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Topic:Has Anybody Had A Knee Cartilage Op And Returned T
Posted: 2011-01-14 12:16:03
Has anybody had a knee Cartilage op and returned to training?

2 months ago I had an operation to repair the medial menicus cartilage which id tore in my left knee and after 8 weeks im still no closer to being able to exercise. In fact its worse than ever, before the op I could run and do most thins other than twisting with weight on my leg or id would ‘lock up’. the only time I had any pain was when it did lock up where as now its just a constant pain. Has any body had a similar operation and been able too return to training 100%?

Any feedback would be great, the doctors and physios havent really been much help.
Posted: 2011-01-15 00:04:06
Mine wasn't the meniscus but I had surgery on my knee in 2005 for a dislocated kneecap on the right leg at Texas Orthopedic Hospital. That hospital caters to the professional athletes and they have an excellent rehabilitation program.

I kept up with my rehab to the letter and was able to finally return to karate after a full year. But up until that point I had been somewhat panicking in my mind at the thought that I might never train again. After a month I was able to do a full rotation on a recumbent bike and after 2 months I was able to pedal for about 10 minutes and a month after that I was able to pedal with resistance for 20-30 minutes.

Apparently the meniscus is the most serious area so you might face bigger challenges, but keeping up with your rehab on a regular basis the inital 6-8 months is crucial and will affect your mobility for the rest of your life.

Also each knee injury requires entirely different methods of rehabilitation so be careful about taking advice from others who have knee problems.
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-01-18 20:04:00
Sounds bad but 8 weeks is not time to heal! You gotta start to take glucosamine tablets every morning. As much as possible keep massage knee with baby oil till warm then biofreeze and rest... Rest is the best healing process... The more u train the more u will aggrovate the injury... Hope ur back training soon...

Much Respect

Posted: 2011-02-02 15:31:48
i had cartilage done in knee 5 yrs ago and after 1 yr out, had 8 thaiboxing fights. i always suffered with pain and have osteoarthritis now. 17/1/11 i had similar op to you,medial but also acl and washout. i have been told i will never play sports again but they said similar 5 yrs ago.
i reckon you will be ok but do all the exercises and physio and you will be back training 80%.
good luck.
Posted: 2011-02-04 09:37:00
I had my ACL repaired in march 2010. After 9 months of physio twice a week i got signed off to return to training. Physio said it could be anything up to a year after that till i can fight again. Because of work commitments i haven't actually been able to get down to the gym so the only training i can do is running and weights. My knee still swells up if i do too much but there is no pain or discomfort.

Follow the doctors advice to the letter. The ACL clinic at my local hospital was littered with people who did too much too early and were having real problems with mobility and flexibility. My surgeon claimed that 95% of his patients returned to full activity within the timescales quoted to the patient. TBH, he said i would be back training in a year and i am.

Good luck with it dude
Posted: 2011-02-16 04:57:47
Hi Reeco,
Saw your post and thought I would write from experience. I had both knees done 15yrs ago and have enjoyed training ever since. However the first time was not so smooth, after the op I did not feel any improvement and after a couple of months realised it had not been sorted. I had to keep going back to the surgeon (actually his registrar) and tell him it was not improving. Finally they scanned it and realise they had missed the tear. I went back in and they then operated successfully. The second op on the other knee went fine. You really should be feeling some improvement by now, but it is a bit early. Voice your concerns however. Good luck
Sam Davies
Posted: 2011-09-18 09:51:17
I had the same surgery 3 years ago and i couldnt kick for a year without pain but it does get better. I also know someone who was playing football 4 weeks after surgey. different people heal at different speeds, personally i was advised not to train for 3 months.
Posted: 2011-09-25 04:56:17
how is it now reeco? seen you are on the tower card so must be ok now?

i had ACL reconstruction 2 years ago and now having problems that i cant straighten my leg, which i think might be meniscus. gutted.

knees are so fragile, well mine is anyway!
Martin Stobbs
Posted: 2014-08-08 09:22:31
I'm in exactly same situation, had a third of my meniscus removed and even worse was informed by surgeon I had stage 4 osteo-arthritis in my knee, he was very honest and blunt saying it wouldn't get better only worse. I keep it strapped up but after 5/6 months after op I'm struggling more and more! Just about manage to spar for a few rounds but any form of running or plyometric exercise is totally out of the question. Suppose after 38 years of training and at the grand old age of 45 it's all I can expect. My biggest worry is as a teacher I won't be able to go on my annual freebie school ski trip!!!
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