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Topic:British Open Junior Championships 2011
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-03 16:21:12

We will be holding the 5th British Open Junior Championships over the course of 2days.
21st may 2011-Thai Boxing
22nd may 2011-Kickboxing (kicks above waist)

will be held at

North Solihull sports centre
Conway Road
Chelmsley Wood
West Midlands
B37 5LA

Please note this is a diffrent venue from last year. Its got better facilities- Tier seating, hot & cold food also a swimming pool.

Pre booking will be on the website next week. If anybody wants information please email me and i will forward the details
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-02-04 08:07:12
hi everyone sorry for the delay on news on the championships but the last venue was messing us around ,this year will be better than last more seating and we are also trying to get a fourth ring . if any one as qualified judges or refs that will help on the day please get in touch with me
Posted: 2011-02-04 15:04:11
I will put fighter/s in this but also would judge if i could fit it in.
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2011-02-04 19:29:46
noooo :( im to old haha
iv never been to that venue before ;)
Darren EFC
Posted: 2011-02-08 11:18:46
Paul whats your email address for more information please?
Posted: 2011-02-09 07:59:28
paul sutton what is your email address please mate
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-02-09 08:57:43
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-09 12:17:26
email is-
Peri Mason
Posted: 2011-02-09 14:12:18
looking forward to it :)
Posted: 2011-02-10 05:46:58
cheers mate panthainarasingh camp could possibly have some fighters will email in a couple of days
Posted: 2011-02-10 06:11:21

Last years event was great well run early finishes on both days..

This year looks even better ..more seating ,really nice facilities.

4 rings aswell this year.

We are lucky to be asked back again to cover the full weekend ..

pete & lauren
Posted: 2011-02-10 06:14:36

Liam R
Posted: 2011-02-10 12:55:50
whats the prize money and ticket deal/expenses?
Posted: 2011-02-10 13:03:09
your too old lol
Posted: 2011-02-10 17:12:01
a brand new DEMOLITION sqaud will be making its debute on this show!! cant wait 20~25 ,25-30!!
Peri Mason
Posted: 2011-02-21 08:01:59
what are the categories?
Posted: 2011-02-21 13:31:25
Posted: 2011-02-21 13:40:07
Just a quick line from the WKA
The WKA would like it known that these championships should not be confused with the WKA Jnr British Championships also due to be held in May and Oct of this year. Whilst the WKA recognise and thank Mr Paul Sutton for all his hard work over the last four years in this area, his next championships will be sanctioned by someone else.
The WKA Jnr Championships wiil have its first regional event in Birmingham on May the 8th and details of that event will follow shortly. Mr Sutton whose pioneering work in Jnr Combat sports will we are sure follow in the same successfull vain, and the WKA wish him all the best with it.
Scott Allan
Posted: 2011-02-21 16:43:13
Hey Paul how’s things m8? Just spoke to my dad, and ALL of Scotland's WKA junior team will be attending, and he's also had confirmation from WKA's Northern Ireland team as well as the Welsh WKA team! These countries have not been told about any other British Championships so if this isn’t a TRUE WKA British Championship what is? I would have thought British Championship’s have 2 involve all the 4 nations and surly not just England?
Peri Mason
Posted: 2011-02-21 17:07:36
so are the championships still on the 22nd may?
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-21 17:23:22

I was in Germany last week with the WKA World President Klaus Nonnemacher for 3 days to look around hotels, sports centre and the town of Karlsrhue were the world championships will be hold this year.

Klaus said we could advertise it as WKA British Championships as all the home nations are in attendance; but we kept it the same British open .Open to all association and clubs.
WKA Scotland Stewart Allen and the full Scottish team will be there plus officials, referees and helpers like last year.

WKA Northern Ireland patrica Murphy/Stewart beattie will be bringing there team of fighters over.

WKA Wales nick Clarke/denzil Lawrence and fighting team will be there.

WKA England full team will be there as we have mats sports on the Sunday.
British Junior Championships will be better than ever.

Everyone’s welcome

All 1st place competitors whether ring or mat will win a championship belt 2011

Web site with all info is now up and running
Book before 21st April early bird only £12 after that date £15

Alan if you need any more info on this get in contact with Klaus, by the way he as never heard of you.

Let’s get back to what the thread about British Junior Championships Ring Sports
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-21 17:31:22
yes peri it is still on always as been got your email today will send info to you.
Pom Deng
Posted: 2011-02-22 03:29:22
.....Will the 'older' kids be able to compete in head gear with head contact ( punches ) permitted?
Also will they have to wear the usual mandatory body shield?

.......talking experienced 16 year old / 57 to 60 kg category here who has had numerous head contact fights under the above criteria?
Pom Deng
Posted: 2011-02-22 03:31:53
Ooops sorry........the above reffers to Junior Muay Thai BTW!!!!
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-22 03:39:58
hi pom 15-17yrs are allowed controlled headcontact and yes they must wear bodyshields (thaiboxing) the rules are on the website for you to read threw thanks
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-02-22 04:20:06
i have run the british champs with paul for the last 4 years it was my idear and it is a british open so any junior can enter the wka did have some input only because they wanted the juniors to go to there world champs its a open so we keep out of all the polotics ,so please keep this thread away from everyones petty aruguements thank you we need the juniors to go forward and work to gether then the future will be bright for both thai and kickboxing

Posted: 2011-02-22 04:37:14
eclipse mt will be there.
Posted: 2011-02-22 05:47:50
Mark or Paul - what world or european championships will the winners of the jnr MT be eligible to participate in later in the year, where and when will it be held? Stewart
Peri Mason
Posted: 2011-02-22 08:30:40
ok paul thanks mate
Posted: 2011-02-22 12:43:40
Paul Whhy would Klaus ave heard of me? and what does that have to do with anything, I do not have an ego, just an opinion.
Mark your right Jnr Championships should be about the Jnr's, polotics will be conducted elsewhere.
All the best with the Event.
Posted: 2011-02-22 15:11:53
Hi, we have a boy at our gym, he is 13 but only 26kg. Do the categories go in age or weight? Or both? And is there one to suit him?


Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-22 17:42:31
hi martin

These are the age and weight groups as you can see we have a 12-14yr -35kg if there are 2 or 3 - 30kg at this age group we would put that extra group on we did last year.

Age and Weight Categories
Age Weight
6-8 -25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45+
9-11 -25, 25-30, 30-35, 35-40, 40-45, 45-50, 50+
12-14 -35, 35-40, 40-45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60+
15-17 -45, 45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60-65, 65-70,70-75,75-80,80+

if you need any more info only glad to help

Yogendra Parekh
Posted: 2011-02-22 18:46:34
Hi Paul/Mark give me a bell when you get a chance pls
craig brown
Posted: 2011-02-23 13:18:45
Paul. Mark.

Can you e mail details about this event would like to attend with some juniors. Thank you Craig. craig
Tel: 07989240423
Posted: 2011-02-25 07:53:34
Thank you for furnishing me with the rules and entry forms for this event.

I would like to bring at least one fighter along, maybe more depending on how they fit in with the weights cats etc.

BUT, having just read the rules, Illegal Techniques, rule number 24. It is illegal to kock out your opponent??

Please clarify this rule for me.

In a full contact event its illegal to KO your opponent?
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-25 08:53:03
mark its junior's controlled headcontact as stated
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-02-25 09:53:56
With kids I understand its full contact to body and light contact to head fot safety of kids under 16...

Much Respect
Posted: 2011-02-25 10:19:12
Ok thanks. Will have to have a think then. My kids are all 14 so old enough to box under aba rules and that is full contact.

The rules I read just said junior full contact.

Thank you clarifying that.
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-02-25 11:17:20
ok mark

Full contact is the style (kicks above the waist)

It was in red writing controlled head contact that's why we send the rules out so the trainer's can read threw them so there is no confusion on the day; it's worked well the last 4yrs.

Hope to see you on the day.

Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-02-25 12:36:56
The reason for this rule is to protect the less experienced fighters I believe... Dont let it put you off as if the fight is even and contact is hard fromboth parties the fight will be left as its tit for tat... Defo an experience for youngsters :) glad its in a better venue this year too :)

Peri Mason
Posted: 2011-02-25 17:21:31
where and when will the worlds be for this mate
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-02-26 03:58:57
we hope to hold a compotition in latvia not confirmed yet i am going to latvia for a meeting on the 18 march ,more news to follow if all goes well we hope to have a package put together so to hand out at the champs
Posted: 2011-02-26 09:33:50
can you email me details and entry forms

cheers keith
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-03-23 10:53:38
pre-enter by 21st april only £12 all form and info on the website

dont forget to bring upto date licence any association
and proof of age.

nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2011-03-23 11:42:22
cant wait for this.

paul--if there is only one fighter in a category say for example 30-35 and the fighter is 33.just my opinion but i think it would be better if they was awarded the belt for that category,then offered a placement in the next weight up as they are still the no1 in the place on the day.
one of my lads had this a couple of years ago,got battered through giving away too much weight in the next weight,but didnt get anything for his efforts in his own category.

other than that,love what you and mark do with the show,last years was great,well run,and the place was better.roll on this years and good luck with it.
Posted: 2011-03-23 11:52:44
really lookin frwrd to this as well, a wee chance to get a look at some future opponents for my kids, think the 25-30kg 9-11 is gony be a busy category this year for the boys. i kno of at least 8 that are gonna be there
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-04-01 08:12:50
Only 7 weeks to go.

I am looking forward to seeing these young fighters perform again, the skill of some of these juniors is easily on par with quality adult fighters, it’s going to be a great weekend and a great opportunity for first timers to the British open junior championships to show their skills and compete with some of the best juniors in the UK.

Good luck to all involved, fighters, trainers, officials and promoters, this is the event of the year for junior competition, and the 2011 championships will be bigger and better than ever.
colin anderson
Posted: 2011-04-01 08:30:54
Can u email me info should be bringing 5/6
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-04-01 10:39:45
Hi Colin

I have emailed you the form's thank you for your support

Posted: 2011-04-06 19:02:12
So if any of the kids win these titles, when and where are they eligible to fight in championships, World etc ????
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-04-07 08:25:05
hi fletch
we are just putting a package together now , it should be sorted in the next couple of weeks . on another note we do the weight cats in 5 kg spreads because all the compotions that go no around the world are under the same formula {junior}
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-04-08 16:51:50

These are the championship belts and 2nd and joint 3rd place awards. all winners of each age and weight category will win championship belt
Posted: 2011-04-09 07:09:55
great belts ..
The Championships last year were brilliant!!!
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-04-14 09:07:57
Not long now for the best junior kickboxing event of the year.

All those who were going to attend the WKA championships that has now been cancelled are more than welcome at the British open championships, and we look forward to seeing you.

Great belts, great competition, it’s going to be a great day for juniors kickboxers.
Posted: 2011-04-14 09:44:18
Highlight of the year on the junior calender!!! looking forward to this competition, going from strength to strength each year, great work by Mark and Paul and everyone involved in making this open championship possible.
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-04-16 05:15:23
Any one looking for a hotel people have asked this is a list near to the venue.

Hotels Near North Solihull Sports Centre

Travelodge Birmingham Castle Bromwich Hotel
Chester Road
Castle Bromwich
B36 0AG
Tel: 0871 559 1813*

Arden House Hotel, 74 Maple Leaf Drive, Marston Green, B37 7BJ
0121 788 2068

Coleshill Hotel, 152-156 High Street, Coleshill, B46 3BG
01675 465 527

The White House, 33 Elmdon Road, Marston Green, B37 7BU
0121 779 4357

Heath Lodge Hotel, 117 Coleshill Road, Marston Green, B37 7HT
0121 779 2218

Grimstock Country House, Gilson Road, Coleshill, B46 1LJ
01675 462 121

Grimscote Manor Hotel, Lichfield Road, Coleshill, B46 1LH
01675 464 222

James House, 12 Rose Road, Coleshill, B46 1EH
01675 464 227

Premier Inn, National Exhibition Centre, B40 1QA
0871 527 8086

Holiday Inn, Bickenhill Parkway, B40 1QA
0870 720 2297

Hilton NEC, Nation Exhibition Centre, B40 1PP
0121 780 4242

Ramada Encore NEC, Bickenhill Lane, B40 1PJ
0844 801 3590

Crowne Plaza, Pendigo Way, Bickenhill, B40 1PS
0871 942 9160

Not long now pre-book at
Claire Fenlon
Posted: 2011-04-17 11:15:29

Ready for this 9-11 cat -25kg
Posted: 2011-04-17 16:24:20
We've got a few junior fighters that we would like to enter, but how much experience do they need? Ours have had several interclubs but no big show experience! Will they be matched according to exp as well as age and weight? Thankyou (-:
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-04-18 04:48:05
all the fighters names are put in a hat and drawn out as its a championships you can get anyone in the first round , alot of the kids entering have never been on a big show , 1 of my lads had only 6 inters last year and got to the final , he lost but what a experience it was for him , i for one would enter all my kids its a great day out and there ll enjoy it and gain some valueble experience
philip moxon
Posted: 2011-04-18 10:14:15
Hi is there a closing date for entries cos I think my lads gym 2 technical have a few juniors ? Cheers
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-04-18 10:27:03
no closing date you can enter on the date if you pre reg its cheaper
philip moxon
Posted: 2011-04-18 14:06:58
quality my lad is well up for it will cost me a new set of gloves but he is committed to it lol
Posted: 2011-04-18 15:09:03
Quality events these !!
Posted: 2011-04-21 16:02:50
what about corner men??
Posted: 2011-04-21 16:33:41
thats a good question cos i've got 13 fighters goin down and there could be more than 1 on at the same time
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-04-22 05:39:02
you are aloud 1 trainer 2 corner if you have more than 10 1 more cormer man is aloud if yhave any quiries please ask i will try to answer asap mark
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-04-29 09:24:00
only 3 weeks to the biggest your show of the year , 4 rings this year don t forget get your names down
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-05 07:56:51
just over 2 weeks to the championships don t forget get your names down now or you can register on the day
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-05-05 09:07:27
Also dont forget to bring proof of age and upto date licence must be shown.

Pre-Enter £15 on the day £20 go to
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-09 10:04:07
A general inquiry.

A few of the categories have had a low amount of pre-registrations, is anyone not already pre-registered intending to bring any 15 to 17 year old girls, in the -60kg and the -70kg categories ?, if so can you pre-register or if your intending to just come on the day, let us know here please so we can get an idea of categories that will be competing, Thanks.
andy french
Posted: 2011-05-09 10:08:48
it would be a good idea if you could post how many pre registered you have in all catagories so we can get an idea of how many are in the catagories we have an interest in
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-09 11:03:13
Just a reminder to everyone entering the British Champs.

The officials are very strict on weight categories, and it goes on their scales on the day, not what you weighed on your mums bathroom scales first thing in the morning, example: the minus 60kg category is 55.0kg to 59.9kg, if you weigh 60.0kg on their scales you will be in the next category up.

Also don’t forget your up to date fighters licence and separate proof of age, i.e: photo copy of passport is ideal, copy of birth certificate if you don’t have a passport, membership card for your local video shop is not enough.

If you’re unlucky enough to have your birthday on the day of the champs, the age category you will be in is your new age, not the age you was yesterday.

Light continuous to the head and full power to the body for the 15 to 17 yrs category, anyone throwing big bombs will lose points or be disqualified.

No head shots, full power to the body for everyone else, refs are going to be very strict on no head shot fights, this is a championship competition, there is no excuse for fouling.

This is going to be a great weekend for junior competition, bring your A game, stick to the rules, enjoy your sport, and may the best fighter win, good luck to all competing.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-09 11:29:40
girls found for the weights above
andy did you go last year ?
i would be on here all day if i did that mate names are coming fast now
just remember if you want to be a prober british champion enter
andy french
Posted: 2011-05-09 12:00:44
get on with it then mark were all i did go last year i'm ollies dad from semtex.looking like he's going to be in the 55/60 12/14 cat this year
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-09 17:27:37
Is the junior kickboxing full contact to the body and light contact to the head or no head shots at all?
Paul Lund
Posted: 2011-05-09 18:02:22
We will definately be bringing the following our hotels are booked

Megan Corwell 55-60kg aged 14
Megan Hooper 45-50kg aged 12
Riece Carmicheal 30-35kg aged 8
All the above for the saturday thai

Widnes Kickboxing
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-09 19:00:17
Junior Amateur Full Contact Rules

Controlled Kicks and punches to Head and full to the Body
(All ages)
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-05-11 20:52:57
I am looking forward to this one. all the others have been very good.
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2011-05-12 03:29:47
really excited about this,hotels booked and rearing to go with touchgloves dream team.

Posted: 2011-05-12 10:10:45
i cant get the website to work
i'l jst send a cheque
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-12 11:03:40
ok mate make it blank and ill fill the amount in lol
Posted: 2011-05-12 11:36:42
cheers that shud save me some money on ink :)
andy french
Posted: 2011-05-12 12:25:21
i've registered my son ollie french from semtex but couldnt find a catagory number so i put in 12/ that ok or do you need the right cat number
kirkby thaiboxing
Posted: 2011-05-12 12:36:29
HI mark ive sent you my list i have a 15 year old girl 70kg
have ste clarke age 9 34.9 oliver goulding age 11 32kg
jack byrne age 12 37kg nicolas ball age 14 39.8kg
Luke jones age 17 56.7 kg
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-12 16:30:05
thats fine andy
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-14 03:34:49
1 week today get your names down saturday for the thai
sunday for the kickboxing i know my kids are doing both
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-16 14:29:00
Ive got a 6 year old (19k)I'd like to enter in the 6-8 -25k, if there's enough in the category with a few very small ones could the category be split , say to a -20kg cheers Will
Posted: 2011-05-16 14:30:48
Hello. One of my students are 50kg. Will he be in the 45-50 kg catergory or does he have to loose 0.1kg which will make him 49.9KG ?
andy french
Posted: 2011-05-16 15:14:09
gordon,he'll have to come in at 49.9 to be in the 45/50 i i understand it if he's 50 then he will be in the 50/55
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-16 18:36:53
Gordon 123,

The 45kg to minus 50kg category is 45.0kg to 49.9kg, the next category up is 50.0kg to 54.9kg and so on, the category you’re talking about is the minus 50kg Category, so if your fighter weighs in at 50kg he is not minus 50kg; hope this clarifies the ruling for you.
philip moxon
Posted: 2011-05-16 18:44:55 won`t let me make a new account to register my lad and get my entry paid aswell
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-05-16 19:04:30
Hi phillip

pre-entry as now closed payment on the day only.
I will give your son's instructor a call he can sort it for you.

nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2011-05-17 02:55:28
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2011-05-17 02:58:36
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-17 04:17:49
awesome nathan can t wait till saturday the assassins are coming
Posted: 2011-05-17 05:17:44
Roll on Saturday, eclipse mt are just putting the finishing touches to the team. Gonna be a busy day for us with 10fighters in 8 different categories.but we can't wait.
Ryan Coley :)
Posted: 2011-05-17 05:42:28
mark that makes 2 of us i realy cant wait !!
great to see young talent from britian and a great way to make new friends inside the sport we all do !!
catch you all on saterday :P
philip moxon
Posted: 2011-05-17 16:46:02
cheers it is paul from 2 technical said he is going to ring you
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-18 17:29:37
has any one got a 55 kg 10 yr old boy thats entering
Posted: 2011-05-19 03:22:44
Hi all,
I have spoken to Paul sutton he is prepared to do an 6-8 -20kg cat as long as there is a few kids at that weight!
Thanks tricia
Posted: 2011-05-19 09:11:44
Best of luck with the running of the show, watched one of these shows a couple years ago and the talent was awesome! so impressed.

Good luck to the touchgloves junior team :)
steve p
Posted: 2011-05-19 10:38:52
Good luck Mark with the show me and christi are working on our new Demolition Team !

All the best to the dream team touchgloves , And a good luck to liam , my son ! Do the business x
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-19 15:48:39
thanks steve i look forward to seeing them next year
john gnahore
Posted: 2011-05-20 02:04:01

hi Paul
John from nemesis here. are we allowed to film or take pictures? sounds stupid but we have previously done and i don't want to be the one breaching anyone's rules.
Grant Wright
Posted: 2011-05-20 04:09:32
Good luck to all the Eclipse kids cant wait to see them back in action again x
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-20 04:34:09
hi john sorry no photos and no filming unless you have permission of the other fighters corner or parents mark
Peri Mason
Posted: 2011-05-20 04:39:55
Really looking forward !!
Posted: 2011-05-20 07:13:52

We have four dedicated teams working all 4 rings at the championships & there will be no photography or filming permitted at the championships..

all photographs will be showcased at &

Posted: 2011-05-20 09:58:58
we will be there, looking forwards to it good luck to all ;-)
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-20 12:58:44
Can you clarify about the photos, Mark says yes with the other fighters corner/parents permission and Pete says no,
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-20 15:35:01
Roll on the morning so we can get this championships started,

It’s going to be great, teams coming from all over the UK, even got at team coming from Lithuania to compete, who after hearing of the success of previous years, don’t want to miss out on such a great event for juniors.

Don’t forget you’re I.D. and licence, weigh in at 9.30am, fights start 10.30am, good luck to all taking part, see you there.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-20 15:41:26
sorry will my mistake pete as sole rights this event looks like its going to be the biggest yet one more sleep thats if i can get any
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-20 16:11:03
That doesnt make any sense to me Mark, someone else can take photographs of my kids to sell on a website but I cant take any to put in a family album, Can you see where I'm coming from
P.S Rai
Posted: 2011-05-20 16:23:23
Good Luck to the Mini K -Star Fight Crew :-)
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-20 17:18:46
Note from Ref on: Basic Rules and Judging Criteria

Cadets doing head contact, its controlled head contact (like when you’re sparring in the gym) and full to the body, anyone throwing big punches trying to KO their opponent will be fouling and dealt with accordingly.

Non head contact bouts, this is a championship competition, there is no excuse for accidental head shots and it will be dealt accordingly.

You must touch gloves with your opponent at the beginning of the first round, and at the beginning of the last round when the Ref says to do so, if you touch gloves at any other time, you risk being sucker punched.

No knees or elbows to the head, (No elbow at all at this event) Pull the head forward in the clinch, not down. Keep your heads up in the clinch. Strikes to the back Are allowed.

No hip throws, trips or sweeps, No judo moves at all. You can pull your opponent across your lead leg.

No head locks, arm locks, butting, biting, low blows, and No spinning back fist.

If you catch the leg, you Must strike on every 2nd step forward, You Can hold the leg for as long as you want moving backwards or standing still.

If you kick the legs from under an opponent, it Must be with the Front of your shin or foot.

No lifting your opponent up and dumping them. No deliberately falling on top of your opponent.

No holding round the waist and hyper extending the opponents back in a clinch, hold with hands high.

No holding the ropes. Keep your gum shield in your mouth. No punching to the back of the head.
No kicks aimed directly at knee joints, muscle areas only.

3rd warning is 1 point off or disqualified, depending on the offence. The 3rd point deduction will mean disqualification.

The Ref can disqualify a fighter without warnings if he feels a fighter deliberately fouled an opponent in such a serious manner as to warrant a disqualification.

When the Ref speaks directly to you, nod your head in acknowledgement so he knows you understood him.

3rd knock down or in one round and it’s all over, 5th in the fight the same. You will get an 8 count if you receive a solid blow that causes you to fall to the floor hurt, slump on the ropes hurt, or just be visibly hurt on your feet. You will not get an 8 count if you jump straight back up and are not visibly hurt. You may also get an 8 count if you deliberately turn your back on an opponent, cower away, delay fighting or don’t fight back out of fear or use spoil tactics so as not to be hit.

If the Ref is giving a fighter a count, the opponent must go to a neutral corner and await the next command.

If your hand touches the floor you must wipe your gloves on the Refs shirt, thumbs up, top to bottom, one swipe. (Head shot fights only)

The Ref can stop the fight at any time if he feels a fighter is in danger of being seriously hurt, is totally out classed, or is just taking an unnecessary beating with no hope of winning the fight.

The saved by the bell rule is not in affect, if the Ref is counting a fighter when the round is due to end, the time keeper will not sound the bell until the Ref has finished his count, and established that the fighter can continue.

Hear the commands, Stop, Break, Fight.

When break is called, keep your guard up and back off 2 steps, then continue fighting. Don’t turn your back
When stop is called, keep your guard up while separating, back off 2 steps and wait for the next command.

Basic Scoring
Judges will be looking for good Muay Thai techniques that land cleanly on target with visible effect, also dominance of the ring, moving forward, being strong in the clinch, solid stance, and a good defence.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-20 17:21:40
yeah i c wear u are coming from but thats what happens at most shows and inters i also have to buy photos of my kids but to b honest petes crew are very gd at wat there do ,
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-05-20 18:36:27
Full set of rules will be on display around the venue.

No strikes to the back are allowed as it is junior thai rules
was a mis print by Karl.

The standing counts are there to protect the juniors if they are in distress.

Good luck to all the juniors whos taking part on saturday.

Rules are on the website

see you tomorrow

Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-21 02:57:38
Mark, I have no doubt Pete and his photographers are 1st class professionals but under UK law it is legal to take photographs of anyone or anything in a public place or a place open to the public, it is illegal to take photographs without consent for publication. A parent taking photographs of his children to put in a family album is acting legally, a photographer taking photographs of children to publish on a website with a view to offering those picture for sale is acting illegally if he hasn't had consent from the parents. Solution is simple if people want to purchase professionally took pictures of their children competing and are happy with Pete's team taking them thats fine,anybody else who want to take photos of their kids with their own cameras or phones etc for including in family albums etc (not for publication)should be able to do so, asking the other fighters parents/corner first as a courtesy rather than a legal necessity. What you think Mark
Uncle K
Posted: 2011-05-21 04:33:23

I have no involvement in this event whatsoever.

I would suggest that you do your homework a little more thoroughly on the legal aspects of this subject, before putting them on a forum. It's a minefield!!

What the organisers of this event have tried to do is act professionally, and employ the services of a team of photographers, who have probably given their services free of charge, with the understanding that they have sole rights on the event (I may be wrong??)

Life is about choices, and if you are not happy with the rules set out by the organisers, then it's simple.....don't go to the event.

I'm sure that most people that are competing on this event are more interested in how they perform rather than how good they look in the family album!!

Kind Regards

Mark (U.K)
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-21 05:14:04
Hi Mark UK, I'm no legal expert by anyones standard but common sense can see the point Im trying to make. At a wedding you dont see the professionl photographer dictating to guests about the use of their phones to take snapshots so why would a sporting event be any different.If the venue has signs up stating no photography, then anyone taking photos is technically tresspassing and could be removed from the premises. But on the other hand if photos are published on the internet for sale without parents signing a release form, then writs can be served. Your quite right Mark about the main concern should be about how well the children perform not about who is taking legal/illegal photos of them, I'm adressing a situation which a lot of parents and coaches would probably want clearing up its better to clarify before the event rather than on the day surely
regards Will
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-21 12:40:59
photograph issues aside, see you guys tomorrow and hope its a great day :)
Posted: 2011-05-21 15:36:02
Great day today the standard of the jnrs this year has been the best by far for this event. Some of the techniques i saw being used i thought im gonna try that in the gym lol

All of the K-star fighter did me, Steve, Adam and the gym proud! we had 3 new champions and a whole load of outstanding performances.

Other than our lot two lads stuck out for me little Evan as always and Jim (something) from Crawley, he really impressed me, hes def one to watch out for and being 17yr i think he'll be hitting the adult divisions soon!!

Im after him John!! lol I meant all i said today as well John mate.
Posted: 2011-05-21 15:37:19
Oh well done Paul & Mark and all the officials it doesnt look easy organising something like that.
kirkby thaiboxing
Posted: 2011-05-21 16:25:45
what time did it finish
Posted: 2011-05-21 16:44:17
Results ?
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-21 16:53:07
it finished at 8
christi results give us time mate its going to take 2 to 3 days to sort out biggest turn out so far the assassins had 4 champoins 3 thirds and a second not bad for little melton mowbray
Posted: 2011-05-21 16:57:22
Hello when will the pictures be uploaded?
Raf Hussain
Posted: 2011-05-21 17:45:29
Great event today, well done to Paul and Mark, even with 4 rings it was a long day, was defo more juniors today then past events, was a good day for me and my team we had 3 juniors, 1 champion & 1 2nd place : )
Posted: 2011-05-21 18:19:12
Lol, Mark .. that's just not good enough! only joking

Sounds like a great day ..
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2011-05-22 06:38:19
awesome day,well done to the officials who worked very hard to sort out a very hard tournament.

well done to amber and allaya kitchen and isaac ashley who all won their groups,unlucky to brandon and liam who i thought done enough to get through their rounds.
so proud to put cornwall on the map on a tournament that showcased the best of junior talent and great to catch up with everyone x
Claire Fenlon
Posted: 2011-05-22 07:17:37
[image upload attempt failed for id: 10764]
Another great day for Luuksit Thai Boxing - 2 Champions.

Would like to take the opportunity to say a massive thank you to Mark, Paul, Referee's, Judges, Time Keepers and many more that is takes to organise an event like this!
Claire Fenlon
Posted: 2011-05-22 07:20:36
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Claire Fenlon
Posted: 2011-05-22 07:23:46

Claire Fenlon
Posted: 2011-05-22 07:24:09

kirkby thaiboxing
Posted: 2011-05-22 07:37:21
A big thankyou to mark paul and all involved for a great day i owe ya one we got there late and they managed to get us sorted out when they were up the wall thanks
Sandy Holt
Posted: 2011-05-22 07:42:24
wow 4 rings that mustve took some org|: well Done Paul and all whom helped and Perticipated and instructors etc: / officialls GREAT Job !
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-22 14:30:24
Another great weekend at the junior British championships.

Some really good fighters coming through the ranks, the standard is getting better each year, well done to everyone that competed, and especially those first timers that won a belt.

Licence and i.d. checks and weigh in took its time as so many attended, but once everyone was in Mark and Paul got the first category going, spread over all four rings, so as not to keep people waiting, and soon after that all other categories were sorted and put into their dedicated rings and it was nonstop action after that.

I refereed about 40 fights on the Sat and about 30 today, and the control was great, besides a few minor warnings for holding ropes etc, the control these juniors had, to be blasting at the body then controlled contact to the head was great.

A couple of complaints over decisions, (as always) but the standard of judging was bang on and consistent, well done to those guys (and gals) for judging that many fights, without mistakes when you have spectators all over you and tiredness is setting in.

The new venue was great, big, clean, lots of toilets and changing and warm up areas, well done Paul and Mark for sorting that.

Thanks to all the refs, judges, and time keepers that we had to cover the 4 rings, and thanks to all the spouses and friends and anyone else that came to help out as well, it ran like clockwork.

Well done all coaches for having your fighters ready and at the right rings at the right time, even when you had fighters in other rings.

Great to see old friends again and to meet new ones, i had a great time, i hope you all did to.

I am sure Mark and Paul will have the results up ASAP in a few days, and maybe Pete (Event Photography) will post a couple of photos, so those of you who couldn’t make it can see the set up of the new venue.

See you next year.
Posted: 2011-05-22 14:38:00
It was a great day!! Beastmasters gym came away with 4 British, 1 silver, 1 bronze out of nine kids so very happy!!
The standard of thai boxing was high and I seen some very talented kids!!

Posted: 2011-05-22 15:09:14
Awesome weekend going to start another thread as requested for photos and comments ...
something to do with scrolling on mobile phones ???
I thought phones were for talking on .lol

kickboxing rings 1 & 2 will be online tonight @

muaythai rings 1 & 2 will be online monday @

I would like to thank all 4 teams of photographers/printers
for the weekends work ..great effort fellas
kirkby thaiboxing
Posted: 2011-05-22 16:00:13
How come head contact in f/c but not thai
Steve Logan
Posted: 2011-05-22 17:54:51
A great day, very well organised! Well done to everyone involved in runnig this event.
The standard of Muay Thai gets better and better each year, there was some amazing talent on display, well done to all the fighters that took part.
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-23 05:12:40

Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-23 05:13:01

2 Technical Muay Thai
Posted: 2011-05-23 05:15:39
Was a great venue and great for the kids and Muay Thai.

There was some very very good talented kids there which is really good to see.

I only had one problem which was some of the decisions that were given!!!! In my eyes and a few others there was some bad judging on a few fights, but can't take nothing away from them because of how busy they must have been.

All in All good day and very proud of my students who took part.

Posted: 2011-05-23 05:46:39
got to agree with paul, some iffy decisions and reffing (hyperextending the back and tripping seemed to score well ???)

but a very long day for every1 involved from refs to coaches
my fighters put in a lot and had some top performances against some good fighters. all doing me very proud

corey mclachlan, i felt, won his fight except for the continual tripping getting done to him, which with the refs not picking up on it, was scoring against him

iain hendry was very hard done to in th final altho the other kid took him down a couple of times he outscored him with kicks and knees by miles. a real find of his ability on saturday :)

tj everett had been very ill leading up to it but still went in but his asthma gave him major problems so we pulled him out after abt 30 secs

alisha rae had good hard fight and did herself and her confidence the worl of good. thot she was worth an extra rnd (mibbe a bit biased)

taylor rae had it very tough against a girl from asassins, she was really talented but taylor showed good heart to fight to the finish

ivan, james and john hendry all fought really well with good technique and heart. poor wee james was 20kg so he was in with monsters compared to him but he kept plugging away

brad moffat i thought won his fight comfortably, a bizarre result

scot ferguson had 3 fights in abt 20 mins the poor soul but in his first fight the kid from black widow kept taking him down by the hyper extending of scots back (really angry abt tht as the ref seemed to say it was ok???) so he kept it long afterwards and won comfortably. in his 2nd fight he fought a kid from luuksit and jst picked him apart really well. in his 3rd he fought a lad from k-star who was very very good and the quick succession of fights caught up with him after abt a round that and the hard body kick he got caught with lol

so all in all i was happy with my guys n girls, they fought with proper mt skills landing nice clean body kicks and scoring well.
they did all of us at eclipse very proud.

also got to see some good quality fighters from other gyms, wee evan jays was outstanding and gets better all the time, as was brad coley from kstar

some real classy fighters who didnt get through their fights but will defo be much better fighters when it comes to 5 rnd fights
thanx to mark and paul for having us down
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-23 07:57:49
One of my lads had a strange decision (to me anyway)in the kickboxing in first 20 seconds of 1st round he took a solid headkick which he dropped and then got up straight away, ref stopped the fight instantly, no standing 8 count, I asked why no count he said "it was a full contact kick to the head so I'm stopping it". I said "its supposed to be controlled contact to the head" ref replied "no, full contact to the head is allowed in the ring, if it was on the mats I would of disqualified the other fighter straight away!" anyone enlighten me?
Liam R
Posted: 2011-05-23 08:07:20
Liam R
Posted: 2011-05-23 08:07:43
congrats to Studio 2000 who had a good tournament
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-23 09:54:50
Which ring were you in and what ref Will,?

We can not do anything about it now, but we can prevent this from happening again by informing him of the rules better next time or not using that ref again.

It was controlled head contact as you said, if a fighter got caught with a solid kick, he should of been given a count, but if he jumped straight back up without being affected by the shot, it should of been counted as a flash knock down, and no 8 count given.

Sorry to anyone that feels that were let down by things that the refs didnt see or scores that judges gave, i am sure none were intentionally ignoring fouls,we had a mixture of A-B and C class officials, mistakes can be made, but if the ref said that it was full contact to the head, he was miss-informed, and thats down to me as head ref,there was a couple of guys reffing i had never seen before in other rings on the sunday, i had spoken to all the officials on the Saturday regarding rules and scoring etc,but did not speak to these 2 guys as i was working my ring (15 to 17 boys) when they came, a lesson learnt.
Will Crombie
Posted: 2011-05-23 10:17:52
No sour grapes Karl, these things happen, was in ring no 1 (6-8's), the ref was from Ireland.I think a quick chat with the coaches beforehand might of helped Karl, make sure we were all working to the same rules. On the whole it was a great event and we havent been deterred from attending again, see you next year :)
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-23 11:25:53
Ok will, that was one i didnt know, him and the guy in ring 3, i always have a pre-fight meetings at shows with officials, coaches and fighters, to talk about rules, scoring, what protective equipment, glove size etc, we thought that posting the rules on the website and here on Ax would be enough, this event was just too big to have a meeting, all the coaches and fighters new the rules, next year it might be wise for us to make sure the officials do as well.

See you next year, find me before your fights to make sure i know your ref and have spoken to him.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-23 11:27:43
i had a chat with the refs before it started on saturday being a thai boxers on sunday ileft it to the kickboxers and yes i did c that ref will and i got karl to take over him , because i didnt think he was up to scratch , do u remember karl
kirkby thaiboxing
Posted: 2011-05-23 12:06:09
A big well done to our nicolas ball who won his catagory he should have been in lower weight division were the scales out by a kilo or so he was weighing 39.9 in the gym and 41 on the day also well done to oue lyndsey frazier who also won 2 out of 2 good day foe sasiprapa gym liverpool
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-23 12:15:07
Yes Mark, i remeber you telling me to give that ref a break, or words to that effect LOL!
Martin Stobbs
Posted: 2011-05-23 12:42:13
Kuei-Ling Kickboxing enjoyed excellent success on the Sunday. 4 fighters, 4 finals reached with 2 champions Adam Jensen(14) & Lewis Nelson(17) and two runners up Billie Bramwell (13) and Jake Hudson(7). Wish I could have been there, have been told it was a cracking day, well worth the long drive down from Tyneside.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-23 13:02:20
All Thai Boxing - Girls Results... Boys Will Be Up Soon.
GIRLS 6-8 years -25kg
1. Morgan Fenlon / Luksit
2. Sana Qudeer / Pythons
3. Elizabeth Griffiths /Assassins

GIRLS 6-8 years -35kg
1. Breasea Collymore / Knuckles

GIRLS 9-11 years -30kg
1. Georgia Barwell / Assassins
2. Taylor Rae / Eclipse Muay Thai (Scotland)
3. Nicole Humphrey / Phoenix Thai Boxing

GIRLS 9-11 years -35kg
1. Iony Lawrence / House of Pain
2. Holly Riley / Majestic

GIRLS 9-11 years -45kg
1. Sally Heyes / Studio 2000
2. Georgia Quinn / Majestic

GIRLS 9-11 years -55kg
1.Hanna Turne / Unit One Combat
2. Tillie Withan / 4th Dimention

GIRLS 12-14 -35kg
1. Lisa Logan / North Ayreshire

GIRLS 12-14 years -40kg
1. Allaya Kitchen / Touch Gloves
2. Gabbie Naughton / Mr M’s Fight Factory

GIRLS 12-14 years -45kg
1. Amber Kitchen / Touch Gloves
2. Tia Ruegg / House of Pain
3. Elenorda Caintoc / Beastmasters
4. Riya Crozier
GIRLS 12-14 years -50kg

1. Sarah Cook / Stafford
2. Megan Hooper / Widnes Kickboxing
3. Jodie Robberts / Higginshaw

GIRLS 12-14 years -55kg

1. Paige Huges / Beastmasters
2. Courtney Baines / Knuckles

GIRLS 12-14 years -60kg
1. Niamh Kinehan / Beastmasters
2. Cassie Murdoch / North Ayreshire
3. Megan Cornell / Widnes Kick Boxing

GIRLS 12-14 years +60kg

1. Natasha Murdoch / North Ayreshire

GIRLS 15-17 years -50kg
1. Jess Naughton / Mr M’s Fight Factory
2. Becca Kasey / Gladiators

GIRLS 15-17 years -60kg
1. Claire Walkey
2. Paige Macleod / Semtex

GIRLS 15-17 years -65kg
1. Fay Hand / Beastmasters
2. Drew Fitzgerald / Nemesis

GIRLS 15-17 years -70kg
1. Beth Nield

GIRLS 15-17 years -75kg

1. Lindsey Frasler / Sasiprapa
2. Lucey Colville / Nemesis
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-23 16:39:17
every one weighed in on the same scales only a couple of poeple complained , one person brought his own scales lol when you go to a show you use there scales . i will try to get the boys results and the new british rankings up asap
Posted: 2011-05-23 16:51:39
tbh mark i thot they were a kilo heavy too but it didnt make any difference to any of my fighters apart from 1 who is under 20kg an i dont think there was a -20kg 6-8yo division
Posted: 2011-05-23 18:04:01
Kickboxing results please ?
Posted: 2011-05-24 07:05:56
missing 35-40kg girls age 9-11
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-24 07:11:12
yes i know i have just spent the last 4 hrs sorting out the cats , sorry i missed out 9 to 11 under 25 kg girls and 9 to 11 under 40 kg girls will get them up asap
mark graham
Posted: 2011-05-24 14:58:17
i would like to say a big thank you to mark barlow and paul sutton and karl and all that helped with the whole weekend it was a great turn out and for the first junior championships i have been to i have to say it was run and organised great, as an international referees supervisor it was great to see the respect the fighter gave each other and to the referees as well, over the 2 days you could not move in the venue it was in as it was a sell out and i can not wait for next years event

respect to all involved

wkf uk president
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-24 15:34:41
Nice one Mark,
I look forward to working with you again.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-25 04:18:38
thai boxing girls
ones that i missed
9-11yrs -25kg
1 erin nowaton mr ms fight factory
2 Aliesha rae Eclipse mt

girls 9 -11 yrs -40kg
1 jade bradbury higginshaw mt
2 shanell dyer allstars
3 chloe latham peel thai
4 rhea walker peel thai

boys thai boxing 6-8 yrs -25kg
1 kai banger fearless
2danny kay mejestic
3 ismael berkoun allstars
4 isa kabeer pythons

boys 6-8 yrs -30kg
1 pharell richards 8 limbs
2 ian hendrey eclipse mt
3 mohammed adam pythons
4 jaden moxon 2 technical

boys 6-8yrs -40kg
1 owen riley majestic

boys 9-11yrs -25kg
1 rhys fenlon luuksit
2 connor boulton semtex
3 taylor no last name on sheet black widow
4 ibraheem shakil black widow

boys 9-11yrs -30kg
1 miles brown phoenix
2 william oliphant semtex
3 bradley coley k-star
4 nafees khan k-star
Liam R
Posted: 2011-05-25 04:49:44
nice, Nicholas Ball clean sweep, best kid at that weight and moving onto head contact now.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-25 04:55:50
boys 9-11yrs -35kg
1 evan jays benfleet thai
2luke riley t mas
3 george griffiths assassins

4 callum conner master As

boys 9-11yrs -40kg
1 george jarvis lumpini
2 dylan o donnell east area
3 latrell dyer all stars
4 sam leatham semtex

boys 9-11yrs -45
1 morgan mountford sorry no info
2 ellis adcock k-star

boys 9-11 yrs-50kg
1 yassim jamol all stars
2kiertan lalli fearless
3 kyle derry thaitans

boys 9-11 yrs -55kg
1 chopper kewley semtex
2 mohammed methan all stars

boys 9-11yrs +55kg
1 jack meekin peel thai
2 mohammed daanall pythons

more to follow
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-25 07:20:22
boys 12-14yrs -35kg
1 reece bryan studio 2000
2 thai barlow assassins
3luke kelly assassins
4 oliver dale beastmasters

boys 12-14yrs -40kg
1 tyree stevens assassins
2 jaiden pemberton long k-star
3 lewis coley k-star
4 kieron parker semtex

boys 12-14yrs -45kg
1 nicolas ball sasiprapa
2 harley macleod semtex
3 ryan foote assassins
4 ryan dainty black widow

boys 12-14yrs -50 kg
1 alex brennan k-star
2 tyler liptrott walkden thai
3 jack jarvis lumpini

4 scott ferguson eclipse

more to follow
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-25 09:08:37
boys 12-14yrs -55kg
1 sam owen majestic
2 joe kirkham gladiators
3 liam lambourn lumpini
4 macawley pedder 2 technical
boys 12-14yrs -60kg

1 oliver french semtex
2 matty welsh knuckles
3 rajdid benning fearless
4 raja khan black widow

boys 12-14yrs -65kg
1 luke short thaitans
2 cameron waker 8 limbs
3 leyton colleymore knuckles

boys 12-14yrs -70kg
1 connor sadik fearless
2 jack meakin 4th dimension
3 ross chapman north ayrshire

boys 12-14yrs +70kg
1 kieron fortune k-star
2brandon parmar pythons
3 joe o gorman thaitans

cadets 15-17yrs -45kg
1 isaac ashley touchgloves
2 ilyas sadiq black widow
3 liam smith 4th dimension
4 joshua hall semtex

cadets 15-17yrs -50kg
1 matt thorpe 4th dimension
2 tuq walkley no info
3 micheal waring black widow

cadets 15-17yrs -55kg
1 dillon elsmore k-star
2 adeel hussain fearless
3 david ng fearless
4 mankas grlunas lithuania

cadets 15-17yrs -60kg
1 elias dexter assassins
2 billad masood k-star
3 jamie whelan semtex
4 jacob parris fearless

cadets 15-17 yrs -65kg
1 kane chamberlain assassins
2zach cauchi beastmasters
3harry heyes studio 2000
4 charlie brough thaitans

cadets 156-17yrs -70kg
1 jim cordon lumpini
2 kaeper gorecki k-star
3 jack luyton lordless ?
4 joe nicholas t1 muay thai

cadets 15-17yrs -75kg
1 ammani diedrick 4th dimension
2 kevin turner master As
3 leon pierer gladiators
4hassan farooq k-star

cadets 15-17yrs -85kg
1 leonard hawkins nemesis
2 connor peevor fearless

cadets 15-17yrs -95kg

1 dale challender pythons
2 josh samra fearless

cadets 15-17yrs +100kg
1 james locke benfleet
2 usaamah pythons
3 sammy singh fearless

kickboxing results to follow the thai boxing rankings will be done asap to c go on melton assassins
Posted: 2011-05-25 09:19:12
Hi mark, Morgan mountford is from beastmasters gym -45kg 9-11 cat
well done to all great day!!
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-25 09:30:58
thanks tricia
Posted: 2011-05-26 09:38:35
Hi Martin,

I would be interested in matching Adam Jenson v Armand Cubrevic on our show July 9th was an excellent bout and sure both lads would love to do it again on a big production show... May be possible to do it for JFCC title can't see why not other than the need to bring supporters to co fund the costs drop me a line if interested I will formally invite you also

Great day of fights well done Paul and mark
Steve East
Posted: 2011-05-26 14:39:05
Hi John , I've mailed you regarding Adam Jensen .
nathan touchgloves
Posted: 2011-05-27 04:51:22
tug walky and claire walky are from the wildkick gym in plymouth,both did really well,we was helping out in the corner as dave wilkins was unable to attend.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-27 08:26:55
thanks nathan the new ranking will be up by sunday check it out on melton assassins
Pom Deng
Posted: 2011-05-27 10:15:45
The male 'cadet' category 60 / 65 kg respectivley weight threshold's and above.....

were they punches to head with head guard fights?

or punching to the body only allowed
with body shield /leg protectors and all head contact disallowed?
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-27 11:20:21
The Cadets (15 to 17 year olds) all weights categories.

It was control contact to the head, full to the body.

Thai boxers wore shin pads, body armour and head guards.

Kick boxers wore boots, shin pads and head guards.
mark barlow
Posted: 2011-05-27 15:49:37
rankings now done
Posted: 2011-05-27 16:05:39
wher cn we see them?
Karl Chamberlain
Posted: 2011-05-27 16:49:05
Ronnie Clark
Posted: 2011-05-29 04:26:02
Aaron Towns -60kg 15-17 Cadet British Champion
Posted: 2011-05-29 16:18:12
Kickboxing results please ??
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-05-29 18:20:19
Hi Fletch,

The kickboxing results will be put on either tomorrow or at the latest Tuesday.
Posted: 2011-05-29 19:14:08
Thanks Paul.
Posted: 2011-05-30 05:45:34
Gutted I missed this :(
Posted: 2011-06-01 05:36:18
Results please ??
Posted: 2011-06-02 17:20:24
At the risk of repeating myself, results please !
Ilyas Sadiq
Posted: 2011-06-03 16:04:31
when are ring four photos going to be uploaded ?
Paul Sutton
Posted: 2011-06-06 12:17:53
Sorry for keeping the kickboxers waiting but the results are now
on the website just go to downloads they are there.

thank you

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