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Topic:White Collar Boxing
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-10-03 12:52:35
White Collar Boxing

I see alot of white collar boxing is on the agenda for alot of people... Sure fighters should get a small purse for this?! Can anyone let me know how much pay u get for a white collar bout?! I know a few lads boxed recently and never got paid a penny for it no fuel expences or anything?! Should they have been paid or is it only some organisations that pay there fighters and if so what organisations do pay there fighters as i know a very few lads interested in boxing white collar...

Much Respect
Posted: 2011-10-03 14:10:08
I've had 3 white collar boxing fights and got a couple quid for one of them cause I sold a couple of tickets. But I did the fights just for a bit of experience and to keep me sharp inbetween thai fights so a wasn't bothered about the money. Amateur boxers dont get paid and they fight longer rounds.
Posted: 2011-10-03 17:09:44
And thats exactly what White Collar should be. 3 rounds with headguards, 16oz gloves and shorts/vest. No purse, only ticket commision.

Too many people have hijacked the term and used it for prizefighting or unlicensed Boxing to try and give it more credibility or acceptability (although in many cases the events are run veru well). If you are not wearing a headguard your gloves are not 16oz and you are fighting more than 3 rounds - you are not White Collar boxing.
Dean Ford
Posted: 2011-10-03 19:43:51
Isn't there Semi-pro boxing now too?
Posted: 2011-10-04 01:21:26
Lots of shows are using white collar fights to pad out an otherwise mediocre crowd. But thats cool, so long as the stats weigh up and it is officiated correctly. As for pay I pay purse and commission based on how well the fights sells, same old!
The Phoenix
Posted: 2011-10-04 03:07:58
I have had a few (white collar) boxing bouts 1 with 16oz glove and head guard others where with 10oz gloves mostly against weekend warriors.

The nights where organised well some of the crowd are mindless morons shouting fucking kill him dave.... (shut the fuck up and get in the ring you pricks..)ooops keybored torrets.

The refs have been good and the Purse was always good.

however some promoters of the so called white collar boxing scene just want cannon fodder so they can build there guys up, never believ the guy has had 1 or 2 fights its normaly more...

This is based on my experience, not having a pop at anyone that does it properly.
Posted: 2011-10-04 10:40:15
Ive seen 'white collar' done really well, good match ups, headguard, 16oz gloves etc.

Have also seen it done terribly, beer bellys, limited ability/fitness, huge weight differences, knees (no joke!) & lots of tags.

I think a lot of it is down to the promoter, if they have a good reputation then they will try to do things properly.

If they are just jumping on the back of the current popularity of wcb to make money, then the chances are the quality may not be the same.
Posted: 2011-10-04 11:15:59
It is what it is,

People will put many a twist on, the true reflection of white collar is Joe public having a go, anyone who has more than 5 white collar fights needs a reality check!!!

For me any one who fights in head gear should ideally not be paid, but I as a journey man have been paid to fight white collar but only as I am providing a service and expect to be paid to do so, Ie fighter pulled out etc

If you are a home fighter then sell tickets if you don't then how the fek can there be a show, away fighters should be paid it's not their responsibility to sell tickets
Ideal scenario ticket seller v ticket seller,

But that's just my opinion the play and twist on the words swings and roundabouts
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-10-07 18:42:55
I agree it's good for people who just want to fight... Truth says though... Promoters are charging 50 quid a ticket for the shows and have no respect to even pay the boxers some expenses for being there... Promoters gotta know without a fighter they got no show... A few of my friends recently had fights on sk promotion show and they had cheek to pay 5 pound on each ticket but tickets were over priced as my pro fight was cheaper too watch...
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-10-11 17:06:53
What organisations pay there whit collar boxers? Is it a big secret? I know a few lads wanting to fight just obviously they ain't want to fight for free :)
Posted: 2011-10-16 16:24:57
Ronnie, i have quite a lot of dealings with this circuit and the gyms i deal with tend to go by this:-

White Collar
2 regular blokes/girls giving it a go in headgear and big gloves. Some get a purse but is usually no more than £50 or so. Though this it totally down to the promoter. Anyone that sells tickets also gets a commission, between £5-£10.
I personally pay £10 per ticket commission to anyone fighting and £50-75 purse for 'away' fighters.

No head-gear, 10oz gloves, 3x2mins as standard.
Home fighters get paid £10 a ticket and if they sell a lot then i increase it accordingly, up to £12.50 per ticket (£25 for my shows not £30 like most)
Away fighters - £100 for under 3 fights, £150 for more than 3 fights, plus fuel of around £50 per car. Then goes up accordingly.. I have a lad who's had over 100 fights and i pay him £100 per round as standard plus between £5-£10 per ticket.

colin anderson
Posted: 2011-10-17 10:11:26
hi ronnie,

we have been putting some of our thaiboxers on sk shows mainly to keep them sharp in between thai bouts as you cant fight thai every other week we just treat it as hard sparring really...we dont get paid for the bouts but we get travelling expenses and ticket deal
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-10-17 14:02:37
Action promos do you have any contacts or fight nights up in Scotland?
It all sounds fair defo for your wage just asking outta interest really.
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2011-10-31 14:53:24
ronnie all promoters pay different purses iv paid out 250 for white collor before but that was because his opponant had sold a lot of tickets so i guess its down to how much is in the fight in hand .
bridie murphy1
Posted: 2011-10-31 15:06:53
some of my fighters have been paid 250 for white collar the trouble now is there is too many fighters willing to fight for just fuel money lol come on you guys you are droping the market stop fighting for free.
Posted: 2011-11-01 05:40:17
Hi Ronnie. Sorry for late reply, rarely look at this page lately.

There's two gyms that i know of - one is SK Promotions ran by Sam Kynoch, and the other is Golden Gloves from Dumphries (sorry, forgot the lad's name).

If you are looking for match-ups for up that way you can message a trainer from Newcastle called Jimmy Johnson who regularly supplies me with fighters, and has in the past sent lads up to Scotland.

I am trying to sort a novice heavyweight for SuperShowdown, just awaiting to hear if he is up to it as my lad boxed on Barry Norman's show at weekend.
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