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Topic:"Off Topic" - Taweez Do
Posted: 2002-10-20 04:42:09
Taweez Do
Apparently its the ancient martial art of pakistan
Does anyone know about this ancient art?
Posted: 2002-10-22 17:13:27
Donald Boswell
Posted: 2002-10-22 18:37:32
India has Kaliparit (sp), the South and North atr's being some what different.
Posted: 2002-10-23 00:00:54
Ive heard of Howzat!! That is the ancient art of the Pakistans beating the English at cricket!!! :)
88280 : lol

Posted: 2002-10-23 00:07:15
Posted: 2002-10-23 13:48:31
Then theres the modern art of the bangladeshis beating the pakistanis at cricket

And then losing to everyone else :p

Then theres the pakistani art of match fixing :P
88348 : more LOL

Posted: 2002-10-23 17:59:15
88621 : Muay Thai Vs Taweez DO

Posted: 2002-10-26 04:23:02
The peers come in varying levels of power, some have mastered the art of seeing into other peoples lives and telling them that by paying them a certain amount of "charity" they can help them with their woes by means of taweez do, it uses implements alot like in Muay Thai like the Mongkon and Praciat (Kruang Ruang) but with taweez do, magical spells are worn mostly around the neck and are wrapped in black cloth. unlike Muay Thai though the hands are not bound by gloves or wraps! but it's not as full cotnact either, ver few people actually participate in the art these days but legends exist of great taweez do practitioners who can fly and see through walls etc... bunch of crap if u ask me.

Taweez Do's roots can be found in mystical Sufisitic traditions from Iran and Iraq which later then spread to the indian subcontinent and is now well established in Pakistan and India. Although a select few now really know the art inside out, they have many (blind) followers who think that they hold some sort of power because of their knowledge. Some use their knowledge for good purposes and some use it for their own glorification and self adulation.

Taweez Do also uses weapons such as sticks (like eskrima) and other weapons that resemble religious items such as roseries

Practitioners of taweezdo start of young, as desciples and then they go through levels, the highest levels are Hazrat (master) and Motta Hazrat (grand Master)... hazrats and mota hazrats are practically worshipped by the ignorant massses in these parts and the last Mota Hazrat who walked the earth died a few years back but apparently has been seen every now and then!

The ultimate aim of the taweez do practitioner is to earn respect of the Eid Sheep. I think Farhad has more info on this one so you can ask him.

Anyway I think that taweez do should be entered into the K-1 cos the mystic powers of some of these Hazrat's mite overpower the likes of Hoost and sapp hehe

Taweez do hazrat's live on a very special diet of rich and affluent meals prepared by their ollowers (murids)... they never have to worry where their next meals r coming from and they have the power to make anyone of their followers welcome them with open arms, they have the powers of hypnosis under wraps and you can frequently see them getting foot massages by their followers as a result...
Posted: 2002-10-26 13:22:30
Taweez Do practitioners like to smoke the "wisdom weed" also known as the sacred herb for spiritual strength and courage and also for releasing them from pain and fear.

Masters of taweez do are recommended to watch certain (swedish/german/dutch) channels on Sky tv for spiritual guidance.

A practitioner of taweez do should have a diet rich in ghee and red meat for the strength and power it gives them.

The "Eid sheep" was last seen last Eid (the festival on the end of ramadan) and was sacrificed immediately , last thing i heard of it it was served up in a naan bread in the form of a "lamb tikka " kebab at the famous takeaway called kebabish.

Masters of Taweez Do will commonly beat their students with sticks in the mosque if they make mistakes or if theyre seen over fraternising with white girls round town :P

Like i said Fahad was actually learning the secret art of taweez do at his house with the "hazrat" peer saab from india. Much of fahads training consisted of trying to see through his own bedroom wall which seemed to be a little bit too hard for fahad (fahad obviously doesnt watch enough swedish porn and certainly doesnt smoke any of that sacred herb). Thats probably why he still cant see through walls. Mr Hazrat peer saab got frustrated with trying to teach fahad this mystical art and has shot off back to india.
Althought rumour has it that the british weather was weakening his super spiritual powers, and as a result he was losing the ability to fly.


Posted: 2002-10-26 14:50:37
erm farhad, okay
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-10-26 15:56:53
I have a lot of Pakistani students in my gym, in exchange for Thai Boxing lessons I have been getting Taweez Do instruction from them. I think it is really cool!
Today I did my first grading, I had to show my flying ability.
I passed the grading as I managed to fly the required 20 feet. It is much more strenuous than Thai boxing. The flying was ok, I felt fine when I left the window, it was the landing on the concrete 20 feet below that hurt the most.
Anyway I am ok now and the doctors say I will be able to walk again as soon as all the plaster is off. I cant wait to get back into my Taweez Do classes and will be concentrating harder on the bit where Peer Saab tells us about how to land!
Posted: 2002-10-26 17:44:59
Wasn't the Great Gama Paki?
Posted: 2002-10-27 01:58:59
Dave Jackson ???
You do taweez do as well ?
Enuff respect to you!!!

Are you gonna be there at the K-1 MAX ???

Look forward to meet you there, ill come over and introduce myself
then ill show you a new Taweez Do technique :)

Taweez Do's secret technique


Man ive neever seen this side to your character, i didnt know you could be so cool!!!
Posted: 2002-10-27 03:05:18
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-10-27 03:56:54
I`ll be there. look forward to meeting you guys!

Yours in Taweez Do

Mohammed Dave Jackson
Posted: 2002-10-27 05:20:03
You are cracking me up mate :)
I think this K1 is gonna be the biggest AX meet so far eh?
Posted: 2002-10-27 10:05:15
Hey youre Mohammed Dave Jackson now?
Hey cool
We definitely want to meet you now!!!
Are you sitting ringside???
Ask Paul Henessey to put your guys seats next to Team Ali's if you are then we can sit and meditate together. Maybe we can go for a Balti in birmingham afterwards (with extra ghee!!!,... LOL) .
P.S. Is Shaun Johnson coming too?
Ive got gary turners, simon dimitris, nick sheppards and lee hasdells autogrpah but i havent got shauns yet.
Posted: 2002-10-27 13:48:07
oi team Ali dont forget my tickets!
Posted: 2003-10-18 11:36:24
taweez do seminar coming up,...
ask fahad for details
Posted: 2003-10-20 08:47:34
itis art of not fighting out of paper bag let alone see out of one
Posted: 2003-10-23 07:31:00
Farhad what other secret abilities will I be able to posses in Taweez do ,that I would not be able to obtain in other MA like Tao kwin du, Penjik Silmat or Samboiera and others?
Posted: 2004-05-27 16:38:20
see thru walls? be able to float,.... things like that
maybe even to teleport?

youd have to ask fahad i havent gone that far
Posted: 2004-05-30 13:13:46
Taweez Do does have good fighting techniques both barehanded AND weaponry
to be honest theyre weapon ssytem is better than theyre bare handed system

theyre barehanded system is very karate/kung-fu like

but theyre weapon systems are based around "danda"(stick) and "telegwar"(sword)

they also have a branch called Do-Dandae (double stick) and it has to be seen to be believed
im not as good at do-dandae as i am with Ek-danda (single stick) but all in good time

Posted: 2004-06-23 17:37:40
From what ive noticed , the Ek danda-Do dandae system is not that dissimilar to arts such as Kali/Eskrima/Rapid Arnis or even from Krabi Krabong it self.
in fact i bet you anything that krabi kabong actualy got theyre ideas from TWD anyway.
After all martial arts DID come from the sub continent , its common knowledge
Posted: 2004-08-12 19:08:13
if anyone wants a seminar in taweez do

Hazrat Fazlur raheem will be staying at Fads house and he will be available for seminars
Posted: 2004-08-14 12:21:32
Posted: 2004-08-14 13:03:37
is that hadrat fazlur raheem?
Posted: 2004-12-17 12:13:26
whens the next TWD seminar at your hous e then fads?
Posted: 2012-07-31 11:48:01
I'm still practising Taweez Do and can make £20 notes dissapear.
Does anyone require a demonstration?
Posted: 2012-07-31 22:51:11
Im more interested in a passive form of this art , its called Taweez Don't
Posted: 2013-04-28 18:25:03
Hows about Taweez-Dont you dare?
Posted: 2013-06-08 06:37:20
Keta, balla soni?

macchi kata hai abi??

Posted: 2013-06-08 17:46:43
Definitely Bro!!!
Catch up soon.
Posted: 2013-06-09 04:29:09
When have time.

ps brum has some tasty places to to. ;)
Posted: 2013-06-09 04:30:48
When you have time.

ps brum has some tasty places to go to. ;)

Sorry on the phone and typing.
Posted: 2013-06-23 17:50:13
Safraz,... 07775914155 , text me please bro!!!
Posted: 2013-06-28 06:45:08
oh my god you still remember me!?

Tears in my eyes. snuff snuff !! lol

Im calling you now, your phone is off, your busy as usual,
07930746181. my phone may go off transfering no.

People from brum really miss a guy. ;)


as always.

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