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Topic:Ukmf Show Edinburgh 25th September
ally wallace
Posted: 2010-08-22 07:48:55

ally wallace
Posted: 2010-08-22 08:02:03
This the line up for the fights in no particular order:

Michael Dicks [DBMA] vs Pernica Gauny Zdeněk[Muaythai Brno Czech Republic]

Craig Jose [Fight Faktory/DBMA vs František Prokůpek [Hanuman gym Praha Czech Republic]

Dave McMahon [SMTC] vs Arnold Oborotov [KO gym]
UKMF cruiser weight British title

Ally Smith [Wossobama] vs Roan Morrison [SMTC Leith]
A class 77k

Graham Kay [SMTC] vs Rab Murphy [Wossobama]
B class 72k

Michael kelly [SMTC] vs Thomas Sandberg [Fight Gym Boras Sweden]
A class 66k

Ross Millar [SMTC] vs Eddie Gill [DBMA]
B class 77k

Toby Douglas [SMTC] vs Scott Jaffa Jarvie [Wossobama]
C class 71k

Ahmed Ibrahim [SMTC] vs Jason McGinn [Wossobama]
UKMF Scottish lightweight title

Craig Dickson [SMTC] vs Paul Kelly [Wossobama]
UKMF Scottish super lightweight title

Brian Stevenson [SMTC] vs David Bowie [Wossobama]
UKMF Scottish welterweight title

Dub Buchanan [SMTC] vs Tommy Kiltie [Wossobama]
UKMF Scottish super welterweight title

Ryan Hurley [SMTC] vs AJ [Caledonian Muay Thai]
UKMF Scottish light middleweight title

Barry Denholm [SMTC] vs Dougie Clark [Fighting Fit]
UKMF Scottish light heavyweight title
Posted: 2010-08-22 08:05:15
Good card that, good luck.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-08-22 11:45:16
great line up, good luck to all the fighters!
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2010-08-24 05:29:02
top line up,well done jc
Posted: 2010-08-24 09:51:38
cany believe barrys only light heavy hahaha
good luck with the show.
keeping my eye on the light and super lightweight results :)
gutted we cany b ther
Will Boyle
Posted: 2010-08-26 03:49:30
What a show for Scottish thai boxing. Some absolute crackers in store and a chance for the Scottish fight fans de see Micheal Dicks and Craig Jose. Awesome, big congrats de John Craig for putting it on.

Wanna say good luck de All the fighters on this show. Especially the SMTC fighters. Some great domestic title matches. Can't wait de see Barry Denholm back in the ring. Good luck de Ryan, Brian, Mick, Graham, Craig, Ashe. And Wee Janes 'dynamite' Queen. Not long now.

Wee G smtc
Posted: 2010-08-26 06:14:57
Good luck all ma mates smtc and wossobama x
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-08-27 15:40:35
canny wait to see ma fav fighter Dicks and al the other fighters good luck !!!!
Posted: 2010-08-27 16:13:09
gr8 line up!
al be coming through to this one!
well done to all involved!
best of luck to all the guys i know
see yous ther
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2010-08-27 16:35:05
Really want to make this one was at ringside watching Dixies performance with Bovy, Ive followed him for years and think hes one of the best in the UK, and Craig Jose is pure mint, one question though (please don't take this the wrong way but) in general all Scottish title fights over the last few years are A Class can i assume the same will apply to the fights listed above.

Good luck

Muaythai King
Posted: 2010-08-27 17:00:22
I know that Dougie's title fight is only B class, NOT what he wanted.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2010-08-27 17:07:26
Barry and Dougie would have been an elbow fest
Posted: 2010-08-28 02:15:11
the ukmf titles national titles are b class, british r a class
as far as i know
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2010-08-28 03:17:17
FFS, thats a step backwards
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-08-28 05:27:09
Taken from the UKMF web site

Professional Title Bouts
C-class „Area‟ Title Bouts refers to professional contests of five rounds, two minutes in duration with certain rule restrictions as detailed in sections 16.15, 16.16 and 16.17. B-class „Home Country‟ Title Bouts refers to professional contests of five rounds, two minute duration with certain rule restrictions as detailed in section 16.18. A-class „National‟ Title Bouts refers to open-class professional contests of five rounds, three minutes duration using the full rules outlined below.
In all classes of title contests the number and duration of rounds may be modified with prior agreement by the UKMF Board of Directors

Rule restriction 16.18 refers to the use of the elbow to either head or neck

Rules are rules Stevie. Right or Wrong. UKMF sanctioned show UKMF rules.
At the next general meeting any member is intitled to put there point across,thats if they attend.
So for know lets leave it at that.(no offence taken)

John Craig
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-08-31 18:07:18
There have been a couple of changes to the undercard, nothing major which i will post up in the next couple of days!
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-01 08:20:02
Mark Bryson will now fight Tommy Kiltie due to a serious injury sustantained by Dub Buchanan.If Tommy wins he will have to defend it agains't Dub in feb 21st. If Mark wins he has agreed to relinquish (SP) the title to let Dub have a go at who ever. Another addition to the card is Ashe Mohammad SMTC v Kev Cottrell Fighting fit.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-01 12:00:48
cannae wait for this show, its gonnae be some night of fights, good luck 2 all the fighters on the show esp the smtc crew, countdowns on c u all there. mick
Will Boyle
Posted: 2010-09-01 13:49:43
Shame that Dub is injured for this one, he has been on a winning streak of late and was training hard for it, but he'll be back again.

Good luck de Mark though, could be a double Scottish champion, great opportunity for him. Great rematch in store for Ashe as well.

This is going to be an awesome show!!! Good luck to all the fighters.
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-01 17:49:53
Cheers will good looking out mate, but as we said I will defended it against u at our show in November. Haha. Well done on ur fight on Sunday there. Stoppage only way to go!! Lol

Sorry to here about DUB, gd tough fighter, get well soon mate.

Mark "bison" Bryson
Posted: 2010-09-03 16:23:27
Good luck to all the Wossobama fighters

wee Arran
Dan McGowan
Posted: 2010-09-03 17:10:01
is there any juniors on this mate?
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-04 02:24:48
Dub's the man, gutted he's got a bad injury ( Mick ur crads r marked) lol, anyway god luck to all the fighters!
Posted: 2010-09-04 16:46:15
I'm an australian bastard!!!!!
Posted: 2010-09-04 16:58:09
what weight is bison,tommy fight at? if yous need any one for defence give me a shout! m
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-05 09:45:01
its at 69kg mescho.

Bison (mark bryson)
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-05 09:51:04
Think Mick will be needing a 4 on 1 interclub soon john. lol only kiddin mate.

mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-05 13:16:42
Hi Dan,

No juniors on this show mate. Saturday night big crowd big show,i don't like to put them on such an adult atmosphered show, if that makes any sense or is actually a word. Better on a less intimidating show.

mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-05 13:25:31
And for you Durick only i'm aload to call you that. It may be true but leave that to your Scots mates to decide what we decide to call you.

Luv JC
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-09 08:14:02
C'mon people, wheres the hype.This thread has died and this show is going to be awesome. any predictions for the fights anyone?

I'm looking forward to seeing big ryan hurley do the biz as well as barry denholm and of course ashe.

Good luck to craig dickson, ahmed, mick kelly and every other smtc fighter involved.

Mark bryson
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-09 17:16:43
i predict some nice new shiney belts for some fighters from smtc, michael dicks n craig hosie well they always do the job good n proper no doubt, its gonnae be good. keep training guys, c u soon. mick.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-09 19:01:35
Mick you and Craig weight about the same i'm sure i can get you matched with him for spelling his name wrong.JOSE many hits to the head micky ya nutter.Your hearts in the right place just the brain goes for a wander now and again.Widny hiv ye any other way tho.

Posted: 2010-09-09 20:16:19
Good Luck with the show lads
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-10 06:04:59
Cheers mate
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-10 08:49:01
P4tv will be here for this one!
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-10 08:56:28
Awesome! Done a fair few miles this morning. Wen is the fighters class john?

mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-10 13:10:46
1pm khall
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2010-09-14 11:41:41
cheers ppl,gutted am not on this card,just back from thailand training in burger king lol,well done j craig cracking card.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-14 13:00:08
Hey Dub we r all gutted 4u, just need to wait and let ur injury heal an ul be back better that ever! canny wait 4 Dicks, Jose and all the SMTC boys do there stuff, shame no female bouts! Laura
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-14 22:53:46
Sorry to hear about the injury dub mate.

Mark bryson
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2010-09-15 02:02:23
cheers mate do the bizz.
michelle murphy
Posted: 2010-09-15 15:58:21
cant wait for this event, going to be a good night ahead!

and Bison Thai ,mark bryson u are the hardest boy to get a hold of lol check you're emails and reply to me lol , really good you're fighting and i'll be there too see it ;) x
Jock McRock
Posted: 2010-09-15 16:42:33
This show is going to be an absolute topper!!! A lot of good mates fighting on it, sure all the lads representing SMTC will do the biz!

A few legends on the bill as well :)

Gutted to hear about Dub, hope things work out as soon as possible for you bud.

Matt McD
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-15 16:50:01
Looking forward to this...for my money Ryan and Adrian are the best light middleweights in Scotland right now,and I'm delighted that the lads are finally getting a chance to get it on for the title...going to be a belter!! Rest of card pretty damn good too...
Posted: 2010-09-15 19:08:44
i'm not going to this
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-15 19:39:05
A will do dub. Doin the biz is a must here. A want thus really bad.
A keep having crazy moments during the day thinking about this.

I've replied now michelle. Cheers for the support!!

mark bryson
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2010-09-16 15:27:45
ha mark your mad lol,i laura dicks fight i hope it will last to the 2nd rd at least.
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-16 17:27:25
To be fair mate there had to be a bit of madness up there to want to jump in tht ring with bad intent involved hahaha.

Mark bryson
Gary O'Brien
Posted: 2010-09-20 10:12:46
Good luck to Adrian, Ally, Paul K, Bowie, Jose and Dicks!
Posted: 2010-09-21 07:13:58
Good luck to Mick Kelly and all the SMTC boys. Looking forward to Saturday.....
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2010-09-21 07:29:54
good luck all the s.m.t.c boys,i no every one has trained very hard and looking very sharp,good luck to craig jose and dicks i love both there styles,cant wait till sat.
Posted: 2010-09-21 07:38:43
I'm really gutted I'll miss this show. Good luck to everyone involved.
Muaythai King
Posted: 2010-09-21 09:12:36
I KNOW you can win this one Dougie. You and Kev will be bringing a couple of shiny new belts back with you. Can't wait for Saturday mate.
Posted: 2010-09-24 14:09:23
Do the business Adrian.
Posted: 2010-09-24 15:25:30
Good Luck to everyone! x
Posted: 2010-09-25 15:05:47
any results yet?
Posted: 2010-09-25 16:03:11
Adrian won, another belt for the Grip, well done lad.
Keith Middleton
Posted: 2010-09-25 16:14:44
Points or stoppage Brian?
Posted: 2010-09-25 16:24:56
Don't know yet mate.
Posted: 2010-09-25 17:26:28
Stoppage via knees to the head. He was great. Pix to follow...
Posted: 2010-09-25 17:51:38

Will Boyle
Posted: 2010-09-25 18:45:27
Michael Dicks won by stoppage...pure class.

Mick Kelly put on a great performance and won on pts

Ahmed Ibrahim [SMTC] new UKMF Scottish lightweight Champion. PTS

Craig Dickson [SMTC] new UKMF Scottish super lightweight Champion by KO round two

Brian Stevenson [SMTC]new UKMF Scottish welterweight Champion PTS

Mark Bryson [SMTC] new UKMF Scottish super welterweight Champion KO round 1

Barry Denholm [SMTC]new UKMF Scottish light heavyweight Champion PTS.

Unlucky for Ryan and Dave. Great fight between Ryan and AJ.Amazing night of thai boxing, great for the sport in Scotland and great to have 5 from 7 titles go to SMTC. Not too bad lads.Ahmed and Brian doing their thing. Great overhand right form Mark B to stop Tommy kiltie. Great performance form craig dickson to be a great fighter in Paul Kelly. AND as I said in my previous posts awesome to see Barry Denholm back in the ring. Great performance, chuffed de bits for you Baz. Proved a few people wrong and dominated the fight from start to finish.

Sincere well done to all involved and to John Craig.

Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-25 19:19:44
Thank you to john craig for having me on the show. And ally Wallace . Cheers to bobby Thompson for being the best and most knowledgable instructor. Ur s legend bobby. I really enjoyed this fight. And no btr way to win the the big kaboossh!!!!

mark bryson
Bill Judd
Posted: 2010-09-26 04:12:46
Well done to Arnold Orbotov KO Bloodline.Undisputed No1 in the UK (at his wieght)
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-26 09:47:17
Well done to all the SMTC boys on their wins and another great show! Orbotov from KO is a machine too big to fit in my car for a lift to the hotel lol L x
Jock McRock
Posted: 2010-09-26 10:09:23
What a quality show! Well done to all involved & John Craig for putting it on. Great wins for Ashe, Mick, Ahmed, Craig, Brian, Bison & Baz.

Was great to see Barry back in action & put on what was a top notch display of muay thai. Think his and Mick K's fights were absolutely quality and well done to Bison for stepping in as a replacement and putting on a show grand enough to merit any title.

Micheal Dicks was immense as always.

Matt Mcd
Posted: 2010-09-26 11:29:59
Oborotov V Nathan Carnage Corbett of Australia would be a fight and a half!!
Posted: 2010-09-26 12:02:19

Have started uploading my pictures to Flickr -

mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-26 12:22:31
just want to say thanks to thomas for the rematch, knew i was in for a real test, so trained harder than usual for this which paid off big time. well done all the fighters, the show was magic. massive thanks to john for the show. it was top notch m8. mick the moaner kelly. lol
Posted: 2010-09-26 13:04:57

Posted: 2010-09-26 13:06:01

guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-26 15:03:42
Thanks John for giving Adrian the opportunity, his hard work definitely paid off. Thought Mick Kelly was great, haven't seen him for a bit and he totally outscored his opponent, great game plan and tough as hell. Adrian looking forward to defending his title,so any 71.5 lads out there, get in touch...great show, well run, thanks again.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-26 18:12:31
Webdunk !!!. GUY thanx for the professional support. What a great technical fight. What a show!! the biggest since my show's on 1990's. Thanx to all all my Team. Micheal Dicks not to say "i love the guy", a masterclass in Muay Thai. Scottish titles 5 from 7. Do i have to name all the SMTC titles. From 1989 till now ? BACK DOWN. John.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-27 03:23:05
Just to confirm the last post was not from John Craig
Posted: 2010-09-27 03:36:28
Well done to everyone who fought or was involved in this show,a fantastic atmosphere created by excellent matching and judging along with a great enthusiastic crowd , the SMTC guys were right on the money and the WOSSOBAMA all came to fight, I am proud of you all x ,every fighter gave there all. Great Show, Well Done SMTC.
Ally Smith is the man !!!
Bison Thai
Posted: 2010-09-27 06:15:32
Am still buzzing from my fight haha. What a superb night for Scottish thai boxing. SMTC boys all done the biz. Wossobama boys all came to rumble. Tommy Kiltie defo came to fight me and was on it from the start! But am always ready to rumble! I listen to my instuctor Bobby T n we came out on top with a superb body shot followed up by a killer overhand right.

Mark Bryson
Posted: 2010-09-27 06:52:38

Uploading some more today... had almost 2000 views so far ☺
Posted: 2010-09-28 05:31:37
Does anyone know if Pearl's pictures are online anywhere? Or the other photographer(s)?
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-28 16:56:09
Hi Duncan,

i should get a copy tomorrow mate, but i'm sure she post's them somewhere. She will be training tomorrow night i'll speak to her then.
Cheers for the help on saturday much appreciated.

John Craig
mr mysterio
Posted: 2010-09-29 17:11:47
For pics of saturday night's show go to flikr search Pearl Kinnear.

John Craig
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