good domestic match ups that are gonna happen this year or need to happen anyway
Posted: 2005-05-03 06:01:31
Hows your ribs liam? that body shot was clean! LMAO
liam badco
Posted: 2005-05-03 06:39:29
true ive been having trouble shaking it off good job ive put on about 14stone since my fight otherwise my days in the ring would be numbered
Posted: 2005-05-03 07:22:57
anyone got any photo's?

when will the video be ready?
Posted: 2005-05-03 12:46:24
pele's show was as usual


***comment removed by moderators***
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-05 02:19:46
well done richard
Posted: 2005-05-05 14:49:41
Baz can you get the pic that Sandy took on sat and get em up on here? he took some outragous one's of me liam and beag in the changing rooms i seem to recall him pissing his pants at one pic inparticular, ask him im sure he'll know which one i mean.
Posted: 2005-05-05 16:20:25
I know Sandy took a lot of pictures, he emailed me and about a zillion other people saying he had and could we down load them and put them on Ax, not for him but for the fighters.

However, given Ax rules, could this be classed as posting for a suspended member and would the downloader run the risk of being suspended by the Ax police, as knowing Sandy he probably didn't remove the Ax moderators from his "blanket email address"

Moderators a ruling please?
Posted: 2005-05-05 16:24:10
The sandyman has just mailed me the pics too Dazza, (thanks for that sandy)as he says though it is for the fighters benefit and everyone else who is on ax who wants to see them so surley they cant have any complaints about one of us posting them?? Can you guy's???

Posted: 2005-05-05 16:45:21
I think we'd all like to see "em"
Posted: 2005-05-05 16:59:02
Brian Ritchie
Posted: 2005-05-05 17:30:44
"Moderators a ruling please?"

For questions regarding the Ax rules, please email us at

Posted: 2005-05-05 23:49:40
I've emailed you in the past & got no replys,on a different subject.
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-06 01:53:39
Andy got the pictures of you and got one of Liam eating a huge cheesecake. Someone e-mail the mods and find out the crack about if we can put them up and if the AX team allow it then I'll stick them up.
Posted: 2005-05-06 03:48:42
I've emailed the moderators now.

If given the go-ahead i will start posting them up some time today, after i've made them look pretty!
Posted: 2005-05-06 03:50:38
How you gonna make them look pretty, that's no pictures of me, Sandy, a few others who I won't upset.

I suppose the Bad Co lot will be okay as they are all "pretty in Pink"
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-06 04:08:03
Yes all the pink is there alright, I thought it was gay adult interest material until I saw it was Liam and Andy (only joking lads). "pretty in pink'' I was going use that caption if I put the pic's up but you beat me to it Dazza just as well I'm better looking than you otherwise I would be upset.
Posted: 2005-05-06 04:16:01
Dazza, I didn't wanna name names but now you've started, there's.....

Whilst you're here, could you send me details about your upcoming show? Ta.
There is some stuff up in the gym, but i never get round to reading it!
Posted: 2005-05-06 08:36:19
Can we look @ the pics? Saw Sandy taking plenty! By the way which AX'rs went to the show? I only very,very briefly saw Dazza go past me as i was leaving @ the end! :-(
Posted: 2005-05-06 09:37:23
I was there, stood with FOGGY and was chatting to Sandy at Ringside during the interval.
During the fights I was in the Neutral corner area where some prick tried to kick off in the stand and got a slap for his trouble before being ejected!

I was also lucky enough to get Ricky Hatton's Autograph!!

Posted: 2005-05-06 10:09:47
My show has another thread, judging course 14th May, Fights 15th May.

Finalising the line up, got 16 fights on at the moment including a Ladies british bantamweight title featuring Laura Craig and Channel Borgan.

When I have the line up I will post it on the proper thread

Meanwhile you can all go and have alooka nd post some irelevant comment so it doesn't slip back down to the second page again.
Posted: 2005-05-06 10:21:31
I saw that bit of a scuffle,Fatboy.But we were over the other side of the ring,near to top of seating.I'm not allowed to go ringside.
tiny toni
Posted: 2005-05-06 10:39:10
Me and fatty were there, sat with Dave J's boys just behind Ricky Hatton, nice guy he is, we also got autograph for the kids and Fatty got his photo with him.....just can't believe Ricky came to the show in his slippers lol

Once again brilliant show :-)
Mr T
Posted: 2005-05-08 06:40:11
Whats happening with those pics????????
Posted: 2005-05-09 03:23:29
I've been given the go-ahead by the Ax-team to post them up, i'll sort it later.
Posted: 2005-05-10 03:27:56
any video yet???????
Posted: 2005-05-10 05:24:21
Rich, there is no proof that you beat ashley, no videos, no photos,in the future you will be looked upon like Nick Hewitson! haha
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:07:24

Liam trying to get a manly gut like mine
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:09:07

Some random crank showing off his ting tong hair style, he'll be rattling the bars of his cage reading this and not being able to reply. I dread to think what his haircuts were like in the 80's
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:10:07
Sandy with some fit bird
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:11:36

Liam and Andy looking like some gay mans fetish dream. Only joking boys you could both fill me in with one hand. You do however look like Dazza said "pretty in pink.''
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:13:24
Mr Smith showcases his famous smile or lack of He's more deadpan than clint eastwood in a fistful of dollars. Only joking my caption writings shit I'd never get a job at FHM
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:15:00

The men in blue I think sandy needs to practice his photgraphic skills sames as with all the pictures he takes of me I look like a fat ugly redneck when eveybody knows I am very handsome, toned and intelligent.
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:16:46
Theres all the pictures sandy ahs sent me don't know if calmck has any more?
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:19:41
Baz those pictures are from the Master Sken show not the Beastmasters show mate.
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:30:17
oops sorry everybody sandy sent me them so I presumed they were from this show. He must have sent me the wrong ones cause they were on the same e-mail he sent to dazza and everyone well back to the drawing board.

Calmck? or has anyone else got them?
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:38:00
Wouldn't care I was at master skens and still didn't click on they were the wrong photos. Shows how much I remember doh too many punches to the head.
Posted: 2005-05-10 08:42:03
baz the cheezcake pics were from the womens golden belt months ago!
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 09:00:04
I've been sandyed lol like I said he sent me a e-mail with some pictures on and I presumed they were for this cause of that other e-mail he sent to dazza and everybody. I'm confused? Never mind
Posted: 2005-05-10 09:31:02
I will deffo get em up some time today.
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2005-05-10 09:47:22
good drills calmck
Posted: 2005-05-10 09:53:21
Sandy had a perm in the 80's!!!!!!!!!!
Posted: 2005-05-10 09:56:00
lol Baz!
Posted: 2005-05-10 11:05:00
Pics are up now on a fresh thread.
Posted: 2005-05-11 10:14:27
Congrats to all involved.... and special shout to the Sintarong boys Eric and Paul, who did the Camp proud ;o)
Posted: 2005-05-18 05:03:23

just spoke with pele...
the video is with the dutch in amsterdam for editting etc...
will probably be a few weeks before they send the master copy over here then pele will distribute accordingly....

Posted: 2011-07-15 13:31:30
Yeh was a top show and i was amazed to see ashley guishard get beat.
On another note me and a mate were chatting to johhny royes opponent just before they fought and he didnt seem to know who johnny roye was so we told him he is very vey good and he replied should be a good fight then like he was just off for a jog in the park.
The young irish lad who fought paul karpowitz? well the irish lad told me and my mate it was his first fight against another 1st time fighter which if im not mistaken paul had fought a few times before and being skens protegy was a bit moody still the irish lad did very good imho.
Posted: 2011-07-15 14:43:23
People look young on these Photo's ;-) What happened to a lot of the people posting on this topic and AX.... Calmck,Cliffy,Fatboy,Baz Faulty...? come on guys
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