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Topic:Malaipet Sitprapom Vs. Duane Ludwig
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-19 17:27:01

Malaipet Sitprapom vs. Duane Ludwig Jan. 10th in Colorado this will be for Alex Gong's vacant ISKA World Title....
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-19 17:32:54

This is Alex and Duane...
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-19 18:00:31

This Duane is after his fight with Bryan Popejoy....
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-19 20:03:30

This one will be electric.......for sure!!!!
Posted: 2003-12-19 20:37:34
good luck flame and co.
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-19 21:17:42

Malaipet says thanks for your support....he will try to put on a good show!!!
Posted: 2003-12-19 23:55:11

This will be a great fight..

Thank you for the help John.

Full press release and poster to follow....
Posted: 2003-12-19 23:57:50

one more....
Posted: 2003-12-20 02:56:38
this will be an awesome fight

as much as i love malaipet
duane bang is a tough cookie and it will be a hard fight
Posted: 2003-12-20 02:57:43
Brother John and Mailaipet good luck this will be a very good fight.

-Mailaipet all the way Go Thailand!!!!

Oh can you say hello to Mailaipet for me bro.

Posted: 2003-12-20 03:06:32
Goodluck Malaipet & John!!!
Remember what we talked about in the hotelbar in Rotterdam
& I'm sure all will work out fine for you. :)
Make us proud!!!

All the best & take care,

Posted: 2003-12-20 05:53:44
How much does Malaipet weigh? I think he's the smaller of the two fighters, but anyways..... ever since watching Malaipet fought in Fresno, I love his style, skills, attitude, etc. GO Malaipet!!!!!
Posted: 2003-12-20 08:10:52
he's 67kg right?
Posted: 2003-12-20 10:34:22
Sorry guys,
but Ludwig is going to KO Malaipet. He is so much stronger and better than the previous years. 2004 is going to be the one for Duane. He KO'ed Takada, He KO'ed Matsumoto , who had never lost before, and he is going to KO Malaipet as well!
Posted: 2003-12-20 11:43:03
the fight weight is 153-159 lbs...

ISKA World Championship...
Posted: 2003-12-20 14:10:32
This will be a great fight between the top two fighters based out of the USA right now. Both have been busy on the international scene. Malaipet has recemtly been in the ring with two extremly experienced and talented dutch fighters and K-Max has matured Duane's game. This will be a worthy title fight. Kudos to the promoters for making it happen.

I wanna go.
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-20 14:58:38

Duane also got ko'ed by a much smaller fighter from Germany....Albert will not be a easy fight for Malaipet but he is up for the challange!!!
Posted: 2003-12-20 15:01:01
Go get 'em Bang.
Shawn Yacoubian
Posted: 2003-12-20 15:25:45

I dont think Duane will knockout Malaipet ... He is too strong for that ... Malaipet is used to fighting guys larger (size & weight wise) ... As for duane getting knocked out by Albert Krause, well, Albert was on his game and was punching (with very nice) combos and cuaght Duane. This fight will be very exciting to watch ....... I wish luck to both fighters ................. Go malaipet !!!!
Posted: 2003-12-20 16:11:06
I am definitely looking forward to the fight but I predict it Duane by KO over Mailapet. This will not go the distance.
Posted: 2003-12-20 16:12:02
Will the event be televised on ESPN?
Posted: 2003-12-20 19:05:40
specialsystem, you better check your prediction boy. Cause Malaipet is no joke. Duane got KO'ed by Albert Kraus and Genki Sudo can hang with him without being KO'ed. Hmm.... So I think the decision will either go to Malaipet or he'll win by KO. My 2 cent.
Posted: 2003-12-20 19:17:10
I think a James Cook or Rakarma Young vs. Duane Ludwig fight will be more fair. It seems like Malaipet didn't even went all out or needed to against James Cook and he still won by decision. Malaipet is definitely the favorite to win this fight, no doubt.
Posted: 2003-12-20 19:38:21

keep the predictions coming..
dirk stal
Posted: 2003-12-20 22:18:38

Malaipet Sitprapom vs. Duane Ludwig,That must be a great fight !!
I saw Malaipet for the first time 2 weeks ago,this man take me back,to the good old days,the days of Namphon,Changphuak kiartsongtit,Jomhod,Koban,Sackmongkol,Sangtiennoi and all the other Thai Champions that I haved seen here.Mailapet can stand in these mans booths !! He's a great talent,so my money go to him.
Goodluck Maipalet and John & the crew
Posted: 2003-12-21 02:10:54
i'm gonna have to go with malipet on this one. he's a strong fighter with both skill and edurance. but best of luck to all...i always appreciate a good match.

David Cummings
Posted: 2003-12-21 12:26:18
Good luck to you guys!!! Looks like an awesome show back at my home! Wish I could be there
Posted: 2003-12-21 12:33:16

Hey you all again I think that Malaipet and Ludwig is a gonna be a great fight, especially for something as awesome as the ISKA World Title. I don't know who I'd be going with on this one however. You got 2 great fighters in there and I wish the both of them luck and whomever comes out victorious I am sure they will carry the title with respect. Anyways good luck Malaipet and John!
Mark L.
Posted: 2003-12-21 16:26:53
What weight!??

No offense Duane but I bet on Malaipet :) Wish him luck Flame please. :)
Posted: 2003-12-21 17:11:40
All the best of luck to Malaipet !! Great bloke, pass on my regards Flame.


The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-21 17:53:18

I just got a e-mail from kkas...with this picture done by Tommy Ross...Malaipet wants thanks everyone for there coments and says he will put on a good show for all to see...Tommy thanks again for the picture you rock man!!!
Posted: 2003-12-21 23:50:43
Ludwig to fight for ISKA world title!
For immediate release from:

FY Fight Productions, INC. Denver, Co.

On Saturday January 10th in Castle Rock Colorado, Duane BANG! Ludwig will make his second attempt at becoming a WORLD CHAMPION in the sport of Muay Thai. In the main event of the Popular RING OF FIRE series BANG! will face off against one of the top Muay Thai fighters in the world, Thailand's Malapaiet Sitprapom.

Malapaiet has 154 fights under his belt and is star in the European promotion SUPERLEAGUE. He holds the IKBA World Championship and is a former stadium champion in Thailand.

Up for grabs will be the ISKA Light Middle Weight Muay Thai World Title belt (153.1-159 lbs/69.6-72.3 kg). This belt has special meaning to Ludwig. On the under card of the K-1 USA show in Las Vegas, Ludwig first fought for this belt with the legendary Alex Gong. This was a fight for the ages and everyone in attendance that night was treated to a true battle of champions. Gong edged out the decision and retained his title, while Ludwig finally broke through to the big leagues. Gong's untimely death earlier this year has left the title vacant.

"This title means a lot to me. I plan to keep the title here in the United States and keep a bit of Alex Gong's memory with it. Since his last defense of the title was against me, I have a little emotion wrapped up with this fight. I hope that I can keep the title here for a lot of reasons but one reason in particular and that's to keep it here in Alex Gong's memory." said Ludwig. It has also been just about a year since Ludwig has been able to fight in front of his home town fans. He has a busy year competing for the UFC and K-1 in Japan. " I love fighting at home.. I get a lot of energy from the crowd. Denver has some of the best fans in the world!"

ISKA president Corey Schafer commented "We feel that Duane definitely should be first in line at a shot at this belt. This particular title has such a great history and legacy, and for the fight to be against a true Thai champion only adds to that history."

With a fight of this magnitude only a referee like the legendary Cecil Peoples could handle the duty. Peoples has refereed for the top promotions in the world and has more title bout experience than any other ref in the world.

Also on the card is UFC veteran Brad Gumm. Gumm will be fighting at 155 lbs for the third time in his career. All of his previous matches have been at 170 lbs and he feels that he can really make a statement in the light weight division. Facing Gumm is KOTC veteran and undefeated New Mexico fighter Carlos Condit. Condit has a MMA record of 9-0. He has also fought as a professional boxer and recently traveled to Japan to face one the top fighters in the world in Shootboxing.

Rounding out the main card, Jay Jack makes his long awaited return to the ring. Jack was scheduled to fight last month in the Canadian promotion TKO but had his opponent with draw at the last minute. His last appearance was at ROF 7 where he beat the game Isais Martinez (TX). Opposite Jack will be the tough Utah based fighter Steve Gomm. Gomm is a submission stylist who recently finished local wrestler Eric Heinz in the IFC. Gomm's last Ring Of Fire appearance was at ROF 8 where he submitted Cruz Chacon via choke.

The full fight card and complete fighter bios will be available at by the end of the week.

Saturday, January 10th, 2004
Douglas County Event Center
Castle Rock, CO

Tickets are on sale now at all KING SOOPERS locations or online at, or call 1-866-464-2626 to charge by phone.

Prices range from $25.00 to $40.00.

The best seats in the house are the catered ring side VIP tables and can be arranged by calling 303-246-5237

Posted: 2003-12-22 08:04:37
I like Malaipet, i think he is awesome but i dont think he compares to Jomhod, also Kraus would stop both of them IMO. Rooting for Malaipet as an MT fan but its too close to call! Hope he trains for it and good luck Malaipet.
little bully
Posted: 2003-12-22 08:40:10
I think a James Cook or Rakarma Young vs. Duane Ludwig fight will be more fair. It seems like Malaipet didn't even went all out or needed to against James Cook and he still won by decision. Malaipet is definitely the favorite to win this fight, no doubt

Ra'Karma fights no heavier than 147 and is not a contender for a world title, (YET) and James is in law school, not able to take a fight on this short notice (nor was it offered) James preferred fight weight is also 147.

Posted: 2003-12-22 11:20:33
This would be a good fight. Malaipet usually never disappoint the spectators with a good fight regardless of the results. For people who haven't seen Malaipet train or fight on a regular basis, please base your assessment on what you have seen with your very eyes. Duane also know how good Malaipet is because he did train under him briefly. Duane have been trainning hard and have home court advantage in Colorado whis is at high elevation which will be very difficult to breath and home court fan. Malaipet is more polished and skill fighter with great intellect that people don't realize. Both fighters got their own advantages so it will be interesting. I am concern that Malaipet may have some problem breathing due to the elevation, the cold and judges like those he faced in Holland. However, Malaipet is beyond a great fighter and with great fighter come greatness and since he had surpassed that then hopefully a victory will come with this one.

Note: Flame, Please wake his ass up and take him up in the high moutain so he is use to it before he leave. I think this time gotta run longer than to Fry's. Heheeee!

Posted: 2003-12-22 11:27:54
Oh.. Does anyone know if this is going to be on Pay Perview or telecast?
Posted: 2003-12-22 11:51:49
TEAMVOODOO says good luck to both, you both deserve it!
little bully
Posted: 2003-12-22 12:05:52
I think a James Cook or Rakarma Young vs. Duane Ludwig fight will be more fair. It seems like Malaipet didn't even went all out or needed to against James Cook and he still won by decision. Malaipet is definitely the favorite to win this fight, no doubt

this was meant to be a quote from someone else...

as for the winner, hard to speculate on who will win it will be a crowd pleaser either way!
Posted: 2003-12-22 23:11:42
First of all this is Malaipet, Im using my friends e-mail address, id just like to say hello to all of my fans. Thanks for all of the support. I want to fight, not only to win, but I want to make all of my fans happy with my performance. Whether I win or lose, im coming to fight with all of my heart and give it 100%. Duane I just wanted to say that I respect you, and lets put on a good show. And as for the Superleague, Im going to fight harder than last time, and hopefully Ill get the decision or the ko this time.
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-23 00:25:45
That was indeed Malaipet I just got off the phone with him...Tommy Malaipet's says thanks for the picture..he really likes it!!! This will be a awesome fight...:-)

Posted: 2003-12-23 03:51:02
hey malaipet- how are u doing?hope evrything is fine!

all the best for your fight!!!

see u in italy!

Posted: 2003-12-23 03:55:36
flame, malaipet and to evrybody else
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-23 04:06:03
Hello Kasha

Thanks...Merry Christmas to you also...tell Willi we said hi...see you next Italy!!!!
Guy Paret
Posted: 2003-12-23 05:40:38
My money is on Malaipet too, good luck John..Hope to see you soon in Italy or Switzerland..Just a small note: Kraus is Dutch not German!!lol!!
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-23 08:50:33
Thanks Guy and see you soon....Merry Christmas!!!
Posted: 2003-12-23 11:15:27

Posted: 2003-12-23 11:16:02

please call today.

Posted: 2003-12-23 18:20:43
Too bad this one isn't in L.A.!!! I wish I could see it live. Good luck to both fighters and Merry Christmas to all my old socal peeps I see posting on this thread ;).

Will this be pay per view?
Posted: 2003-12-24 05:06:11
Are elbows allowed? I seem to remember Ludwig and Gong using elbows in their fight. I guess I'll watch it again.
Posted: 2003-12-24 09:41:32
sorry.. no elbows.

state rules do not allow it. pretty much like California.

knees to the head and clinch are allowed, so technically it is modified Muay Thai.
Mark L.
Posted: 2003-12-24 09:44:41
What weight is Malaipet fighting at after this??
The Flame
Posted: 2003-12-24 12:18:16

Malaipet will fight Chris Van Vennroy in Italy in March at 70 kg but weigh about 68 kg at the weigh in...the same as Chris in there last fight. Malaipet will then be fighting at 67 kg a more natural weight for him... that's about 147 pounds.


Sorry I like kkass poster better...the one with Duane.... is that the only offical poster for the show???
P.J. Reilly
Posted: 2003-12-24 13:17:09
Kick ass, I'll definitely be there! I'm putting my $$$ on Duane, his hands are just too crisp. Either way it should be a good fight. Anyone else going?
Posted: 2003-12-24 17:35:55
that is the poster that went out in the initial mailing.. focused on the local market only.

the one for the event will have both fighters.
Posted: 2003-12-24 19:15:13
This should be a very good fight!! Good luck to both of you.
I wonder if the altitude will make any difference??
Merry Xmas everyone!!
Posted: 2003-12-25 03:30:11
Boogie is Duane going to fight MMA any more?
Posted: 2003-12-26 00:04:00
yes he will..

but his focus is on this title and the k-1 MAX title...
Big E
Posted: 2003-12-28 01:27:58
Awesome matchup...Sven you need to put this fight on PPV, so we can get this watch this action fight in Cali....
Shawn Yacoubian
Posted: 2003-12-31 16:15:48

Go Malaipet
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