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Topic:Power Of Scotland 2 - 67kg 8man
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-20 10:01:57
i think the badger is making an appearence here!!!!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-20 10:02:16

Power of Scotland 2 – 4th March 2007 – Braehead Arena

For our next Power of Scotland event at Braehead we will be doing another 8-man tournament at 67kg.

We have already had a fair amount of names put forward but we would like to extend an invitation to any club in Europe that feels they have a strong fighter at this weight.

The prize money will be:

Winner = £3,000
Runner-Up = £1,000
Semi-Finalist = £400
Entry = £200

We will be looking for 8 names to go straight into the tournament and another 2 reserve fights at the same event.

The event promises to be huge and we will be looking to attract around 3,000 spectators, as long as there is no more freak artic blizzards!

Please feel free to post on the thread or contact me directly as soon as possible to arrange contracts!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-20 10:04:47
Your quick off the mark Liam! Yeah we apoke to Richard a while ago and would love James in the tournament.
Posted: 2006-10-20 10:11:56
Pls Pls Pls let me fight on this
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-20 10:15:28
3grand........f**kin hell Roger........when ya doin another at 63kg
Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2006-10-20 10:19:26
cant wait is LLoyd fighting , AND WHAT ABOUT KIERAN MAC,
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-20 12:07:31
Not sure Liam, the next tourny would probably be back at the 63.5kg or perhaps the 55-57kg mark, but thats a fair bit away just now. If we manage to secure some big sponsors, we'll be happy to increase the tourny purses! Fighters deserve decent pay days and when we can we'll do our best to reward them as the show grows.

Posted: 2006-10-20 15:26:58
Way to go Gary! the man ;)
Posted: 2006-10-20 16:40:22
Nice one, Gary & John. 55-57 tournament in the future? POS 3? Excellent!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-20 17:17:14
Pisand, I think you are more excited about seeing the show than I am! LOL Don't know whats next mate, just an idea, it depends on the pool of fighters we have at the time, lets just focus on this one just now though! LOL

We'll be looking to have the card more or less confirmed in the next couple of weeks, an exciting lineup with the Scottish and English names already thrown in though!
Posted: 2006-10-20 17:27:03
Gary. get in touch and I will look at sponsoring it Nige
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-20 17:28:31
I will do Nige, thanks!
Donald Boswell
Posted: 2006-10-20 18:39:54
Who did your graphics?
Posted: 2006-10-20 20:29:43
For sure, Gary. Cannot wait for it. :)
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-21 05:07:56
I did them Donald. We had a tartan design behind the text before, but when I was making the DVD I was playing around with some effects using a light behind the logo and moving across the screen. Thought it looked good and reflected the lighting of the show etc, so keeping it just now. It looks good on screen, but we're getting t-shirts made just now, so just hoping they effect comes out well on them to.

Pisand, you have mail mate.
Guy Paret
Posted: 2006-10-21 05:10:06
Hi Gary,
If you need any help, buzz me up!!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-21 05:51:30
Guy, you have mail mate!
Gary D
Posted: 2006-10-21 06:12:19
Its gonnay be amazing whoevers in it! alot of hard work is going into it and im sure theirs gonnay be big names faceing off. It would have been good to c u in the competition liam still to see u live, seen howson and watson and they where fantastic
Gary D
Posted: 2006-10-21 06:12:58
Its gonnay be amazing whoevers in it! alot of hard work is going into it and im sure theirs gonnay be big names faceing off. It would have been good to c u in the competition liam still to see u live, seen howson and watson and they where fantastic
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-21 11:07:07
im in thailand when this one is on so ill miss badger (if hes on it) mashing some one or 3 people even all over the place.
The Highlander
Posted: 2006-10-21 17:33:05
Gary O'Brien STBA

Hi Gary, My name is Scotty Thomson. I Live in New Zealand but was born & bread in Scotland, Born in Falkirk & brought up in musselbourgh Edinburgh.

I am Known here as the Highlander as that was my fight name, Highlanders is also the name of my Club & Highlander Promotions is the name of my Promotions Company.
Iv'e been playing around with alot of ideas with Logo's to try & tie all three together & have been play with the Scotish Thistle idea similar to what you have done on your logo above, Your's looks great man, Awesome Graphics,

Was wondering if you would let me use it as my Logo & if so if you could send me a Jpeg copy of it or if you could make a logo for me by changing the "power of Scotland 2" part to say HIGHLANDER PROMOTIONS Presents.

My Email is:
Posted: 2006-10-21 19:53:03
OOOOOO a 55-57kgs one in the future??? yes i am in whoooooo. Think Badger is up for this so go Badger.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-22 07:50:27
Highlander, no problem mate, I should be able to help you out, I'll send you an email later.

It looks like we'll probably have a few Scots, a few English, a European and a Thai in the tournament. Not confirming any names as we're still hearing from people.
Posted: 2006-10-22 12:14:54
55-57Kgs 8-man gets my vote for POS3!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-22 12:23:31
As I said, long way away mate, but i thought you'd like the sounds of it! I always prefer fights at the lighter weights and think it would be cracking! Saying that, this one is shaping up well, keep the names coming and let us get this show organised first!
colin s.t.b.a morton
Posted: 2006-10-22 13:16:57
P.O.S 2 is going 2 be amazing i cant wait, gaz if u need a hand with anything give me a shout :D
Posted: 2006-10-23 04:57:08
any more confirmed names apart from badger?
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-23 07:08:58
Thanks Colin, I'll take you up on that.

The Scottish guys in it are:

Alex Sneddon – Arguably the best and most natural Muay Thai fighter to ever have came out of Scotland. Seeing Alex back in the ring will be worth the ticket itself, brilliant to have him on our show!

Lloyd Cochran – A very exciting fighter that on his day will give anyone problems! Lloyd had been among the top in his weight class in Scotland for years and has picked up a variety of titles. He his eager to show his quality after disappointingly not taking Tim Thomas’s ISKA World title.

Stevie Meikle – Stevie has still to find his limits, as he is still undefeated in 12 fights, including 3 fights against Thai’s whilst training in Thailand. He has just picked up the STBA Scottish Welterweight title and is looking forward to taking on some of the names put forward for this tournament!

I can't confirm any others just now thaisoon17, but we've had a good few names for the tournament and it would be an exciting lineup as is. So thanks for everyone who have been in contact. Also had a few Thai's offered to us, so need to look at how would be best etc.

Also if anyone from these gyms (or any other for that matter), have any other A or B class fighters they would like to put forward, then please do! We will also be looking for some good quality UK MMA fighters as well, so if you have anyone, especially at the light 60's, then again please get in touch!

We have the rough formation of a card just now, with a couple of big ticket sellers unmatched so we'll post that in a few days.
Gary D
Posted: 2006-10-23 09:25:15
Wow! Alex sneddon what a fighter, alot of the younger guys look up to him. How did uz pull that one off lol
Muaythai King
Posted: 2006-10-23 12:02:46
They got a hold of Alex because he is a student now so he'll need all the pennies he can get :-P Also he needs to stock up his Uni larder with Pot Noodles and
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-23 13:20:20
We actually tried to talk him into the first show, but he was to busy, so he was at the top of our wish list again and was the first fighter we spoke to this time! I think when he saw the last show he wanted a peice of it and bviously the prize money is a good insentive as well! He is well up for it though!

stevie nisbet
Posted: 2006-10-23 13:24:24
hey MTK, youve been on the pies a bit and nappies aint cheap, you not fancy a pop at the 8 man lol
Muaythai King
Posted: 2006-10-23 15:44:52
Well if I trained my one-legged ass off I may just make the
BTW for your info Mr Nisbett it's more the case too much chocolate and sweets rather than

Hmmm....chocolate :-P
Posted: 2006-10-23 16:07:39
PLS PLS PLS let me fight on this show - it sounds awesome,i would love to be the 8 man tournament with the kind of talent mentioned - and i promise i won't drink the night before lol
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2006-10-23 16:12:03
dont say the C word, ive been of it since the 7th january 2005
Posted: 2006-10-23 16:18:52
Stevie, I'm going to buy you the biggest bar of chocolate I can find and whatever Stacey doesn't eat I'm going to ruin your diet with it.
Good call Tim it'd be great to see you fighting again although I'm supprised to hear you drink. Jon told me that you smoked glue but he never mentioned you like a drink as well mate lol.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-23 17:10:30
What about going on the pull Tim? LOL
Posted: 2006-10-23 18:18:15
Graeme, its all those plain chocolate
Muaythai King
Posted: 2006-10-24 12:11:49
But Mrs Eileen, plain chocolate is good for the
Anyway how d'you know I've been scoffing them? Spying again? Have I to get another injunction???
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-27 13:18:18
Hi guys, just to let you know that we are close to getting an initial lineup for the 8man. Looks like Rudolf Durica from Slovakia is interested and will be on it. Plus a Thai and the UK contingent!
Muaythai King
Posted: 2006-10-27 14:48:30
Sounding good!
john o brien
Posted: 2006-10-27 15:31:25
Never mind all the big names Richie( the big friendly giant ) will be appearing and thats all that counts!!!
Gary D
Posted: 2006-10-28 05:00:34
how is the basketball on that night?
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-28 08:40:13
He'll not be fighting if he grows anymore, we won't get the lighting rig in! I think we would be better to get him a giant umbrella to hold over the whole of Glasgow, so we don't have to worry about another blizzard!
Posted: 2006-10-28 08:51:39
Is Tim Thomas fighting?
Posted: 2006-10-28 11:09:49
if not in the 8 man i'd still love to be on the show!!
Posted: 2006-10-28 11:25:23
Awesome stuff O'Bs!!!!!!

You guys have a world champion asking 3 times on this topic if he can be part of it. That says a lot about yourselves, about Scotland, and about Tim.

Personally i'd love to see him back up here. The sooner the better
Shawn 'Boom Boom' Burton
Posted: 2006-10-28 11:59:12
Great attitude Tim, hope you get on it!!
Posted: 2006-10-29 04:56:23
Is Samranchai Penang 96 who fights out of Dean Whites gym the Thai in this Tourney?
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-29 05:03:31
i fought samranchai fought out of Penang 96 hence the name?
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-29 07:29:38
Colin you know more than me! LOL We're hoping to get in touch with eveyone this week to confirm the initial full lineup and 8man Lineup and will announce it soon.

We'll be in touch this week Tim.
Posted: 2006-10-29 11:15:51
Liam. I missunderstood the detail of what i'd heard and Samranchai is one of several Thai's that could be going to Dean's Gym, but he is favourite i believe and i've seen him fight before (but not your fight) and would love to see him battling over here.

Gary. I don't "know" but i am speculating/asking. Since you started the thread i thought you might commit yourself to possible final line up for the show :-)
The show looks tremendous. Alex Sneddon is a great participant, especially in Scotland, and i'd love to see how he goes. Tim Thomas fought well when i saw his fight in Japan and on his day is exciting and tough opposition. And a Thai into the mix as well (or two?).
I've been to some great shows in Scotland in the past and really looking forward to the detail of this one.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-29 11:18:51
i dont understand that last post.....ive never fought samranchai!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-29 11:28:49
I know mate, I was only playing. Your right though, Samranchai is one of the names been thrown in the mix, as has Khunsuk and Somyod Thotla for example. You can probably get a rough idea of a possible lineup just now, but we havn't confirmed the full lineup yet.
Posted: 2006-10-29 11:30:18
Sorry Liam? i thought you said you had fought Samranchai? (4 posts up)
Posted: 2006-10-29 11:52:57
Cheers Gary, stick all three in :-)
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-29 12:26:26
I'd love to, but we need to get some fighters that will sell some tickets. We're nearly there with the lineup, so focusing on the other bouts. We have a rough card ready to post next week (once we've spoken to all the fighters coaches), apart from the MMA bouts. Our main problem is that we have too many fighters wanting on the show and some people are going to be dissappointed unfortunatly.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-29 12:56:01
sorry mate its my ridiculous spelling........meant to say i thought sam fought out of. sorry
john o brien
Posted: 2006-10-30 11:31:56
Alex Sneddon agreed to fight cos I threatend to hang about with him for six months if he did`nt, pen to paper in under 8 seconds flat!!
Posted: 2006-10-30 14:05:22
samranchai would be massive favourite for any tournament out side of thailand, how old is he now? i think hes coming to the end of his career but is still a stadium ranked big thai isnt he?
Posted: 2006-10-30 14:05:53
samranchai would be massive favourite for any tournament out side of thailand, how old is he now? i think hes coming to the end of his career but is still a stadium ranked big thai isnt he?
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-30 17:00:04
He is still ranked, but at around 130 pounds and the 8man is around 150 pounds, so would be giving away a lot of weight if he's in it. The good thing about a tourney is that it is the luck of the draw and anything can happen! Same with Rudolf, if he is in the lineup then he will be fighting above his normal weight, not a great deal, but helps even up the experience advantage a little.
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-31 02:44:50
samranchai fights at 63 in thailand but is massive for the weight and has fought in holland at 72 before but lost on europe his fight weight is 63-70 so he will defo be massive favourite i feel sorry for whoever gets him in the 1st round. he also has the biggest legs ive ever seen.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-31 03:18:46
I didn't know he has fought upto 72 Liam, do you know if he weighed in at that or did he just give the weight away to the other guy?
liam badco
Posted: 2006-10-31 03:32:23
i know fighters like puja, orono tawan etc walk round at 65ish and fight at 58-59 so im guessing if sam fights at 63 he will be walking round about 67ish anway. and he will have been fed like a horse and probably made 70kg for the holland fight.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-31 03:59:54
Yeah I thought he'd walk around about 67kg, which would help even it a little, but didn't think he would be much higher. Most of the other fighters will be getting in the ring way over 70 anyway, so thought the'd still have a big advantage. THanks for the info!
Posted: 2006-10-31 07:50:25
i have seen orono tawan smash poor bovy to pieces, he almost started crying and that puja suwanee (i think) is class too, samranchai will be devastating at that weight and it will take a hell of an effort to stop him. like liam said i feel sorry for who ever gets him first coz hes gonna want to make it quick, i predict a ko within 30 seconds, like liam said calves of death
Posted: 2006-10-31 08:35:16
Hi Gary,

If you still need any fighters for the tournament or super-bouts, please contact me.

My email: or


Team Calmaro Holland
Little Thai
Posted: 2006-10-31 09:15:11
Samranchai is 1.68 mtrs tall and 26 he has won 1 of his last 4 fights in Thailand at 63.5kg his last fight was in Almere Holland were he beat Dutch champion 21 year old Robbert Van Nimwegan at 63kg by ko in round 5
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-10-31 10:53:26
Hi Marco, thanks for the help!

Thanks for the Info Little Thai!
Posted: 2006-11-29 16:08:22
Gary, I have a lot of guys who would love to go to an event, this looks like a cracker, could you get in touch when the tickets are released so I can order some from you, I will get the guys to note interest before hand so I can give you a figure before hand....anyway off out for a spam fritter supper!
brian stevens
Posted: 2006-11-29 18:47:14
There are so many fighters interested in competing in the 8-man, you might have to have another tournament to decide who goes on ;-)
Big Martino
Posted: 2006-11-29 20:46:12
Will I be able to pick up a DVD of the 1st
POS over the festive period ?
Posted: 2006-11-30 17:33:35
Heard the last show was great but this one sounds even better! Definately worth a trip north in think!!!

All the best
Posted: 2006-12-01 04:06:26
Full line up?
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2006-12-20 09:14:59
Hi guys, sorry for not posting anything up recently and keeping you all in the dark, I've been on Ax about twice this month, its been a hectic couple of weeks.

Anyway, the lineup is almost there, should have final confirmation on a few of the domestic fights this week. The 8man lineup is finalised (well until someone pulls out!), 3 Scots, 2 English and 3 International and it will be sanctioned by the WMC. We've also got some other good international fighters from Europe thanks to Guy Paret and also a few others, plus some exciting domestic fights lined up. I'd love to post it just now, but I want to wait till I have the full initial card.

However, I can promise a monster card and a more exciting list of fighters than last year!
Guy Paret
Posted: 2006-12-20 09:26:04
I confirm that!!
You did great Gary!!
The tournemant will be awsome!!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2006-12-20 10:59:55
big martino, email me for a copy
john o brien
Posted: 2006-12-20 12:26:19
It had better be an original copy and not a burned one Mr. Nisbett?
Posted: 2006-12-20 13:13:04
Either Gary or John -

Are the POS 1 DVDs available for purchase?
Posted: 2006-12-20 13:19:10
John, it'll probably be on betamax video or laser disk.
Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2006-12-20 13:25:02
wow alex sneddon all wee need is for stevie houston to step up (please) garry. what about kieran mac-raskil
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2006-12-20 14:12:12
i bought too many off you obrien
Big Martino
Posted: 2006-12-20 15:17:51

you have mail

Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2006-12-26 09:26:31
MERRY XMAS to one & all cant wait for P.O.S.2 ALL the BEST john & garry. respect finnie
Posted: 2006-12-26 11:40:35
full line up sorted yet?
john o brien
Posted: 2006-12-31 15:12:57
Any day now!, and it`ll be worth the wait!!!
Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2007-01-03 10:03:55
CANT WAIT . Happy New Year MR O,Brien. r u matched yet????
john o brien
Posted: 2007-01-03 14:34:51
No Finnster I have as yet never met my match!!!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-01-03 15:51:23
john holmes comes close though or so i hear
Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2007-01-06 08:41:01
what about Mrs O B (JILL)ALL THE BEST
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