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Topic:Oran Mor V International Mt Glasgow Sep19
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-08-22 15:46:50

Oran Mor V...Holland, Ireland, England come to Glasgow to take on Scotland, supported by domestic A,B, and C class bouts.
The main card so far....

Jordan Calder (Scot) v Aaron O'Callaghan (Ireland)
Hil Mack (Scot) v Linda Ooms (Holland)
Paddy O'Brien(Scot) v Tim Holweg (Holland)
Ailsa Currie (Scot) v Emma Pye (Ireland)
Brian Totty (Scot) v JoePosTeam (Thailand)

plus an A class domestic bust up between two lads who met in the Aberdeen 8 man B class tournament this summer and earned fight of the night when their bout went into an extra round..always tough, always entertaining, this is their first foray into full rules...

Michael Wiseman (Griphouse) v Chris Moir (AMAG)

and junior title rematch between JP Gallagher (champ) and Brad newlands (challenger)...

and a supporting card with fighters from the Griphouse, DNFT, GTBA, Wossobama, Highlanders, POS fight Team, Douglas, Kombat, and the Faktory (England) and the usual suspects...

Tix on sale and going fast, let the banter begin.

Posted: 2010-08-22 16:09:58

Jordan Calder v Aaron O'Callaghan.
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-08-22 16:12:49
Hi guy thanks to you and brian for gettin me on the show can't wait to fight again. On a great show against Bradley gd lookin lineup gd luck to all
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-08-22 16:17:23
Oh n a big good luck to Jordan Calder !!!!!

martin siam
Posted: 2010-08-23 10:45:56
where looking forward too coming over hope too have nice crew with us
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-08-23 16:34:08
Cheers martin, good luck with your show too.
We have another B class fight confirmed today...

Niall Smith from Douglas MT v Andy Foley from Highlanders.

Will have the rest of the card up by end of the week.

A big thank you at this moment to all the clubs who gave me names for match ups, we could have put two shows on if the weights were all similar...we will return the support regardless if we can't get your fighters on the show.

also confirmed today...

Mani Singh(Griphouse) v Eric GTBA
Davy Park (Griphouse) v Chris McKean(POS Fight Team)
Andy Napier (Kombat) v Juan Cervantes (Faktory)
Jamie Scott (Griphouse) v Ross Hunter(Wossobama)
Darren EFC
Posted: 2010-08-23 16:53:46
will this show be on p4tv? hope i get to see jordan vs aaron should be a top fight good luck to you both
Posted: 2010-08-23 17:13:03
hey guy am i matched against jamie mccrae and what weight ?
shows looking good
Posted: 2010-08-25 04:30:13
Goodluck to mickey wiseman!!! Hopefully he will not need it, see you when i see you bud in sunny alloa lol.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-08-25 16:23:50
Hey Adam, concentrate on your fight this weekend and we'll work it out then!! :-)

Also on...Michael Anderson (Griphouse) v Mark Price (Wossobama)

Only a few more bouts to confirm and we're good to go...
Any non-Griphouse fighters/trainers who are wanting tickets please let me know soon.
Posted: 2010-08-27 03:33:06
marc brown
Posted: 2010-08-27 03:40:41
good luck to hilary. great fighter and a great girl too :o)
liam badco
Posted: 2010-08-27 07:20:59
cant wait for this always brilliant shows...nmot sure about the poster tho guy...come on get some proper fighters on it...ones with gloves or a mongkon :)
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-08-28 08:35:25
ha, fair play liam, hoping the moderators don't spot it...there will be a representation from the dark side on the show, but 80% is muay thai, the other %20 i'm not going to mention on this thread :-)
See y'all in 3 weeks.
Posted: 2010-08-28 09:15:54

best of luck with the show Guy, great atmosphere at the Oran Mor!
Posted: 2010-08-29 02:45:33
looks like another cracker!!!!!!!
gr8 line up & always a gr8 show
all the best guy
see you soon
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-08-29 15:54:48
Ohhhhh not ling now three weeks caaant waiiit !!!!
Gd luck to everyone Jordan c u will do great can't wait for a great fight yeee
Posted: 2010-08-29 16:14:49
thanks for havin us on guy!

best of luck to jordan and hilary n every1 involved in makin wot looks to be a crackin show happen
Fight Sport MC
Posted: 2010-08-30 05:27:15
The Griphouse fight shows at Oran Mor I think capture the pure essence of what a good fight show should be.
Good venue, good crowd, no bells or whistles but vey good, well matched contests.
A cracking way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Best of luck to Guy and team and to all Griphouse fighters (especially future world champion Jordan Calder who faces his toughest domestic test to date).
Posted: 2010-08-30 10:04:57
good luck with the show and to all the griphouse guys and girls!! quality venue, well run and top fights, cant ask for much more!
liam badco
Posted: 2010-09-04 06:48:18
right wheres the irish boys a..i wanna have a cheeky bet on jordan calder winning against aaoron...i know 1 of yous will wanna play :)
Posted: 2010-09-04 06:48:38
Anyone betting on this ???
I will have £50 on Jordan Calder to win any takers ??
liam badco
Posted: 2010-09-04 07:18:11
dick off brian i got there 1st lol
Posted: 2010-09-04 07:29:51
Lol I never say your post, ok then anyone taking Liam's bet ???
And secondly anyone after that taking mine ???
liam badco
Posted: 2010-09-04 07:30:43
im sure theres enough action for us both
Posted: 2010-09-04 07:38:07
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-05 11:13:38
Reckon this is the last fight to add now...another Scotland /England bout between Asma Kurshid(G-Cal) and Annette Fink (Faktory)
Posted: 2010-09-05 12:02:09
good luck to Asma ill be shouting for ya
Posted: 2010-09-05 12:10:24
Massive card, great line up! Best of luck with the show Guy!
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-09 11:15:54
Thanks Stevie, hope ur faring well, as usual, the smoke signals are taking a while getting through, but the facebook crew keep me posted...
We lost one fight(Niall, hope ur back is better soon), so replaced it with two, cause that's how we roll...Brian Hislop and Robert Whiteford will be on the card, just want to get spelling confirmed of opponents before I arse it up .-)
Muaythai King
Posted: 2010-09-09 11:43:53
Looks a cracking show Guy. Best of luck to Hilary! Young Jordan too.
Posted: 2010-09-09 14:46:12
I will have to second Darren EFC and ask if this'll be on p4tv?
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-09 16:27:23
Hey Ruaraidh (and darren..), no it wont be on p4, we are getting event filmed and no doubt pirate copies will be circulating real soon :-)
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-12 13:16:28
Robert Whiteford v Neil McGuigan (Efr Ireland)
Brian Hyslop (Dnft) v Darren Gilchrist (Fighter's Hive)
are the last confirmed bouts...
Tickets almost sold out, let me know if you need any if you're travelling.

Darren EFC
Posted: 2010-09-12 13:32:38
no worries mate, if anybody starts knocking out private copies of the DVD then please let me know...... haha only joking
Will Boyle
Posted: 2010-09-12 14:45:32
Good luck to guy and all involved with the show.

Good luck to Darren Gilchrist, good to see him on the card.
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-09-12 15:15:14
Hi guy can u leave atleast ten on the door for me
Keith Middleton
Posted: 2010-09-12 16:07:56
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-13 17:13:02
Yo, any fighters with unsold tx, please let me know, i'm completely out..there are some at venue, but not many left, so i'm depending on returns from fighters...or it's a sell-out!!
Posted: 2010-09-13 18:01:50
What time is weigh in plz.
Gary D
Posted: 2010-09-14 02:39:03
Good luck to Jordan calder all the best mate

Looking forward to Jp and Bradley Jp has Been looking awesome in training
Posted: 2010-09-14 05:36:08
Oran Mor sells out again. Awesome work Guy. Looking forward to the show.
Grant Wright
Posted: 2010-09-14 06:10:59
Always a great show good luck all involved..
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-09-14 14:11:42
Thanks Gary, It will be a gr8 fight good luck everyone !!
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-14 15:43:29
Hey Darren, international weigh-ins are 1pm saturday, apart from Aaron and Jordan who are weighing in later due to flight times from Cork.
I'll pick you up at airport and head straight for gym anyway. Cheers Darren, safe flight.

On the day weigh-ins are between 10-11am, there will be an event official present, but if you want to see your opponent weigh in, get there.

Event officials-
Chief Judge Gary O'brien
Judges Jim Walton, Kenny Burnett
Referees Rab Burt, Duncan Ireland
Doctor Paul Drake +1
Paramedic Stewart McCulloch
Timekeeper James McIntyre
MC Kim Hamilton

Same as last time we're going with 2 doctors as, despite the extra expense, is worth it for continuity of event.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-14 15:48:26
I've picked up tix from venue, so any of those asking for tix,it's sorted, get them from me at the, i'll put ten on door for you.

To all our foreign guests have a safe trip to Scotland, we'll see some of you sat, and all of you sunday :-)

Oh yeah..confirming the rumour, yes, they are back, the Slipknot of folk music, Clanadonia opening the show with their tribal assault of warpipes and drums.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-14 16:20:37
OMV Running order (so you can plan your day :-)

Co-main event-
15.Jordan Calder (Grip/Scotland) v Aaron O'Callaghan (Ireland)
14.Michael Wiseman (Griphouse) v Chris Moir(AMAG)
13.Brian Totty (Grip/Scotland) v JoePosTeam (Thailand)
12.Robert Whiteford (HT) v Neil McGuigan (Efr Ireland)
11.Andy Napier (Kombat MT/Scotland) v Juan Cervantes(Faktory/England)
10.Ailsa Currie (Grip/Scotland) v Emma Pye (Ireland)
9.Brian Hyslop (DNFT/Grip) v Darren Gilchrist (Fighter’s Hive)
Co-main event- World champ v world champ
8.Hil Mack (Grip/Scotland) v Linda Ooms (Holland)
7.Asma Khurshid (Grip/Scotland)v Annete Fink (Faktory/England)
6. Mani Singh(Grip) v Eric Pavlowka (Gtba)
5. Paddy O'Brien (Grip/Scotland) v Tim Holweg (Holland)
4.Michael Anderson(Grip) v Mark Price (Wossobama))
3.Brad Newlands (Grip) v Jp Gallagher (Douglas) Jr
2.Jamie Scott(Grip) v Ross Hunter (Wossobama)
1.Davy Park(Grip) v Chris McKean (POSFight Team)
Opening performance – Clanadonia 12.45pm
Posted: 2010-09-15 15:37:17
'mon the winkie!!
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-15 16:40:56
Typo, sorry! Ross from Wossobama just got morphed into two different, fight no.2 is Jamie Scott v Ross Woodburn.
Posted: 2010-09-15 16:58:30

Just got that there ha.
Posted: 2010-09-16 15:34:06
good luck to Mark Price and Ross Woodburn from wossobama gym

from wee Arran
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-16 16:08:48
Ok, it's a sell out, no tix left unless you have reserved on door tix..thank you to everyone for investing their time in promoting the show...see y'all sunday.
Posted: 2010-09-17 14:24:50
Hi Guy,

Looking so forward to the show it's going to be amazing,

All the best to Andy Napier and Aaron O Callaghan.

Best of luck.

guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-17 16:41:20
let's hope so!! STV are coming...check this link out if u get the chance

this is a huge step forward in media recognition of our sport.
Posted: 2010-09-18 10:55:16

Linda Ooms 52.5kg Hil Mack 52.2kg
Posted: 2010-09-18 13:01:43

Moir 67.6kg Wiseman 67.6kg
Scott mcd
Posted: 2010-09-18 13:50:53
Good luck JP , do the business mate.
stewart buchanan
Posted: 2010-09-18 13:53:57
good luck to all the fighters and guy nice card,esp micky wiseman think micky for the win this time and to be sitting happy at 74 kg now lol
Posted: 2010-09-18 14:12:29

Aaron & Jordan - bang on 56kg
Gary D
Posted: 2010-09-18 14:40:28
Gd job guys gd luck to wiseman and calder all the best
Posted: 2010-09-18 16:03:00
Good luck to all the Caley/Griphouse fighters and to wee Hissy.

Big shout out to Brad, you know what to do wee man, good luck.

Biggest shout to my boy, good luck son xxxxxxx.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-18 16:04:18
Thank you to all fighters today who made weight, very professional performance, 18 fighters, all within the agreed limits.
Posted: 2010-09-18 17:37:12
Iam so looking forward to this ;.) bring it on!

do ur thing guys n girls

whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mescho x
Posted: 2010-09-19 08:08:19
any results?
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-09-19 10:24:03
A appreciate gettin on the show guy thanks Brian n Jordan
just cudnt get ma head in it today couldn't concentrate
but anyway well done Bradley
liam badco
Posted: 2010-09-19 11:43:40
Linda OOms won KO round 1 vs hils sister Kirsty thats all i got so far
liam badco
Posted: 2010-09-19 12:07:37
Jordan Just on point :) very happy...well in mate x
Muaythai King
Posted: 2010-09-19 12:44:19
Hilary's sister?? What happened to Hil? She weighed in OK by what it says above??
Gary D
Posted: 2010-09-19 13:04:00
Well done to Jordan calder fantastic performance mate
Posted: 2010-09-19 13:24:32
what was the result of davie park and chris mckean?

any more results guys?
Paul Budden
Posted: 2010-09-19 13:27:34
Any result for Chris Moir vs Micheal Wiseman?
Posted: 2010-09-19 15:06:01
Davie Park Won. Michael Wiseman won.
Bradley Newlands
Posted: 2010-09-19 15:31:49
thanx jp, ur an awsome fighter & will bounce back from this. big thanx 2 brian, my big bro & davie mac thanx 4 getting me through this tough fight. big bro u where as usual great & no one will stop u. ur the best
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-19 16:00:08
gonna make this a short one cause i';m too wrecked after show to be articulate, Hilary did make weight yesterday, but failed medical and was advised to go to hospital. that's all I really want to say on this, and hope everybody will respect hil's privacy on this matter.
Her sister kirsty, who has had 5 fights stepped in, not great odds v world champ, and I threw towel in (kirsty did not quit, I stopped fight). Linda and her trainer Kenneth were fantastic to deal with and I appreciate the situation was difficult for all involved, however the most important person in this is Hil and her return to good health asap.Kirsty's act of courage was immense.
Ok, thank you to everyone involved in making the show such a success, huge list, you know who you are...clearly I'm biased, but yet again Oran Mor was the best thai show in Scotland this year -crowd, atmosphere, calibre of fights, smooth running etc..and all of this impossible without the backstage unsung heroes making it happen, Thank you. good lord that was meant to be a short post...going to bed, will post on fights tomorrow. g'night.
guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-19 16:08:41
15.Jordan Calder (Grip/Scotland) v Aaron O'Callaghan (Ireland)
Calder pts
14.Michael Wiseman (Griphouse) v Chris Moir(AMAG)
Wiseman pts
13.Brian Totty (Grip/Scotland) v JoePosTeam (Thailand)
Joe pts
12.Robert Whiteford (HT) v Neil McGuigan (Efr Ireland)
McGuigan pts
11.Andy Napier (Kombat MT/Scotland) v Juan Cervantes(Faktory/England)
Cervantes pts
10.Ailsa Currie (Grip/Scotland) v Emma Pye (Ireland)
Pye pts
9.Brian Hyslop (DNFT/Grip) v Darren Gilchrist (Fighter’s Hive)
Hyslop submission
Co-main event- World champ v world champ
8.Kirsty Mack (Grip/Scotland) v Linda Ooms (Holland)
Ooms stoppage
7.Asma Khurshid (Grip/Scotland)v Annete Fink (Faktory/England)
Kurshid pts
6. Mani Singh(Grip) v Eric Pawolowski (Gtba)
Singh pts
5. Paddy O'Brien (Grip/Scotland) v Tim Holweg (Holland)
O'Brien pts
4.Michael Anderson(Grip) v Mark Price (Wossobama)
Anderson pts
3.Brad Newlands (Grip) v Jp Gallagher (Douglas) Jr
Newlands pts, new scottish champ
Scott k.o
2.Jamie Scott(Grip) v Ross Hunter (Wossobama)
1.Davy Park(Grip) v Chris McKean (POSFight Team)
Park k.o
Muaythai King
Posted: 2010-09-19 18:26:22
All the best to Hil, hope she is OK. Major kudos' to her sister though for stepping in, and against that calibre of opponent.
Posted: 2010-09-20 02:01:15
Some great results there for the Grip, well done to everyone.
Gutted for Hil, know she wanted this fight for a long time and hope she is back to full health soon.
Congrats on what seems like an awesome show Guy! See y'all next month :)
Gary O'Brien
Posted: 2010-09-20 08:55:50
Well done Guy, was another great event! Best performance of the day was Jordan, Aaron came out strong in the first couple of rounds and put Jordan under a fair bit of pressure, but that only seemed to bring out the best in Jordan, absolutely class mate!
Bradley Newlands
Posted: 2010-09-20 09:17:05
i would like to thank guy 4 letting me fight on this top show & would also like 2 thank the support i got from every1 who goes up 2 the griphouse
martin siam
Posted: 2010-09-20 11:10:13
big thanks too guy for having us over and on the show.
graet venue packed house.
only seen 1 other fight emma from dublin well done too her and darren and dublin thai lads thanks for the help.

jordan and aaron seemed like a big crowd pleaser lots of action with bit of elbow war at times.a super sharp and strong jordan was excellent.we always new we had a massive task.

thanks again guy ,brian c nand jordan

Linda Ooms
Posted: 2010-09-20 12:20:14
Hello guy,

Thanks for the opportunity to fight in Scotland. We had a great time in Scotland and you took good care of us.

I hope Hilary is doing well and a big thanks for her sister to take Hilary's place!

The event itself was also great: A great venue, nice fights and a good audience!

We hope to come back soon in Scotland!

Linda Ooms, Tim Holweg and trainer Kenneth Macnack

guy caledonian
Posted: 2010-09-20 16:13:56
Hey Linda, thank you for your support, I hope we can bring you over to Scotland again soon, you are all a credit to your sport and your country, thank you again for coming to Scotland. Regards to Tim and Kenneth.
Posted: 2010-09-20 16:36:03
Thanks Martin, was a brilliant fight from start to finnish, Aaron is rock hard mate and we knew before this fight that this would be Jordan's toughest fight to date and we were right it was. Couldn't meet a nicer guy than Aaron he is a credit to your gym mate and a credit to Ireland, top top person and fighter. Thanks for coming over Martin, look forward to meeting you and Aaron again, but not in the ring lol. All the best mate.

Well done to young Brad Newlands, I had a game plan and Brad stuck to it. Good work you deserve it. Would also like to mention his opponent JP Gallagher, great kid, great fighter, don't beat yourself up mate you will come back from this plus you will learn from this and it will make you an even better fighter. Good luck in your next fight.
Posted: 2010-09-21 04:00:17
Top Top show.thanks again guy for having us over an thanks ailsa for a cracking fight..hopefully get over again and get some more ballymuners on the show.haha
Grant Wright
Posted: 2010-09-21 06:15:33
Great show as always..... great fight between mark price and micheal anderson
Fight Sport MC
Posted: 2010-09-21 08:51:12
Can only echo other peoples comments.
Another quality event at Oran Mor...well done Guy and team.

Ailsa Currie v Emma Pye was a brilliant bout and a contender for fight of the night IMO.

Young Bradley was brilliant in his Scottish title rematch with JP Gallagher. Well done Bradley and I agree with Brian about JP being such a nice, polite, talented young lad. Both lads are an aboslute credit to their parents, gym and Muay Thai.
The standard of Muay Thai between Bradley and JP is (in my opnion) far superior to most adults with the same experience, seriously.
I know JP was gutted after the bout, but chin up mate, I'm sure you two will meet again...infact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were still fighting eachother in their twenties, lol.

Jordan Calder was brilliant and took another big step forward on Sunday.
It's been said before, but he is an absolute stick on to become world champion.
Big test against Aaron O'Callaghan and he came through it with shining colours. His timing, vision and reaction speed is sensational.
Well done Jordan, that was a tough test for you against an experienced, highly rated, A Class fighter who is well known on the UK scene. You came through it with flying colours mate, everyone is proud of you and can't wait to see who will be the next scalp!

Well done everyone else in making it such an enjoyable show.
Bradley Newlands
Posted: 2010-09-21 12:01:05
fight sport mc thanks 4 ur nice comments & glad u njoyed my fight, ive got a great coach 2 teach me how 2 fight & his boy whos not a bad fighter lol helps me 2, a lot of credit goes out 2 them who spend hours of their own time {when others wouldnt cause im a jnr } on me, so i just listen & fight how they tell me 2. but thanks again 4 saying me & jp were good
Posted: 2010-09-21 12:56:49
well done to Emma and Dublin thai,great to see her actully get a fight and put on a great show
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2010-09-21 15:13:04
was p4tv there ?
Posted: 2010-09-21 15:55:44
no, but i was :)
show was great, jordan was ace. emma pye was class and really enjoyed mark price v michael anderson
jp gallacher 1
Posted: 2010-09-21 16:46:10
Thanks brIan brad n dougie for the comments
Gary D
Posted: 2010-09-22 03:06:45
Aye Kieth you were there but can u actually remember the fights lol think you had one to many Bacardi breezers lol
Posted: 2010-09-22 04:02:32
Posted: 2010-09-29 15:21:43
are there any photos from this event ?
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2010-10-01 18:52:58
Jordan was Class evrythink evry round the lad gets better every time i see him fight !!
Posted: 2010-10-03 17:52:18
another great show by mr ramsey, the oran mor show really is becoming the one to beat :)

also exellent performance from jordan, setting himself up to be a real star in this sport, absolute credit to his gym and instructors
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