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stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-11-04 10:34:09
mayhem at cleland

the next show at cleland will be a novice /junior show

the line up is as follows.


(NKT, CT) Mark Gardiner-v- Mark lafferty (phoenix) 84k
(prhaya pichai Al Vickers –v- Andy Cambell( Sit A) 64k
(caledonian) Brian Gallacher -v lee (tommy colins) 60kgs
NKT (s hueston) Ross Millar-v- Alan Mactavish (NKT ct) 57k
(sit A) Johnny Coccozza-v- John Rankin (NKT CT) 67k
(sit A) Danniel Douglass –v- Don Cornell (Caledonian) 61k
(ob Gym) scott gallacher-v- Cavas cecen (FF) 73k
(NKT gd ) Paul Lapsley-v- Billy Joe (tommy Collins)90kgs
TBC -v- John Brown (ff) 4f 58k

(sit a) john grainger –v- craig Walton(ob gym) 36k
(NKT ct) reece gold- v- Tj Everat (phoenix) 27k
(NKT ct) Curtis cambell –v- Logan Gillan (gtba) 35k
(NKT ct) casey Jones –v- J lee Gillan (gtba) 46k
if thier are any mistakes with weights/ matches etc please contact me and dont put it on here,


stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-11-04 10:35:03

Muaythai King
Posted: 2007-11-04 10:36:52
Good luck to the "Turkish Tornado" Cavas, do the biz mate.
John Grainger
Posted: 2007-11-04 12:47:09
I just want to wish everyone whos fighting at the cleland club and to everyone at sit ayuthaya good luck and a big thanks to stevie and everyone else who have helped it will be another great night thanks again stevie
Posted: 2007-11-04 12:48:31
stevie you have mail
Posted: 2007-11-05 04:16:38
Good luck Mark G!
shona grant
Posted: 2007-11-05 05:45:36
Good luck Steve with the show and good luck to the fighters from Sit Ayuthaya
Muaythai King
Posted: 2007-11-05 11:33:45
Oh good luck to you aswell, Jon Brown, didn't see your name there at first.
Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2007-11-05 13:25:55
GOOD LUCK craig W.and also to paul. hope all goes to plan Stevie Respect Finnie
Posted: 2007-11-06 11:35:27
tickets arrived today stevie! cheers bud:)
Posted: 2007-11-06 12:32:30
good luck to the clydebank fighters good to seem them get a chance to make thier debuts in the ring :)
Bryan G
Posted: 2007-11-08 06:59:56
Good luck to everyone from Sit Ayuthaya.
Posted: 2007-11-12 11:41:36
what time is the weight in plz.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-11-12 11:48:28
anytime after 12
Posted: 2007-11-12 16:02:46
would 4 ish b ok? or would that b a bit too late?
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-11-12 16:06:03
read the post above lol. that means yes ;-)
Posted: 2007-11-14 00:46:49
Good luck Jaimie Lee and Loggy. I'll be logging on in the middle of the night to find out how you get on.
MTK, is John Brown the lad that foght Eddie Lopez? If so the best of luck to him as well, he's a really decent guy.
Muaythai King
Posted: 2007-11-14 04:36:20
Yes, it's the same scrawny dude.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-11-15 16:54:46
final line up (hopefully) and running order

(NKT ct) reece gold- v- Tj Everat (phoenix) 27k
(FF) Ben Graham-v- Robbie Cambell (nkt sh)36k
(NKT ct) casey Jones –v- J lee Gillan (gtba) 46k
(sit a) john grainger –v- craig Walton(ob gym) 36k
(NKT ct) Barry Cambell-v- Sean Hannigan(NKT sh)32k
(NKT ct) Curtis cambell –v- Logan Gillan (gtba) 35k

(sit A) Johnny Coccozza-v- John Rankin (NKT CT) 67k
(sit A) Danniel Douglass –v- Nathan (Sit A)61k
(NKT, CT) Mark Gardiner-v- Mark lafferty (phoenix) 84k
(Sit A) Andy Cambell v lee (dragons) 62kgs
(NKTs hueston) Ross Millar-v- Alan Mactavish (NKT ct) 57k
(Caledonian)Peter McKenzie -v- Cavas cecen (FF) 73k
(NKT gd ) Paul Lapsley-v- Billy Joe (Dragons)90kgs

Posted: 2007-11-15 17:21:07
Yes good luck to all the guys fighting! I know you are all in top condition, especially Johnny who is a machine jus now! Good luck guys! see ya saturday:)
Posted: 2007-11-15 17:22:02
Oh and good luck Stevie, I will try not to see you on Saturday! lol,...kidding im sure you'll be in a normal mood, not going crazy! :)
brian stevens
Posted: 2007-11-16 08:46:12
"'Mone the Clydebank!"

Muaythai King
Posted: 2007-11-16 12:01:40
Good luck Ben Graham. Kick ass pal!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-11-16 15:44:25
the really really honest, its the last one guve line up.
(NKT ct) reece gold- v- Tj Everat (phoenix) 27k
(FF) Ben Graham-v- Robbie Cambell (nkt sh)36k
( Caledonian)Peter McKenzie -v- Cavas cecen (FF) 74k
(NKT ct) casey Jones –v- J lee Gillan (gtba) 46k
(sit a) john grainger –v- craig Walton(ob gym) 36k
(NKT ct) Barry Cambell-v- Sean Hannigan(NKT sh)32k
( Sit A) Andy Cambell v lee (dragons) 62kgs
(NKT ct) Curtis cambell –v- Logan Gillan (gtba) 35k
(sit A) Danniel Douglass –v- Conor McKewan (Sit A)61k

NKT (s hueston) Ross Millar-v- Robb todd(fighting fit) 57k
(NKT gd ) Paul Lapsley-v- Billy Joe (Dragons)90kgs
(sit A) Johnny Coccozza-v- John Rankin (NKT CT) 67k
(NKT, CT) Mark Gardiner-v- Mark lafferty (phoenix) 84k

martin mckelvie
Posted: 2007-11-17 04:07:49
Good luck to Craig Walton

Martin and Caroline
Posted: 2007-11-17 07:36:06
good luck 2 cavas and jon brown ;)

H x
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-11-17 09:16:56
Just leaving for the show, hopefully the football want affect the crowd, Cleland always has a good atmosphere! Good luck to Stevie and all the fighters.
Posted: 2007-11-17 10:34:07
good luck to Ben Graham 2 ;) kick ass!:P
Muaythai King
Posted: 2007-11-17 18:08:13
Ben Graham Won - Opponent didn't come out for Round 3.
Cavas Cecen Lost on Points.
Jon Brown Lost on Points.

Well done to them all though, as all three stepped in last minute, and due to work commitments Cavas and Jon have not been training regular in the gym, so well done guys.
Posted: 2007-11-17 19:25:20
Cheers Stevie for a good night and for giving my guys a chance as for everyone apart from Barry Campbell it was there first time but fighting thay enjoyed it

Craig T
Posted: 2007-11-17 19:29:10
Thanks stevie for a great show.Thanks to john grainger for a good fight.enjoyed all the fights loved ross's, looked like a war, well done mate!!
Posted: 2007-11-17 22:13:07
Can someone please post the full results? Thanks.
Peter Finnigen(finnie)
Posted: 2007-11-18 08:08:58
Posted: 2007-11-18 10:59:08
These are the ones that i can remeber won,
Tj Everat
Ben Graham
Peter Mckenzie
Jamie lee Gillian
Craig Walton
Barry Campbell
Andy Campbell
Logan Gillian
Ross Millar
Johnny Coccozza
Mark Gardiner

hope thats right!
Posted: 2007-11-19 09:32:05
Thanks Craig, yer a wee star.
Posted: 2007-11-19 11:08:07

Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-11-19 17:07:31
I hate to say it, but Craig almost looks cute in that picture, you must have done a lot of airbrushing in Photoshop on that one Gaz! LOL. Have to say a big well done to Craig though, absolutely loves the sport and I'm sure if you keep putting in good performances like that then you'll go as far as you want to mate!

Ross done great aswell after busting his nose in the second, their was a ridicuous amount of blood, which BTW he ended up spitting all over me, about 6 times!

I never seen many other fights, but thought Peter McK looked good as did young Logan Gillan! He's a very gangly young lad, but looked like a wee Dieselnoi, working a very long clinch and looks to be improving loads every time I see him!
Posted: 2007-11-20 13:55:03
any1 got any other pics ?
Posted: 2007-11-22 08:49:19
good question, any more pics?
John Grainger
Posted: 2007-11-23 17:59:00
Thanks to Craig Walton it was a good fight well done
Posted: 2007-11-25 13:02:43
Congratulations to Stevie on what sounds like a great show. Been to a few in the Cleland club and the atmosphere is always good.
Sorry I couldn't make this one. Maybe next time.
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