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Big Al
Posted: 2007-01-02 15:03:27
Not long til feb now for Master Skens next show!!! Well looking forward to it, and im sure it will be as good as the other Master Sken shows I have been to. Especially looking forward to the 'kick for cancer' fight, its a great idea to raise awareness of an important topic. Also hoping to see the cream of British Thai boxers competing. Anybody have any info on this show yet?
Posted: 2007-01-02 15:06:15
I have heard speculation of Liam Harrison and Andy Howson facing thai's....but not too sure on the names just yet.
Posted: 2007-01-02 15:12:07
will niky van holtzen be fighting?
Big Al
Posted: 2007-01-02 15:19:54
Are you fighting on this show Mr C? It did say on the last thread Liam and Andy maybe fighting Thais, is Jordan fighting do you know?
dodgy price
Posted: 2007-01-02 16:27:36
There was even talk of Buakaw headlining at one point. That would be awesome. One thing you can guarantee that it will be one helluva line up and very well matched!
welsh eagle
Posted: 2007-01-02 16:54:38
i gotta guy on this show, Alun Haskins, a good ole Rhondda boy, cant sing but very fit from chasing sheep.
i live in the city and only go there (to the hills) to train them and yes they do sh*g sheep.
Alun is a good fighter very strong and IMO a future star at 72kg just need to get him some more fights during 2007
Posted: 2007-01-03 02:20:51
Big Al: I am already matched on another promotion. Not sure about Jordan.

Whatever the matches are, Master Skens shows are always packed to the rafters with some great matches.

Posted: 2007-01-03 03:29:09
How about Julie K v Germaine on Master Sken's show?? :-)
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2007-01-03 04:10:30
sounds good to me coast,
Big Al
Posted: 2007-01-03 10:27:24
Shame about Andy Howson being injured, hope you make a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing Liam and Jordan have a ruck. As a paying punter with an interest in Thai Boxing I pay to go to shows like Master Skens, and the Bad Company shows as they are well run and always full of top fighters well worth the ticket money.I really hope Thai boxing gains more exposure the sport and fighters/gyms deserve it. JMO but I would choose to watch good Thai fights over boxing any day of the week! Good luck Master Sken and all the british lads and ladies who are on the show.
Posted: 2007-01-03 17:45:18
Many thanks to Big Al for starting the Forum Topic for my show.Many thanks for well wishing for the show and XMAS AND NEW YEAR.May I wish everyone have a great New Year.I got back to work on Tuesday,very busy with teaching already and my Calendar has been booked up throughout the Year.
I was away in Thailand in November,did work very hard to get Buakaw Por.Pramuk to fight on my show. But he is still in a contract with K1, however in the future any thing is possible. I did not meet him as I was in Bangkok, the same day he was travelling to Sweden.
I managed the get the fight for Liam Harrison V Rungsit who was fighting on my show at least 4 years ago against Andy from Master Chana. He is excellent fighter. I myself look forward to see this fight.

I am very disappointed that Andy Howson won't be fighting on my show due to injury. He is one of Stars of my show, GET WELL VERY SOON ANDY, ALL THE BEST.

Many thanks to Dave Croft and Mr.Smith for kind words as I can count on you as excellent freinds and support.

I do love to have many fighters on my show but Budget and time of show will not allow me to do so. One day, hope not too late to have Julie Kitchen on my show. Most trainers have contacted me and gave their fighters list to me, when I did request some time in November. Very sorry I may have to disappoint someone.

Final Match Making should be ready by next week.But I can confirm for definitely are as follow:

Richard Weston V Eric Darricarere-5X3 ROUNDS FULL MUAYTHAI RULES KICK 4 CANCER
Liam Harrison V Rungsit-Thailand-5x3 ROUNDS FULL MUAYTHAI RULES
Colin Johnson V David Barlow -5x2 Rounds AREA TITLE
Michael Dicks,Jordan Watson,Steven Jones,Paul Karpowicz,Peter Davies,and many more.
I will keep you update,many many thanks for all your support.
Posted: 2007-01-04 03:57:04
its good to see a womens 5x3 and that someone is prepared to put it on, any ideas on opponent for jordan watson? Tim Thomas??
Posted: 2007-01-04 05:48:29
Tim Thomas contacted me and I sent few messages to him but still no reply,if anyone knows his phone number or email.please let me know,thankyou.Even better if Tim contact me urgently.
Posted: 2007-01-04 05:54:49
Tim Thomas fights Michael Wakeling for, I think, a WBC title on the 25th Feb
Posted: 2007-01-04 06:50:15
You need to contact Jon Graham the instructor at Naksoo, better to text him as i dont think he will be on the phone at work.
Posted: 2007-01-04 08:20:59
Many thanks thaisoon17, I have not got Jon Graham's phone number.Do you have his?
Posted: 2007-01-04 12:14:13
RDouble/ Master Sken/K4C: I will donate the shorts I just defended my world title in for the raffle and I will also make a little contribution to the fund.
See you there and we will sort it then.
Posted: 2007-01-04 12:49:51
Just got Jon Graham's Number,many thanks to Gary O'Brien
Posted: 2007-01-04 15:01:38
Can anyone give us a run down of how the Andy Jones V Rungsit fight went? I remember them fighting but I cant exactly remember what the strengths of Rungsit were and what the key moments were in the fight....
If I remember correctly he was around the same size (slightly shorter) as Andy so he will have a height advantage over Liam....

Posted: 2007-01-04 15:30:48

you wont be a mate if you keep mis-spelling my name...i dont care how big you are! :)

Posted: 2007-01-04 23:54:19
Noi,sorry mis-spelling of Rungsit,it's Rungsiam.It was very long time ago,that Rungsiam fought Andy Jones.He's smaller than Jones.He was very quick with his Boxing and Kicks.Right this moment as trying to remember I think Rungsiam won on points.I will try to find this fight Video,if I am lucky.By the way,Noi,did you recieve the DVD?
Posted: 2007-01-05 00:38:55
Many thanks Master Sken, I have recieved the DVD.
Posted: 2007-01-05 04:43:07
Is andy howson defo not fighting,is his arm still boswoggled???
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-05 04:52:57
i was matched to fight Rungsiam in thailand last year but my opponent changed last min.....we are about the same size!
Posted: 2007-01-05 04:58:58
nice you have the inside line and a game plan sorted already then! :)


Posted: 2007-01-05 05:06:19
Yeah, andys arm is well and truely boswoggled....8wks in a sling, and then building strength back up on it again....will be at least 4 months!

Singto Muay
Posted: 2007-01-05 05:25:18
Is that the DVD from the last show?

IF so, where can I buy a copy?

Posted: 2007-01-05 05:45:03
I think the dark horse fight of the night could be the domestic clash between Colin Johnson and Dave Barlow. Colin has had about 5/6 fights now and gets better every time I see him….he is moving up in weight to fight Dave Barlow, who is coming down in weight. Dave Barlow fought James France a few years ago, so there can be no question about his toughness….TBH I think this is gonna be warfare!!!!

I am excited at the prospect of seeing Micheal Dicks and Jordan Watson fight again (not each other, before I cause any confusion). They both always put on a great fights in their own special way.
Posted: 2007-01-05 06:11:40

I think Colin has only had 3 fights, he is a tough bugger and I am really looking foreard to this one.

Go Peahead!

Posted: 2007-01-05 06:12:35
Is it only 3?

Posted: 2007-01-05 09:07:26
Thank you again for the kind words Master Sken, im so sorry that im not able to fight on this show for you, i was really looking forward to it, but fingers crossed will be 100% for youre September show. As most of you no i injured my left arm in my last fight at the Muaythai Superfights show, i snapped the tendon to my long headed bicep and had surgery to repair this on the 2nd of this month, i was supposed to just be having keyhole but after 3 atempts using keyhole in different parts of my shoulder they could not find the end of the tendon so had to cut me open, on finding the tendon and reattatching it to my shoulder they came across some cartoledge damage and also repaired that, my 1hour opperation ended up been a 3 and a half hour long one and my recovery will now be so much longer, i have to keep a sling on for 6 weeks and an course of physio which will last god know's how long. And at the moment they have told me i will be out of action fighting wise for 6 month's, im fooking gutted..... Master Skens shows along with are Badco show and the Muaythai Superfights is 1 of the best of the year, always is and im always proud toi be a part of them but due to silly injuries this past year i haven't fought on 1 since last Feb, i miss them. This sho is gunna be awesome, some great international bouts as always and some domestic clashes that will shed some light i cant wait for this but its gunna be awful just been in the corner and not having a scrap. peahead mate, drop me a mail yeah?? my add is on my profile on here. Good luck with everthing Master Sken and talk to you soon.
Posted: 2007-01-05 13:53:50
Really looking forward to seeing Micheal Dicks fight and also heard a lot about Colin Johnson so looking forward to seeing him in action to see if he lives up to the hype! I`ve a feeling he will!
Ax Team
Posted: 2007-01-05 13:55:20
I have cleaned this thread up. Please keep to the topic people.
Posted: 2007-01-05 14:26:25
i never knew that you had snapped a tendon mate sounds fookin painful,6 months is a long time but i think the lengths of time doctors say to wait should be taken with a pinch of salt,ile mail you when i get home pal
Posted: 2007-01-05 16:15:58
No problem Andy,take a great care of yourself,rest and patient.You are very young man.I am sure you will get well soon.Definitely see you fighting on my next show.Please do not fight before my show next time,only joking.
I do know both Colin Johnson and David Barlow very well.Both are excellent prospect.I am really glad for this Match and really look forward to see the Fight.
I need to match the fighters as below,can you help?
Tony Horbury 88-90 Kg 4F 4WINS,Paul Karpowicz 60-62KG 4F 4WINS,Richard Barnhill 70 Kg EXP,Leroy Morgado 67Kg EXP,David Southern 64 KG 2F 2WINS
Exp,Eliot South 70Kg 2F,Alan Karkins 72 Kg 1F 1WINS
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-05 17:02:39

stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-01-05 18:36:35
hi Master Sken has kindly invited me to photograph the show, the photos will be available to buy with all the profits going to kick 4 cancer, ive not worked ou the prices but will get back to you all before the show.



link to the photo's i took last time
Posted: 2007-01-06 02:54:40
I am so glad that Stevie will give his service and the money will go to KICK4CANCER.I will also get the good Raffle prizes draw.One of the prize is the Gloves to be signed by myslef,Carl"The Cat"Thompson,Amir Khan and Ricky Hatton.If anyone could get Top Footballers to sign the Gloves,please let me know.Let's all work hard to help Richard Weston to raise the money for really Worthy cause.Your support is much appreciated.
Posted: 2007-01-06 03:28:44
Wow this is fantastic,im realy blown away,thankyou all so much!
Posted: 2007-01-06 05:29:48
the wind is strong round brum this time of year. ! lol.
Posted: 2007-01-06 07:53:29
i would really really like some gloves signed by hatton, i would be willing to offer a large(ish)bribe or buy them sraight
welsh eagle
Posted: 2007-01-06 09:18:18
Alun Haskins (Wales) will donate his purse to KICK4 CANCER also.
Master Sken are the Posters done yet?
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-01-06 10:52:54
theirs gonna be a lot of gyms there on the day, maybe it would be a nice gesture, if all the coaches would (if master sken approves)donate a hoodie,t-shirt or club shorts to go into a raffle.
welsh eagle
Posted: 2007-01-06 11:01:05
sounds like a good idea stevie i will donate club shorts and t shirt, i guess its up to Ajarn Sken and Rdouble now.................................
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-06 12:00:10
unless your mum is buying a raffel ticket whos gonna want them beag?????
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-06 12:13:23
Rachael is to fight for a WMC world title sanctioned under full thai rules 5x3 on this show.

Rachael has agreed with me that any sponsorship raised to fund the fight over what the contest costs we will give to kick4cancer.

Rachaels opponant is likely to be Soumia from Holland. We are just finishing negociations. Mostly surrounding a promised rematch in April in Holland. A double header never done before. A two in one deal. The second bout will be for the WPKL world title (or so we hope)

Rachael Jones 2 british, 1 Full rules European 2 World titles? Can it be done....Will this mean she can have her hair dyed another colour? I'll keep ya posted......

Oh and those shorts of Richards havnt been washed Urggggh!
Posted: 2007-01-06 12:14:53
Good luck, and sounds yet another TOP show from Master Sken.

All the best to all of you.

Posted: 2007-01-06 13:53:03
Hopefully posters will be ready by a week after,my printer starts to work on Monday.Next week Match Making should be completed.May I ask Trainers to send me your fighters's Photograph urgently.
Your good will,suggestion,donation and Sponsorship to KICK4CANCER are very wellcome.
paulinthailand,I maybe able to get Ricky Hatton to sign the gloves for you as long as you pay good money to KICK4CANCER.
Again many thanks for all your support and kind words.
Posted: 2007-01-07 05:17:50
Please John Craig contact me urgently,thanks
ally wallace
Posted: 2007-01-07 06:16:59
I've sent him a text, as he's not on AX very often.
Posted: 2007-01-07 08:53:06
Thanks Ally,he called me.
Posted: 2007-01-07 11:42:23
Any way to help(good idea about the hoodies shorts etc ) will be greatly appreciated.....

I am realy looking forward to this fight and looking forward to watching all the others after mine.....this is going to be one of the shows of the year to beat.
Minotaur Gym - Paul Taylor
Posted: 2007-01-07 12:48:40
Picture of Rungsiam who we saw in Koh Samui fighting as top of the bill at Chawang Stadium on the 16th December 2006.

Rungsiam won on points in what was a tough fight for him. He generally looked for single shots rather than combinations, Southpaw with good left head kicks and a straight left punch, although the smaller fighter on the night he generally dominated the kneework.

Minotaur Gym - Paul Taylor
Posted: 2007-01-07 12:49:44
Minotaur Gym - Paul Taylor
Posted: 2007-01-07 12:50:55
Posted: 2007-01-07 14:01:49
Hi Paul
It's nice to hearing from you,I think you have the same problem as me,when I tried to post the Photo.See you soon.
Posted: 2007-01-08 08:29:07

What weight does James France fight at? When he fought David Barlow was it at 67Kg?

Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-08 08:32:13
Its confirmed rachael Jones will contest for the WMC title 5x3 full rules. Sanctioned directly by the World Muay Thai Council as a World Title fight.

As with all these things its all about getting the sponsorship in place but Ive underwritten the bout so its a goer one way or another....

Thanks to Master Sken for securing the sanction and allowing the fight to be part of his show.
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:05:06
FATBOY: Badgers fight with Dave Barlow was at 65kgs, but I believe Dave has slimmed down a bit now and weighed 62kgs at Master Skens last show.
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:06:41
Nice one Dave, you've done your bit...all Rach has gotta do now is win it!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:19:47
And she better do or its sale time on the off topic section
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:20:21
And she better do or its sale time on the off topic section
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:24:13
Technically the same same statement. But so important I wrote it twice LOL
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:25:45
Good Luck!!
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:25:51
Good Luck!!
Posted: 2007-01-08 09:55:18
Cheers Noi,

I know Colin is 61KG I just thought it would be a lot for Dave to lose.

Posted: 2007-01-08 11:48:05
Colin Johnson V Dave Barlow Max 61.5kg is confirmed by both trainers:Vinny and Nigel,thanks.
Posted: 2007-01-09 01:53:50
Please help with the fighters 88-90kg V Tony Horbury 5F-Bolton Thai Boxing Club.
Posted: 2007-01-09 02:02:55
andy my computer is fucked not had a chance to sort it out with work and training,well if im being honest i cant be fucked doing it when i get in at night ha ha,dont know if you got my mail or mailed me back coz its bin fucked for the last few days mate
Posted: 2007-01-09 03:10:45
So elequently put! :)

Great use of the word "fuck"

ha ha ha ha
Posted: 2007-01-09 03:21:44
just read that back ha ha,sometimes i amaze myself at how proficiently and colourfully i can use the english language ha ha ha
Posted: 2007-01-09 04:33:26
So...whats the interval entertainment? :) LOL
Posted: 2007-01-09 04:36:45
when you fighting again mate soon???
Posted: 2007-01-09 05:34:57
PoS2, two weeks after skens.
Posted: 2007-01-09 05:50:07
the rematch with rung,more levitating i hope ha ha that pic was quality
Posted: 2007-01-09 05:59:10
LOL. Yeah, THE rematch!
I wont be using jedi levitating mind tricks this time...I think I will just stick to punching, kicking, kneeing and elbowing him this time!
Bad Dude 1
Posted: 2007-01-09 05:59:49
I would love to see Jordan Watson vs Rick Barnhill at 69kg full rules. I think that would be ding dang doo....
Bad Dude 1
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:00:42
Dave Croft are you paying for your girl to fight on Master Sken's show?
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:02:23

Posted: 2007-01-09 06:02:54

Posted: 2007-01-09 06:04:03
ha ha there it is david blaine the 2nd,good luck mate no doubt you'll get the win this time
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:08:22
Bad dude: From what I understand through my conversations with Dave, he has facilitated the initial cost outlays through links with sponsors and close associates.

It will cost Master Sken money to pay the sanctioning fees, fly over an opponent+corner team, pay for hotels etc All of which is a speculation on the revenue which will be raised by having this bout on the cards.

Good luck. I am sure it will pay off. This is a great bout for Rachel and Bradford Muay Thai,.... and to have it on Master Skens promotion only adds to the prestige.
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:10:13
LOL@peahead... i think you can see from the two angles this is a trick of the light and great core strength.
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:15:28
ha ha hes got calfs like fookin footballs
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:19:20
good job he aint hitting me with his calfs then innit!
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:30:33
ha ha good luck anyway pal ile probly see you at master skens show
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:33:29
drop me a mail
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-09 06:34:21
All true Richard. You said it so nicely. And colin you certainly show the diversity of the word F*ck.

Bad Dude 1. You have no profile so I dont know if you ask out of curiousity or to make an unkind point. Or if you want to offer me help? If you wish to call me directly I will be only too happy to tell you my plan.
Though as a general rule let me just say that Ladies Thai Boxing is underfunded. Regardless of prestige and profile of fight. Master Sken has once more offered to allow Rachael a platform to show her talents. For my part I will be looking to secure funding to assist in financing the bout. return flights from Thailand, sanction Fees, Accomodation, provisions, and of course purse money all make such matches expensive. And expensive in this case is in multiples of thousands plus. Those people who know me will tell you Im a man of my word. Im also prepared to put my money where my mouth is.

I hope my belief pays off.

Posted: 2007-01-09 06:52:23
will do pal im gonna have to sort my computer out 2nite
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-09 07:48:58
beag go post pics of yourself on your own thread you gay analist its nowt to do with this one!!!
Posted: 2007-01-09 07:51:36
Posted: 2007-01-09 09:06:54
been getting lessons of peahead....

go fuck off you fuckin fuck!

Posted: 2007-01-09 11:37:31
he's got a point though bollock breath, go highjack the pos2 thread and put pics of you been gay on there.
Posted: 2007-01-09 11:44:12
same goes to you, you one-armed fuck-nugget...if someone could read out the rest of the thread to you, you'd see what me and peahead were on about. :)

back on topic! :)
Posted: 2007-01-09 11:46:57
jordan V rick barnhill would be a good fight....maybe a bit big for Jordan though. Hasnt Rick fought at 73/74kgs before?
Jordans last fight was at 68kgs.
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-09 14:26:24
jordan can make 67kg.........hes already matched as far as im aware anyway.
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-09 15:03:40
col forgot to mention lads at the gym are havin a sparring session on 27th jan theres badco lot a few from quite a few different gyms everyones got fights comin up so it should be decent..Andy said he was gonna tell you but not sure if he has so just lettin you know now.
Posted: 2007-01-09 15:18:52
So....these fights confirmed so far:
Richard Weston V Eric Darricarere-5X3 ROUNDS FULL MUAYTHAI RULES KICK 4 CANCER
Liam Harrison V Rungsiam - Thailand-5x3 ROUNDS FULL MUAYTHAI RULES
Rachael Jones V Soumia - Holland -5X3 ROUNDS FTR WORLD TITLE FIGHT
Colin Johnson V David Barlow -5x2 Rounds AREA TITLE

Plus fights for Michael Dicks,Jordan Watson,Steven Jones,Paul Karpowicz,Peter Davies...

Over 3000 views....

Any hints on who the other guys are fighting????
Posted: 2007-01-09 19:57:40
yeah liam i emailed him bout it, but gay boys comp broke,lol. beag youre gay, we all no it, and i dont care what you and peahead where talking about, get back to pos2 thread ya orange twat,lol.

predictions so far?

Richard Weston V Eric Darricarere-5X3 ROUNDS FULL MUAYTHAI RULES KICK 4 CANCER
Eric stoppage, soz rich mate but youve been out a fair while and Eric is very active and has had some good wins over top people the last year or so, and with Full Thai has a big height advantage for his knees and elbows, again soz mate but just saying what i think, doesnt mean thats what i want, i love ya really.x, lol.

Liam Harrison V Rungsiam - Thailand-5x3 ROUNDS FULL MUAYTHAI RULES
Gotta go with Liam KO round 3, or win points, Rungsism is tough as hell.

Rachael Jones V Soumia - Holland -5X3 ROUNDS FTR WORLD TITLE FIGHT
Rach to win points and new champ, good work dave, i see another female Muay Thai Womens champ from yorkshire coming are way.

I no who Jordans fighting but not gunna put it up as thats up to Master Sken to do when he is ready to do so, and based on Jords last demolish job im defo going with Jord stoppage KO rounds 3-4.
Bad Dude 1
Posted: 2007-01-09 21:38:30
I was asking as I was reading about the girl fighter Julie and her trainer having to pay for her fights. I just think it's quite unfair.
Posted: 2007-01-10 01:41:24
Andy the predictions fine..........anybody can be wrong..........but if you ever put a kiss to me on a public forum again i will kill ya!!

thats for private snuggle time .........daddys little soldier x
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-10 03:52:08
Yeh no worries mate. The harsh reality of it is that with the media coverage our sport gets there simply isnt enough interest (which nearly always means funding) in womens thai boxing. I know that Nathan. Julies husband and trainer felt he needed to pay for opponants so that Julie could fight and that isnt fair. bUt then who said it had to be fair. Im kinda doing the same thing but spending my money carefully. Afterall its who you fight, and who you beat rather than how many fights you have. Nathan said he'd spend over £2K on twelve fights. Ive blown that on one and more on the next. Not better. Not worse just a different approach to management.

Rachael has offers to fight all day long. But to have career fights. To go out and challenge as we have done and to then set the time and date of that challenge. You need to put money up. No promoter will take the risk of losing money. Why should they? Ask nice and fund the fight. They invariably always will.

With Ilonka I was empowered to raise funds enough to pay the fees of the 5 times world champion which was'nt cheap. Master Sken paid Rachael a purse, the sanction fee and flights and accomodation. That team work continues on this next bout but the figures are higher.

So I hope Ive answered your question fully and you see my dilemna and that of all promising female fighters.

Posted: 2007-01-10 04:20:13
yeah ile be down on the 27th lads,thanks for the invite,an andy you one armed lurcher fingerer im not the gay one my boyfriend is ha ha
Posted: 2007-01-10 06:21:50
Andy the predictions fine..........anybody can be wrong..........but if you ever put a kiss to me on a public forum again i will kill ya!!

yes rich even you!!!!

Posted: 2007-01-10 07:40:17
aw westwood, i knew ya loved me really, no mate hope you dont take offence by my preditcion, just as i stated, the in activity plus the height advantage etc, gunna make it a hard scrap for ya, will be cheering for ya tho mate. colin i think that cadden no's that boyfriend of yours well.....VERY WELL. LOL
Posted: 2007-01-10 08:03:33
:P hmmmm....
Posted: 2007-01-10 08:16:54
come on beag, you no and love him well,ha,ha.
Posted: 2007-01-10 08:30:53 "business associate".

Cant believe your accusing Nige of that!

Your a brave man andy...I'll give you that!
Posted: 2007-01-10 08:39:47
ha,ha good come back gay arse, i like it but nige knows damn well that he is mine,lol
mr mysterio
Posted: 2007-01-10 11:19:37
Yeah Andybc, Jordan's opponent knows he's in for a realy hard fight as Jordan's an amazing fighter and great to watch, but at least he's got the guts to take him on! looks like a great show, good luck to all the fighters.
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-10 17:15:21
-Rachael Jones-BRADFORD T.B.CLUB V Sifar .P. Sirichai (former fighting name Dowprasuk) a fight record of 55 fight 6 losses South Thailand Champion, Phuket & koh Samui Champion also an WMC International Champion-CONFIRMED
-Jordan Watson-BAD CO. V Steve Patterson-SMTC-CONFIRMED
Most fights are matched up now,Master Sken will finalise all fights in the next few days.
Posted: 2007-01-10 17:37:24
OMFG! Dowprasuk is an awesome fighter. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing that match.

Tough fight for Jordan. Stevie has had 2 epic battles with Badger.

Posted: 2007-01-11 02:27:20
high five
Posted: 2007-01-11 02:29:14

liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-11 03:09:09

shes amazing and beaten fighters up to 60kg.....Good luck rach if its the same one your stepping in with a legend which not many get chance to do! brilliant
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-11 03:26:21
If you wanna be the best. you gotta beat the best. So many claim to be but so few really are. least ways thats what I just told Rachael. I believe it too.

Tragically for my pocket the best are never cheap
Posted: 2007-01-11 03:39:47
Good on ya Dave for getting this match. It shows true faith in your fighter, and the ultimate belief in being "the best".
I have seen Dawprasuk fight 5 or 6 times, and she has owned every single fighter she has fought. To bring this into context for the people who havent seen her fight, she is like the female version of Saenchai....very technical, very powerful and head and shoulders above everyone else I have seen her fight!

Saying that, I really like Rachaels style and I have never seen anyone press Dawprasuk with a style like Rachaels unrelentless work rate.....
Maybe pressure is the answer....

One thing is for sure....we are in for a cracker!
Posted: 2007-01-11 03:59:57
you lot are not helping my nerves! I am already having sleepless nights about getting my head kicked in. How about a bit of info about how the girl fights, does anyone have any footage of her?
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-11 04:00:56
Pressure will be the key. Rachael has strenght and stamina. Lots of hard training to be done.

Besides which if/when we pull this off who can say Rachael is'nt the best.
Posted: 2007-01-11 04:12:40
I always enjoy to see the Fights that why I love to promote them,especially give back to Muaythai which has given me my life and career.
I do like Rachael fighting Style, attitude and spirit of fighting and lovely person.All my best wishes to her and all fighters.
I work very hard to get the sanction from World Muaythai Council,with help from Stephan Fox and Ralph Beale and make this special event possible.I would like to express my sincere thanks to them and WMC.This fight will help to raise a high profile for Muaythai and ladies Muaythai fighters,which I am very proud to organise such as this fight.
I will update and finalise the MATCH MAKING tomorrow,latest this weekend.
Posters will be ready next week,tickets are available to purchase now.
Posted: 2007-01-11 04:25:51
Dont worry about it Rach!
You have the skills to do the biz...I am sure Dave will have a game plan (including a horrific training regeme!) LOL

Dont start off with a negative attitude, otherwise you've already been beaten.
Take the info here and see it as a challenge which you will step up to!

There may be people out there that can kick harder or punch more powerfully....
HOWEVER there is no one person that can limit your heart, desire and determination to win.

This is your time to prove yourself.
Posted: 2007-01-11 04:45:56
noi reading that last post made me emotional ha ha
Posted: 2007-01-11 04:55:08
bless ya!

Joking apart....I have seen it before, and suffered it myself, it seems like a normal british attitude to be an underdog and get off on the wrong foot with loadsa negative self-talk.
This then becomes a self-fulfilling profesy....
"I knew I wouldnt win" blah blah blah....
In a sport with such strong influence of mental approach, you need to be in the right frame of mind all the time. Not just went you are training and in-front of people, you need to believe it (to the pit of your stomach).... even when you have them quiet moments when your just by yourself at home and you have time to allow negativity to creep up on ya!

You have to be able to recognise that in yourself....and for your benifit able to tell it to FUCK OFF! :)))))
Posted: 2007-01-11 05:11:03
Very well put Noi
"Heros and cowards have the same feeling,it is fear.But Heros turn fear into fire"(Cus Damatio-Mike Tyson's Mentor)
Rachael,my advise is BELIEVE IN YOURSELF,take action with very well preperation,and become(Good Result)
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-11 07:49:16
i wouldnt say shes the girl comparrisan to sanchai nobody would be able to touch her if she was, there are girl fighters out there who are more technical than her....jomythung for 1...but she is very strong and aggressive i think she has beaten Nicky Carter at 59kgbut not sure. Im sure she told me about it last year in Thailand but i maybe mistaken.
Sid Remmer
Posted: 2007-01-11 08:05:58
You can do it Rach
Gaz T
Posted: 2007-01-11 08:53:57
Rach you've stepped up and taken the fight to everyone put in front of you so far, often as the underdog, so no reason why you can't do it this time... do the biz!
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:08:32
I've been looking at AX for a while, but time for my first post ever.

Rachel, I've seen you beat a 5 times World Champion. There's no doubt in my mind you can beat another class fighter, because you're one yourself!

Master Sken, I'll email you very soon. Everything is good! Has Paul been matched up yet? I might know somebody over here, who could be a good match up for him.

Rdouble, good luck with K4C! But I really hope you will lose your fight on Master Sken's show.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:17:38
I do to cos Ive put on a bet you'll wup his arse! and fifty pence is fifty pence in any language. If he wins I'll have to give him more bloody money for his charity. And Im already having to form a band to play in the carpark.

Gaz T......Hows yer knee? And wheres my phone call?
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:21:55
Hello Daisy thankyou for realy hoping i loose my fight on master Skens show pleased to meet you.
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:26:15
did u realise it was eric rdouble you fish
Gaz T
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:31:31

Get my first op on Tuesday so hopefully back in training before long, I don't have your number so il e-mail you mine. Good work on Rachels fight, hope the prep is going well and good luck for the Right Said Fred tribute act, worth ticket entrance alone!
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:39:58
Brains were never my big thing!

In that case..........thankyou Eric

I realy hope you loose your fight at Master Skens aswell!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:40:18
Rich didnt you know it was Eric?

Gaz T for anyone who doesnt know is G Man Thompson late of Bradford Thai Boxing now professional lay a bout in Manchester. Yeh mate let me have yer new number.

Gaz T
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:48:23
Thanks for the flattering introduction Dave, iv sent it to you mate. You know you've made it now, you've got a whole thread dedicated to yourself on the off topic forum, good work!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:54:02
I have my very own fan base. Dya wanna come training. Its got harder. Im making putin do an hour of weights first and then time the world sees him he'll be like joel....but with shorter hair
Posted: 2007-01-11 09:59:10
That is Eric's sense of humour,he made me laugh some times.
Gaz T
Posted: 2007-01-11 10:03:06
And better looking. Got to wait on the outcome of my op first, might need a second depending what they find, give me a call when you get chance. Sorry for taking this off topic people, good luck to all fighters on the show, should be a belter!
Jordan Calder
Posted: 2007-01-11 10:07:07
Brilliant to see "THE HITMAN" back fighting on Master Sken's show, can't wait. "Just googled Rungsiam and it says he beat Kieran Keddle in Samui last year" Should be a good fight then, I take my fav fighter to win as always.
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2007-01-11 10:23:12
very best to you rachael,i wont say good luck cause you wont need it.wish we could be there to see you win.nath and julieX
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-11 14:25:33
Eric,Master Sken found the opponent for Paul as below.
Paul Karpowicz-SITNARONG V Dave Thorncroft-BEASTMASTER
Posted: 2007-01-11 14:49:30
So Rachael is now fighting Dawprasuk now instead of Soumia? How come?

In any case good luck Rachael.
Posted: 2007-01-11 16:19:09
i heard she wouldnt fight FTR and wanted fight 5x2's
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-11 16:50:45

Me and Rdouble are sitting at home chilling thinking of you! :)
Posted: 2007-01-12 02:03:43
The thought of 2 blokes "chilling at home" and thinking of me, scares me a bit. Especially when one of them is in a Right Said Fred tribute band.

Rdouble, if you're doing this for charity you, you have really taken it to the next level.
Posted: 2007-01-12 02:08:39
any ideas on the complete line up yet???
Posted: 2007-01-12 02:12:41
not the same home!!!!!!!!
songchai jr
Posted: 2007-01-12 02:58:37
congratulations. Master sken is a good man. Thank you
songchai jr
Posted: 2007-01-12 03:00:04
congratulations. Master sken is a good man. Thank you
songchai jr
Posted: 2007-01-12 03:01:34
congratulations. Master sken is a good man. Thank you
Posted: 2007-01-12 15:53:46
Thankyou Songchai Jr.Hope You and family are well,please give my best regards to your parents.
I would like to give a Full Line up this weekend,I am looking for a right fighter for Michael Dicks.I have found a Dutch fighter but does not want to fight Full Thai Rules and some of the fighters are too expensive.I will certainly finalise all the fights this weekend.
Posted: 2007-01-12 17:21:14
Pea Head. Never mind the line up you little turd! Just remember your lining up and that's all that matters! Well, that's if I can be arsed to turn up...You forgot my flip flops which is a sin. I may just forget to turn up and the day after say "Oh I thought I had" haha

Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-12 18:19:18
Daisy, Westlife never told me he was in a band!
Posted: 2007-01-13 03:16:49
Liam"The Hit Man"Harrison
Posted: 2007-01-13 03:17:46

Liam"The Hit Man"Harrison
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-13 07:14:38
Azdin Amazian(HOLLAND) V Michael "The Assasin" Dicksy
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-13 10:16:42

Rachael Jones Versus Daw Prasuk for the WMC Full Rules World title
Posted: 2007-01-13 11:42:08

Thank you!!
Minotaur Gym - Paul Taylor
Posted: 2007-01-13 14:34:36
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-14 05:30:13
Liam "the Hound" Harrison
Posted: 2007-01-14 05:40:30
"who let the dogs out?"
Posted: 2007-01-14 05:43:24
Thought that was beagle for a mo!
Posted: 2007-01-14 05:47:40

Dickie v Daisy!!
Posted: 2007-01-14 06:23:26
Is that when you fought in Finland Rich?
Posted: 2007-01-14 06:29:22
yes altough by the picture at that angle it looks like its an underground unlicensed boxing scrap in a dingey warehouse.It was a massive old church or something the ring was at one end the crowd at the other.
Posted: 2007-01-14 06:35:48
hardcore, old-school, back-street, underground, unlicenced dodgy does that sound? :)

Suprised your wearing gloves! :)

you old dog, you! :)
Posted: 2007-01-14 06:43:53
got a training tune for you Rich....

Posted: 2007-01-14 06:52:13
cheers for the txt..............working on a Sunday with training to come later,just what you need ..........a northerner goading you on your phone!
Posted: 2007-01-14 06:58:22
This is gonna be a great show im realy looking forward to Liams fight,i havent seen him fight in a while and hopefully running order will permit me to see the hitman in action.

(no joke mate)

Master skens shows have always been a pleasure to attend either fighting on them as a cornerman or as a spectator,i advise anybody thinking about going to get thier tickets asap!!!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-14 10:42:08

a new logo for the fight. Sponsors for this fight are Famos. Bradford, UKCPS,Alpha Media Solutions, Prune Park Taxis (maybe), Acetarc, PRS, Deighton manufacturing and D2 (my business).

Rachael just better win now
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-14 10:45:24

And this is Rachaels home for the next five weeks. Donations and food parcels are accepted. visiting hours are 7 till 8 everynight.

She will win or die training to win.
Posted: 2007-01-14 11:53:56

Update Match Making,I hope it will be alright as my PC is not working properly.
Posted: 2007-01-14 12:51:12
MATCH MAKING SUNDAY 18th February 2007
1.David Southern V Wesley Slattery Max 65 Kg 3x2R No Elbows
Sitnarong,St.Helens Spitfire,Heywood
2.Damon Mc Curdy V Lukasz Lehman Max 106Kg 3x2R No Elbows
Salford Muaythai Sor.Thanikul, New Castle
3.Paul Karpowicz V Dave Thorncroft Max 62 Kg 5x2R No Elbows
Sitnarong,Stockport Beastmaster, Altrincham
4.Murat Polat V Anthony Colin Max 61.5Kg3x2R No Elbows
Evade Martial Arts Frankie's Gym
5.Eric Darricarere V Richard"Petnoi" Weston Max 72Kg 5x3R FTR
Sitnarong, Stockport Warrington Muaythai
***SIMTA.NORTHWEST AREA Super Lightweight Championship Max 61.5Kg 5x2R No Elbows
6.Colin Johnson V David Barlow
KBS, Bolton Super Camp, Knutsford
7.John Banner V Alun Haskins KICK4CANCER
Bolton Thai Boxing Eagles Thai Boxing,S.Wales
***SIMTA.British Light Middleweight Championship Max 69 Kg 5x3R FTR***
8.Stevie Patterson V Jordan watson
SMTC,Edinburgh Bad Company,Leeds
***WMC.Ladies World Bamtamweight Championship Max 53.5Kg 5x3R FTR***
9.Sifar Sor.Sirichai V Rachael Jones
(DAWPRASUK) Bradford Thai Boxing Club,England
WMC,Koh Samui,Thailand
***Super Prestige Fight Max 67 Kg 5x3 Rouds No Elbows***
10.Michael Dicks V Azdin Amazian
Darlington Boxing&Martial Arts Muaythai,Amsterdam,Holland
WMC,Koh Samui,Thailand Bad Company,Leeds, England
Posted: 2007-01-14 13:18:27
Dave J a pik of my home for the next 5 wks??
Posted: 2007-01-14 14:39:13

John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-14 14:50:57

Azdin Amazian

welsh eagle
Posted: 2007-01-14 16:06:33
looks like its gonna be a stormer of a show- congratulations to Master Sken and his team for a top line up. Best of luck to all combatants.
Posted: 2007-01-14 16:58:32
im gonna see if i can get the shackles taken off and come up for this one as it duz look a good show ......... anyone willing to let a big tattooed northerner that will eat you out of house and home kip on the settee...LOL

Posted: 2007-01-14 17:22:46
There are so many shows in January and February,all the best to all Promoters,fighters and trainers.I am very proud to help Richard Weston to raise money for very worthy cause K4C,George H.Carnall Leisure Centre's manager will let me know that Sport Centre would like to donate a percentage of takeing from Bars and foods.I will let you know how much percentage by next week.If you'll buy foods and drinks at G.H.Carnall,some of your money will go to K4C,please give your full support.
I have given tickets deal(£5 per a ticket to K4C) to Richard Weston,anyone who lives in Birmingham or any where else would like to support the Charity.Please buy your tickets from Richard Weston or at Warrington Muaythai Club or Dave Jackson(again no choice Dave!)Many many thanks.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-14 17:33:06

There ya go Petnoi!
Posted: 2007-01-14 21:09:11
tat2, aka russ to show that im really not the prick you folk think i am i offer you my house to crash at ok mate? it is in leeds 30 mins away from Master Skens venue and you are more than welcome to stay both the sat and sunday night if needed ok? on 1 condition though, you dont do the northern thing of getting hammered and starting with the lad who has give you a place to stay ok?, lol. Just bare in mind that i am still disabled at the mo,he,he. Master Sken if you dont mind me asking why is Dicksy's fight not full thai rules???
Posted: 2007-01-15 02:48:11
No problem Andy,Azdin Amazian will not fight full Thai Rules,trainers kept promise me the fighters who will fight full thai rules,too slow to get back to me.My freind Petra and Marco in Holland are really helpful and reliable.Rather Dicksy not fighting,I decide to have Azdin to fight him.
I wish all fights are FTR,Elbow is a true of Muaythai techniques and style.
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-15 07:49:28
Damon McCurdy V Lukasz Lehman
Posted: 2007-01-15 08:30:17
sounds risky tat2 spending the night with a 1 armed dwarf who hasnt been able 2 masturbate for what will be nearly 10 weeks.

im going down for this
Posted: 2007-01-15 08:44:57

Posted: 2007-01-15 11:34:51
dont do it rus its a trap all bad co are gna ambush you on the sofa and send back to london with a funny haircut and dye and pink shorts lol joking
wicked show will it be ion dvd?
Posted: 2007-01-15 11:43:45
Kick Boxing shop will donate a £50 voucher for equipment for a raffle/auction prize for this show
Posted: 2007-01-15 12:55:09
I will supply the Sheff Weds/Leeds duvet for Russ to sleep under at Andys.
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-15 14:36:50
we already have 1 phillip.
Posted: 2007-01-15 15:14:29
Excellent preparation, I expected no less.
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-15 15:31:24
should of done from Andy he supports Villa the big anal cavity
Posted: 2007-01-15 15:52:17
Thanks Nige,any support is excellent for K4C
Posted: 2007-01-15 17:59:55
damn hook you have us rummbled, and i had the hair dye and shorts ready and waiting for him,lol.
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-16 05:14:15
Any prediction on the fights?
Jordan Watson V Stevie Patterson-Watson on points,Stevie is very tough and may win by Elbows
Dicksy V Azdin-Dicksy-Ko Round 3
Murat Polat V Anthony Collins-Collins on points
Paul Karpowicz V Dave Thornton-Paul on points
David Barlow V Colin Johnson-Barlow on points
John Banner V Alun Haskins-Alun on points

Posted: 2007-01-16 05:15:34
For any of the thai speaking/reading people....maybe theres something on this website about Dawprasuk (photo's/fight records/styles/interviews)
Posted: 2007-01-16 05:24:26
Jordan Watson V Stevie Patterson-Watson on points
Dicks V Azdin - Dicks points (as its not FTR)
David Barlow V Colin Johnson - Johnson on points
Rungsiam V Liam - Liam by KO rnd3
Eric V Weston - Weston on points so long as he uses the right game plan! :)

Is Tony Horbury matched yet?

beanie baby
Posted: 2007-01-16 05:36:55
I kinda feel sorry for Eric, he's having to fight Weston! Support your cause all the way though!!!

Master Sken, are you ok with me taking photos and selling them? The profits I make can go towards K4C.
Posted: 2007-01-16 06:57:49
Can i say im looking forward to watching Colin J punish his next apponent. He only has a tiny head so the south paw weasel will think he is surrounded, he betta be hitting the spot on the focus mits or he has not chance. Im sure you,ve all seen beetljuice. HaHa
Posted: 2007-01-16 08:16:34
Hi beanie baby,
Yes,certainly you can and please give a profit to K4C,thanks
Noi,I will have a look at website link about Dawprasuk that you sent and will translate the Article.Tony Horbury can not fight at this time due to his work.
Singto Muay
Posted: 2007-01-16 09:19:18
Is the dvd available for the 24th September?

I would like a copy please.
Posted: 2007-01-16 14:17:34
Singto Muay,No DVD for 24th September available,but will send you a raw copy one.Tickets are ready now,Posters will be ready this weekend.Please order them in Advance.
Singto Muay
Posted: 2007-01-16 15:38:28
Excellent that would be great

thank you
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-16 16:21:21
noi666 writes:
Jordan Watson V Stevie Patterson-Watson on points
Dicks V Azdin - Dicks points (as its not FTR)
David Barlow V Colin Johnson - Johnson on points
Rungsiam V Liam - Liam by KO rnd3
Eric V Weston - Weston on points so long as he uses the right game plan! :)

Damn it we have to think of a game plan! :)
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:13:24
I think we have a good few going down from up here, if anyone wants to come along and get a seat in some of the cars then give me a shout if you haven't done so already. I'm sure it will be a cracking show as always! Good luck to Master Sken and all the fighters!
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:25:10
I'll let you in to a little secret game plan I have heard someone shout to their fighter before....

"Stamp on his toes in the clinch"
"kick him in the neck"
".....punch him on the nose, no-one likes that!!!!"

I think that should work for you westy! :)
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:35:21
Cool, thanx Noi

I will write that down!
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:36:05
Can someone lend me a Pen?
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:41:11
Westlife...write that down!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:48:58
remember rounds 6 to 11. No one disses the quiff! LOL
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:49:14
You know who I got that off dont cha!!! :)
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-16 17:52:31
Dave..stop confusing me with talk about rounds after 5
Posted: 2007-01-16 18:29:18
Andy H .... first of all what ever we thought of each other and wot ever was said Finished in the ring at Pain & glory i said wot i had to to you Liam Richard and Richard and as far as im concerened thats it over and long done so no i "DO NOT think your a Prick" .
The offer of your place was yes to say the least a suprise to read about ..but im very greatful for the offer GOOD ON YER ........ shows people can move on as for sleeping under a leeds or pigs i mean owls duvet phil ide rather boil my bollox and share a bed with an aids ridden hoe with nymphomania who keeps a grizzly bear for a pet ...and as some folk already know i shave my head so no pink barnet for me .....ill always be a northerner at heart but i dont plan on starting on anyone lol its not my style .... ive lost it anyway been down south too long .........
once again thanks mate ...i will know nearer date whether i can get up there .....

Posted: 2007-01-17 01:13:00
Samart Payakarun(Sityodtong)a Muaythai living legend became also a very famous singer and his song is called"Round 6".That means a fighter lost a fight,but Round 6 still to come,the fighter will have a hard time with cornerman, especially with the Camp owner.
Dave Jackson I hope Westlife will not be suffered from you if he loose.
My game plan for Daisy is "Hit and Run",but I may get him to run forward like a Tank.
Gary O'Brien,you are my guest.All very best with the show,if I do not go away some where I would like to come up to see your show.
Posted: 2007-01-17 03:39:16
Beanie baby, don’t feel sorry for me. I can’t do worse than last time when Jones KO’d me, so it’s only up from here.

Noi666, great tactics. I actually enjoy being punched on the nose though. That’s the reason why I started Thai boxing in the first place. I really looked forward to absorb Jones’s punch with my nose. Unfortunately he aimed too low.
Posted: 2007-01-17 04:56:20
....or maybe, I am in cahoots with westwood and DJ, and I am in a double double double cross situation???? Lull you in to a false sense of security!!!!! LOL
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-01-17 09:29:55
I'm confused now!! (doesn't take much mind!!) Daisy if you're name is Eric, why are you called Daisy?!?!?!?!
Posted: 2007-01-17 10:34:32
The poster.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-01-17 10:53:00

Posted: 2007-01-17 10:58:29
Many thanks Stevie.
Posted: 2007-01-17 11:11:51
Super camp sounds like gay porno lol...super gym...not super jim thats another not that i seen them.
Posted: 2007-01-17 16:53:11
Great stuff! i'll be there ;-)
Posted: 2007-01-17 22:08:57
Hi Master sken,

Hope the show goes well?as would of liked to of seen it as looks like you have some good matches.
I am over5 on 2nd april if you ar5e ar5ound would love to get over5 to see you??
Posted: 2007-01-18 03:45:48
Hi Dazzer
I will be definitely in England around that date.Please call me when you are in UK.How are you,family and the Gym? Looking forward to haering from you.Take care
Posted: 2007-01-18 05:46:57
One Saturday morning, after a night out on the booze, I made the mistake saying to my house mates “I feel as fit as a daisy”. I have been called daisy since …

Master Sken, I can see Paul has taken his pads off for the picture this time. I think it’s time for me to have a new picture as well because I look a bit red.
Posted: 2007-01-18 07:54:10
Dont worry about looking a bit red Daisy! LOL
Posted: 2007-01-18 09:55:38
Yes.Daisy should be white,shouldn't it?
I will take a new photo for you,Eric.
Posted: 2007-01-18 16:07:55
Busy working on guts for eventual glory,
Writing a happy ending to my painfull story,
Making up for ill days where i had to be lazy,
Working real hard to beat that daisy.

Maby it will be a fight of skill verses will,
One things for sure i wont stop until,
The bell rings loud to summen the end of war,
Or the ref pulls me off and says no more.

Some say im too old too late and i havent got it,
I wrote them all down and put them in my pocket,
When training gets hard and i can no longer smile,
I have a read of the comments and go the extra mile.

Is gonna be hard of that no doubt,
I will not scream and i will not shout,
I will smile and quietly say,
No doubt i will be ready on the day.
mr mysterio
Posted: 2007-01-18 16:19:21
Just want to wish Rachel all the best for her fight, me and John will be down to watch it. Do your stuff girl!!
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-18 16:41:37
lol at M.Sken :)

White with a yellow nose even !
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-18 16:43:20
You can write all the poetry you like when you are locked in the gym this weekend Rich :)
Posted: 2007-01-18 19:54:35
I will ring you and meet up when over M Sken!!Family are really well as is the gym!you can view gym on

Many thanks

Posted: 2007-01-19 01:13:50
Richard,I quite like your poem.I know Daisy will not be able to write like you.I am sure this is going to be really good fight as Eric is ready to rumble.
Dave Jackson is going to put you through a tough,tough training.Dave make sure Richard survives the training and step in the Ring on the day.
Good news,Sport Centre Manager will give a donation of foods and drinks which is being sold at the Centre to K4C.
Today I HOPE I have a good news for all spectators that we can have foods and drinks in the Hall.
But I can confirm now that VIP RINGSIDE AREA, a Table of 6 persons with Light snack and drinks can be booked from now.I already have 100 seats for Sponsors,there will be max 100 tickets left.VIP Ringside table is £50 and outer
Ringside(Chair only) £40(Group discount)
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-01-19 04:02:23
Thanks Master Sken and of course you would be welcome to come up to the show as our guest, I'll contact you soon anyway to arrange for some tickets for my group.
Posted: 2007-01-19 14:59:47
Hi Darren,
Have a look at your Gym,it's really nice.Wish you all success with your Gym and life in Australia.See you soon.
Gary,please let me know how many tickets,there are a discount for a Group,all the best with your show.Line Up looks GREAT.
Spectators can buy soft Drinks in Sport Hall but no alcohol,can not obtain a Licence.But Bars are next to the Reception.
Thai food will be outside the Venue.
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-20 03:04:42
Any more prediction?
Especially Jones V Dawprasuk and Harrison V Rungsiam
Dave Southern V Wesley Slaterry-Southern on points
Damon McCurdy V Lukasz Lehman-will be a war,eighter way KO
Posted: 2007-01-20 05:03:31

Following on from the "Night of Combat" thread....

Who's gonna get all their supporters to paint their faces, bring along banners and make support cards to add to the atmosphere????

Posted: 2007-01-20 14:02:44

ชื่อนักมวย ดาวพระศุกร์ ศักดิ์ชัยโชติ
Daoprasuk Sakchaichote( Sifar Sor.Sirichai)
ชื่อที่ใช้ในการชกครั้งแรก ดาวพระศุกร์ ส.พิกุลทอง
First Fight/First Nme:Daoprasuk Sor.Pikultong
ชื่อเดิม นางสาวปราณี แข็งมาก
Real Name: Miss.Pranee Kangmark
เกิดวันที่ 8-ธ.ค.-24:Dait of Birth:8th December 1981 26 years Old
ชกครั้งแรก อายุ 17 ปี:First Fight age:17
ครูมวยคนแรกชื่อ อ.โอภาส เพชรพงศ์พันธ์:Her first Muaythai Teacher:Arjarn Opas Petchpongpun
ได้รับเงินครั้งแรก 500 บาท:Firts fight Fee 500 Thai Baht=£6.76p
อาชีพก่อนชกมวย นักเรียน:Past Profession:Student
การศึกษาก่อนชกมวย มัธยมศึกษาปีที่ 5:Education before her fighting career:High School 5th Year.
ปัจจุบันศึกษาอยู่ที่ ระดับปริญญาตรี วพ.ยะลา :Present:Student at Physical Education College,Yala Province.
บิดา นายชู แข็งมาก:Father:Mr.Boonchoo Kangmark
มารดา นางจรวย แผ้วชนะ:Mother:Mrs.Jarouy Paewchana
อาชีพ ทำสวน :Profesion:Gardener
มีพี่น้อง 10 คน:Family:10
ที่อยู่ 246 ม.3 ต.เคียนซา อ.เคียนซา สุราษฏร์ธานี:Address:246 M.3 Kiansar,Surathani Province
ส่วนสูง 160 ซ.ม Hight:160 cms
น้ำหนัก 115 ป.Weight:115lbs
สไตล์การชก มวยเข่า:Style of Fightng:Knees
สถิติการชก 20 ครั้ง ;Fights: 20 Fights(2005) 55 fights Now
ชื่อผู้จัดการ นายสุเมศร์ ศักดิ์ชัยโชติ:Manager:Mr.Sumeth Sakchokecahi
ชื่อเทรนเนอร์ นายด้วง ศักดิ์ชัยโชติ :Trainer:Mr.Doung Sakchokechai
ปัจจุบันฝึกซ้อมอยู่ที่ ค่ายมวย:Present Training Camp:Sor.Sirichai

Posted: 2007-01-21 14:07:56
Please trainers and fighters confirm to me when you do or don't recieve your tickets and posters as some times they did go missing.Most of them will be posted by tomorrow.Rdouble,please let me know your address asap,many thanks.
Posted: 2007-01-21 18:04:43
Master Sken please send me a poster without Colin's face on. I'm sick of seeing it!! haha
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-21 18:17:25
Following on from the "Night of Combat" thread....

Who's gonna get all their supporters to paint their faces, bring along banners and make support cards to add to the atmosphere????

I reckon that it might be Phil...he was the only dipstick that turned up with a tash on the last show!
Posted: 2007-01-22 08:24:23
Posters and tickets are on the way,Nige.Definitely,no Colin's face on it.
Dave or Rdouble,please text or email me your Address to send Posters and tickets asap,thanks
Posted: 2007-01-22 15:07:22
Thanks for putting it in bold BALDY!
Posted: 2007-01-23 07:19:33
Not long to go now.
This will be my first Master Sken show.
I'm told by friends that they are always amongst the best.
I'm beginning to buzz already. Can't wait, lol
Posted: 2007-01-23 08:49:12
I am sure you will enjoy the show,I am the promoter but I always enjoy and look forward to see the fights myself.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-23 15:54:40

Just got these signed by Mike Bisping. I have a picture of him signing them that will go with the gloves.

Mike is one the UK`s biggest MMA stars and is making a major impact on the UFC in America.

These will be auctioned at Master Skens show for "Kick For Cancer"

If anyone wants these then they can bid for them on here. The highest online bid will be the starting bid at the show so if you want them and aren`t going to the show you need to bid up on here!
Posted: 2007-01-23 15:58:55
Start another thread for them Dave
Posted: 2007-01-23 16:02:00
Was it Tony Myers who was tell us about Duawow, when he went to a thaiboxing/MMA show. He went over to the MMA guys gloves (similar to these), slipped them on, whacked himself on the head a few times, frowned and then laughed at the MMA guys with a look of disbelief, as if to say you must be f##kin crazy! HA HA HA HA
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-23 17:05:27
Cant remember whether it was Tony or me that posted that comment Noi. We were both present in the room when he did it though! The look on his face was comical.
Posted: 2007-01-24 10:03:48
Need a fighter 72kg 5x3 Round Full Muaythai Rules,please email me.Thanks
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-24 16:27:49
I heard that Richard Weston is not very well and has been taken to a Hospital,wishing him all the best and very quick recovery.Would Dave Jackson confirm this please? Thanks
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-24 16:36:14
our thoughts are with ya mate!!
ally wallace
Posted: 2007-01-24 17:02:08
Hope he's okay.
Posted: 2007-01-24 17:09:24
thinkin of ya mate!

x..... one of vinnys magic kisses! :)
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-01-24 17:15:08
Richards wife contacted me a couple of days ago. He was not well and was in hospital having some tests done.

This means he will unfortunately not be competing on the show against Eric or "Daisy" as we all now affectionately know him as. :)

I spoke to Homer Mohammed who used to fight out of my gym and now trains with Bill Judd at KO gym tonight. He was really upset to hear that Richard was not well after sharing the ring with him last year and if its Ok with Bill Judd when he speaks to him tomorrow will take the fight with Eric.
Posted: 2007-01-24 19:09:36
Is Richard ok ??? wot is wrong.......... hope he's well.

Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-01-25 03:37:56
im guessing the training has put a little strain upon Richard. I have only known Richard for a short while and have been taken in by his humour and sincerity. I trust things will be just fine and normal service will be resumed soon.

Posted: 2007-01-25 06:28:20
Get well soon.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-01-25 06:36:35
he is having some tests at the moment. Dave, Nige etc are working hard on the Kick4Cancer side of things, i think Rich will be chuffed when he is back on his feet.
Posted: 2007-01-25 07:00:18
Get well soon
Posted: 2007-01-25 07:51:48
That’s bad news. Hope Richard will recover soon. Take care.
Posted: 2007-01-25 09:48:46
I have also been contacted my his wife,but it is very good of Dave Jackson to confirm that Richard is now in the Hospital.I know that he has a problem with kidney and a Doctor is doing some test on him.As soon as I know in full details.I will let everyone know.
Richard has been supporting Dave and Simon to raise money K4C,I am agreed to help out with my show by promoting his fight against Eric.
It is an honourable act of Richard to rise for the challenge and to raise the money for Worthy cause.There so many people really willing to help and support.
I will push forward and try to raise the money as much as I can.
Anyone would like to send a card or message to him,please do post on AX,contact me or Dave Jackson.Your message will always get through to him.
From me,Richard you are a gentleman and excellent Muaythai and a warrior ,get very well soon.You and family are invited to the Show.There will be VIP RINGSIDE SEATS FOR YOU AND FAMILY.
welsh eagle
Posted: 2007-01-25 17:15:11
Get Well Soon from us in Wales Richard.
Posted: 2007-01-26 01:54:46
Hi Dave
Any news with Homer Mohammed V Eric Darricarere?
Posted: 2007-01-26 03:00:14
Get well very soon Mr Weston.

Posted: 2007-01-26 04:06:39
Damn, hope you get better soon mate, all the best.

Posted: 2007-01-26 07:56:31
Hope you recover well richard, good luck
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-27 00:42:20
All the best to Richard Weston and family
Posted: 2007-01-27 08:25:33
all the best mate, take care and see you at the show. x
Posted: 2007-01-27 16:03:12
Excellent News,Johnny Roye has helped me and confirmed me that Ricky Hatton will give his own Gloves and will sign his Autograph and 90% chance to attend the show.Many thanks for your help Johnny,your help is much appreciated.
I also had got a confirmation from Ralph Beale-Muaythai-Boxing Ltd, he has got Gloves and a Photo of Nogweed Davy a Muaythai Living legend,he is teaching at WMC Kohsamui Muaythai Camp.I am really pleased with the support from so many people.Let's make Richard weston's dream comes true,I am sure he will be very pleased and hope he will be there on the day of the show.
Posted: 2007-01-28 00:40:19

Nogweed Davy's Gloves and PHOTO
Posted: 2007-01-28 01:02:30
dont seam to get much luck do mr weston, get well soon kidda
Posted: 2007-01-29 06:18:19
Dave Jackson,please let me know how is Richard,try to contact him but no answer at all.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-01-29 08:12:01
Richard is recovering at home now after some treatment in hospital, speedy recovery westwood
Posted: 2007-01-29 13:42:27
Paul in Thailand on the contrary i have the best luck in the world!!!!

Thankyou all for the support,i have a lot of catching up......and ideas,can everybody contact me on

Posted: 2007-01-29 16:35:53
Glad to hear u are out of hospital and recovering Rich. Make sure you take your time and recover properly.
Posted: 2007-01-29 16:46:58
Dont worry im gonna take the next thirty years to recover.
Posted: 2007-01-29 20:53:31
Glad to hear youre ok gayboy, see ya soon.
Posted: 2007-01-30 03:56:04
Richard,I am very glad to hear you are back home and take a good rest.Take care
Posted: 2007-01-30 07:27:28
Thankyou Master Sken i will contact you directly.

Andy as soon as i can get over i will be over to give you my special cuddle x
liam badco
Posted: 2007-01-30 07:34:02
glad ya ok mate....
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-01-30 07:51:52
Yeah, glad you're ok Rdubs!!
noel london
Posted: 2007-01-30 08:25:57
Hattons Signed Gloves...are they going to be auctioned at the event or will you take online bids...if so 150 quid bid to start
Posted: 2007-01-30 15:17:12
I will recieve Hatton's Gloves this week,I will decide what to do,many thanks for your interest.
Posted: 2007-01-30 18:41:05
This is a great way to make Master Skens shows EVEN BETTER ,after the show at the tail end of last year it must have been on everybodys mind how he could top such a great show

Then with the partnership with K4C it adds another dimention to a great event!

On a personal note i am working incredibly hard to make up for the purse money i would have been donatng from this show,unfortunately i am unable to fight anymore due to serious health issues

I will carry on the fight from outside the ropes.

Posted: 2007-01-30 21:58:03
...and as a true fighter such as you are, k4c will be incredible!
much respect
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-01-31 10:52:30
Ricky"The Hitman" Hatton,Carl "The Cat" Thompson will be at Master Sken's show.
Please do not forget our Muaythai Star*****,Liam"The Hit man" Harrison V Rungsiam, this will be a cracking fight.
Please help with a Fighter 72 Kg Exp. V Eric"Daisy" Darricarere.
Posted: 2007-01-31 11:02:33
rich you mean just on this show you cant fight or on any show ever?
Posted: 2007-02-01 02:05:59
Richard,many thanks for your support and kind words about my show.Eric will still donate his fight fee to K4C.I am still looking for an opponent for him.
Barry Norman,Sor.Thanikul,Newcastle told me that Craig Jose will be willing to step in and fight at the last moment,even though he will be fighting a night before,of course if he will not have any injury.I would like to have an opponent for Eric for definite.Bill Judd will get back to me,also if any trainers have any fighter to match Eric,please contact me asap.Many thanks.
G.H.Carnall Leisure Centre has confirmed that they will donate the money from profit of Foods and Drinks to K4C.I really do hope to raise the money as much we can.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-01 03:53:20
what about richard hart from KStar he is 72 and returning to the ring
Posted: 2007-02-01 03:56:02
Many thanks Liam R,I will contact Steve Logan today
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-02-01 10:48:35
VIP Ringside tickets are nearly sold out now,get your tickets asap.It's only over 2 weeks to go.Is anyone going to Master Sken's show? We have got a lot of supporters from Scotland,I think they are from SMTC for Stevie Patterson.
ally wallace
Posted: 2007-02-01 10:57:10
Yep, theres a few of us coming down from Scotland. Looking forward to it.
ally wallace
Posted: 2007-02-01 11:14:53
Looking forward to the Thai food van more than anything though!
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-02-01 12:37:09
I know it's excellent Thai Food,always big que near the Van.Don't stay out there too long,Ally.There are cracking fights.
Posted: 2007-02-02 02:28:46
Ally,please get John Craig to contact me,thanks
Posted: 2007-02-03 03:02:27
Still need a fighter for Eric 72 kg max exp.Thanks
Rich the Bitch
Posted: 2007-02-03 06:05:46
hello master sken i`m fighting an irish lad on the 24th feb at70kg on steves show, hope you find someone . i`m hoping to come to the show with damian.
Posted: 2007-02-03 16:10:20
Hi Rich,
I talked to Steve and he told me you will be fighting on 24t February,I hope to have you on my show in September 23rd.I wish you all the best for your fight,please give me a call,
Posted: 2007-02-03 16:14:18
Hi Rich,
I talked to Steve and he told me you will be fighting on 24t February,I hope to have you on my show in September 23rd.I wish you all the best for your fight.Please give me a call,I will give you and Damian very good discount on tickets.Look forward to seeing you and Damian at the show.Take care.
Rich the Bitch
Posted: 2007-02-04 09:11:52
thankyou master sken ,
i will be in touch me and damian are looking fwd to your show.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-04 15:51:00
will be great to see rich fight again, saw him fight andrew shanks in corby a few years b4 i started training, was 1st time id seen thai boxing
Posted: 2007-02-04 16:24:28
Hi Rich,I will talk to Steve and confirm that I would like you and Damian to fight on my show SUN 23rd September.
Posted: 2007-02-05 08:21:31
I have just been talking to Ricky Hatton's agent,he has confirmed me that A WINNER of bidding for Ricky Hatton's gloves,will be able to sit and watch Manchester City team palying at home in a VIP BOX with Ricky Hatton himslef,he will present his signed Boxing Gloves in THE VIP BOX(Date and time will be arranged for the Winner)I am sure this is excellent prize for Bidding at my show.I hope you are not a Man U fan as I am.I do not mind to watch Manchester City play,especially with Ricky Hatton.DO YOU? Please come at the show and bid for K4C.
liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-05 08:39:25
will Ricky be at the show?
Posted: 2007-02-05 08:41:38
OMFG! Thats an awesome prize.
I dont even watch football, but I'd be up for a bit of that!
Posted: 2007-02-05 08:49:13
That is flippin amazing! Wish all major sports people were as grounded as Ricky, what a top lad.
John Barwell
Posted: 2007-02-05 09:19:04

John Barwell
Posted: 2007-02-05 09:19:08

Posted: 2007-02-05 10:40:17
Is the prize for 1 person or a couple?
Posted: 2007-02-05 11:19:04
Just recieved a Fax from Ricky"THE HITTMAN" Hatton's agent as written:
2 Tickets for remaining Home Game at Manbchester City,except Man-United Game.
4.Aston Villa
Also a Pair of signed Boxing Gloves that you get on the day of the Game.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to Johnny Roye who has helped me and talked to Ricky and his agent.Especially to Ricky,you are a legend.Many many thanks.
You can put a bid in now, on here.Then we can carry on the Bidding on the day(Interval) of the Show.noel london has put a bid in for £150,anyone want to bid.Please start now.
noel london
Posted: 2007-02-05 12:01:38
my bid is now 500 quid in light of the new details...i wont be attending the show but am happy to 'bid by phone ' on the night if this is at all that as much money is raised as possible - cheers
Posted: 2007-02-05 12:11:47
noel london, I will use my Mobile for you to bid on the show,excellent!I am sure on the day will be a lot of people Bidding.Who else wanna Bid?
Posted: 2007-02-05 12:54:48
Master Sken.

Before show interest in bidding can you confirm if it's for Winner plus friend/partner
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-05 13:17:39
if anyone wants to bid on the day by phone, ill be at ringside and happy to help you
Posted: 2007-02-05 16:50:33
DiD you know Ricky Hatton started of in Thai with Tony moore
Posted: 2007-02-05 17:41:46
It is 2 tickets(A Winner with a freind/a partner),would you like to bid now or at the show?
That's good idea Stevie,I think the more Mobiles available at the show for bidding the better.
Posted: 2007-02-05 18:55:46
Woa i have been a bit "out of it" for a couple of days recovering from my illness and on drugs etc...........

Thankyou to Mr Hatton,Master Sken and to my very good friend Jonny Roye,John helped me believe in myself throughout my boxing career thankyou!!

Noel London good luck with the tickets mate!

I can also be made available for the bidding ,a little nearer the show we will have to set a time deadline for this...

Kick4Cancer is just starting and will not anly raise money for charity but help to raise the profile of our sport!!!!

Rich"on a mission" Weston

Just gotta say a public thankyou for the support you are all giving this project!

And a public shout out to Dave Jackson who is a man "with a plan" for K4C
Posted: 2007-02-06 01:26:12
Hi Richard,
It's my absolute pleasure.Johnny Roye was training with me while I was in Manchester many years ago.Some how our lives are connecting to one others in some ways.When I asked him for help,there was no hesitation at all,he got it done.Hatton's agent responsed with very positive and support.I met Ricky and watched his fights many times,he is a down to earth guy,a true gentleman and a True Champion.My student's freind is a Sponsor for Ricky.Here is again,it's a small World.
Like I said Richard,take it easy and rest as much you can.All the best.
I know Dave Jackson has given time and support K4C,well done Dave! and Well done to everyone involves.
Posted: 2007-02-06 04:04:12
We have got many Items from Muaythai and Boxing legends for example;Nogweed Davy, Rajchasak,Steve Wakeling,Carl"The Cat"Thompson and the one and only Ricky"The Hitman"Hatton.I think on the day of the show,it will take a lot of time for bidding.Any suggest what is the best way to raise money as much as possible?
noel london
Posted: 2007-02-06 05:36:16
if you have a list of the various items for bidding and put them on here (or another site) you can raise extra interest from those not attending? for the expected 'big' auctions then have a cpl of people on phones to give those not there a chnace to up their bids on the night
Posted: 2007-02-06 05:47:38
How about holding a stall near the door with all the prizes on, then hung up on the wall behind a big white board.
On the white board write the prize and the highest bid (and the name of the bidder, so people don’t make false bids), then this can run all day.
People can then see what the highest bid is so far, and then at the end of the show, the auctioneer can hand out the prizes.

If people want to pay by cheque I think Mr Weston is making everything payable to Cancer Research UK.
Posted: 2007-02-06 07:31:49
Yea brilliant idea Rich ......perfect.......oh yea Cheques to cancer research u.k K4C is a project and not a charity....I havent secured them yet but have had the promise os some real "goodies" from the elite of the ufc!!!!

I will let you know when i do and will be available for future shows!
Posted: 2007-02-06 09:04:16
I think this will make the bidding process a more relaxed affair, rather than trying to squeeze it in between fights.

If theres a phone link maybe we could have 5/10-minute updates on here, as well as results? I dont know how well connected the arena is for t'internet.
Posted: 2007-02-06 11:42:01
I wish you all the best in raising as much cash as possible for kick4cancer.
I will be at the show(with Mrs C) and it should be great,looking forward to all of this show.

I would love Ricky Hatton's gloves,But they are out of my league (£) Sorry.
Just been reading his autobiography,It's excellent.He did do thai boxing for a while,(pic's in his book) A GREAT Fighter,Boxer and a down to earth bloke.WHAT A GREAT CHANGE!

All the best

Phill "chalky"
Posted: 2007-02-06 11:49:42
Many thanks for responses and advise,I simply need help.I have a lot of things to think about,with good suggestions will help to run things smoothly.Any more ideas are very welcome.
Noi,the Internet link is no good there.Sport Centre is very strict with their Internet connection.I may try to get my Laptop and connect with the Mobile.
My student works with the BT and Mobiles,I will ask him,I think it is very good idea to update people on AXKICKBOXING all time.I need a volunteer though.
We must safe time, Spectators don't get bored and fighters don't have to wait too long.Please help,help,help..........
Posted: 2007-02-06 11:58:41
Sir i will spend all night on it if i have to....can set a table up somewhere....get a whiteboard....put highest bids on ans run it throughout the night not between fights....maby quick update from the announcers between fights even rounds so things keep running smoothly just set a time that the bidding finishes maby before start of last but one fight ....then present the prizes between last but one and last fight quickly maby??I dont want to interupt the fights ....the show and the fighters most important....I would prefer to work on the project and get bids for charity i started than to sit ringside and watch the fights....I MUST BE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!....Oh i want a table where i can see the ring he he!!If i can help in this way let me know....
Posted: 2007-02-06 14:38:57
Whiteboard is a perfect idea. They do that at racecourses where the auction runs all day and people just browse around and make their offer. Needs to have a definite cut off point though timewise.

I wouldnt put any reliance on technology though as if memory serves me right I had no phone signal at all in the hall last time, plus all it needs is for BT, for example, to be having probs and the internet is then down.

The ring announce could update us hourly on auction bids for the main prizes, no need between every fight as there are just too many fights.

The Ricky Hatton prize is fairly major, why not treat that seperately as an in-ring auction at some point as I think it deserves its own slot so to speak.

You will also need individual info print outs of every item so as to give the bidder a bit of background, saves the person behind the table being asked the same questions all day!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-06 16:08:14
Well done guys, some great work getting done for a great cause! Really looking forward to the show, hope everything goes well for all involved in the final run up to the fights!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-06 16:52:21
master sken, ill have my laptop at ringside so that people can view the fight photos, yoda from gtba will be thier taking care of things, so if you can get it hooked up to the net, we can post up a blow by blow account.

Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-06 17:41:40
Dont forget Mike Bisping has signed some MMA gloves too.

These are worth having too as Mike is destined to be a top UFC star.

Mike won his recent UFC fight in Vegas and was just as much a hit with the media over there as Ricky Hatton due to the American obsession with MMA.

Its great that two fantastic British fighters took Vegas by storm at the same time.

Mike will be fighting next in Manchester at the UFC`s Premiere show at GMEX in April where he will be headlining a massive card.

Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-06 17:43:16

Posted: 2007-02-07 01:16:18
Hi Guys,
Many thanks for your excellent suggestions,I will sit and think carefully and take all ideas into account,then make all possible.
Richard,I know you have a heart of a Diamond.I am appreciated that you offer to help.Only one condition though IF you are well enough to do so.I would like you and family to sit down,relax and watch the fights really.If you can do,your help is very welcome.I will set up the Board,table,seat for you in the Hall and can watch the fights.
Phil,as usual you have a lot of sense,I will have a trial run.If Laptop and connection are working properly.
Stevie,many thanks I will sort it out,I am quite confidence that we can do it.
Dave,sorry that I forget to mention Michael Bisping.His gloves will help raise fund,of course he is very welcome to the show and be my guest.
Just before the fight start,I would like everyone involves to be introduced in the Ring.
Keep ideas coming,Gentlemen.Many thanks again.
Posted: 2007-02-07 02:22:30
Hello master sken, as all this money is ultimatelly going to cancer research, maybe you could ask them directly how and if they can help as well, perhaps send a summary of what you are doing to their database of UK donors, patients themselves might be willing to land a hand too. I hope it helps.
Posted: 2007-02-07 02:48:07
il put in a cool G for the ricky hatton "piss up" seriouse, bidding is at 1000 uk pounds
Posted: 2007-02-07 03:50:04
It is a really good idea Chris,I used to raise Fund for the Cancer Research in Stockport.They were very helpful.
paulinthailand,£1,000 Bidding is great if you win,you will have to travel from Thailand to see the Man-City home game with Ricky Hatton though.
Posted: 2007-02-07 04:18:06
M sken i will see how my health is!

Paul in Thailand is not always in Thailand and spends a lot of time in the u.k.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-07 05:45:47
paul in thailand will be back in time as he is coming up for the scotland show to support mr dean jay music machine

the zelg galesic mma gloves will be worth something in the future for sure, he is cage rage champ at the moment but expect big big things from him on international circuit this year he is a beast
Posted: 2007-02-07 06:28:08
Sorry, forgot about Mike`s gloves, also a top, top prize.
Posted: 2007-02-07 06:44:19
hi yes im back in the uk soon and im definatly up for this, i cant see me not taking it to be fair(hes a hero and its for a good cause). i fly over to watch ricky in vegas on think june 5th (not booked yet but dropped the mayweather vs de la hoya fight for this one instead) then from vegas back to thailand. let the big hitters step up! bet nige has something to say about my 1000 bid. before this goes to anyone i would like the last call, maybe have someone bidding for me on the phone from thailand.
noel london
Posted: 2007-02-07 07:19:09
1500 bid
Posted: 2007-02-07 10:59:53
The Bid is going up.Excellent!
paulinthailand,you might see me in Vegas for Hatton's fight.
Liam R,is it still O.K. for Judging and you have a Ringside ticket for your guest? Please email me your address to my above email address.
Posted: 2007-02-07 13:18:05
paul we will do all we can to make the bidding as fair as possible

£1500 already...................

My dreams are comming true!
Posted: 2007-02-07 14:47:05
good luck Rungsiam from Rungnakhorn

liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-07 15:08:31
less of that rung you are a british citizen now so get supporting me. :-)
Posted: 2007-02-07 15:51:14
Richard,your health is most important.Let's see how you feel on the day O.K.I will always find someone to help.Take care.
Posted: 2007-02-08 04:50:03
Damian McCurdy has been involved in a Car accident,now he can not fight.Any trainers has a fighter to match Lukasz Lehman 106 kg 3x2 Rounds 2 wins,please let me know asap.Many thanks.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-08 06:00:58
Paulinthailand to win the prize you'll need bigger biceps! LOL I txtd Cadden a piccy of my old guns. He was gonna put em up on that other thread but I think he was embarressed. LOL

Liam Harrison has a really big guy who may be able to compete? Ive just called him but he never gets out of bed until 14.00hrs.....LOL

Posted: 2007-02-08 08:22:42
Our 105kg guy is matched on "Its Showtime" the following week. Sorry!

Dave: As for showing off the guns, yeah, I am embarrassed at the semi-homo-erotic picture msgs you keep sending! LOL
liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-08 08:29:48
hello david i have no credit on my phone to ring you back (what a cheap skate eh) as beag says Action Foot burke is already matched.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-08 09:25:51
Wot a bummer.

Never mind I tried.

Cya at yer little ol interclub if I get outta ma bed. The lads'll be there tho
Posted: 2007-02-08 15:25:19
MTG Gloves and shin pads signed by Rajasak Sorvorapin for KFC to be auctioned or as raffle prize for you Master Sken, from Badcompany. Hope this helps you guys out? there will also be a signed pic of him padworking Liam "HITMAN Harrison all over the place too.
Posted: 2007-02-08 15:27:46
Posted: 2007-02-08 15:30:59
sorry my bad the pic is not sending i will sort it though..... twat i am.
Posted: 2007-02-08 15:31:18
Nice one bad co guys!!!!!!!

Posted: 2007-02-08 17:28:06
Many thanks,Andy.I will see Rajchasak and thanks to him personally as well.
Posted: 2007-02-08 21:12:53
No problem Master Sken, and you r dubs dont feel left out,lol. the pics are too big i need to shrink them so will get on it and put them up asap.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-09 05:59:23
Master Sken i have emailed you at the address on your profile, thanks.

Andy you should get a signed Jordan watson DVD of the destruction caused at East End park club.
Posted: 2007-02-09 07:06:38
I don't think that they should give that DVD (east end park) out to many people if they want to see Jordan fighting domestiacly again!!!!

those who witnessed it will know EXACTLY what I mean
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-09 07:17:51
i know EXACTLY what u mean dazza, i keep it with my porn its that good a dvd
Posted: 2007-02-09 12:43:38
Khob Khun Khrab Liam,I did reply your mail.Noi,please give the postcode of George H.Carnall,I remember you did update for every body last time,thanks.
Posted: 2007-02-09 13:56:22
Damian McCurdy was involved with a Car accident,damage his wrist and ribs.But tonight I just manage to find a fighter.Darren Brady from SMTC,John Craig V Lukasz Lehman,Sor.Thanikul,Newcastle.
This afternoon,Lee Power told me that Alun Haskin has broken his toe in training,but I manage to get Eliot South,Singto Muaythai Cambridge,Ryan Rudkin V John Banner,Bolton Thai Boxing Club,Sandy Holt.
I now only need a Fighter for Eric Darricarere,Dave Croft and I am working hard to find him the opponent.Your help will be appreciated.
Posted: 2007-02-09 15:41:39
George Carnell Leisure Centre, Kingsway Park, Davyhulme, Manchester M41 7FJ
Posted: 2007-02-10 01:29:10
Many thanks Noi,it really helps if you've got a Sat Nav.For someone who has not got one.Take M60 Junction 9 take 1st Left and 1st Right then 1st Left you arrive at your destination.Have a Safe Journey,looking forward to seeing you all.
For Fighters and trainers,weigh-in 6.00 P.M.Saturday 17th February.Please arrive on time and correct weight,if you have any queries or problem with weight,just give me a call.
Venue:Master Sken Academy Top Floor,Turncroft Lane,Offerton,Stockport SK1 4AR
Direction:M60 South bound,Junction 26,past a Traffic light,big Round about,2nd exit,pass 1st Traffic Light bear Left,2nd Traffic Light turn left,Total petrol Station on your left,turn left you are on Turncroft lane,pass New Zealand Road,turn left at next gate,you arrive at your destination.Park any where there.North bound,M60 take Junction 27,big Round about,take 4th exit.
Tickets and money,may fighters and trainers bring them back at the weigh-in and please see Kay and sort out your fighting fee,expenses etc.On the day,we can go home early,please please do not forget!
Officials:Referees,Judges,Fight Inspectors etc,please be at the Venue before 12.00 NOON.
Last weigh-in and Medical at 11.00 A.M.Fighters and trainers please be at the Venue at 11.00 A.M.
May I express my sincere thanks for your co-operation.
Posted: 2007-02-10 04:32:44
master Sken just want to say thanks for the EXTRA work you have put in 4 K4C ontop of sorting out a top class card!

I just want to publicaly(i will thank individualy when i see them) EVERYBODY who has worked so hard for K4 on this show............Its the start of big things!
Posted: 2007-02-10 13:26:38
It's my pleasure Richard,I am so glad you,myself and many people join and help K4C this worthy Charity.
Posted: 2007-02-10 13:40:33
It's my pleasure Richard,I am so glad you,myself and many people join and help K4C this worthy Charity.
Posted: 2007-02-10 13:40:34
It's my pleasure Richard,I am so glad you,myself and many people join and help K4C this worthy Charity.
Posted: 2007-02-10 15:57:25
R Dubs where doing a whip round at interclub for you tommorow aswell, i will bring whatever cash we raise to Master Skens show next week and pass on to you, hope all well now darling.x
Posted: 2007-02-10 19:49:48
hey nice one mate!!!!!

yea catch up in Manch.
Posted: 2007-02-11 12:29:08
I would like to update about Nogweed Davy,a Living Muaythai Legend and he is a trainer of WMC Muaythai Camp Koh Samui.He has given his signed Gloves and photo
for Bidding K4C on the show.These prize and information have been supplied by Ralph Beale,Muaythai-Bixing Ltd.
He had over 400 fights,held 3 Rajchadamnoen Titles at different weights, 57 60 and 63 Kg .
He also held two or three world titles on different organization,
one of those he took on the Kings Birthday event in 1996 against Dany Bill.
Famous fights are...
Jerome Le Banner which everyone knows as he gave away a huge amount of weight about 35-40kg's
Santien Noi - Four Times
Jomhod - Twice
Sakard Petchyindee
and many more best Muaythai fighters of Thailand and the World.
I will also donate a pair of Gloves which it will be signed by myself and Carl"The Cat" Thompson

stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-11 15:30:42
I'll be taking photo's at ringside to be sold, All profits will go to Kick4 Cancer, if you want to view them or buy them come up and see me or my handsome assistant who will be sorting out the images on my laptop. the prices are as follows.

photos available to view and order at ringside

7x5 £2 for 1
£5 for 3
disk with fights on £10 for up to 3 fights
£15 for whole show
£1.50 postage on all orders

Images can be put onto flash drives if you have one, prices on request

different packages available on request
also available photo's from Master Skens Last show.



Posted: 2007-02-12 01:30:12
Many thanks for Sandy for helping to find an opponnent for Eric,Dave Croft and I also work very hard,but there are so many shows in February.I hope anyone out there can help us out at the last moment,will be much appreciated.
There are still 11 fights on,I am sure they're going to be really good fights.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-12 04:10:37
Yeh Guys someone out there must be able to find a guy. I know Erics trained hard and put his back into getting ready for this bout. Ive txtd emailed and rung loads of you (most of whom still aint got back to me).

There are a lot of shows in February I know but this bout has particular significance if only because of its background.

Somebody to the rescue of this bout please.

As you know Richards unwell right now. But as a personal sponsor of his I can tell you itll break my heart to insist he fights so I get my moneys worth. besides the ring aint big enough for 2 paramedics, a gurney, a consulting doctor, rich, eric and the referee. but if needs be then it will happen. eh rich?

gimme a call and lets get this kick4cancer bout sorted before midday today

Posted: 2007-02-12 04:21:39
TTT (All the best Brucey! The Bolton Massive)
Posted: 2007-02-12 04:35:45
I would need to be pushed at great speed at him in a wheelchair!

If i have to........he he.
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-12 06:46:24
is their an irish or scottish guy avail?
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-12 07:56:17
Just spoke to Dave Newbrook. Thanks to Dave Jackson for his number. He has two lads at the right weight that could fight? But as they fought last night there may be injuriy issues. Even more promising Dave has a lad who is fight ready and fit and who didnt fight last night but who wouldnt accept full rules without more notice. So three prospects. Im putting a call into Dave lter this evening to find out.

Eric it may mean sauna time! watch this space
Posted: 2007-02-12 08:15:30
jees whats the name of that guy from that nect of the woods.....Jordan fought him.....and Nazar from my gym fought him twice....worse still i fought him...

aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh brain damage damnitt!!
Posted: 2007-02-12 08:16:32
Tony Basnett!!!

Thats it...that would be a good fight....what about

ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh jesus ive forgoten his name and ive fought him aswell!!!

Posted: 2007-02-12 08:18:32
Bald white bloke from coventry....K-1 max champ.....

oh god whats his name


you know!!!
Posted: 2007-02-12 08:23:31
You've been hit in the head too much Rich.....

Mark Beale
Posted: 2007-02-12 08:24:47
Mark Beale!

he was looking to fight me a month or so ago.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-12 08:37:24
Mark Beale. Get me a contact number and i'll contact the bugger. however, just in case Richard do you think you could wheel yourself at eric fast enough to trap his feet? Its just a thought on fight stratagy?
Posted: 2007-02-12 08:44:29
I forgot his name and i have fought you think i can remember his number!!!!

Paul Hennesey will have it as he contacted me about the last fight.

Im thinking about throwing my....erm cant think of a polite phrase for it...

The plastic urine resepticle,connected to my outward eurinary tract at the moment.

At him to cause distraction and crawl into an attack....

I swear i could take more punnishment than ever....pain killers galore!
Posted: 2007-02-12 09:12:18
Dave,your strategy and get Rdouble to fight with Eric,I find it's very funny.If you wheely Rdouble to trap Eric's feet,I am sure he will fall on top of you.He is a big crumpsy lad,he probably fall and flatten both of you.
More helps are coming in,I am quite optimistic that Eric will be fighting someone.Otherwise I will have to push Eric on the wheel chair and crash with Rdouble to raise money for K4C.Many thanks everyone for trying to help.
Posted: 2007-02-12 09:12:41
Well, it’s a good thing we have been practicing dodging bags of piss at the gym then.
Posted: 2007-02-12 09:26:00
You are in trouble Eric for bad language,as usual you have a strange sense of humour.You're better turn up training tonight.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-12 09:52:01
Im not training tonight so I'll just write down a few techniques you might like to practice in the event you are fighting richard in his wheel chair.

Dont block! the bag'll split and you'll get soaked. Dont parry the bag will split but the judges will get soaked. Dont duck cos the bag will miss and hit your corner team. Catch it! and throw it back. Not to dissimilar to dodge ball.
remember the 5 D's of dodge ball dodge,dip,duck,dive and dodge!

Ive given richard money for this fight so its happening even if Im doing the wheeling. Friend or no friend I'll wheel him over yer feet and take the win the win by default cos you cant stand.

Posted: 2007-02-12 10:25:15
Sorry Master Sken, I apologise. I’ll definitely be there tonight (on time as well).

Dave, you seem to have a lot of experience in fighting people in wheel chairs. I’m well impressed. Watch out for a “Luck of the Irish” sign when you are rolling Petnoi O’Haulihan towards me.
Posted: 2007-02-12 10:31:15
Hi Guys
Good News,I have just got a phone call from Sean, Muaythai Club in Milton Keynes.He has got a fighter for Eric V Oi Rangsit.Once again,many thanks to Sean and many thanks to everyone.
Posted: 2007-02-12 12:34:21
Your gonna get done ha ha xx
liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-12 15:22:11
is he a thai?
Posted: 2007-02-12 17:00:46
Hi Liam,
Sean told me that he is a Cantonese(Chinese) I am surprised that his surname is THAI.I will ask him again tomorrow.Eric does not mind who he is fighting,he so glad that he will be fighting and donate the money for worthy cause.
Posted: 2007-02-13 03:48:13
Back to K4C,in order to save time and any hassle with the Bidding.Anyone has more or better Ideas to deal with it? I think to put some items for Raffle Prize,keep Ricky Hatton for a Special prize and Bidding.
Noi,Phil and Rdouble came up with really good ideas.I now start to finalise every thing and make the show run like clock works again.I will be much appreciated for your in put.Many thanks.
1.Ricky Hatton 2 VIP Tickets to watch Manchester City Home Game with Ricky Hatton in the VIP BOX and Ricky will present the Winner his SIGNED PAIR OF BOXING GLOVES ON THE DAY.
2.Carl Thompson and myself,signed pair of Boxing Gloves
3.Nogweed Davy,signed pair of Boxing Gloves and signed Photograph.
4.Rajchasak,signed pair of Shin pads and signed Photograph.
5.Mike Bisping,signed pair of MMA Gloves and photograph.
7.Steve Wakeling Short,will recieve after his title defence in London a weekend after.
Posted: 2007-02-13 03:58:40
Just an idea....Nokweed ,Wakeling,Bisping gear for biding on the day(Wakeling,Bisping as we already have bids for them)

All the others in the raffle...Rajasak as the main prize obviously...

Bids taken on the Day for the Ricky Hatton prize....also by phone as i have had enquiries already from people who can not be there ..Paulinthailand...and Noel London being just two.?

Master Sken we will need Raffle Tickets....A table to sell them from...somewhere to display the prizes,marked up buckets for collections,list of prizes for the raffle,a list of the bidding prizes with a quick run down of the item etc plus a whiteboard that can be seen easily with the bidding for each item.

The reason i say all this is to know which items you would have available and which i need to bring with me.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-13 08:17:54
Daisy I do indeed have that experience. Ive always found it best to balance the odds in my favour. It less of a sporting specticle but alays a good win for me! Ha Ha

As we approach the final days of preparation I just want to thank Master sken for hosting this clash for Rachael Jones and Bradford thai Boxing. I hope we repay the favour with a blinding display of exciting muay thai.
And we win!

Rachael has suplemented some of her training by atending classes over at Master a's in the run up to this fight (certainly the 2 days I was in Spain)and Rachael has asked if 'a' could sit ring side for moral support. So we will have a busy corner zone.

Thanks again. Good luck to everyone else
Posted: 2007-02-13 08:43:06
Just like Thailand! LOL
Posted: 2007-02-13 13:37:49
Richard,I will sort out Table,White board and raffle tickets etc.Any thing else you need please let me know.
Dave,you are very wellcome,in fact I would like to express my appreciation for your help and support as always and make this World title fight possible and I wish the Bradford Thai Boxing Crew all the best and to Rachael with all my best wishes.
Posted: 2007-02-13 17:11:05
Rich, do you want me to stand the table and sell the tickets? Happy to do so if you need someone to do it.
Posted: 2007-02-14 00:40:12
I can imagine Rich's response now....

"Cheers long as your sporting a K4C beard!!!" :) LOL
Posted: 2007-02-14 01:02:27
Good Morning Noi,we start early today.
Phil,it's very good of you to offer to help Richard,I think it will be best as Richard should be sitting down,relax and watch the fights.Your help is much appreciated.When you are at Sport Centre,just ask for me.I will get you in early or just call me on my Mobile.
Richard,how many of you coming?I will arrange seats for you.
Posted: 2007-02-14 01:56:17
Goood morning all!

Mr Sken excellent news on the tickets/board etc......

Phil i would LOVE some help on the stall selling tickets etc...I cant see me just sitting down all day but on the other hand i dont think my body would cope with standing up all day selling tickets etc so i may do a bit of both and if you can spare your time it would be a great help.I obviously need somebody i can trust and you are the man!(mostly cus your from Leeds and i am assuming will be too thick to steal owt ;-) )
Mr Sken i will require 132 ringside tickets family are so excited!Auntie Vera flies in from Ireland tomorrow with her 14 kids and all my cousins are realy excited to be comming....

OK STOP HEART ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....Just two please sir!

Posted: 2007-02-14 01:59:45
Quick update on the raffle prizes....

Dave jackson has been working realy hard on the mma side of things and he managed to get some gloves from Mike "the ultimate fighter" Besping....These have now reached a realy good price in a bidding war on another forum and raised £180 so we are letting thenm go at that price,so therefore they have been removed from the list at the Master Sken show.

Rich K4C!

Posted: 2007-02-14 02:05:22
I like your sense of humour,Rich.Many thanks.I will call you this afternoon to sort out few things.Look forward to seeing you,take care.
Posted: 2007-02-14 03:17:00
Sure....i will be available for once!
Posted: 2007-02-14 04:55:20
One thing is for sure ...after my conversation with Master sken just...there will be no escape from K4C he he!
Posted: 2007-02-14 07:02:08
It`s a done deal then. What time do you want me at the sports centre Rich? Half an hour before doors open?

Thanks for your help Master Sken, I`ll be sure to call you if I am refused entry by large security men!
Posted: 2007-02-14 07:12:47
Well im gonna be there from around 11 am so yea any time before the doors open will be great!

Look 4ward to meeting you!

I will be the one in the "official K4C tshirt"

The first of a limited edition may i add...if there is interest in them i will get a batch printed up for future shows/sale on net....

OOOOOOOOOOOoooooh im a model....i knew it was gonna happen some day!
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-14 07:50:44
You should let me take your photo!!!
Posted: 2007-02-14 07:56:22
Do i detect a sinister sexual overtone there Beanie he he

Us models dont shy away from the lense!

Im not doing owt kinky though.

Actualy i would like to talk to you about doing some shots in the changing rooms and stuff piks with me and fighters who are interested in K4C to put on my website...would you be interested(maby a trade off i will do the "funny ones" for you if you can do some at the show for me?)
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-14 08:04:49
Yeah course I can!! Just for you though! he he!!

I asked Master Sken if I could take photos and I'll be at ringside crowing around the corner people to get my shots. I did have the idea of selling my photos too (look further up, I said it first then Steve Nesbitt said he's going to do that!! That's me out of a job!!)

I'm more than happy to do my bit!!
Posted: 2007-02-14 08:11:15
Thats great so if i rudely grab you and drag you to the changing room if i spot Rajasak hanging around and make you take the picture you wont be offended then.

Tell you what aswell if you could get a signed photo of old doghand watson,Beagle,one arm jack and Hogbreath Harrison at some point from some of your collection i could use those at a further date also.

Petty please...I will do the funny stuff for them.
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-14 08:16:11
I'll have to dig through loads of cd's and negs but will do, if not I'll get a photo of the lot of them together before sunday and get them to sign it and I'll bring it sun.
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-14 08:18:02
Just had an idea, I'll take a photo of Rajasak too and get a few printed up that he could sign and sell them.
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-14 08:20:20
Rdubs drop us an e-mail and can sort it out
Posted: 2007-02-14 10:01:43
You gots mail.
Posted: 2007-02-14 13:02:53
Good Luck to all the fighters and trainers,so short time now.Please do not call me and give me a bad news.Thanks.
Richard,how many T-Shirts have you printed? If you have a lot of them,please bring them with you.I have got lots of Children,they'll help to sell them for K4C.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-14 13:12:12
beanie baby maybe we can work together for this one,
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-14 13:12:27
ill email u later
Posted: 2007-02-15 02:15:37
whatever happened to the Right Said Fred tribute band? (Mr Croft and Mr Jackson)???

if anyone makes a ring entrance to that, I am sure it will raise a few smiles! :)))) LOL
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-15 02:31:13
Yeah what has happened to it?! I'd pay good money to see that!!! They both have to wear white t-shirts!! Or pink!!

"I'm too sexy for my whites, too sexy for my whites, too sexxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..............."!!!!!!!!!

Steve, yeah we can!
Posted: 2007-02-15 03:20:23
Dave has been wearing his string vest all week in anticipation of his perfomance.
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-15 03:26:19
Lol at mack!! Was it a pink one? I'm gonna get some photos printed from your fight last Sept, i'll bring them down on sun for you to have a look and buy?!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 03:33:35
tragically dave jackson has developd a nasty blister on his strumming finger and cannot play. as you know i was quite looking forward to it. but heh thats showbiz.

for the record i do look good in a vest.

noi i had thought the band thing had died gracefully. i would like to personally thank you for bringing back into the publics glare. lol
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-15 03:49:29
He should get a medal from you Dave!
Posted: 2007-02-15 04:27:32
Its true what they say about elephants having good memories!

I dare say Dave will give me more than a medal on Sunday for dragging this discussion point back to the top! LOL

liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-15 04:43:53
Paulinthailand would make a good 3rd member......hes got too much body ink though so a string vest is a no-no for him. It wont look right prancing around like a bender but really lookin mean at the same time......Full Spandex outfit for Paul then.
Posted: 2007-02-15 05:38:09
Hi guys
here is the link to the article that is in todays times about my upcoming fight with dawparsuk
Maybe if enough people comment that thai boxing should be in the paper more they may consider running a piece about some other fighters.
It is in the real paper too with a rather scary photo of me.
See you all sunday (just off for a run now Rdouble before you grass on me for not training!!!!)
liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-15 05:47:21
this is from WMC website.

World Champion Title fight - England

The heat is on!

WMC Female World Champion Daoprasuk is set to defend her title against European and English superstar Rachel Jones on February 18th at the George H Carnall Leisure Centre in Manchester.

Two times female IFMA World Champion Daoprasuk, the most recent Queen’s Trophy winner remains unbeaten in 24 fights against foreigners and possesses quite possibly the sharpest knees in the sport, but Rachel Jones is a serious contender, having won over former WMC champion Ilonka Elmont of Holland.

The show will also include a strong undercard, featuring Rungsiam, who defeated Kieren Keddle last year in Thailand, taking on Liam Harrison, and Michael Diggs taking on Azdin Aamaziam.

This televised event will be the second female title fight held in Europe, after Pernilla Johansson (Sweden) defeated Sindy Maricic (Australia) in front of a record crowd of 10000 people in Stockholm and will raise the profile of female Muaythai globally.

The WMC, which is responsible for the establishment of female ranking and promotion, and has been the first to set up proper female executive board is proud of this development and WMC promoter Master Sken has commented that England is honored to have the title fight held in the UK.


ONE WORLD - ONE MUAYTHAI :: World Muaythai
Posted: 2007-02-15 05:56:41
Nice article and good exposure!
Posted: 2007-02-15 06:02:18
Don't think I've said it on this thread YET (but am gonna so all you haters out there GET OVER IT LMFAO) ??? and I'm not checking every post to see if I have so good luck Liam mate (not that you need it) you will do the business, heard you are looking the bollocks in the gym. And also good luck to Jdawg Watson all the best lads, do you're thing.

Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 06:07:09
From Rachaels post you can see we're putting a lot of training into the running. Basically we're going to out run Dawprasuk for four rounds and box for one. Should work eh?
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 06:24:51
Dave and I did consider Mr Lunney (paulinthailand) for the 3rd member until someone pointed out his biceps needed more work. Ruined the whole thing for me. Pauls upset and beasting them guns now day and night and all to get into the band. Ive set the standard now eh Mr Cadden.

Oh and talking of revenge. Mr Weston may I borrow your 'bag' I need to visit Mr Cadden with it! LOL
Posted: 2007-02-15 06:47:49
Rachel / Dave,

Great article!!!

I have just added the following to the 'comments' box underneath the article.

'I think it is wonderful that women should be able to compete in a male dominated environment. Thai Boxing is a very respectfull martial art and in my opinion does not get enough media coverage. Like me, there are many people that would like to see more articles and TV coverage of what is a beautiful sport / art. I would recommend Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) to anybody looking for physical and mental discipline.'

I think all that read the article should add positive comments at the bottom to make the media aware of the popularity of the sport.

Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 07:03:01
Thanks. nice words
Posted: 2007-02-15 07:29:30
I added...

I think its great that a mother is setting a great example to mothers out there,that a woman is able to make her way in such a hard sport with the added pressure of having to watch her"trainer" practice over and over again his rite said fred tribute act while she tries to train !
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 07:54:15
Keep pushing Wesaton and I'll let yer tyres down!
Posted: 2007-02-15 07:58:05
Sorry couldnt read the last post i was busy.....

Brushing my hair!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:01:28
talking of tyres. Ive given monsuier Jackson a set of Dunlop 208RR's for his bike too on the understanding he gives the money to you for the kick4 Cancer initiative.

And I can confirm that JOnes is to give up her ticket commission for the campaign.

So I want a full and frank statement on here saying to the world that neither Jackson or I use the back door. We are more masculine than H man and the Masters of The Universe ever were. And remember you cant wheel as fast as I can run! LOL
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:04:44
Dave Croft does not take it from Dave Jackson......
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:25:41
I do think the wording could do with a re touch slightly.

And dont thinkthe hair comment went unnoticed
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:32:07
Wording smack on.......I aint getting into hair....mines grey and going he he!
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:41:04
Are you wanting to join the tribute band Rdubs?! You have a contender in the making Dave and Dave!!
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:44:06
Miss Baby....and i thought we were friends!!!!!

I aint hangin round eith them two!

may loose my love god status!
beanie baby
Posted: 2007-02-15 08:54:40
I apologise rdubs!!
Posted: 2007-02-15 09:08:56
Leather arm bands....Dave!
Posted: 2007-02-15 09:22:47
good luck to liam harrison,ile see you at the weigh in satday you might not see mee though if im turned sideways ha ha
Posted: 2007-02-15 10:20:11

If some one prints out this picture, I am sure Dave will sign it for ya!
Posted: 2007-02-15 10:25:49
has that vest been painted on?? ile be coming watching the pos2 show i think rich you mass of orangeness
Posted: 2007-02-15 17:11:26
I like the Article on Rachael,we certainly need very much publicity about our Sport/Martial Arts-Muaythai.
I am proud as a promoter, a trainer and practitioner of Muaythai.We certainly do need support from all aspect like Media,funding etc.
World Muaythai Council,as I believe a true governing body for Muaythai that why I take pride in promoting the World Muaythai Championship which is sanctioned by World Muaythai Council.
Let's work together for a sake of our Sport and Martial Arts.
Muaythai is "a Heritage of Thailand and a Heritage of the World".

Posted: 2007-02-16 06:25:08
Can Sean,Oi Rangsit's trainer call me please? Your Mobile is not working,I hope you'll see my message,weigh-in at 6.00 P.M. Sat 17th Feb.Please call me for address or direction.Many thanks
Posted: 2007-02-16 16:49:24
Weigh-in at 6.00 P.M.Saturday 17th Feb at Master Sken Academy,Wood Bank Works
Top Floor,Turncroft Lane,Offerton,Stockport SK1 4AR TEL:0161 4299660
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-16 20:04:37

Posted: 2007-02-17 05:08:54
has this thread reached capacity?
Posted: 2007-02-17 05:10:33
clearly not, just been cleaned up a little i supose. how many comments can one thread take?
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-17 06:05:36
Im pleased to announce that Beanie Baby and i will be teaming up to photograph the show, we will both be selling the pics for K4C, so come up view the pics and lets raise some dough.
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-17 06:06:32
PS, Mster Sken, can you make sure thiers somewhere at ringside to plug in my laptop.

Posted: 2007-02-17 06:55:29
Stevie plug it in to the vibe man the vibe haha
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-17 07:13:04
aye nige, i could run it off sandys personality,
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-17 08:51:00
that depends if your laptop is ac or dc
Posted: 2007-02-17 10:01:31
good luck liam, see you down there
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-17 10:53:56
swings both ways dave lol,
Posted: 2007-02-17 14:25:46
Stevie,consider it done.
I am so please with the weigh-in,especially the World title,Rachael and Daoprasuk were spot on.Eric's opponent,Oi Rangsit has never turn up.I hope he will do tomorrow. Craig Jose will take the fight if no injury.
Liam Harrison was nearly heart attack with Ralph's scale as well as Paul Karpowicz.I have ordered proper Scale but not arrive.
See you all tomorrow.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-17 14:37:22
I just got a text from Master Sken saying see you at 12 noon...

Do you think he is coming to my house for breakfast? ;)
liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-17 14:40:49
my goodness i was terrified........i was 63.8 at the gym then on Ralphs 68 then on the others 64....Rungsiam was a kilo less.....look forward to tommorow now!!!!!
Posted: 2007-02-17 14:41:24
Yes,DAVE I am coming to have a breakfast,see you tomorrow for a Lunch,take care
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-17 14:43:46
Haha, quality!
Gary D
Posted: 2007-02-17 15:58:21
Good luck to M. Sken hope the show runs as smoothly as possible going to be a cracker!
Posted: 2007-02-17 16:42:40
Master Sken, If your going to Dave's for breakfast you'd better bring an helmet because we are going out on motorbikes tomorrow morning.

I'd invite Dave Croft but I'm not sure he'd keep up! LOL but more importantly I'd probably fall off laughing knowing he had that vest on under his leathers haha
Posted: 2007-02-17 17:51:57
you will pay for that one tomorrow nige! :)
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-18 05:00:58
you're dead now fatty. your also on keyboards on our next gig tour.
Posted: 2007-02-18 05:14:24
Y M C A haha
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-18 05:22:12
Posted: 2007-02-18 08:22:54
results when they happen anyone ............

Posted: 2007-02-18 08:50:36
results so far
john banner winner points
lukasz lehman winner by 3rd round TKO
david southern winner on points
murat polat winner points
more to follow as they happen, this is Yoda live at ringside from Master Sken's show.

Posted: 2007-02-18 08:58:07
philip tieu winner by points

Posted: 2007-02-18 09:14:08
Johnson winner by 3rd round stoppage.

Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:16:19
Colin Johnson just stopped David Barlow in 3rdBarlow started really well, but Colin came back strong end or 2nd.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:16:51
Colin Johnson just stopped David Barlow in 3rdBarlow started really well, but Colin came back strong end or 2nd.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:17:16
Colin Johnson just stopped David Barlow in 3rdBarlow started really well, but Colin came back strong end or 2nd.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:21:43
Alix James
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:37:16
Thanks for the results Mark..keep em coming :)
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:45:28
Jordan Wattson looked strong against Stevie Patterson and stopped it in 4th. Although the biggest cheer from the crowd was for Jordan's pink boxer's.
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:45:30
watson wins by 4th round stoppage
Alix James
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:47:55
Thanks for the results Mark..keep em coming :)
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:48:52
no problem Alix, some great fights so far.
Alix James
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:48:55
Sorry for double post :)
Posted: 2007-02-18 09:51:58
3 times gary?
Posted: 2007-02-18 10:57:53
good luck liam h. excellent win again jordan.
Posted: 2007-02-18 11:25:19
sor sirchai winner on points
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 11:26:41
3 times a lady, Wainey! lol

Rachel fought hard and done well, but I think she got caught with too many unanswered body kicks. I suspect some people will disagree with the decision, but I think it was fair.
Posted: 2007-02-18 11:47:39
dicks wins 2rd ko
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 11:51:17
Dicks won by a ridiculous right hand in the 2nd as the dutch fighter bounced of the ropes. Good to see him get up though, but also pretty happy that Dicks doesn't look injured!
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 12:42:09
Really enjoyed the last fight, Rungsiam was scoring well to start with, but was pretty even for the first 2 rounds, especially after Liam's 'Holy Cow' High Kick at the end of the 2nd. Thought Liam started to score more from the start of the 3rd and was a really close and entertaining fight! Liam taking the decision.
Posted: 2007-02-18 12:43:19
harrison wins points
Posted: 2007-02-18 12:53:04
any news on the sitnarong guys? Eric D and Paul K?
Posted: 2007-02-18 13:41:41
Both did'nt fight,Cliffy
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 13:45:07
Really enjoyed the last fight, Rungsiam was scoring well to start with, but was pretty even for the first 2 rounds, especially after Liam's 'Holy Cow' High Kick at the end of the 2nd. Thought Liam started to score more from the start of the 3rd and was a really close and entertaining fight! Liam taking the decision.
Posted: 2007-02-18 13:51:39
Great show again by Master Sken.
Fantastic fights overall,Ones that stood out Dicks win...Great punch!
Watsons fight,Harrisons,Colin Johnsons,and of coarse our very own John "brucey" Banner!
Enjoyed the Muay Boran demo.....nice one.

Also,For raising a hell of a lot of money for kick4cancer,BRILLIANT!!

To the ax'rs who acknoledged me/chatted....THANK YOU.(Rich C)
To those who don't/did'nt....WHY?? ;-)


Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 14:58:59
Really enjoyed the last fight, Rungsiam was scoring well to start with, but was pretty even for the first 2 rounds, especially after Liam's 'Holy Cow' High Kick at the end of the 2nd. Thought Liam started to score more from the start of the 3rd and was a really close and entertaining fight! Liam taking the decision.
Gary O'Brien STBA
Posted: 2007-02-18 15:02:56
Dicks won by a ridiculous right hand in the 2nd as the dutch fighter bounced of the ropes. Good to see him get up though, but also pretty happy that Dicks doesn't look injured!
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-18 15:18:45
Like Gary said there was indeed a lot of people who disagreed with the decision with rachael and dawprasuk. However; I for one am more than content that the unanswered body shots saw rachaels title hopes slip away.

The scores across all three judges gave the first three rounds drawn with the unaswered body kicks and strenght in the clinches giving the last two round 10/9 to dawprasuk.

Thats how id have scored it if it were based upon thai scoring criteria. and it was. no arguements.

Rachael has had 13fights now to dawprasuks 60 plus. no mean feat in itself.

Rachael has trained hard with both me and travelled over to join the girls at master A's gym for extra training. Rachael is unmarked, up beat and philosophilcal. You got to try to win.

I would like to thank Master Sken for this opportunity and all the sponsors that helped me raise a kings ransom to help get this fight on. Only sorry we didnt get the silver ware to go with the efforts.

Posted: 2007-02-18 15:40:38
Well done to Liam and Jordan today.
Both put in cracking performances.

For spectacular as ever!
The power in them kicks will have the whole 69kg division sitting up and taking notice. Even in such a strong domestic division, I think it will be hard to get matches on UK soil!

For Liam....fantastic day at the office! :)
Liams target for the day was to prove he was more than a one dimensional fighter, with the devastating power in his fists....and, I think its fair to say, objective achieved! Personally i think this is one of the first times I have seen a westerner, out-kick a stadium fighter particularly with a record that he holds (150f+)

Nice one guys!
Posted: 2007-02-18 15:43:41
Huge thanks to anyone on here who bought raffle tickets from me for K4C, this alone raised £420 (my legs are well aching after standing up at the raffle stall for 8 hours, I`m getting soft!). After the raffle and auction alone we are looking at £2500 raised, before any other extras, so thanks to anyone reading this who bought/bid for tickets and prizes, it really is greatly appreciated.

I thought the show was a perfect length with some very good fights and impressive fighters. The Colin Johnson fight stood out for me I think as both lads were tough, well skilled and were happy to battle, which is a good mix!

I was gutted for Rachel when the MC (who apart from that was fantastic) announced the result wrong and then had to correct it.

I dont know Rachel but seeing her afterwards walking around she seems a lovely and humble lass so better luck next time.

Posted: 2007-02-18 15:44:52
Another excellent show very professionally staged by Master Sken as usual. The show had some real quality fights and excellent and exciting individual performances. It also was brilliant to see the generosity of the spectators towards the Kick for Cancer charity in buying raffle tickets and in the bidding for prizes. All the hard work from Richard, Dave and Master Sken etc. paid off along with the generous donations of signed gloves etc from a number of people including Howard (Hughes) whose signed gloves went down well with the bidders.

It was good to see the consistency of judging on the show with every decision (I think) being unanimous (well done Liam R, Dave J, Gary Mc and Mike H). Rachael put in another brave performance in taking the fight to the vastly more experienced Dauprasuk. Rachael certainly did her coach Dave Croft proud and managed to land with some good punches and elbows but was outscored by a skilful and clever Champion who has an impressive winning streak against the world’s top females. We all wanted Rachael to win and I know some in the crowd thought she had done enough to get the decision but she was scored on too frequently with body kicks and knees and all three judges (me included) gave it to the Thai girl. I am sure Rachael will be back stronger than ever from this experience.

There were plenty of good performances and exciting fights including Colin Johnson and David Barlow’s war: first Colin getting dropped and then David getting stopped. Jordan’s excellent demonstration of skill against a really brave and determined Stevie Patterson. The brave Scottish fighter just would give in despite taking some very hard shots which finally caught up with him in the fourth.

Michael Dicks put in a very explosive performance against a strong looking opponent finishing him with a devastating punch that looked like it would stop anything in its way in the 2nd. Michael scored earlier in the round with some very strong knees and also hurt his game opponent with strong punches but however tough, Azalin Amazian (nor many others) wasn’t ever going to get up from that final punch. Thankfully after some oxygen from the paramedics he was fine.

Liam’s and Rungsiam’s fight was a closely fought battle. As Gary said, Rungsiam started stronger edging the first round (but not enough for a clear point) and then winning the second. However, Liam came back very strongly scoring with some good kicks. Rungsiam was able to block a number of Liam’s kicks but others had him loosing position. I had Liam winning rounds 3 and 4 and drawing the final round. My score was 49:48 to Liam. Dave (Jackson) and Mike (Haslam) (the other two judges) had it very close as well (Dave I think Liam by two points and Mike Liam by one point). Although a couple of people I spoke to after the fight thought Rungsiam had done enough to steal the decision, I though it was a good decision and was again a unanimous one in what was a very close fight.

Great show. Well done to all the fighters, coaches and officials and particularly to Master Sken.
Posted: 2007-02-18 15:48:05
Congratulations to Bad Company! sounds like Liam and Jordan put on a great display of Muay Thai, well done!

Now, in 2 weeks, its your turn Mr. C!!, hope the trainings goin well, looking forward to meeting you in Scotland,

Posted: 2007-02-18 16:19:41
excellent news great win liam mate, and jordan. sounds like another quality m.sken show!
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-18 17:08:02
congratulations mutant foot, liam showed he is much much more than just a left hook today (or was it heavy handed dwarf! lol) nice one Mr H hope the foots ok

jordan was amazing again, glad he keeps going up in weight!

unlucky rachael but it was only a few kicks and knees that seperated the two girls and there is a huge gap in experience

forget dave crofts biceps, has anyone seen his car? oh my days!!!

great show, congrats master sken.
Gary D
Posted: 2007-02-18 17:13:09
Well done M.Sken great show!

well done to all the fighters for putting on a great show, got to say i really like jordans style. (of fighting that is the boxers where questoinable) great fighter whats his ideal weight now?
Posted: 2007-02-18 17:42:00
well done to all the fighters and Master Sken.Enjoyed the show and had a great day!
stevie nisbet
Posted: 2007-02-18 17:48:42
just back, as everyone else is saying it was a fantastic show, micheal dicks, jordans and colin johnstones fights all stuck out for me. il post some of the pics maybe later but certainly in the next couple of days, ive taken around 1500 so itll take a while to go through them all, thanks for master sken for inviting me down and thanks to my lovely assistant yoda for helping me out. one small fly in the ointment though, when steve patterson was fighting jordan thier were shouts of "id rather be a Paki than a Scot", this was happening right beside 2 of my students one a girl and the other a muslim, so for those involved i hope your proud of yourself.
Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-18 17:50:06
Well done to Master Sken, all the fighters and their fight teams today.

All the bouts were well matched and entertaining.

John Banner started a little shakey but settled into the fight and used his low kick and knees well.

Murat Polat looked sharp and landed the left body shot at will. He didnt really let his opponent get into the fight.

The young lad from St Helens stayed calm under pressure from a strong lad from Horwich and used some nice knees to take the fight away from his opponent.

Colin Johnson took some heavy shots in the first round and did well to weather them. David barlow came out very strong and kept landing the Southpaw straight left. Colin looked like he might be in real trouble but his fitness paid off and against the odds he weathered the storm and landed some very heavy shots of his own to turn the fight on its head and win by stoppage

Dixie was relentless again. The Dutch fighter looked strong and had good skills but Michael didnt give him the space to work. The punch was sweet.

Lukasz Lehman wore down the big lad from Scotland with fast hands and constant pressure.

Philip Tieu had good control in the clinch and worked the knees really well

The ladies World title fight was hard to score for the first 3 rounds but Rachel let the Thai girl off the hook and failed to put Dauprasuk under the pressure I expected her to. Dauprasuk started to land unanswered body kicks and in the clinch worked Rach seemed to be trying to defend and smother rather than work.

Jordan was too much for the tough Scottish boy. Credit to him for staying in there so long but it was mostly one way traffic. Against a lesser opponent the Scot would be a force but tonight was Jordans.

Liam H fought well and clever. I scored the first 2 a draw (second round I gave a mark to the Thai but didnt think he had won cos Liam had marked up the inner right Thigh of the Thai badly) 3rd and 4th I gave to Liam as he landed the greater telling kicks and 5th a draw. Great head kicks from Liam and although a lot of them were defended with the glove a lot had effect as well. Though Liam may have had more success with his hands but the southpaw /orthodox distance seemed to leave both fighters missing with their big punches.

Hope I didnt miss anyone!

Dave Jackson
Posted: 2007-02-18 17:54:06
It was good to see you again Stevie. I saw you at ringside with your laptop and camera...I didnt know you were allowed to bring pets though! (It was quite well behaved though)
liam badco
Posted: 2007-02-19 04:05:45
just like to say a big thanks to my corner team yesterday.....Andy Beag Badger etc the training with Rajasak has been vital and he gave great advice from the corner yesterday.......My foot is ok it was swollen up horribley after the fight but it was an infection that i got before just re-ammurging the hospital gave me some antibiotics and said i will be fine within a all being well i will be able to fight again on 16th March which is a possible world title defence in Thailand.
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-19 04:25:04
Stevie you really shouldve just had the guys removed. let em chant from the car park. Make security work for a living.

Mind you? on the positive side clearly this year being scots is the new black.

Posted: 2007-02-19 04:43:23
I agree.Out of order.
On a positive note,The M.C.(name?) was overall excellent as usual.He does a great job.
The show was the correct length of time,Our bums just managed the "numbness" LOL.
Fantastic fights,Only got bored with one fight,The rest were top notch.
The Bad company lads were excellent as always,Esp: Jordan Watson,Great fighting style.
Really enjoyed Colin Johnsons fight,Great comeback after the 1st rd.
Micheal Dicks was another top fight,Great punch.

Great support for the show and K4Cancer.

Well done to the Bolton crowd.....I think we were heard!

peace and chill,

Phill "chalky"
ally wallace
Posted: 2007-02-19 05:36:54
Well done to Master Sken for putting on yet another quality show, it's a long drive down and back for us Scots but always worth it. I never noticed any of the abusive 'chants' myself, but it must have been from a very small proportion of the crowd as we never feel 'unwelcome' at Master Skens shows.

Highlights for me were Colin Johnson vs David Barlow and Michael Dicks vs Azdin Amazian.

Johnson vs Barlow was a good old 'edge of your seat' battle, with the fight swinging one way then the other with some hard shots being thrown, and taken by both men.

Michael Dicks was devastating as usual, there's no-one in the UK at the moment I'd rather pay money to watch, he makes great fighters look average, not just by knocking them into next week, but also by looking completely unimpressed with anything he gets hit by!

We came away with 2 losses, which although dissapointing, came from 2 very tough fights.

Darren Brady, despite his massive size is still a young lad, and was nervous about fighting on such a prestigious show, he was getting off some powerful low kicks but got caught with too many heavy hand combinations and couldn't get his knees off in the clinch, which he usually excells at. He'll learn a lot from the loss and will be back bigger(!) and better next time.

Any one who knows Stevie Patterson knows that he is a hard, aggressive fighter and fights with the heart of 10 men, his tear up with James France last year was an absolute cracker, one of the fights of 2006, and Stevie would fight that type of fight every week given the opportunity, however Jordan's perfect timing and superb throws in the clinch nullified Stevie's style and never really allowed him to do what he does naturally. Jordan Watson is a great talent who deserves the hype he is receiving and I reckon he will go on to dominate the 70k category in the near future.
Baz Faulty
Posted: 2007-02-20 02:04:28
"will niky van holtzen be fighting?''

He's my hustler

Well done Brucy Banner, was going to ring you today but left me mobile at work will try the gym no later
Liam R
Posted: 2007-02-20 08:07:03
lol @ being scottish is the new black
Dave Croft
Posted: 2007-02-20 08:12:31
Im nothing if not funny
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